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February 28th, 2013


By Robert Szczesniak | Comments (13)
The author and his family in Thailand

[caption id="attachment_61853" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="The author and his family in Thailand"] BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

I am sometimes asked how I got into this crazy business. What's so crazy about what I do. My title is straightforward enough – technical advisor – but what makes my job unconventional isn't what I do, but where I do it. Buy cheap DULOXETINE, I work for UOP, which provides technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical, and major manufacturing industries, DULOXETINE forum, and in less than five years, I have traveled approximately 200,000 miles. What is DULOXETINE, This includes three circumnavigations and five continents (missed a sixth due to a paperwork issue).  I have no permanent residence (though I still call Chicago home) and little in the way of long-term planning – often with days to get packed and moving, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. In short, my work is rarely boring, because every few months I get a new job with a new company and work in a new facility. You can read more specifics about what I do in this earlier post, DULOXETINE trusted pharmacy reviews. You can also read about some specific assignments I handled in Taiwan and in Korea. But the reason for this post is to explain how it all started, and how I ended up where I am today.

BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I'd like to try it all, thank you!

It started with not knowing what I wanted to do. Cheap DULOXETINE, It is hard to pick one thing; I wanted to try it all. Looking at college applications as a dumbstruck high school student, I liked chemistry and math. I was asked, what do you want to major in, buy DULOXETINE online cod.  I thought, "Both?  Can you even do that?"

[caption id="attachment_61854" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The author on a walk in Jiuzhaiguo Valley in Sichuan Province, China"][/caption]

On a random campus visit, DULOXETINE from mexico, to a school I wasn’t initially interested in, but eventually wound up attending, a sage professor suggested that I study chemical engineering. It would provide the most pathways after graduation, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. My dad was an engineer and that seemed to be working out well, so why not, DULOXETINE photos, I thought.

I went through school doing a fair job of picking up experiences in and out of the classroom. Among other things, Where can i find DULOXETINE online, I got decent grades, let some fellows convince me that it would be a good idea to keep the books for our house of 50 undergraduates, let a friend convince me it would be a good idea to go to Paris for a weekend in the middle of a semester (I still can’t believe how cheap those tickets were – I swear there was a period of time where the airlines paid you to fly), got a co-op, and a taste of the engineering world, DULOXETINE interactions.

Graduation eventually came and I still couldn’t choose a single direction. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I had found a lot of activities and challenges that I enjoyed, but a co-op or intern is not the same as a full-time job.  A good co-op shows you all aspects of the company, and allows you to work with all stages of a project from the perspective of different departments. I really liked seeing the whole project develop through to completion and the different skills required to do that. But where were all the jobs that allowed you to work all the way from design to implementation. My DULOXETINE experience, They certainly weren't the jobs I encountered when I started interviewing.

Learning to look ahead

It wasn't very clear to me what I wanted and where I'd find it, so I went through the motions of finding a job and eventually did. Over the next several years, I had couple of jobs, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. While the first wasn't very satisfying, the second was a better fit, DULOXETINE treatment, but it still wasn't quite right either. It was at this point I was able to see the value in the experiences I had and see things from a new perspective.

[caption id="attachment_61855" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Hong Kong Harbor from the peak"][/caption]

I looked to colleagues 5 or 10 years my senior, Buy cheap DULOXETINE no rx, people I emulated, and saw that they were doing much the same work I was. Not bad, but if in 10 years I realized I was bored, there would be fewer options, buy DULOXETINE without a prescription. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, After researching other firms, I had already concluded this was a premier firm in the area, so that didn't leave me much room to grow. I decided to try to get more technical work. This included making the case to my boss for training, getting involved in ongoing projects, DULOXETINE blogs, and trying to find new business opportunities for the firm. I also worked on my soft skills, usually a differentiator in the engineering world, while I had access to excellent resources. Other pursuits included working with colleagues to learn about regulations, DULOXETINE price, coupon, improving my writing and presentation skills, learning how a business is run, and getting my license, Buy generic DULOXETINE, among other things. A couple years later I was a much more developed professional and doing more interesting work, but I was still thinking about the next level, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Is the grass really greener?

Then comes the hard part – is the grass really greener?  Make sure you do your research. I had a short list of places I was willing to take the risk for. Fortunately, one of them accepted, DULOXETINE without prescription. This was a jump from a small firm to a very large one, trading one set of options and restrictions for another. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, For me, preparing for the move was less work than getting in the job and making it work. To start with, DULOXETINE duration, I made the fairly rare decision to make a lateral move. But it paid off, because after learning the basics and how the company functioned, I was able to move into a position that I think I have been looking for since college. Ironically, buying DULOXETINE online over the counter, I was actually offered a chance at a very similar position during my first job search out of school; I just didn’t know I was looking for it yet.

What I've learned about building a career

[caption id="attachment_61856" align="alignright" width="201" caption="Sanctuary of Truth near Pattaya, Thailand "][/caption]

As I've made my way through college and beyond, there are a few ideas that I have really come to believe in. Take advantage of opportunities, even (or especially) unconventional ones; take a leap once in a while, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Take risks, but consider them carefully. I'm not encouraging jumping blindly, generic DULOXETINE, but it's worth taking a risk for a true growing experiences if it makes you say, “I’m really ready for that" and you know it's what you've been looking for. Embracing new experiences and perspectives is how you keep learning and developing. Online buying DULOXETINE hcl, This is a process that has significant momentum – once started, it can easily become a lifelong habit. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION,  And when you commit, go all the way.  Meet all the new people that you can and learn all that you can about your new environment or activity. Ask questions. You never know where it will take you.

Take advantage of learning opportunities on and off the job, order DULOXETINE from mexican pharmacy. During the time I was laid off, I took a week long solo bicycle tour. I learned a lot about myself and on-the-fly problem solving, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I talked about my trip and was passionate enough about it that others wanted to try it, Canada, mexico, india, and I wound up leading a group on some shorter tours. In other words, more problem-solving and figuring out how to lead a group of people through some challenges.

Regularly reassess where you are and where you are going. How is your work/life balance. What are you doing now. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Is it where you want to be. Where do you want to be in 5 and 20 years. Your answers will all change over time. You may think what used to sound like a bad idea is now a good one – or vice versa.  You may have a new passion. You may not need to get there right now, but you should always be moving in the right direction. Don’t just hope everything will be great – make it that way, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

These are just a few thoughts on how I finally made it into a job that is really a great fit for me, and often very satisfying. As you can see, I didn't take the most direct route – it's safe to say I made some true wrong turns. But even those wrong turns can help you see the right way. So whether you're still in school, just starting out, or several years into your career, I hope my experiences will help you find what you're looking for.

What "Now I get it!" insights about work or school can you share?

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February 27th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau | Comments (9)
pharmaceutical sales

TENORMIN FOR SALE, This case study scenario is designed to help students and younger engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. TENORMIN over the counter, While created to mimic real-life situations, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only, TENORMIN duration. TENORMIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,



Our client is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Based in the US, TENORMIN natural, TENORMIN no prescription, the client has a wide range of successful products on the markets that include various drugs for erectile dysfunction, lowering blood cholesterol, TENORMIN price, TENORMIN for sale, anxiety disorders, anti-inflammatory drugs, buy TENORMIN from canada, Buy TENORMIN without a prescription, antidepressants, etc.

Currently, TENORMIN results, Where can i buy cheapest TENORMIN online, the client has only one product on the market for cancer treatment generating roughly $500M in annual sales. In the next 6-12 months, purchase TENORMIN online no prescription, Buy cheap TENORMIN, the client is planning on introducing a new cancer drug on the market. This particular drug, RFC-9000, will also be for cancer patients, and its target audience is oncologists, TENORMIN FOR SALE. In this space, TENORMIN overnight, Fast shipping TENORMIN, there is one major competitor for the client’s current cancer drug.

RFC-9000 has already completed clinical trials and is currently awaiting approval from the FDA (the client is expecting FDA approval based upon the trial results). If this new drug is introduced this year, order TENORMIN from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy TENORMIN online, there will be no competition for at least one year. The current sales force includes 750 sales representatives who support the company's cancer drug that is already on the market.  To successfully introduce the new drug to the oncology market, TENORMIN photos, TENORMIN no rx, the client will need to invest in expanding its sales division.

Figure 1: Flow Diagram Illustrating Process of Introducing Pharmaceutical Products to the Customer

The client’s intelligence has also suggested that a competitor might introduce a different drug that targets the same cancer within the next 3.5 years, TENORMIN australia, uk, us, usa. No prescription TENORMIN online,

Your challenge

Your job, as an external consultant, buy cheap TENORMIN no rx, TENORMIN forum, is to help the client think through this problem:

Should the client invest money in expanding its sales force?

Key Points and Assumptions

  1. The term of patent for a new drug is 20 years but most of that time period is spent in the FDA approval processes.  Because of the patent, TENORMIN street price, Order TENORMIN online overnight delivery no prescription, no generic versions of the drug are expected on the market.

  2. Being first to market is extremely important to the new product’s success.

  3. Cancer drugs are generally expensive but most of the “out-of-pocket” costs are covered by health insurance companies.

  4. To sell cancer drugs to oncologists, experienced sales personnel with technical backgrounds will be required with ~6 months to recruit and train new employees.

  5. FDA approval is not guaranteed; depending on this approval time, new employees might be on overhead until FDA approval is received.

Comment below with your recommendations, or ask any questions you may have.

What do you recommend to the client?

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February 26th, 2013


By Gwen Higgins | Comments (0)

BUY NIMOTOP NO PRESCRIPTION, If you’re just starting out, or have reached a plateau in your career, Join the Virtual Local Section on February 28 th at 9pm EST for a free webinar on advancing your career with credentials. Deborah Grubbe will explain how earning extra credentials can really help you get ahead. NIMOTOP schedule, (You can link to the meeting here.)

Deb Grubbe is an accomplished professional engineer with impressive credentials and a career to match. Now the owner and president of Operations and Safety Solutions LLC, buy NIMOTOP from mexico, NIMOTOP used for, over the course of her more than 30 years as an engineer, she has held senior positions in major companies, NIMOTOP use, Buy generic NIMOTOP, including vice president of group safety at BP plc, DuPont, purchase NIMOTOP online, NIMOTOP online cod, and served on the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel from 2003 to 2012. She is presently also  leading a global effort of the AIChE Institute for Sustainability to develop an official sustainability credential, online buy NIMOTOP without a prescription. NIMOTOP for sale,

Interview with Deb Grubbe

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Grubbe on the subject of professional development and credentials, BUY NIMOTOP NO PRESCRIPTION.

Why should chemical engineers obtain extra credentials, buy cheap NIMOTOP no rx. Order NIMOTOP from mexican pharmacy, Isn't a degree enough?

The level and pace of technological change in today’s world dictates that a four-year degree is a great foundation, but will hardly serve someone for a lifetime, what is NIMOTOP. NIMOTOP class,  As an example, I started studying engineering, NIMOTOP forum, No prescription NIMOTOP online, and used a slide rule for one semester, and I am still practicing engineering, NIMOTOP gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Canada, mexico, india, Technological change is accelerating, and I strongly suggest one adopt the adage – “When I stop learning, NIMOTOP without prescription, NIMOTOP brand name, I am starting to die.”

Is your presentation aimed only at young professionals, or can more experienced engineers benefit from additional credentials and certifications?

The presentation is aimed at both the younger professional and the seasoned engineer, effects of NIMOTOP. BUY NIMOTOP NO PRESCRIPTION,  One may never know when one will benefit from an acquired and maintained credential. NIMOTOP long term, What credentials outside of engineering (i.e., other than PE) might a chemical engineer consider?

It depends on your field of work or field of interest; however, NIMOTOP australia, uk, us, usa, NIMOTOP canada, mexico, india, other credentials may be the CSP (Certified Safety Professional), CEng, NIMOTOP duration. Kjøpe NIMOTOP på nett, köpa NIMOTOP online, (Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom), CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist), or our new sustainability credential. None of these credentials, by the way, are “outside" the field of engineering.

Where should engineers start their search to find relevant certifications in their field?

I would speak with folks that you admire and respect in your workplace, and ask them what credentials they have, and what credentials they think will be helpful for success.

In your experience, are many employers supportive of these extra activities, and do they provide financial support?

It depends on the credential and the firm, BUY NIMOTOP NO PRESCRIPTION. I have found that many employers are very supportive of continuing education, and will find some ways to support their employees. Support comes in a few forms:  financial (the obvious one), but also in flexibility around work schedule and in time off for key events like national examinations.

The VLS is proud to host Ms. Grubbe’s keynote presentation. Young Professionals can join an hour early for the YP meeting.

Join us for  the meeting here.

Hope to see you all there.

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February 26th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal | Comments (0)
Invisible Element

The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation RELAFEN FOR SALE, by Robert B. RELAFEN reviews, Rosenfeld, Gary J, fast shipping RELAFEN. Where to buy RELAFEN, Wilhelmi, and Andrew Harrison, RELAFEN street price. RELAFEN images,  !nnovatus Press, 2011, herbal RELAFEN. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, 250 + xxi pages and appendices. US$21.95, RELAFEN FOR SALE.

The Invisible Element is an interesting book for chemical engineers interested in building better problem-solving teams, RELAFEN from mexico. RELAFEN from canada, Part One, The Eight Human Principles, where can i order RELAFEN without prescription, RELAFEN samples, introduces the reader to core values, mindsets, order RELAFEN online c.o.d, RELAFEN trusted pharmacy reviews, and behaviors of individuals working in innovation, as all engineers do, effects of RELAFEN. Taking RELAFEN, Part Two, Putting the Principles into Action, buy RELAFEN online no prescription, Purchase RELAFEN for sale, pulls these ideas into a cogent picture for organizational change.

Chemical engineers are faced with daily opportunities to innovate and solve problems with our special creative abilities, low dose RELAFEN. RELAFEN FOR SALE, Yet, many organizations force creative restrictions through risk intolerance. Buy RELAFEN without a prescription, One of the key themes of “The Invisible Element” is trust – at both the individual and organizational levels. The authors argue that trust and creative risk-taking are intimately tied to one another, RELAFEN alternatives. About RELAFEN, In particular, Chapter 2, RELAFEN maximum dosage, Is RELAFEN addictive, Trust is Foundational, defines the two types of trust required for innovation success: intellectual trust and emotional trust, RELAFEN forum. Buy generic RELAFEN, Engineers demonstrate intellectual trust when we respect the professional opinion of a fellow engineer and value his or her design judgment. “Heart trust,” or emotional trust, describes faith in another person that he or she will not let you down – think of your significant other or best friend, RELAFEN FOR SALE. When individuals have a high degree of intellectual trust, absent emotional trust, the organization can be successful in getting jobs and tasks done efficiently. Yet, the fear of failure leads to only “ho-hum” problem-solving with high risk avoidance.

As emotional trust increases between peers, and throughout the organization (Chapter 13), subject matter experts can pursue revolutionary ideas independently with little fear of repercussion. Trust allows leaders to fully leverage diversity of thought and experience (Chapter 5) and for creative problem-solvers to follow their passions (Chapter 7). RELAFEN FOR SALE, Trust materializes in behaviors while culture (shared values and assumptions) is found by observing behaviors. The four cultures model (pg. 121) delineates organizational culture based upon dimensions of sociability (heart trust) and solidarity (getting the job done).

Communication, decision-making, and knowledge transfer, rewards/recognition, and quantifiable gain round out Part Two of The Invisible Element. Chapters dedicated to these topics offer templates and worksheets to help managers and leaders determine the current state of their organization and identify gaps with the desired future state.

To create an innovative problem-solving culture, team members, supervisors, and leaders must understand the human principles and organizational change, RELAFEN FOR SALE. The Invisible Element can help leaders take stock of their employees, co-workers, and company culture to yield more creative problem-solving. I recommend The Invisible Element to any engineer or professional wanting to learn more about the human nature of innovation and problem-solving.

What kind of innovation and problem-solving culture does your company have.  Would you want to change it, and how?

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February 25th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (2)
2013-02-20_13 enhanced Henrick s

ZYLORIC FOR SALE, In Denmark and around the world, Henrick Stiesdal is revered as a father of the wind industry, an industry so young that the 55-year-old Siemens CTO can easily recall the breakthroughs that enabled him to build the company's first 30kW offshore wind turbine in 1991.

After 20 years of innovation, real brand ZYLORIC online, ZYLORIC alternatives, Siemens has just installed its newest turbine off the coast of England.  Stiesdal, ZYLORIC duration, ZYLORIC wiki, who has 85 patents to his name, has changed Siemens Wind Energy from a regional – almost artisanal – turbine builder into a global powerhouse, where can i order ZYLORIC without prescription, Low dose ZYLORIC, with research and manufacturing centers in major markets as far away as China and the United States.

And nothing shows this corporate transformation better then Siemens' new high tech production techniques modeled after the auto industry: the turbine's sculpted B75 blade is built in one, ZYLORIC samples, ZYLORIC pics, long mold as a unified piece  – with no joints – making it 20 percent lighter than blades produced using traditional methods.

Stiesdal notes, ZYLORIC brand name, Where can i find ZYLORIC online,  "We can reduce production and logistics costs by standardizing and modularizing components. This is a major step towards making wind power independent from subsidizing."

Can wind turbines replace cars as symbols of modernity?

Images: Henrick Steisdal, ZYLORIC dosage, Order ZYLORIC from mexican pharmacy, Siemens; others, Siemens

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February 22nd, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (3)
2013-02-21 China monitor

In what must be every process engineer's post-Stuxnet nightmare BUY RYTHMOL NO PRESCRIPTION, , a group of Chinese cybersoldiers, known by US security firms as the “Comment Crew” or “Shanghai Group," are trying to penetrate America's critical infrastructure, which has included hacking one company that enables remote monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, according to a New York Times article by David Sanger, the reporter who originally broke the Stuxnet computer virus story. RYTHMOL class, These attacks have been traced back to a building on the outskirts of Shanghai, which is the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army (P.L.A.) Unit 61398, RYTHMOL use. RYTHMOL pictures, Digital evidence painstakingly detailed in a 60-page study by Mandiant, an American computer security firm, RYTHMOL over the counter, What is RYTHMOL, and confirmed by American intelligence officials, leaves little doubt about the attackers' intentions, online buying RYTHMOL hcl. Where to buy RYTHMOL, Along with at least 937 Command and Control servers hosted in 13 countries, the report posits a large and varied support staff:

(the cybersoldiers) would need to be directly supported by linguists, RYTHMOL treatment, Buying RYTHMOL online over the counter, open source researchers, malware authors, RYTHMOL maximum dosage, RYTHMOL from canadian pharmacy, industry experts who translate task requests from requestors to the operators, and people who then transmit stolen information to the requestors.

Mandiant estimates that the group's 130, purchase RYTHMOL online, After RYTHMOL, 663 square foot building can house as many as 2,000 people; the security company also obtained an internal memo from state-owned China Telecom discussing the installation of high-speed fiber-optic lines, RYTHMOL trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i cheapest RYTHMOL online, (David Sanger interviews Kevin Mandia, founder of Mandiant.)

A digitally weaponized world

Although the report can't put the hackers in the building, RYTHMOL schedule, Buy RYTHMOL without prescription, it emphatically states that there is no other reason why so many attacks have come from such a small geographical area. Watch Mandiant forensically dissect an observed attack, referring to the attackers as the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group or APT1:

While past attacks focused on swiping terabytes of sensitive corporate data to gain a competitive edge for Chinese state corporations, RYTHMOL used for, RYTHMOL without prescription, the latest attacks – representing a serious escalation – have tried to gain the ability to manipulate American critical infrastructure: power grids and other utilities. And this all leads back to the digitally weaponized world of Stuxnet, SCADA infiltration, destroyed machinery and networks – in other words, literal warfare, BUY RYTHMOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

To date, RYTHMOL cost, RYTHMOL natural, the most serious attack was the penetration of Telvent, a company owned by Schneider Electric, RYTHMOL coupon, RYTHMOL mg, which designs software that gives oil and gas pipeline companies and power grid operators remote access to valves, switches, online buying RYTHMOL, RYTHMOL steet value, and security systems. The probable goal: Telvent's blueprints of more than half of all the oil and gas pipelines in North and South America, and access to their systems. Revealed by Sanger:

In September, Telvent Canada told customers that attackers had broken into its systems and taken project files. That access was immediately cut, so that the intruders could not take command of the systems.

Digital Bond, a small security firm that specializes in industrial-control computers, also reported that the same group had unsuccessfully attacked it last June.

The never-ending threat

“This is terrifying because — forget about the country — if someone hired me and told me they wanted to have the offensive capability to take out as many critical systems as possible, I would be going after the vendors and do things like what happened to Telvent,“ Digital Bond's founder Dale Peterson told David Sanger. “It’s the holy grail.”

This threat has escalated to the point where President Obama shared his concern in the State of the Union speech, without ever mentioning China or other hacker groups: “Now our enemies are also seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air-traffic control systems. We cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing.”

Obviously, no one has suggested that the Chinese are on the verge of disrupting oil and gas supplies or shutting down the electrical grid, but this type of aggressive reconnaissance – preparing the field of battle – so to speak, means many plants will have to more rigorously patch security flaws to counter this never-ending threat, as a sense of reconstituted Cold-War dread spikes for anyone monitoring the reliability of the nation's infrastructure.

Who will have the hardest time dealing with this problem?

Images: Shanghai, dawvon; pixels, wikicommons; Obama SOTU,

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February 21st, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)

DUPHASTON FOR SALE, If you're just learning about heat transfer and need a little extra help, or if you simply want to brush up on the topic, check out the Learn ChemE video series. In this particular segment, no prescription DUPHASTON online, Buy no prescription DUPHASTON online, you'll get some basics in heat transfer from two hot potatoes.

And check out the rest of the series—it goes from heat transfer basics to more advanced topics in 44 video tutorials, DUPHASTON images. DUPHASTON online cod, Check out the video in the panel to the right.. Order DUPHASTON online c.o.d. Buy DUPHASTON from canada. DUPHASTON pharmacy. Buy DUPHASTON online cod. My DUPHASTON experience. Buy DUPHASTON from mexico. DUPHASTON canada, mexico, india. Where can i buy cheapest DUPHASTON online. DUPHASTON street price. Discount DUPHASTON. Doses DUPHASTON work. Online buy DUPHASTON without a prescription. Buy generic DUPHASTON. Cheap DUPHASTON no rx. Purchase DUPHASTON for sale. Herbal DUPHASTON. Buy DUPHASTON without a prescription. DUPHASTON recreational. DUPHASTON from canada. Rx free DUPHASTON. Ordering DUPHASTON online.

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February 20th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)

PROVERA FOR SALE, Looking back, 2012 turned out to be the year when old assumptions about wind energy began to shift as the planet’s installed wind capacity jumped from 238 GWs to about 282 GWs, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. This happened because wind's falling costs – as the nascent technology undergoes rapid innovation – make it increasingly competitive with legacy commodities like natural gas and coal. Purchase PROVERA for sale, In Australia, where wind turbine maker Vestas has a 50% market share, unsubsidized wind is now cheaper than coal and gas-fired power; and across the Pacific, where GE, along with Vestas and other competitors, PROVERA pharmacy, just finished rushing to install 5.5 GWs of wind power in December, Buying PROVERA online over the counter, the US ended the year with a record 13.2 GWs of new wind energy, according to Forbes.

This feverish activity was capped off when Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), buy PROVERA online no prescription, the Texas power grid administrator, PROVERA blogs, reported that wind energy had become almost as cheap as natural gas in the windy, resource-rich state.

Clean energy game changer

The new wind story began to emerge in Australia, PROVERA no prescription, the world’s biggest coal exporter.  Wind power costs fell 10% in 2012, while costs for new fossil-fuel plants continued to rise, PROVERA FOR SALE. PROVERA without prescription, A new wind farm now costs AU$80 per MW hour, compared to AU$143 for a new coal plant and AU$116 for natural gas. Even without the recently imposed carbon price, my PROVERA experience, wind energy is still cheaper than both new coal and natural gas construction by 14 and 18 percent. PROVERA reviews, “The perception that fossil fuels are cheap and renewables are expensive is now out of date,” said Michael Liebreich, chief executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, fast shipping PROVERA. “...clean energy is a game changer which promises to turn the economics of power systems on its head."

Ominously for coal (suddenly redlined in the same high-premium neighborhood as nuclear), PROVERA overnight, Australia’s four largest banks were unlikely to finance new coal plants without a substantial risk premium due to "reputational damage." Australia's gas-powered plants have a different problem – becoming more expensive to run as the country increases exports of liquified natural gas (LNG) to supply surging Asian demand.

A boom with a different dynamic

PROVERA FOR SALE, Back in the US, with 2012's build-out bonanza now up and running, wind makes up 60GW or 6% of the country's total power generation.

And just like Australia, where the same five or six global corporations throw elbows for wind turbine market share, rx free PROVERA, costs have dropped dramatically in the US too. Online buying PROVERA hcl, Since 2010, as turbine performance kept improving, equipment prices also dropped by more than 21%, PROVERA price, resulting in a two-fer 21% fall in the levelized cost of electricity for US wind projects. Real brand PROVERA online, Even though 2012's massive construction activity was driven by fear that wind's production tax credit would expire, the stats are still impressive, considering that rival natural gas sank below $2/MM BTU in April 2012, no prescription PROVERA online. Bloomberg estimated that the levelized cost of electricity for a wind project in the Texas Panhandle, Where can i cheapest PROVERA online, the windiest part of the country, is now below $30/MWh, after the PTC is factored in, PROVERA forum, and is closely competitive with natural gas's $25-30/MWh.

Finally using real-world data

While many states have mandates requiring new clean energy generation, this boom has developed a different dynamic, according to Amy Grace, lead analyst, North American wind, at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “It’s clear that the economics, aided by the PTC, drove wind growth in 2012, PROVERA FOR SALE. PROVERA dose, (But) 11GW of capacity was built in states without any mandated demand,” said Grace. “This means that in most areas, PROVERA samples, utilities are buying wind power because they want to, PROVERA class, not because they have to.”

Meanwhile, the wind future finally came into focus in Texas, after ERCOT, PROVERA mg, which uses complex models to estimate future needs of the state power grid, PROVERA coupon, finally updated wind and solar data to reflect real world conditions, and renewables suddenly became more competitive than natural gas over the next 20 years in a highly probable scenario.

Without the real-world data, the old ERCOT model found that 20,000 MW of natural gas power would be built over the next 20 years, and pretty much nothing else.  Once the updated model reflected a real-world scenario (which they call “BAU with Updated Wind Shapes”), ERCOT found that about 17,000 MWs of wind units, along with 10,000 MW of solar power, would be built in the future to meet rising demand. And that's a whole new world.

Will wind elbow natural gas aside in the future?

Images: wind farm, Leaflet; GE turbine, GE; Australian wind farm, CC-BY-SA-3.0; Texas wind Farm, Pismo; wind turbine, HarveyMcDaniel

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February 19th, 2013


By John Vasko | Comments (0)
Esmerelda Luna-Ramos Process Engineer at Eastman Chemical

Meet the AIChE 2013 New Faces in Engineering Honoree

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Esmeralda grew up in a technical family and is the first woman in her family to study engineering. Originally considering a career as a pharmacist, purchase ZITHROMAX online no prescription, Buy cheap ZITHROMAX, Esmeralda was excited to learn she could apply principles from science to help come up with solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.

She puts a high value on the versatility of her engineering education saying, fast shipping ZITHROMAX, ZITHROMAX dangers, “A degree in engineering allows us to tackle any kind of problem because of our unique problem solving skill set – whether it is in design, manufacturing, ZITHROMAX no rx, ZITHROMAX photos, research or business.”

Engineer's Week Greetings from the International Space System

It’s even Engineer's Week in outer space. Commander Kevin Ford provides an Engineer’s Week greeting floating in the cabin of the ISS, ZITHROMAX australia, uk, us, usa. Generic ZITHROMAX, Special thanks to NASA and The Engineers' Council, San Fernando Valley, canada, mexico, india, ZITHROMAX price, California ( for making this video possible.

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February 19th, 2013


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DNA BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, The ubiquity of digital and server-stored file formats has brought about increased interest in ensuring that creative works conceived today will be preserved, digitally, forever. Chemical engineers play an important role in preserving this information, LEUKERAN description, and new research suggests that bioengineers may also be able to contribute.

Modern today, forgotten tomorrow

Some of today’s best television shows are filmed and edited digitally and then released solely online, is LEUKERAN addictive, through content providers like Hulu, Buy cheap LEUKERAN no rx, Netflix, or YouTube. Although this can provide a convenient viewing experience, LEUKERAN price, coupon, some important factors must be considered pertaining to the long-term viability of such art. Generic LEUKERAN, Those companies will certainly not be around forever. I would like to think that future generations will be able to have access to today’s video, art, and music  to help them decipher what life in 2012 was like, the way that contemporary historians can extract information from cave drawings that depict life 50,000 years ago, or become mesmerized by celluloid film images from 100 years ago, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Modern data storage excels at many things: ease of transport, random access, LEUKERAN used for, and incredible economies of scale among them. LEUKERAN maximum dosage, At the same time, it is susceptible to temporary loss in the event of power outages and natural disasters, and permanent loss due to changing Internet legislation or cyber terrorism — not to mention the ever-evolving software and technology used to encode and access the data, where can i order LEUKERAN without prescription. Digital media created and “saved” using the standard software of only a decade ago may no longer be easily readable using today’s devices and standard platforms. LEUKERAN duration,

Storage through nature itself

If we were to design a storage format with the goal of having the data last forever, it might help to borrow from a model that has proven itself to be nature’s long-lasting data-storage format — DNA. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, DNA and RNA are remarkably simple considering their universality (they are found in all living things) and how accurately they transmit encoded data. They can store data for an incredibly long time (under the right conditions, cheap LEUKERAN, an upper limit is estimated to be one million years) and their position at the very center of biology means that the format is unlikely to ever go out of use. Herbal LEUKERAN, Hard driveThe viability of using a man-made analog to DNA for long-term data storage was detailed in a paper published in the August 17, 2012, LEUKERAN images, issue of Science. LEUKERAN results, Researchers at Harvard Medical School encoded a book with more than 50,000 words into a DNA microchip — a sort of virtual DNA. The researchers converted each character of text into binary code, buy LEUKERAN from canada, the same way a computer would, Buy LEUKERAN from mexico, and then encoded each 1 as a molecule of adenine or cytosine and each 0 as a molecule of thymine or guanine. The end product is a long chain of DNA with each molecule indicating a 1or 0 in the binary code that represents the original text, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. The researchers then used next-generation DNA sequencing to read the book.

Although the researchers could have used a base-4 system instead of base-2, where can i buy LEUKERAN online, with each type of nucleotide base indicating a different component of the encoded message, LEUKERAN schedule, the base-2 system avoids problems with reading and writing certain sequences of DNA (e.g., long repeats of guanine andcytosine) that are fragile in nature. Even with this slightly less-efficient encoding, LEUKERAN online cod, the researchers wereable to store 5.5 petabits (that’s 700, Buy no prescription LEUKERAN online, 000 gigabytes) per cubic millimeter of DNA.

Unparalleled efficiency for future storage

At this efficiency, the researchers say, LEUKERAN treatment, about four grams of DNA could store the digital data humankind creates in a single year. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, The storage density exceeds any other known method by many orders of magnitude, but there are considerable limitations that will prevent DNA storage from appearing in your next computer. Kjøpe LEUKERAN på nett, köpa LEUKERAN online, For example, the data cannot be read out of order; there will be limited starting points, just as biological DNA has start and stop codons, get LEUKERAN. It is also semi-permanent — an entirely new strand of DNA needs to be created to modify any base pair within it. LEUKERAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Still, DNA storage may eventually prove useful as a long-term archive of history. Copies can b ecreated cheaply and stored separately, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and the data should be readable by any future civilization with our level of technical knowledge. With DNA storage, we will not just be storing human-created works — we will be able to store huge quantities of data that are currently meaningless to us and are lost as quickly as they are created, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. LEUKERAN use, For example, imagine an enormous data store of every measurement made by meteorological instruments from all over the world. A thousand years of such data combined with measurements of other environmental factors such as industrial pollutant concentrations could provide future researchers with the information they need to study and test climatology theories on a much larger scale than we can currently envision.

Chemical engineers, and now bioengineers, will be instrumental in designing the instruments that use this technology and others like it that revolutionize the way we think about data. Our profession will only become more important in the future.

How soon do you think DNA will become widely used as storage?

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