2011 ASC Poster Session Winners

The Poster Session for the 2011 Annual Student Conference was held 10am-12:30pm on Monday, October 17, 2011 in Minneapolis. Over 200 students competed in eight different categories covering their research in chemical engineering and related disciplines. Teams of judges spoke with each of the poster presenters about their work and judged the quality of the research and presentation. Winners were chosen from each category with larger categories choosing more winners. Though these results pertain specifically to the Undergraduate Poster Session, it should be noted that many of the divisions and forums held their own Poster Sessions for graduate students and permitted undergraduates to participate. Those results will be posted separately by the individual divisions and forums. [table id=10 /] [table id=11 /] [table id=9 /] [table id=12 /] [table id=13 /] [table id=14 /] [table id=15 /] [table id=16 /] Congratulations to all of the participants! We look forward to seeing you next year in Pittsburgh!