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August 31st, 2012

Teenagers Illegally Enrich Uranium [FunnyBone]

By Douglas Clark | Comments (1)
Radioactive Materials Sign

Leave it to the Onion to combine two serious topics to create something outlandish and silly. Check out this hilarious fake news segment on illegal uranium enrichment by high school students.

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August 30th, 2012

Sustainability in (Bio)Pharmaceuticals

By Jason Lewis | Comments (0)

This meeting will bring together thought-leaders from the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The meeting’s goal is to allow engineers in these industries to assess processes aimed at improving sustainability in their organizations and to both justify their ROI and improve their performance.

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August 29th, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2012-08-26_23-52-33 wart 3

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, A new fuel mixture has been developed to cut air pollution from cruise ships, oil tankers, and container ships burning traditional bunker oil, the cheapest and most highly polluting form of diesel fuel.

Thick and viscous, canada, mexico, india, AMARYL pics, bunker fuel is called the dregs of oil refining because after small molecules like propane, naptha, what is AMARYL, Cheap AMARYL, gasoline and jet fuel –  all with relatively low boiling points – are removed at the start of the distillation process, and after heavier diesel and lubricating oil precipitate out, AMARYL australia, uk, us, usa, AMARYL no rx, you're left with bunker oil's long hydrocarbon chains that resemble a runny tar, which just happens to burn efficiently in huge, order AMARYL online overnight delivery no prescription, Comprar en línea AMARYL, comprar AMARYL baratos, slow-speed diesel engines.

Global shipping has become increasingly important

The world's 90, AMARYL blogs, Buy AMARYL without prescription, 000 ships consume 7.29 million barrels of the sticky stuff each day, making the commercial shipping industry the biggest transport polluter in the world, buy generic AMARYL. AMARYL interactions, A stark example: while the world's 760 million cars release 78,599 tons of sulphur oxides (SOx) annually, AMARYL no prescription, AMARYL brand name, the 90,000 vessels emit 20 million tons – more than 260 times the entire car fleet, where can i buy cheapest AMARYL online. Rx free AMARYL, Even more mind-boggling, just 15 of the newest and largest ships release as much SOx as the world's 760 million cars, AMARYL reviews.

In the past 15 years, as China has emerged as the world's manufacturing capital, the title of world’s largest container ship is now held by eight identical ships owned by Danish shipping line Mærsk, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase AMARYL online no prescription, The eight 1,300-foot-long ships can carry 15, AMARYL photos, AMARYL online cod, 200 shipping containers around the globe at a steady 25.5 knots. Watch a short demo video:

These huge ships also use the world's largest reciprocating engine, taking AMARYL, AMARYL maximum dosage, the Wärtsilä RT-flex96C. Five stories tall and weighing 2300 tons, generic AMARYL, Purchase AMARYL online, this 14 cylinder turbocharged two-stroke behemoth can consume 16 tons of fuel per hour or 380 tons per day while at sea (video).

Air pollution has been of particular concern when such ships steam close to shore and enter urban harbors and in recent years, order AMARYL online c.o.d, and a lot of pressure has come to bear on passing laws to reduce emissions.

The glycerol solution

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Harakas and colleagues from the Maine Maritime Academy and SeaChange Group LLC added two ingredients to low-sulfur diesel to produce Bunker Green fuel. One ingredient was glycerol, a thick, colorless liquid widely used in foods, medicines and other products. Glycerol is also a byproduct of biodiesel production, making it a cost-effective, carbon-neutral and domestically sustainable fuel. Since blending glycerol and diesel fuel is literally like trying to mix oil and water,  they then added a surfactant to solve that problem.

This simple addition had impressive results. According to the team’s report, the additive helps remove the sulfur and reduces soot emissions by 15 percent and nitrogen oxide by 26 percent.

Is shipping ripe for biofuel or nuclear innovation?

Images: Emma Maersk, Maersk Group; Wartsila engine, Wartsila

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August 28th, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2012-08-27_12-50-26 rematix 3

BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, Houston-based Waste Management Inc and Renmatix, a small Pennsylvania-based startup, will try to convert post-consumer waste into affordable sugars by expanding Renmatix’s proprietary process beyond woody biomass to include urban waste material. Already able to convert 3 tons of biomass to sugars daily, COLOSPA from canadian pharmacy, Order COLOSPA no prescription,  Renmatix's technology has quickly matured.

The video includes Fred Moesler, buy cheap COLOSPA no rx, COLOSPA from canada,  VP of Process Technology and Dow Chemical veteran, who explains how Renmatix’s Plantrose process uses “supercritical” water – a state in which water acts as a solvent to deconstruct a wide range of non-food plant material down to base sugars, generic COLOSPA. COLOSPA street price, Joining global chemical giant BASF, Waste Management’s investment in Renmatix's technology follows earlier interest in several other companies trying to convert garbage into fuel and electricity, COLOSPA forum. My COLOSPA experience,

Will Renmatix help change the way Americans look at garbage?

Images: Renmatix

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August 27th, 2012


By Gordon Ellis | Comments (0)
Screen shot 2012-08-26 at 10.31.18 PM

BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION, This is an expanded version of the Profile that appeared in the print version of Chemical Engineering Progress, August 2012.

As the winner of a February 2012 episode of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Winnette McIntosh Ambrose, a National Institute of Health scientist specializing in vision research, demonstrated that inspired chemical engineers can succeed in any realm – when they bring the right ingredients to the mix. For McIntosh Ambrose – who is also a pastry chef and owner of The Sweet Lobby, a Washington, Online buying MYAMBUTOL hcl, DC, bakery specializing in French macaron cookies and innovative cupcakes – these ingredients are not limited to the elements of her trade, but include ample measures of family influence, global perspectives, where to buy MYAMBUTOL, and an ineffable quantum of taste.

“My culinary perspective is heavily influenced by my upbringing, MYAMBUTOL pharmacy, where I was exposed to a multitude of flavors,” she says.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Winnette says that her parents, MYAMBUTOL without a prescription, despite modest means, instilled in their children a sense of possibility. MYAMBUTOL photos, “They encouraged us to be limitless in our thinking – no dream was too big or pursuit too lofty.”

As a child, says Winnette, “I loved investigating how things worked, and was intrigued by biology in particular.” She gravitated toward science, where can i find MYAMBUTOL online, and at the age of 16 she won a Trinidad and Tobago national inventor competition by creating a novel line of chemical derivatives combining the best of the local coconut and urea industries. This helped her to secure a scholarship to MIT, BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Meanwhile, MYAMBUTOL images, her uncle, an ophthalmologist, inspired her to “appreciate how much physicians rely on tools and technology, drugs and devices to help patients.” She decided to be part of that process, MYAMBUTOL treatment.

[caption id="attachment_50372" align="alignright" width="284" caption="Winnette and her brother Timothy at The Sweet Lobby."]Winnette and Tim[/caption]

When she left Trinidad for MIT, however, MYAMBUTOL pictures, baking was not an interest. “I told my mother that I simply ‘would have no time to cook,’” she recalls. Only after leaving home did she realize how much her mother’s cooking had shaped her palate, buy generic MYAMBUTOL, particular her appreciation for flavor balance. BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION, “My mother makes the most incredibly tasty meals, featuring simple ingredients and a multitude of spices and seasonings,” she says.

When it comes to creativity and aesthetics in food presentation, MYAMBUTOL natural, however, Winnette credits her aunt Marlene, who in the 1960s hosted Trinidad’s first television cooking program: At Home with Marlene Fraser. Winnette recalls, buy MYAMBUTOL online cod, “Auntie Marlene used nuts on salads and paired cheese with fruit. As a young girl in rural Trinidad, MYAMBUTOL interactions, this all seemed so exotic. So, I like to say I inherited the ‘flavor’ from my mom and the ‘flair’ from my aunt.”

Studies in France spark interest in pastry

While doing her undergraduate work on cartilage and bone tissue engineering in Robert Langer’s MIT Lab, Winnette spent time in Paris to study French, buy MYAMBUTOL without prescription. It was there that she became mesmerized by French pâtisserie, and began teaching herself how to bake, BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION. “I liked the challenge of creating my own incarnations of the works of art I saw in the shops in Paris.” She has been developing her own recipes ever since.

After graduating from MIT, MYAMBUTOL results, she got a taste of real-world biomedical engineering, working on medical implants at Guidant Corp. in Boston, MA, MYAMBUTOL alternatives. In 2009, she earned a PhD at Johns Hopkins Univ., Where can i cheapest MYAMBUTOL online, where she focused on corneal tissue engineering. BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Today, as a postdoctoral fellow at NIH, she applies these biomaterials-based techniques to retinal reconstruction.

Still, Winnette’s fantasy of making a profession out of baking remained, and in June 2011 she teamed up with her younger brother, low dose MYAMBUTOL, Timothy (also an MIT chemical engineer and her Cupcake Wars partner), to open The Sweet Lobby bakery, MYAMBUTOL price, coupon, near Capitol Hill. Venturing into the commercial realm, Winnette “experienced firsthand what every brick and mortar entrepreneur does: escalating costs, construction nightmares, MYAMBUTOL canada, mexico, india, regulatory convert an old building in an historic district to a modern, code-compliant commercial kitchen.” Despite the painful processes involved, MYAMBUTOL over the counter, she says, “I have no regrets.”

From apron to lab coat and back

Winnette begins a typical day by checking in at the bakery, where Timothy is the general manager. She then takes the DC Metro to the NIH lab, MYAMBUTOL no rx. Most evenings, she returns to the bakery to spend time with customers. “I’m fortunate to have Timothy as general manager,” she say, BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Order MYAMBUTOL online c.o.d, “My husband, Ricardo, a computer scientist I met at MIT, is also involved in every detail of the operations.”

Winnette says that her engineering background influences her approach to baking, buy cheap MYAMBUTOL, and she runs her kitchen the way one might run an academic lab. “I give each of my bakers a notebook, Order MYAMBUTOL from mexican pharmacy, which is to never leave the premises,” she says. “I require that they write everything down, especially when trying new recipes. I encourage methodical experimentation instead of brute force trial and error. BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION, This means careful recording of formulation and baking parameters and noting observations.” She adds that much in the kitchen can be modeled mathematically, “especially some of our more labor- and technique-intensive treats like macarons.”

Engineering rigor leads to kitchen triumph

Such rigor is evident on her Cupcake Wars episode, where Winnette is shown exhorting her kitchen assistants to “work fast, work neat.” The program is presented as a rivalry between competing bakers, and edited to ramp up the intensity of “the world’s ultimate cupcake faceoff.”

In the episode, which had a Chinese New Year theme,Winnette wowed the judges with innovative creations, including a fresh ginger five-spice cupcake filled with a red bean mousse, topped with lychee buttercream frosting and fresh ginger caramel, and a chestnut caramel cupcake filled with black sesame pastry cream.

Pushing the envelope of flavor combinations is one of the reasons Winnette got into the food profession. One popular French macaron flavor at the Sweet Lobby features goat cheese with caramelized pear, while another combines olive oil, walnut, Pecorino cheese and white chocolate.

Visiting different countries and sampling a diversity of foods serves to broaden flavor perspectives on what is possible in the kitchen, says Winnette. “You have to master the classics, but for me it is also about building flavors and bridging cultures. It’s about developing a palate that understands how flavor combinations work and taste, before you even turn on the stove.”

Winnette notes that, aside from the chemical interactions that create our sensory impression of taste, each of us has his or her own unique interaction with food when it comes to appreciating visual aesthetics, textures, and flavor, BUY MYAMBUTOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

“The sense of taste is such a wonderful part of our existence,” she says. “One of the privileges of living in 2012 is the accessibility to a stunning array of cultural diversity. Part of appreciating that diversity is experiencing cultures through food.” She adds, “I’m a proponent of the global mix – that is, incorporating flavors from all over the world in your everyday food. This is one way to keep our taste buds from becoming saturated with ‘same’ and more able to truly appreciate and taste.”

To read more about the ways Winnette and Timothy apply their chemical engineering training to running a boutique bakery, visit

Do you also use your chemical engineering knowledge in the kitchen, or in another hobby or business?

Images: The Sweet Lobby

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August 24th, 2012


By Cindy Mascone | Comments (1)
Grand Canyon

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Bright Angel Point trail - Grand Canyon North Rim (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)"]Bright Angel Point trail - Grand Canyon North Rim[/caption]

BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This is an expanded version of the editorial that appeared in the print version of Chemical Engineering Progress, July 2012.

I love soaking up nature — whether I’m hiking over the red rocks of Sedona, strolling along Jones Beach as the waves of the Atlantic Ocean roll in, taking shelter indoors as an angry thunderstorm rages outside, stargazing miles from the nearest town ... or just sitting on my porch watching the grass in my tiny New York City yard grow. Whatever the activity, I continue to be amazed at the awesomeness of the world we live in.

Yet I wonder what the planet will be like for our children. Where can i cheapest LEVAQUIN online, Will nature still be as wonderful for them as it is for me.

This was on my mind during my recent vacation in Arizona, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION. The state has a unique beauty. Most of the land is very dry with little green vegetation. The desert golf courses stay green through irrigation, primarily with reclaimed water. Much of the state spends a large part of the summer under fire-danger warnings due to the ultra-low humidity (it was 10–20% when we were there) and frequent high winds that blow across the wide open spaces, buying LEVAQUIN online over the counter. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, In Arizona, it’s easy to understand the necessity of wise water management.

While I was there, I had some interesting experiences that give me hope that in some corners of the world, little by little, some of us are taking steps in the right direction. LEVAQUIN recreational,

Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel

After a few days of hiking in Sedona, we headed to the really big rock formations. We spent a night at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams, and the next morning took a train to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, where we spent a night at Maswik Lodge.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Grand Canyon Railway Depot, LEVAQUIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Williams, AZ (Photo credit: Stephen Mellentine)"]Grand Canyon Railway Depot, <b>LEVAQUIN for sale</b>, Williams, AZ[/caption]

In addition to common energy- and water-saving efforts such as installing hands-free faucets and low-flow showerheads and toilets, and allowing guests to reuse linens or request fresh ones, the GCR Hotel has taken many other steps on the path to environmental sustainability.

At check-in, we received a map of the property that was a laminated card labeled “Please leave this room copy for our future guests.” We wondered why, if the previous guest had left it in the room, we received it from the desk clerk, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I suppose it’s because “for the next guest” is simpler than “so our housekeeping staff can collect it and return it to the front desk for reuse by a future guest,” and as an editor I do appreciate brevity, LEVAQUIN over the counter. Nevertheless, it eliminated the need for paper maps as well as the environmental impacts associated with their cradle-to-grave lifecycle.

The bathroom in our room did not offer little souvenir bottles of shampoo and conditioner, which many travelers have come to rely on in order to avoid the hassle of taking these personal care products through airport security. LEVAQUIN from canada, Instead, the hotel has installed three larger, refillable pump bottles on the shower wall, dispensing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, no prescription LEVAQUIN online. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, (Guests who want to take some home can buy a bottle in the gift shop.)

The hotel collects rainwater from the roof for landscape irrigation. Solar photovoltaic panels provide power for the Grand Depot Cafe, and solar thermal panels heat water for the hotel.

The GC Railway has taken numerous steps to reduce its environmental footprint. In 2009, Real brand LEVAQUIN online, it became the first short-line tourist railroad in the U.S. to receive ISO 14001 third-party certification of its environmental management system. Two recently converted steam locomotives now operate on waste vegetable oil collected from the hotel and cafe, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Rainwater and snowmelt are harvested, and are used with reclaimed water from the wastewater treatment plant in the steam engines; this saves 11,000 gal of potable water per trip. The other locomotives burn low-sulfur diesel (15 ppm, LEVAQUIN alternatives, vs. 500 ppm in the previous fuel). Locomotives no longer idle 24 hours a day to maintain engine and fuel temperatures, and instead are parked indoors, Buy LEVAQUIN online no prescription, which saves 18,000 gal/yr of fuel. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The Railway uses biodegradable, nontoxic pin, bearing, and journal (PB&J) oil to lubricate steam locomotive bearings, slides, and mechanical drives.

On board the train, our hostess spent nearly as much time reviewing the recycling procedures (what does and does not get recycled, and which containers to put which wastes and recyclables into) as she did explaining the rules and safety procedures.

Drinking Water at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park gets its water from Roaring Springs, LEVAQUIN results, which is located about 3,500 ft below the North Rim near the North Kaibab Trail. Water is piped from the springs to the South Rim via a 16-mile-long trans-canyon pipeline (TCP). The water is gravity-fed to the Indian Gardens pumping station, About LEVAQUIN, located 3,000 ft below the South Rim, then pumped back up from Indian Gardens to water storage tanks on the South Rim, and from there it is pumped to the developed areas of the South Rim. Water is also pumped from Roaring Springs to North Rim water tanks by a 7-mile-long pipeline, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="187" caption="Faucet (Photo credit: Benurs - Learning and learning...)"]Faucet[/caption]

In the Grand Canyon — where in July the average daily high and low temperatures are 84°F and 54°F at the South Rim and 106°F and 78°F at Phantom Ranch at the bottom, and there are few clouds in the sky to provide relief — water can mean the difference between life and death, LEVAQUIN duration. So some people were naturally concerned when the National Park Service (NPS) proposed banning the sale of water in individual disposable containers smaller than 1 gal (e.g., plastic bottles and various types of boxes). Instead, numerous free water stations where visitors could fill reusable bottles would be installed. LEVAQUIN used for, The need to take some type of action to reduce plastic litter was obvious. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The park had experienced increasing amounts of litter associated with disposable plastic bottles along the trails on the rims and within the inner canyon. Such waste comprised an estimated 20% of the park’s overall waste stream and 30% of its recyclables; plastic bottles were one of the top two sources of litter along the rim trails.

After analyzing the pros and cons, the NPS implemented the ban earlier this year. By the time we arrived (at the end of May), it appeared as if any kinks in the plan had been ironed out, LEVAQUIN schedule. Some visitors bought an inexpensive reusable bottle (priced not much more than a bottle of water would have cost) in one of the park’s gift shops. Others of us continued to refill the plastic bottles we had brought into the park when we arrived, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION. The well-equipped hikers wore hydration packs on their backs. From my vantage point, it looked like it was a resounding success. Kjøpe LEVAQUIN på nett, köpa LEVAQUIN online, But the system was nearly put to the test. The week before (May 25), the trans-canyon pipeline broke in two places at the bottom of the canyon — one near the South Kaibab Trail south of Phantom Ranch, and one south of the Colorado River on the Bright Angel Trail near the Pipe Creek Resthouse. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Less than a week later (May 31), even before those breaks were repaired, a more-serious break occurred higher up the north side of the canyon, washing out a 45-ft section of the North Kaibab Trail between Roaring Springs and Cottonwood Campground and forcing the closure of the trail. Repairs were completed by June 6, and potable water was once again flowing to all areas of the park, LEVAQUIN natural.

During those two weeks, the entire park operation was totally dependent on water from its storage tanks. One of the park rangers told me that together the two South Rim tanks hold 8 million gal, and consumption runs about 500, LEVAQUIN forum, 000 gal/day. If the repairs had taken much longer…

Water Conservation

One of the measures the Grand Canyon National Park has implemented to stretch its water supply is publicized in the visitor center restroom. A sign above the sink explains that the water flows from a distant canyon spring, and the water-conserving faucets use less fresh water, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

More interesting, though, was the sign on the door of the stall — complete with a flow diagram. The toilets use reclaimed water in a low-volume system, LEVAQUIN pharmacy. Fresh spring water is piped to the sinks. Gray water from the sinks, along with the sewage from the toilets, is sent to a treatment plant. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Reclaimed water from the treatment plant is recycled and reused to flush the toilets. LEVAQUIN without a prescription,

A Corporate Culture of Sustainability

In our room in Maswik Lodge, I found a copy of’ Xanterra Parks & Resorts’ 2011 environmental sustainability report. Xanterra, the largest national park concessionaire in the U.S., is responsible for hospitality operations such as the lodging and dining facilities, gift shops, herbal LEVAQUIN, shuttle buses, and guided tours at the park’s South Rim, which receives approximately 4.5 million visitors each year, about 5% of whom arrive by train. LEVAQUIN from canadian pharmacy, Xanterra also operates the Grand Canyon Railway trains and depots, as well as the hotel, cafe, and gift shops in Williams.

The 48-page report provides details Xanterra’s “culture of sustainability.” The company’s vision is to “provide quality services to visitors to our parks and resorts in the most sustainable ways possible, while maintaining profitability, LEVAQUIN treatment,” and the tagline on its logo reads “Hospitality with a Softer Footprint.”

The report is printed on high-brightness gloss coated paper — which might raise some eyebrows were it not for some key information on the back cover. The paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to have the following environmental benefits:

• It is made with 80% recycled fiber and 60% post-consumer waste (PCW), BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION. According to its manufacturer, New Leaf Paper, most recycled coated papers in the U.S. Effects of LEVAQUIN, contain only 10%–30% PCW.

• It contains no elemental chlorine.

• It is made with electricity that is offset with Green-e-certified renewable energy certificates. BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Using this paper allowed the company to save 55 fully grown trees, 25,205 gal of water, and 17 million Btu of energy, as well as avoid producing 1,530 lb of solid waste and 5,223 lb of greenhouse gases.

The report is chock-full of environmental accomplishments. Here are some highlights of what the company has done:

• Installed the largest renewable energy system in the tourism industry — a 1.23-MW (DC) solar photovoltaic system that generates 2.3 million kWh/yr in Death Valley National Park.

• Implemented the national park system’s first complete ban on water bottle sales to eliminate disposable plastic water bottles at Zion National Park, replacing them with water stations and reusable containers.

• Developed and operates the country’s first train powered by waste vegetable oil, a tourist steam locomotive at the Grand Canyon that runs on used cooking grease from the Grand Canyon.

• Installed a wind turbine generating 17,000 kWh/yr of clean renewable electricity at Maumee Bay State Park, BUY LEVAQUIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

• Became the first park hospitality company to receive the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This includes a LEED Silver rating for Crater Lake National Park’s Annie Creek restaurant and retail building, and LEED certification for Yellowstone National Park employee housing.

• Began phasing out a fleet of diesel-fueled tour buses, replacing them with new clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, at the Grand Canyon.

The report, which you can read heret, details many more of the company's impressive achievements.

Lessons Learned

My vacation gave me a renewed respect for the earth and the environment, and it got me thinking about what I could do to make the world a better place for future generations — and what we as chemical engineers and AIChE as an organization can do. I’ll write about that next month.

Are we doing enough to manage water resources?

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August 23rd, 2012


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (0)

Voting for the 2013 AIChE Board of Directors is underway at BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, . The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) asked  potential members of AIChE's board a few questions about young professionals and AIChE, AVANDIA coupon. No prescription AVANDIA online, They were asked to answer up to three questions so you won't see responses from every candidate for every question. This post concludes the Q&A, online AVANDIA without a prescription, AVANDIA pics, but you can read all responses from candidates in the series here. Feel free to click visit the election page to learn more about the election process and each candidate, AVANDIA duration.

Let's get started with the fifth and final question, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION. AVANDIA reviews, Answers are shown in alphabetical order by position and then candidate last name.

John Tao — Running for the office of President Election:

The future of the Institute lies with YPs, buy generic AVANDIA. AVANDIA cost, We can only have a continuing vibrant professional society when YPs stay active, involved, australia, uk, us, usa, AVANDIA class, and volunteer in the Institute. Whether it is working on committees, online buying AVANDIA hcl, AVANDIA interactions, Council or presenting at meetings, the AIChE will only thrive when its members feel they are getting value as a member and the other organizations feel that the AIChE can offer their voice to important issues facing the government and the society as a whole, AVANDIA for sale. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, So YPs grow in their careers and in the profession through the activities within their company and outside the company. AVANDIA australia, uk, us, usa, The Institute is an excellent organization for YPs to volunteer, learn, AVANDIA brand name, Herbal AVANDIA, network, and grow, kjøpe AVANDIA på nett, köpa AVANDIA online. Online buying AVANDIA,

Jim Hill — Running for the office of Secretary:

Best of luck in your careers. I hope to see you at AIChE meetings and perhaps on an AIChE committee, AVANDIA wiki. Where can i find AVANDIA online,

Christine Seymour — Running for the office of Secretary:

I’d say participate in AIChE – I’ve greatly benefited from my participation and I cherish my many AIChE friendships developed over the years. At first, I just thought it was fun to travel to meetings and listen to presentations – there is a lot more benefit from participating in AIChE such as developing relationships & networks – and now it is even more fun to go to the meetings, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Tom Degnan — Running for the office of Director:

I’d like to leave you with two other pieces of advice from Professor Zare: 1. Take responsibility for managing your own career, AVANDIA used for. BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, No one else will. Avoid the trap of getting caught up in the expectations of others. Polonius said it best – “…to thine own self be true.” 2. Plan your career. As Casey Stengel said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else.” But life is more a stochastic process than is first imagined. One crazy thing after another keeps happening to you, BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Consequently, long-term planning is less useful than it might seem. When opportunity knocks, open the door. Always make plans, but be flexible and be willing to reassess your plans.

Annette Johnston — Running for the office of Director:

BUY AVANDIA NO PRESCRIPTION, AIChE has always focused on being relevant to its members. Now it is working on being more relevant in the world as well. Young professionals have great insight on how this can happen effectively. Please consider committing to AIChE on this, and recruit your friends.

Learn more about the candidates by reading their bios and then vote!.

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August 22nd, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (1)
2012-08-18_16-19-57 gates 30 toilet

ADHD FOR SALE, Hundreds of years from now, barring earth's accidental obliteration from asteroid driveby, how will computer software tycoon Bill Gates be remembered. As a paragon of 20th century innovation. Certainly. But for innovating what. Creating the world's most popular computer operating system, ADHD maximum dosage. Standardizing global business through Microsoft Office, ADHD FOR SALE. Halo couch potato mayhem. Or maybe, simply reinventing the toilet. ADHD dosage, Sure, smirk, but that only shows how complacent you are about the 400 year old throne hunkered down in your bathroom with the entitlement of a British Royal, and, although it's simple to use - go, buying ADHD online over the counter, flush, and gone - it's not very efficient, guzzling gallons of precious water with every flush. ADHD long term, So much so, that for 2.5 billion of the world's poor, requiring any water at all to operate this relic has forced many into unsanitary options. ADHD FOR SALE, And Gates wants to end that; so no matter how much you may lionize Steve Jobs, he never got around to changing anything this profoundly necessary.

Leap-frogging beyond the suburban bathroom

Bill Gates launched the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge (not a TV reality show even though it sounds like one) only a year ago, and last week he announced the winners, ADHD from mexico. The awards recognized three research groups that had spent an intense year developing new technologies to adapt the ubiquitous, elegantly simple, suburban toilet to extreme poverty, Where can i buy cheapest ADHD online, life without plumbing or city infrastructure, and locations far off the grid.

The initial challenge was simple, yet nearly impossible: to create a toilet that could capture and process human waste without piped water, sewer or electrical connections, buy ADHD without prescription, and then transform it into useful resources, such as energy and water – at an affordable price of five cents per user per day (the engineering holy grail). Conceptually, ADHD natural, researchers traveled a long way from the suburbs – further than even Americans living in poverty can imagine.

Leap-frogging beyond the modern bathroom, most of the prototypes displayed at the Gates Foundation's Seattle headquarters can turn solid waste into energy, ADHD FOR SALE. That trick alone should make you dissatistifed with your old and outmoded commode, where every time you flush, you're sending wasted energy wooshing down the drain.

An engineering team from Caltech edged out seven other global teams (press release), where to buy ADHD, and was awarded $100,000 (local news video). Caltech engineer Michael Hoffmann's design uses solar power to run an electrochemical reactor that breaks down human waste to produce hydrogen gas, which can be stored and used to run the reactor at night or on cloudy days. ADHD price, (Video of several teams, including the winners from Caltech at the beginning.)

According to an AP story, not every project was so high-tech, including one from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which was already undergoing field testing in South Africa, ADHD photos. It sends black soldier fly larvae inside latrines to process waste, resulting in high quality animal feed at a cost of a penny a day.

In Durban South Africa Gates saw the enormity of the problem

ADHD FOR SALE, Speaking to the press, Gates explained: “All the participants are united by a common desire to create a better world – a world where no child dies needlessly from a lack of safe sanitation. ” But Gates didn't always understand the size of the problem. ADHD no rx, Not until his trip to Africa (writing in his Foundation's blog):
In 2009, (video) during a trip to South Africa, I met with a health expert working to improve access to sanitation for the poor people of Durban. Most of the poor people in Durban (and elsewhere) are denied the convenience and health benefits of flush toilets because they don’t have access to water.

After returning to the US,  Gates did a lot of Googling: accessing statistics from the World Health Organization that showed 2.5 billion people around the globe are without access to sanitary toilets, ADHD forum, resulting in the spread of deadly diseases. Every year, 1.5 million people—mostly those under the age of five—die from diarrhea. Gate's key realization was (also in video form):
The flush toilets in the wealthy world are irrelevant to 40 percent of the global population, because they often don’t have access to water, and sewers, electricity, and sewage treatment systems, ADHD FOR SALE. ADHD alternatives, Worldwide, there are 2.5 billion people without access to safe sanitation – including 1 billion people who still defecate out in the open and more than 1 billion others who must use pit latrines.

So then last summer, Hoffmann, a Professor of Environmental Science at Caltech, and his team were awarded a $400, cheap ADHD no rx,000 grant to create their revolutionary toilet. Because the new toilet couldn't use a septic system or outside water source, or produce pollutants, ADHD blogs, the Caltech toilet relied on the sun to power an electrochemical reactor to break down water and human waste into fertilizer and hydrogen. The treated water can then be reused to flush the toilet or for irrigation.

Caltech's invisible high tech design

The team built a prototype inside the solar dome on the roof of Caltech's Linde + Robinson Laboratory, and after a year of designing and testing, they showed off their creation for Gates last week, ADHD canada, mexico, india. ADHD FOR SALE, A side note: to add authenticity and insure consistency, the Gates Foundation even brought in 50 gallons of fake feces (see video and article) made from soybeans and rice for the demonstrations. Now watch a short Caltech video about their toilet:

According to the Seattle Times, other than the solar panel used for energy, Caltech's design looks like a regular toilet, ADHD trusted pharmacy reviews, at least to the user. But after the waste is flushed, it passes to a holding tank under the floor, solid material settling out and sinks to the bottom, leaving the liquids on top, ADHD recreational. After the liquid reaches a certain level, it flows through a tube into the "sun-powered electrochemical reactor," where the reaction oxidizes the chloride in the urine, Buy ADHD from mexico, killing microorganisms.

Next, the treated water is filtered and reused the next time someone uses the toilet. The hydrogen, meanwhile, could be siphoned off, ADHD samples, and the toilet's owners could "use it as you would use gaseous propane" for cooking, he said.

Second and third place designs were also unique

The $60,000 second place prize went to M, ADHD FOR SALE. Sohail Khan of Loughborough University in the UK. ADHD steet value, He and his colleagues developed a toilet that transforms urine and feces into clean water and biological charcoal, which can be burned. In response to the announcement, Professor M. Sohail Khan said, ADHD gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, “It was the opportunity of a lifetime to present our research to Mr. Gates and we are extremely honored to receive this prestigious award.”

ADHD FOR SALE, Third place and $40,000 went to Yu-Ling Cheng of the University of Toronto in Canada and her colleagues whose design is novel in its simplicity. It uses a sand filter and UV-ray disinfecting chamber to process liquid waste in a smolder chamber, similar to a charcoal barbecue. Purchase ADHD online no prescription, The result is easy to use, while protecting the community from contamination. A video fully explaining the design can be found here.

Wrapping up the day, “Innovative solutions change people’s lives for the better,” said Bill Gates, ADHD pharmacy. “If we apply creative thinking to everyday challenges, such as dealing with human waste, we can fix some of the world’s toughest problems.”

The foundation expects to field test its first prototypes within the next three years.

Do these toilets erase painful memories of the Blue Screen of Death?

Images: various, Gates Foundation; Toilet, Usien

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August 21st, 2012


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Gold medal

First hour: Building a career in chemical engineering

BUY TRIMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, As a young chemical engineer, you have already achieved success in completing what is often a university's most challenging undergraduate program. Buy no prescription TRIMOX online, But what next. And how can you how can you translate your success at school into career success, ordering TRIMOX online. Purchase TRIMOX for sale, To help you make the transition from academic success to a thriving career, and make the most of important early work years, after TRIMOX, My TRIMOX experience, Todd Willman will be speaking to the YPs at 8:00 pm EDT as part of the Local Virtual Section's monthly offering. Learn how to set the proper goals and motivate yourself beyond your current job to advance more quickly in your profession, fast shipping TRIMOX.

Todd will provide a "workout plan" for the critical first 5–10 years of your career, BUY TRIMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. TRIMOX images, He'll also discuss various options, such as PE license vs, TRIMOX street price. TRIMOX class, a master's or PhD degree.

Join the online meeting here.

Second hour: energy savings in process plants

In addition to his advice to young chemical engineers, Todd will address all at 9:00 pm on the topic of uncovering energy savings in process plants, where can i find TRIMOX online. Buy TRIMOX online cod, Join the online meeting here.

Learn more about AIChE's Local Virtual Section here., TRIMOX canada, mexico, india. Where can i buy TRIMOX online. Buy TRIMOX from mexico. TRIMOX steet value. Online TRIMOX without a prescription. Buy TRIMOX from canada. TRIMOX samples. TRIMOX pics. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. TRIMOX coupon. TRIMOX dangers. Where to buy TRIMOX.

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August 21st, 2012


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (0)

Voting for the 2013 AIChE Board of Directors is underway at PERIACTIN FOR SALE, . The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) asked  potential members of AIChE's board a few questions about young professionals and AIChE. They were asked to answer up to three questions, PERIACTIN schedule, so you won't see responses from every candidate for every question. Where can i buy PERIACTIN online, As this series of posts progresses, you'll see their answers and get to know them better. Feel free to click visit the election page to learn more about the election process and each candidate, PERIACTIN no prescription.

Let's get started with the fourth question, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. Answers are shown in alphabetical order by position and then candidate last name.

Jim Hill — Running for the office of Secretary:

I actually had three careers. PERIACTIN without a prescription, First was a post-doc in theoretical physics at NASA during the time of the lunar landings, second was a stint in the petrochemical industry as a research engineer, and third as a faculty member at Iowa State, PERIACTIN price, coupon. All were interesting but I wanted the opportunity to help develop young engineers and researchers and to pursue my own research interests, Is PERIACTIN addictive, so I settled on an academic career. The Clean Air Act had just been passed, and many young chemical engineers including myself found personally satisfying work doing research and engineering on air pollution control, buy PERIACTIN no prescription, both in industry and at the university. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, I got started with AIChE in my local section as a young faculty member and found the experience rewarding (many funny stories in car pools on the way to local section meetings) and then got involved with national programming in AIChE. Is PERIACTIN safe, I also joined several committees as well as divisions and forums over the years in order to keep current on AIChE’s problems and progress, and I still enjoy my interactions with the committee members.

Christine Seymour — Running for the office of the Secretary:

My best memory of being a Young Chemical Engineer is running my first batch in the plant – there is nothing like looking into the 1000 gal reactor for the first time and hoping all goes well (it did!), order PERIACTIN from mexican pharmacy.

Raymond Cocco — Running for the office of Director:

My best memory of being a young chemical engineer was my first paper at the New York AIChE Annual Meeting. Get PERIACTIN, My PhD advisor and I spent many long nights preparing for this presentation. He helped me with the slides (they were transparencies back then) and the delivery, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. His coaching was invaluable. He taught me skills I am still thankful today, order PERIACTIN online c.o.d. I gave a good talk and answered all the questions. Real brand PERIACTIN online, I can remember being so nervous. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, I was a young engineer in front a room of experts. Yet, five minutes into the talk, low dose PERIACTIN, the intimidation disappeared. About PERIACTIN, These experts were not grading me, which is all I had known in school. They were actually interested in what I had to say, comprar en línea PERIACTIN, comprar PERIACTIN baratos. When the talk was done, Buy PERIACTIN online no prescription, I realized I was in the right place with my career.

I do have to admit that in my talk I did greet the audience with a “good morning” in the middle of the afternoon, PERIACTIN FOR SALE. Something my advisor still has not forgotten.

L.S, canada, mexico, india. Fan — Running for the office of Director:

All the possibilities. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, It may feel difficult to make choices at the beginning, but when I look back, having unlimited possibilities allowed me to dream big. In chemical engineering, teamwork, buy cheap PERIACTIN no rx, and collaboration still stand as the foundation of our field. PERIACTIN price, Sharing my dreams and experiences with fellow students and colleagues was also one of the most memorable throughout my early career.

Fresh out of school, I recall the diversity of opportunities that allowed me to explore different fields, PERIACTIN interactions, which ultimately shaped my lifelong passion for teaching and innovative research. Buy generic PERIACTIN, Early in my career, these exciting prospects also provided me the time and opportunity to challenge myself and to connect my recently acquired academic fundamentals to real world technological applications. For all chemical engineers, these novel extensive choices inspire new ideas and innovative developments that will continue to establish the chemical engineering field as invigorating and revolutionary, PERIACTIN FOR SALE.

Annette Johnston — Running for the office of Director:

The great sense of accomplishment upon finishing my first P&ID. Fast shipping PERIACTIN, I relished the surprise on the face of my supervisor when I handed it to him, and it did not need many corrections. I had done all of the process modeling, kjøpe PERIACTIN på nett, köpa PERIACTIN online, sizing, and even had the safety items already incorporated into the piping. PERIACTIN FOR SALE, Unfortunately, it was never built, because the project was cancelled. However, my confidence in identifying myself as a chemical engineer began with the completion of that P&ID.

Michael Poirier — Running for the office of Director:

Being given the responsibility to lead a multimillion dollar filtration project. I traveled across the country to meet with vendors, worked on equipment designs, oversaw testing, and made recommendations for changes in the facility.

Learn more about the candidates by reading their bios and then vote.

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