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December 31st, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2012-12-09_16-04-19 saudi 15

BUY ALTACE NO PRESCRIPTION, Why does overcast and cloudy Germany dominate European solar while sun-drenched Saudi Arabia lets this unlimited resource simply fall unused to the ground, squandered. Far-sighted Saudis want to change that, Real brand ALTACE online, and while the country will continue to be the world’s top oil producer, they've urged the Kingdom to adopt a new two-pronged, two-energy strategy: developing the country's limitless solar power, ALTACE from canadian pharmacy. Eventually, Where can i buy cheapest ALTACE online, after overcoming technical hurdles, they say that surplus electricity could be profitably sent to the African grid, then under the Mediterranean Sea to Europe by long distance, ALTACE class, high-voltage, ALTACE for sale, direct current cable.

If that sounds like wishful thinking, last Spring's $109 billion commitment to move the country (with a big assist from nuclear) to renewable energy in 20 years by producing 41, generic ALTACE,000MW of solar energy – one third of the nation’s energy needs – gets the power conceptually half way to Europe. ALTACE price, coupon, So a Saudi prince can dream... Saudi officials told the Financial Times recently that someday Europeans will flip their lights on, unaware that the power was flowing from vast solar arrays thousands of miles away. But that's idealistic, long-tern thinking; the Saudis have to solve their domestic energy problems first, since they currently only generate a meager 3.5 megawatts of solar power today, BUY ALTACE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Racing a demographic tsunami

Suddenly feeling vulnerable to economic turmoil and social upheaval, alarm circulated among the Saudi elite after a study revealed that surging domestic energy use was growing so quickly (7% year on year) that the country risked becoming a net energy importer in 20 years, ALTACE schedule, which could even threaten its  oil producing role in the global economy. It turned out that high residential demand fueled by constant air conditioning and an America-style car culture in sprawling cities like Riyadh, home to over 5 million people, ALTACE samples, consumed one quarter of the 2.8 million barrels of oil produced every day. Purchase ALTACE, Conservation was the first mandatory step.

The Saudis stopped building new oil-powered desalination plants, because, buy cheap ALTACE, while the Kingdom generates 26, ALTACE alternatives, 300 MW of electricity, 2,800 MW is used to power 30 desalination plants, ALTACE pics, so water (and the lack of it) was burning up 1.5 million barrels of fuel oil every day.

Ditching "black gold and Texas tea, ALTACE images, " the Kingdom is finishing the world’s largest solar-powered desalination plant in the city of Al-Khafji, near the border with Kuwait, using concentrated solar photovoltaic (PV) technology developed by IBM and Saudi scientists. Once the plant fires up this December, herbal ALTACE, it will produce enough fresh water for 100, Buy ALTACE from canada, 000 people; several more solar-powered desalination plants will be built over the next 10 years. BUY ALTACE NO PRESCRIPTION, In the future, it will be much easier to add new desalination plants now that the Kingdom has reached an agreement with two Japanese companies to construct a $352 million plant in Saudi Arabia to build state-of-the-art reverse osmoses equipment. This giant facility will be the first to manufacture this crucial technology in the Middle East. It will also bring new jobs to the country, ALTACE street price, helping it to slowly diversify away from oil dependency. Online buying ALTACE hcl, Residential solar has been ramped up too. Last spring, the world’s largest roof-top solar thermal plant opened was built in Riyadh, order ALTACE online c.o.d. It will generate enough power to heat water for the university's 40,000 students. The Saudis also signed a $1bn deal to supply the Moroccan government with electricity from a 160MW solar thermal plant they built with Spanish co-partners. In the meantime, they've invested in a polysilicon refining plant, which is necessary for producing the Kingdom's own solar modules, BUY ALTACE NO PRESCRIPTION.

The energy export vision

During the latest UN climate change summit in Doha, ALTACE pharmacy,  Khalid al-Suliman, vice president at the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, said that work on the country's first utility-scale solar farm is ready to start, is ALTACE addictive, according to the Guardian. Effects of ALTACE, It's on schedule to begin feeding power to the grid by 2015, the first milestone on the path to delivering 41GW of solar power by 2032.

Saudi Arabian officials have also been discussing connecting the Gulf’s grid to Desertec (website), ALTACE used for, a German initiative that sees North African countries transmitting electricity from solar-power plants to Europe, ALTACE dose, said Adnan Amin, head of the International Renewable Energy Agency, based in Abu Dhabi. According to the Financial Times, he gave some insight into Saudi Arabia's goals:

“They started thinking they have the possibility of connecting the grid quite easily to Egypt, and if you get the connection to Egypt then you can connect to the North African grid and if that’s connected into Europe, you have a motorway for renewable energy,” he said.

This promotional video explains Desertec's plan.

Although there are huge technical challenges to hooking up power grids over the vast distances between the Gulf and north Africa, let alone further to Europe, Adnan Amin continued, “I think they would be in a position in 15 years to be able to export substantial amounts," adding that people backing the policy in Saudi Arabia saw the prospect of selling power abroad as a “serious business opportunity” that could offset the costs of deploying such large amounts of new generating infrastructure.

Is HVDC cable the secret to successful renewables?

Images: Riyadh, BroadArrow; Riyadh night, Ramon Garra;  Solar mirror, Desertec; Camel, Mohammad Nowfal, Photo: Car, Saudi Embassy, Photo: solar PV, Ballonboy101

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December 27th, 2012


By Margot Berger | Comments (0)

BUY MOTOFEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Walking down the beach, most people spend most of their time looking out on the horizon for ships, marine life and airplanes sky-writing. Bees flying among the flowers, online MOTOFEN without a prescription, Generic MOTOFEN, buzzing in our direction are seen as pests; while ants, crawling on flowers and in gardens are seen as intruders, fast shipping MOTOFEN. My MOTOFEN experience, The lack of attention to these finer details, leaves us at a slight disadvantage to the world around us, MOTOFEN wiki. MOTOFEN online cod, In this TEDTalk, Gary Greenberg, effects of MOTOFEN, MOTOFEN results, photographer and biomedical research, describes a unique point of view on the mirco and nano world around us, MOTOFEN blogs. Buy cheap MOTOFEN, Greenberg has looked into the composition of sand from around the universe and while most people think of sand as ordinary, each grain is extraordinary in its uniqueness, MOTOFEN from canada. MOTOFEN over the counter, Check out his talk in the video panel at right. , no prescription MOTOFEN online. Taking MOTOFEN. MOTOFEN dose. Comprar en línea MOTOFEN, comprar MOTOFEN baratos. About MOTOFEN. MOTOFEN pharmacy. MOTOFEN natural. MOTOFEN pictures. Purchase MOTOFEN online no prescription. MOTOFEN photos. Buy MOTOFEN online cod. Where can i buy MOTOFEN online. MOTOFEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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December 26th, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (2)
2012-12-11_01-50-00 bp HPC 1

BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The high-priced high-tech race to find and extract more oil just escalated again – and British Petroleum's accountants know it won't be the last time.

Processing seismic data at speeds a little over a petaflop can't do the job quickly enough anymore, MEBARAL australia, uk, us, usa, Buy MEBARAL online cod, because higher drilling costs and cheaper, faster chips have raised the bar again, MEBARAL without a prescription. Order MEBARAL from mexican pharmacy, And shareholders are looking for assurance. So to gain a competitive edge over other oil majors like Exxon and Shell, MEBARAL without prescription, MEBARAL pictures, BP iss spending $100 million in its search for oil and gas over the next five years to replace its current Houston data center with what the company calls the "largest supercomputing complex for commercial research in the world."

The new supercomputing facility is scheduled to open in mid-2013 at BP's Westlake Campus in Houston, according to the company's press release, doses MEBARAL work. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Although based in the US, it will have global reach, MEBARAL over the counter, Australia, uk, us, usa, and the three-story, 110, MEBARAL mg, Buy generic MEBARAL, 000-square-foot facility will serve as a hub to manage a growing river of seismic and geologic data pouring in from 15 completely new international oil and gas plays that will come online between 2012 and 2015.

"This is not just about building a bigger and better computer," said Robert Frayer, eExecutive vice president production, BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION. "BP's new high-performance computing center (HPC) will be as important to our global search for new energy as any piece of equipment we employ today."

Although BP's current HPC center was the world's first commercial research facility to boast a petaflop processing speed, kjøpe MEBARAL på nett, köpa MEBARAL online, MEBARAL natural, now it's maxed out its shared space at the company's Westlake Campus. Once up and running, buy MEBARAL without prescription, Where to buy MEBARAL, the new data center will pay off in many ways: the increased computing power will help teams work more efficiently and accurately, while reducing drilling risks and exploding exploration costs, discount MEBARAL. Order MEBARAL online overnight delivery no prescription,

Hedging the high costs of ultra-deep drilling

As the costs for ultra-deep rigs jump to $600,000 a day, MEBARAL results, MEBARAL long term, the new supercomputer's 67,000 CPUs will chew through data at the speed of two petaflops, online MEBARAL without a prescription, Online buying MEBARAL, giving BP scientists the power to do complex imaging projects in one day that would have taken four years just ten years ago. Essentially scientists will see seismic details they've never seen before, canada, mexico, india, Cheap MEBARAL, and much more cheaply than previously possible. BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, To manage all of this data, the new supercomputer will boost total memory to 536 terabytes and disk space of 23.5 petabytes. Then, MEBARAL online cod, by joining the extra processor speed and expanded memory with fiber optic cable to drilling platforms, the company will continue to save money by keeping highly paid specialists like well-site geologists and directional drilling specialists on shore – but equipped with even more sensitive tools.

They'll be able to fine tune their ability to respond when something goes wrong or appears that it might go wrong. Offshore Magazine watched a rapid response after a tool failed downhole:

By direct fiber-optic link to the platform, the contractor was able to reprogram the tool downhole. That saved $300,000 by not having to fly a specialist out to the platform and a trip out to retrieve the tool, with all the downtime that would have entailed.

Building on a history of accomplishments

These technological advances are especially important to BP as it pursues new gas and oil plays worldwide. About 35 of its exploration wells will target prospects, each with over a quarter-billion barrels of oil equivalent of potential resources. As part of this expansion, BP has roughly doubled spending on seismic data over the last few years and intends to keep investing at this higher rate.

In addition to enabling future growth, the new computing center in Houston will also feature improved electrical and cooling systems that reduce power consumption by 30 percent over the current facility, as well as space for other BP technical support systems and offices.

Is high-performance computing a good recruiting tool?

Images: Various, BP America

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December 24th, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (3)
2012-12-06_13-21-52 nat gas 7

BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, T. Boone Pickens wants you to know that if that long-haul truck barreling along the freeway next to you seems quieter, no, herbal ZEBETA, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. Effects of ZEBETA, It's a good bet the truck's fueled by liquid natural gas, and you've just witnessed a small part of Pickens' grand, over-arching energy plan.

Although rarely used, ZEBETA mg, natural gas vehicles aren't new, ZEBETA pics, just overlooked because they've been impractical. But the drilling boom, accelerated by companies like Chesapeake Energy, canada, mexico, india, unlocked such vast reserves of natural gas and created such a huge supply glut it forced them to find new markets just to survive rapidly falling energy prices. Cheap ZEBETA, Fortunately, with the price spread between diesel and natural gas bobbing around $1.40 a gallon, these companies can now target diesel transportation to boost demand for natural gas buses, buy ZEBETA without a prescription, shuttles, ZEBETA photos, delivery and long-haul trucks. Unfortunately, they still have to get that cheap fuel from the well into the tank – with a still non-existent distribution system.

Chesapeake Energy invests $150 million

That brings us to back Mr, BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION. Pickens, low dose ZEBETA, a charming master salesman and 82 year old, Where can i buy cheapest ZEBETA online, telegenic TED Talk energy star, who smells a lucrative market and has a tempting offer for the struggling industry: since natural gas is so cheap (much to your chagrin), providing big savings for fuel guzzlers – especially long-haul trucks – and since I'm already building a nation-wide network of LNG fueling stations along the interstate – which I personally rebranded "America's natural gas highway" – I'm now looking for partners to help enlarge my national footprint, ZEBETA long term.

Which leads us back to Chesapeake Energy, Where can i cheapest ZEBETA online, the nation's second largest natural gas producer, still reeling after being severely battered by low prices. After selling assets, ZEBETA duration, closing wells and switching to oil and gas liquids production, Purchase ZEBETA online, the company will invest $150 million over three years in Pickens' Clean Energy Corp., which just finished building its first 70 LNG refueling stations; and Chesapeake's (if-you-build-it-they-will-come) investment will help drive that number to 150 by the end of 2013.

Which finally leads us to GE and CEO Jeff Immelt, ZEBETA online cod. Pickens just announced Clean Energy Corp would buy two MicroLNG plants from GE Oil & Gas BUY ZEBETA NO PRESCRIPTION, , each capable of producing 250,000 gallons of LNG per day to support the next leg of the "natural gas highway."

While LNG is more expensive than compressed natural gas, it is still far cheaper than diesel and provides the same driving range and power, gas advocates say. Although natural-gas-powered trucks cost around $40,000 more, owners can make that up in less than two years, because switching to LNG can cut fuel costs more than 25 percent, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Large engine manufacturers are building LNG engines

“This is important for GE to join Clean Energy in changing the way America drives, Buy ZEBETA without prescription, ” GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said. “It’s also a critical step in developing a natural gas-for-transportation fuel model that can be easily exported to other countries.” The largest U.S. conglomerate sees liquefied natural gas equipment becoming a $1 billion market over the next five years. Watch a short GE CGI demo:

These first two MicroLNG plants are designed to expand up to 1 million gallons per day as demand increases. Clean Energy Corp also plans to use the GE modular design to build additional plants, ZEBETA use.

The LNG produced by the new plants will be used at Pilot-Flying J truck stops that serve truckers all across the country, ZEBETA no rx, becoming part of a larger informal network, which will include another 100 stations Shell Oil plans to build.

So much interest has been building among long haul truckers, ZEBETA pharmacy, large engine manufacturers, ZEBETA overnight, such as Cummins, Peterbilt, Caterpillar, where can i buy ZEBETA online, and Navistar are building LNG engines, Buy no prescription ZEBETA online, according to Forbes. Navistar says 1 in 3 of its new engines will soon run on natural gas. If this trend takes off, online buying ZEBETA hcl, total LNG demand for fleets and long-haul trucks could equal up to 20% of today’s natural gas consumption by 2030. Buying ZEBETA online over the counter,

As batteries improve, will long-haul EV's ever become a factor?

Images: various, Clean Energy Corp

Chesapeake also teamed up with General Electric on "CNG In A Box," a compressed natural gas fueling system for retailers; announced a partnership with GE and Whirlpool to develop a $500 appliance that would allow consumers to refuel their natural gas-powered cars at home; and has been working with 3M to design less expensive tanks.

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December 21st, 2012


By Cory Jensen | Comments (4)

LIBRIUM FOR SALE, In today’s world of chemical engineering, great opportunities for collaboration and innovation can arise by meeting scientists from other disciplines, by visiting new conferences, or becoming familiar with new areas of research. You may wonder exactly how these opportunities can come about, without having to undertake rigorous graduate study in multiple fields, online buy LIBRIUM without a prescription, as I have. Buy LIBRIUM from canada, I saw one good example last month when I attended the Society of Environmental Toxicity and Environmental Chemistry’s (SETAC) North American 33rd Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California.

At this meeting, LIBRIUM results, Ed Begley, LIBRIUM without a prescription, the actor widely known for his environmental views (known as a "green guy"), briefly spoke about the development of his own environmental ideas and positive trends in environmental consciousness in the U.S.

If you were a renewable or sustainable energy engineer in the audience during the talk, ordering LIBRIUM online, you would have recognized the suggestion that renewable energy sources are a solution to energy security challenges that also support improved air quality standards. I noted that some environmental scientists thought that the talk was removed from traditional SETAC speakers, but it was remarkably on target with the theme of the meeting, which was “Catching the Next Wave, Advancing Science through Innovation and Collaboration.”


To me, the theme of the talk was to inspire a move beyond a classic clash between traditional energy products-processes and environmentalists, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest LIBRIUM online, Maybe as a chemical engineer you’ve experienced such a clash with an environmental issue. The reality, however, buy LIBRIUM no prescription, is that environment problems utilize engineers and scientists to innovate new solutions – and we all know that chemical engineers are good at addressing challenges. Buy LIBRIUM without prescription, [caption id="" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Ed Begley (photo, Chrisa Hickey)"]Ed Begley, <b>Kjøpe LIBRIUM på nett, köpa LIBRIUM online</b>, Jr.  at the 81st Academy Awards LIBRIUM FOR SALE, [/caption]

Whether we agree on how stewardship is put into practice, the fact of the matter is that many engineering and science fields bridge gaps that exist between neoclassic production philosophies and fields that are concerned with maximizing the ability and capacity of life to exist unconstrained. What has become increasingly clear to me is that scientific fields that work in the spaces of outcomes resultant of human expansion use different terms to describe and promote mankind’s capacity to exist. So maybe we need to be more humble in our respective fields and recognize how all these professions are related, about LIBRIUM.

Industrial change vs personal change

Ed Begely took a look at how he addresses environmental needs in his own life and then turned to the bigger picture. LIBRIUM natural, On a personal level, much of Ed’s talk cited a central theme of living within a set of bounds. By being fiscally responsible, Ed was able to save money that allowed him to purchase a wind-powered generator that now contributes to his personal wealth, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. For more about Ed’s personal thoughts and philosophies, purchase LIBRIUM online, check out his book. Cheap LIBRIUM no rx, After taking a sustainable engineering class at the Colorado School of Mines, I understand how my various personal “footprints” can be viewed from a global perspective and why it is important to understand concepts such as carrying capacity. To learn more about your personal footprints on the environment, LIBRIUM from canadian pharmacycheck out this link.

Personal footprint aside, LIBRIUM canada, mexico, india, it is well known that industrial practice can contribute to larger environmental challenges on a scales that obliterates an individual’s impact. For example, the BP Deep Horizon accident in one estimate released 4.9 million barrels of oil, LIBRIUM maximum dosage, suggesting that over 1 million barrels are still missing. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Using analysis from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is estimated that the average American uses 2.8 gallons of oil per day (see this article in Scientific American). With this data, the impact of this industrial event can be related to the daily oil use of over 73 million Americans, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. This calculus still does not account for the overall environmental impact, LIBRIUM brand name, which it does not appear anyone will even be able to estimate anytime soon and has been overshadowed by the process of enacting criminal fines (see this article in the New York Times). When was the last time you received credit on a chemical engineering homework or test for not having an answer.

So, LIBRIUM over the counter, living within one’s bounds isn’t the entire answer. Bigger answers call on entire industries, engineers and public policy to drive changes, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. LIBRIUM interactions, Begley cited how air standards in California were improved via fuel-emissions standards that required the implementation of new transportation technologies. He also tipped his hat to both the progress that’s been made and to those who are behind much of that change. Among those responsible are the environmentally conscious, LIBRIUM trusted pharmacy reviews, which does include chemical engineers. LIBRIUM dose,


One of my favorite examples of productive, holistic collaboration is the Grand Policy Experiment, which I recommend you look into, buying LIBRIUM online over the counter. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, There is great opportunity to work collaboratively towards innovation that address complex environmental topics and allows for closing gaps among “siloed” disciplines. By going the extra mile to seek out and create new opportunities, more widely inclusive benefits may include not only those to your pocket book, but to our society as a whole. Chemical engineering and environmental engineer-scientist skills overlap in many ways.

To further the discussion I ask: How do your personal-professional behaviors and outcomes as a chemical engineer affect how we view dichotomies such as an energy-environment debate. And, how can you positively promote professional collaboration to innovate solutions and new opportunities. Please leave your comments below.

What are your thoughts on promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation?

Images: Smoggy skyline, asmythie/Rocky A

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December 21st, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (1)
2012-12-11_15-27-16 mexico 1

LIPITOR FOR SALE, Under a blazing sun in Mexico's central mountain range, locally made, dish-shaped, solar panels suck up the area's intense light and beam 2000° heat into local kitchens.

Forget coal, LIPITOR photos, Get LIPITOR, gas or electric ovens, German entrepreneur Gregor Schapers designs, my LIPITOR experience, LIPITOR blogs, sells and installs giant circular solar panels in the small town of El Sauz that cook food with the sun, making delicious tortillas, buy LIPITOR no prescription. Where can i order LIPITOR without prescription, Schapers, who lives in this town 110 miles north of Mexico City, LIPITOR price, LIPITOR brand name, owns Trinysol, small solar-thermal energy workshop, buy cheap LIPITOR no rx, Purchase LIPITOR for sale, and hopes that this environmentally-friendly solar cooker can ultimately slash energy bills in Mexico's poor rural communities.

Will solar find quicker adoption in undeveloped countries?

Photos: Various, LIPITOR recreational, What is LIPITOR, YouTube

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December 20th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (2)

This series has been based on the five reasons that are shaping our entrance into a Golden Age of ChE:

  • Manufacturing’s shift to emphasize processes and properties

  • New abundance of hydrocarbon resources in the US

  • Biology’s turning into a molecular science

  • NORVASC FOR SALE, Computing, evolved into a cyberinfrastructure

  • ChEs’ breadth and problem-solving approaches

I conclude by identifying three ways we can seize the future and shape our profession:

  • Asserting leadership in the new face of manufacturing

  • Incorporating information management and analytics

  • Embracing our profession’s breadth

ChEs can take on a leadership role in manufacturing

Chemical engineers and AIChE can both promote our role in manufacturing and take a leading role in reshaping its modern form. The public, economists, and governments think of manufacturing as durable goods like cars or washing machines or aircraft built on assembly lines.

We think of our industries as “processing,” but in a true sense, we are “manufacturing” fuels and pharmaceuticals and polymers and consumer products with useful and valuable properties, comprar en línea NORVASC, comprar NORVASC baratos. It is up to us to recognize our work as manufacturing and to communicate better to the world that “ChEs make our world.”

[caption id="attachment_57311" align="alignleft" width="117" caption="Jim Wei"][/caption]

Manufacturing and manufacturing jobs are changing in general toward higher productivity: higher production with fewer people. Jim Wei, NORVASC coupon, 1988 AIChE President and Emeritus Dean of Engineering at Princeton, has pointed out an interesting trend in the chronology of jobs in the US and the world. Since 1810, the percentage of US labor in agriculture has declined steadily to a fairly steady few percent as fewer people produce more products.By contrast, online NORVASC without a prescription, the percentage of jobs in the US in industry grew steadily toward a maximum near 35% in 1965. Since then, it has dropped to about 20% or less, NORVASC FOR SALE. As in agriculture, Buying NORVASC online over the counter, we see that industry has shifted toward high productivity. Remarkably, when Wei plotted world job distributions, he found that countries at different stages of development generally fall along the same trend lines that characterized the different balances in the US over time, buy NORVASC without a prescription.

ChE has always been a leader in such high-productivity manufacturing. ChE’s leadership has been because of its focus on processing rather than high-labor assembly. NORVASC FOR SALE, Assembly is gaining productivity in part because of robotics, but it is using more and more processing. Buy NORVASC without prescription, Think of the shift from vacuum tubes inserted into circuit boards to multifunctional solid-state chips made by chemical processing.

Information management and analytics are keys, along with cyberinfrastructure

Computer process control, data acquisition, cheap NORVASC, and process design have further advanced ChE productivity. They haven’t caused the same loss of jobs that assembly-based manufacturing has seen. Canada, mexico, india, Data abundance creates new challenges for us, along with new opportunities. We are about to see an explosion in small, cheap sensors for temperature, pressure, composition, and detection of emissions, NORVASC FOR SALE. Video monitoring provides lots of bytes to be digested while monitoring processes and security. Logging data from the engines on a single transatlantic flight generates 640 terabytes; the full human genome has six billion base pairs with a vast number of variations, NORVASC alternatives.

Our challenge is learning new ways to manage data and extract information from it. ChEs will need to acquire new skills in analytics and business intelligence. As I discussed in an earlier post, Effects of NORVASC, “analytics” is commonly used to describe statistics-based extraction of insights from large data sets or “Big Data.” Presently, most ChEs have some experience with statistics, but these big, multivariable data sets call for new skills, NORVASC forum. NORVASC FOR SALE, Likewise, new high-performance computers use parallel architectures, whose speed depends on creating new solution algorithms. ChEs need to understand how these architectures work, including the sharing of memory, Get NORVASC, even if someone else is creating the code itself.

Consider a classical algorithm like McCabe-Thiele, made up of sequential steps. If you have hundreds of thousands of processors in parallel, cheap NORVASC no rx, you might run that many cases, mapping a solution surface for the variation of input parameters. Taking NORVASC, Another approach would be simultaneous solution of many positions throughout a process unit. Coupling such calculations through shared memory can slow them down severely, NORVASC FOR SALE. Use the architecture effectively, and speed-up is dramatic; use it unwisely, and it will be poor, buy NORVASC from canada.

Embrace the breadth of our profession

A third key is to embrace both the differences within the profession and the aspects that link us. In my previous post, I suggested that our defining similarities are applying molecular sciences and doing problem-solving from the systems perspective that we acquire beginning at the very start of our careers. Where to buy NORVASC, At the same time, our similarities can be hard to see because ChEs do so many different things and play so many different roles.

For example, I’ve recently heard strong opinions that the center of chemical engineering is energy and petrochemicals in Houston, NORVASC overnight, Texas. To be sure, Houston is a capital of chemical engineering -- a world capital of the energy and petrochemicals industries and an important center of biomedical ChE. At the same time, Buy NORVASC online cod, the Arabian peninsula, Rotterdam, and New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Delaware areas are a few of the other international centers of energy and petrochemicals. NORVASC FOR SALE, While it may be surprising, TX+LA and NY+NJ+PA+DE have almost identical numbers of AIChE professional members, 16% of the membership each.

Then there are different sectors of ChE as well, NORVASC mg. I hear fears from sectors like commodity chemicals that new emphases on biology are squeezing them out or diluting the profession. To me, NORVASC samples, it’s the opposite. Biology (which now is a molecular science) is bringing new markets, new products, new processes, buy NORVASC from mexico, and even new biomimetic approaches to expand our profession. Tissue engineering can be seen as ChE manufacturing of replacement body components, NORVASC FOR SALE.

Another divide is between academics and industrial ChEs. NORVASC maximum dosage, For people like me who have worked in both domains, these sides just have different focuses and roles. Both academic and industrial ChEs educate their colleagues and themselves. Both are part of the manufacturing enterprise, buy cheap NORVASC no rx, creating and producing the ideas, processes, Purchase NORVASC online, and products we use.

Entering the Golden Age

NORVASC FOR SALE, I believe a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering will happen regardless of whether we consciously lead the new manufacturing or learn the new cyberinfrastructure. However, I don’t think we can achieve it unless we embrace the third aspect, a new, NORVASC description, broader view of our differences and commonalities – a vision of what chemical engineering is.

Grasping that vision will be easier if we see examples. In the next year, AIChE will continue to tell the stories of different chemical engineers in different roles, such as the recent feature on Sarah Widder, an environmental engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, or the interview with Terry Papoutsakis, biological engineer and Jay Bailey Awardee.

Through this broader, inclusive understanding of who we are, we can better tackle the needs and the quality of life, providing clean water, food, health, energy, shelter, security, a safe environment, and more. We can shape the future of chemical engineering and the world.

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December 20th, 2012


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2012-12-11_13-08-18 drone 1

AVAPRO FOR SALE, Adequately inspecting the 167,000-miles of pipelines that crisscross the nation carrying oil and refined petroleum products like gasoline and jet fuel is difficult, maybe impossible.

Although there are more than 100 significant spills a year, AVAPRO canada, mexico, india, Where can i cheapest AVAPRO online, a federal agency requires companies to focus their inspections on only 44 percent of the land-based pipelines near towns, cities and environmentally sensitive areas, order AVAPRO from United States pharmacy, Rx free AVAPRO, leaving thousands of miles rarely seen. But technology may provide a way to overcome this daunting problem, buy no prescription AVAPRO online. AVAPRO reviews, Watch a demonstration of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) conducted by BP to improve pipeline inspections in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, taking AVAPRO. Ordering AVAPRO online, Equipped with high-resolution cameras, the Aeryon Scout drone can easily inspect miles of pipelines, no prescription AVAPRO online, AVAPRO overnight, helping crews watch for problems. The labor-saving, AVAPRO cost, After AVAPRO, small rotor-wing aircraft is flown from a handheld tablet computer.

Where else could oil companies use drones?

Photos: Aeryon Scout drone, AVAPRO steet value, AVAPRO duration, Aeryon Inc.

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December 19th, 2012


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Sarah Widder

BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, In its continuing series on women in chemistry and related sciences, the Chemical Heritage Foundation featured an interview this month with Sarah Widder, a research engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), ordering LOXITANE online. LOXITANE street price, Widder’s work focuses on the application of technology, standards, doses LOXITANE work, LOXITANE schedule, and regulations to meet sustainable design, energy efficiency, purchase LOXITANE for sale, Discount LOXITANE, and greenhouse-gas management goals.

Before joining PNNL she participated in the Washington Internships for Students in Engineering program in Washington, LOXITANE used for, Generic LOXITANE, D.C., writing policy recommendations concerning nuclear-waste management and researching the merits of reprocessing and recycling spent nuclear fuel, LOXITANE pics. LOXITANE long term, You may also know her as an active member of AIChE, where she serves on multiple national and local boards promoting sustainability and civil involvement at the educational and professional levels, kjøpe LOXITANE på nett, köpa LOXITANE online. LOXITANE from canadian pharmacy, Widder earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing a Ph.D, LOXITANE blogs. Fast shipping LOXITANE, in civil/environmental engineering from Washington State University.


Click the play button to listen to her interview.


Can you relate to Sarah's workplace experiences?

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December 19th, 2012


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FRISIUM FOR SALE, Are you a student or young professional interested in:

• Getting more involved in AIChE, but aren’t sure how.

• Missed the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh and want to learn about the YP and Student Programming, rx free FRISIUM. Buy generic FRISIUM, • Learning about the benefits of being a member of AIChE.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, is FRISIUM safe, My FRISIUM experience, be sure to check out the fifth edition of the YP Newsletter (topics listed below, click on the title for full article), herbal FRISIUM. FRISIUM coupon, Also be sure to keep an eye on the YP feed on ChEnected for the latest about topics and events for Young Professionals, FRISIUM mg.

Newsletter Topics:

The Latest YPC News

After another very successful Annual Student & Professional Conferences, YPC is beginning to plan for the 2013 year, FRISIUM FOR SALE. FRISIUM schedule, Check out what YPC is up to.

2012 Annual Meeting Wrap Up

The 2012 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh was another busy meeting for the Young Professional Committee (YPC), FRISIUM for sale. Doses FRISIUM work, The conference started early for the group with most young professionals arriving on the Friday before the conference to help with the Annual Student Conference.

Highlight an AIChE Benefit: Networking

In the past few newsletters we have covered online resources that AIChE offers to all members for continuing education, order FRISIUM from mexican pharmacy, Get FRISIUM, namely, eLearning, FRISIUM from mexico, No prescription FRISIUM online, Webinars, and eLibrary, where can i order FRISIUM without prescription. FRISIUM FOR SALE, Most of our members, however, choose to be a part of AIChE year after year not because of the education resources but because of the community. FRISIUM description, Highlight an AIChE Subcommittee: Local Sections Committee

The Local Sections Committee (LSC) is a subcommittee under the Career and Education Operating Council (CEOC). Our main goal is to support the AIChE Local Sections by being a resource for local section leaders to rely on when needed, FRISIUM recreational. FRISIUM dangers, In addition, LSC facilitates open communications between local sections and headquarters, order FRISIUM online overnight delivery no prescription. Purchase FRISIUM online no prescription, “MBA the ChemE Way” Sessions Were a Great Success!

After a full slate of programming for the Annual Student Conference, the Young Professionals Programming Subcommittee kicked off the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting with the premier of “MBA the ChemE Way” sessions on Monday, FRISIUM class, FRISIUM reviews, October 29.

Pittsburgh K-12 Outreach Event: A Taste of Chocolate…and Chemical Engineering!

On Sunday, FRISIUM steet value, October 28th, a group of 27 students from several Pittsburgh-area high schools learned more about chocolate, and chemical engineering, at an outreach event organized by AIChE’s Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC).

Meet the new YPC Vice Chair: Elizabeth J. H. Guenther

We recently caught up with our new YPC Vice Chair and had the chance to ask her some questions – read on to get to know Elizabeth better.

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