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August 30th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2013-08-29_19-43-31 elon musk tesla 2

Everyone's intensely curious about Elon Musk BUY ANAFRANIL NO PRESCRIPTION, : eager to sense the mind behind the inventor who has eclipsed his own Hollywood superhero and action figure; to understand the entrepreneur who founded Tesla, Solar City, and SpaceX, companies that have begun to disrupt whole industries; and to glimpse the vision whose success has caused lazy journalists to stop writing that "he's firing on all cylinders" – because that's just too last century.

In an epoch struggling with global energy problems, he's stepped confidently upon the world stage and begun to help reshape the future. In this May 19th Tedtalk, buy cheap ANAFRANIL no rx, Order ANAFRANIL no prescription, Musk thoughtfully answered wide ranging questions from Chris Anderson, the former Editor of Wired magazine and current cofounder of 3DRobotics, ANAFRANIL for sale, Online buying ANAFRANIL, a drone manufacturing company.

The conversation takes off with Tesla and the hyper-modern factory that produces the Model S sedan, buy ANAFRANIL without prescription, Buy ANAFRANIL online no prescription, which just earned a perfect score in crash safety tests, then shifts to Solar City's disruption of the 100 year old, buying ANAFRANIL online over the counter, Where can i buy ANAFRANIL online, centralized utility industry, and picks up speed with SpaceX, rx free ANAFRANIL, ANAFRANIL price, coupon, the world's first private company to fly cargo to the International Space Station.

Taking these rapidly cascading developments in stride is guy whose Tesla stock just blasted off past $150 – gaining 371% this year alone – so that his young electric vehicle company now commands half of the value of General Motors, ordering ANAFRANIL online. ANAFRANIL over the counter, No word yet whether Bill Gates is suffering from tech icon envy.

In the future, ANAFRANIL maximum dosage, Online buy ANAFRANIL without a prescription, how will people remember Elon Musk.

Images: Ironman, ANAFRANIL blogs, Fast shipping ANAFRANIL, Wikipedia; Tesla, Tesla Motors Inc.
, ANAFRANIL trusted pharmacy reviews. No prescription ANAFRANIL online. ANAFRANIL overnight. ANAFRANIL dosage. ANAFRANIL cost. Herbal ANAFRANIL. ANAFRANIL without prescription. ANAFRANIL brand name. Where can i cheapest ANAFRANIL online.

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August 29th, 2013


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (0)
Q&A Square-ltblue

NEURONTIN FOR SALE, The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) asked potential members of AIChE’s board a few questions about Young Professionals and AIChE. This is the third question in the series.

Voting for next year's AIChE Board of Directors is in progress at Have your say! Feel free to visit the election page to learn more about the election process and each candidate, kjøpe NEURONTIN på nett, köpa NEURONTIN online.  Answers are shown in alphabetical order by position and then candidate last name..

What one piece of advice would you
share with Young Professionals?

President Elect

Cheryl Teich
As tempting as it is to sit back and enjoy the benefits of that hard-earned degree, graduation should mark the beginning of life-long learning, Purchase NEURONTIN online no prescription, not the end. The truth is that you need to run hard even to keep pace with the competition, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. This is true for companies and it is also true for individuals. People need to keep their skills sharp and their understanding of the world broad.

One way of learning is to network professionally with as broad a demographic as possible, buy NEURONTIN without a prescription. The “rightsizing” that has occurred in many companies translates to fewer experienced workplace role models for a young professional. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, It is important that she or he reach out to seasoned people who can provide mentoring on either a formal or informal basis. A mentor within one’s own organization can work well because of convenience as well as shared culture. Buy no prescription NEURONTIN online, A mentor in another organization offers additional learning and networking opportunities. Active participation in the AIChE is a well-established, proven path to networking across the entire chemical engineering profession.

I have stated that I am a “late bloomer” with respect to active AIChE participation, NEURONTIN images, and that my one regret is that I didn’t start earlier in my career. Given how highly I value my AIChE participation and how it has enhanced my professional standing, I advise all students and young professionals to actively join us as early as possible, NEURONTIN FOR SALE.

Philip Winkler
The one piece of advice that I would share with Young Professionals is to become an active AIChE member. When you become an active AIChE member you will increase your professional network, develop lasting relationships with your chemical engineering colleagues, and you will improve your communication and leadership skills, is NEURONTIN addictive.


Bond Calloway
Save for retirement now. I suspect many have said this to you, Buy NEURONTIN no prescription, but I would like to reiterate the point. Because I have been working for the same company for almost 30 years, I have three legs to my retirement income—401K, pension, generic NEURONTIN, and social security. Most young professionals may have only two (401K and social security). NEURONTIN class, If you do the math, a million dollars in savings, paying a 4 percent rate in retirement doesn’t give you much income when you retire. My father’s advice to me was to save 25 percent of my income, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. Well, purchase NEURONTIN online, I can’t say that I was ever able to save that much, however the point he was making was save as much as possible and don’t count on anything or anyone but yourself. NEURONTIN online cod, His advice is as true today as it was then.

While the YP question only asks for one piece of advice, I am going to offer one additional important piece of advice related to work. Even if you don’t like your boss, NEURONTIN street price, boss’s boss, or a customer/co-worker, Buy NEURONTIN from mexico, there is always something about each individual that you can find likeable. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, Find that one thing and focus on it. A social relationship setting can often bring out the best in people, so take time to get to know your colleagues without first making judgements.


DB Bhattacharyya
My one piece of advise will be to get highly involved with AIChE and other professional societies, NEURONTIN australia, uk, us, usa, and stay active throughout the career.

Marc-Olivier Coppens
Be alert, Buy NEURONTIN from canada, flexible, open minded, stay up-to-date and think globally. AIChE is a great place to appreciate and debate the issues, low dose NEURONTIN, and to help act upon them.

Dan Lambert
You want to save the world. NEURONTIN natural, You want to make the world a better place. Just do it. In my job I am helping to safely empty and close high level radioactive waste tanks. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, The largest high level waste processing facility in the world is processing the waste in ways my colleagues and I recommend. I am trying to develop a new processing flowsheet which is safer and more productive, NEURONTIN pharmacy. I’m doing things I never imagined more than 30 years ago when I got my diploma. I hope you look back in 30 years and can be proud of the legacy that you have left behind. Comprar en línea NEURONTIN, comprar NEURONTIN baratos, I hope you truly help to make the world a better place.

Christi Patton Luks
If you don’t like something, stop complaining and see what you can do to improve it. Get involved in order to make a difference, buy cheap NEURONTIN. This can happen at your workplace, in your community, NEURONTIN recreational, or in the broader world. If you don’t like the way your local section works, run for an office. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, If you want to see more young girls and minorities consider engineering careers, get involved in K-12 outreach programs. Any time that you find yourself grumbling about the way things are, purchase NEURONTIN, try to come up with a possible solution. Thinking like an engineer can provide fresh insight for many community and global problems. Effects of NEURONTIN, Take advantage of your technical knowledge and your leadership skills to make the world (or at least your corner of it) a better place.

Joseph Smith
Get involved, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. It may be easier to sit by and watch others do what is required to keep the local section going. But, NEURONTIN from canadian pharmacy, as I was taught early in my life, you get out more if you give more. By being involved you are able to help shape the program and you become committed to making it succeed. Another important lesson I learned early is that the teacher usually learns more than the student, so if you are involved you generally get back more than you give.

Diane Spencer
Record your achievements. As your career evolves you will likely want to change jobs, change companies, or possibly pursue something very different than where you started. At each step along the way we learn new skills and, over time, develop a nice portfolio of accomplishments. Having a record of achievements will help when you market yourself 10, 15, 20 years and more into your career. The record I use is simply bullet points on resumes that I have created over my career, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. If you prepare monthly reports or prepare a summary for your performance review, collect these. These records will help refresh your memory on details, and you can mine these records for ideas when tailoring your resume to pursue whatever new opportunities come your way.

Levi Thompson
I would suggest you take full advantage of continuing education and career development opportunities. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, During your career, which could last several decades, the focus of your work will likely change. Whether driven by your own interest or shifting needs at your company to be best prepare for these changes, you will have to keep your skills sharp and add new “tools” to your “toolbox.”   One of the things that I really appreciate about the AIChE is its growing offering of educational and career development resources. A few examples include the eLearning courses, webinars and Mentor Center.  Having said that, I would also suggest that you consider resources offered by your current employer and other organizations to which you might belong.

Stay tuned for the responses to upcoming questions.

See more about candidates' backgrounds here.

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August 28th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2013-08-27_14-00-12 sierra 1

BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Being known as the world's energy hog makes the U.S. military squeamish; it's common knowledge that the Army, Buy VANTIN without prescription, Navy and Air Force spend $15 billion a year using 360,000 barrels of oil a day. This voracious burn rate, is VANTIN safe, shaped by earlier decades of cheap oil, Australia, uk, us, usa,  makes the Pentagon the single largest oil consumer in the world.

After finally admitting to its "Betty Ford-sized " dependence on energy – and oil in particular – cold turkey has been the DoD's order of the day since the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review addressed energy as a strategic issue.

Fortunately, VANTIN for sale, serial entrepreneur Mike Hart thinks he can help the military end its energy addiction. In a former Air Force hangar outside Sacramento, Sierra Energy, the company he founded in 2004, has been testing a waste-to-energy system called the FastOx Pathfinder, a gasifier shaped like a svelte Mercury space capsule, which, pound for pound, happens to contain one of the most powerful blast furnaces on earth, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Hart's first customer: the U.S. Army

Unlike other biofuel gasifiers that burn only presorted waste, VANTIN price, this furnace can heat all kinds of trash to 3, VANTIN images, 000-4,000°F, including anything from worn tires and old iPods to grass clippings and even raw sewage, buy cheap VANTIN. Without combustion, VANTIN from canada, this creates syngas, which can then be burned to generate electricity or made into ethanol or diesel fuel. Here's a short company demo:

Several years ago, purchase VANTIN online no prescription, Sierra Energy joined a Pentagon incubator program used to push innovative concepts all the way to production. BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Results at this DOE test facility have been promising. VANTIN pics, Inside the FastOx, one ton of waste creates enough gas to produce 42 gallons of renewably sourced fuel and 580 kilowatt-hours of electricity – enough to power a home for a month and a half – with just one-third the emissions of coal. And one FastOx gasifier is ready for delivery to Hart's first "motivated" customer, VANTIN pictures, the U.S. VANTIN forum, Army.

Providing base energy security

Now that the Pentagon knows that the gasifier works as well as Hart promised, in early 2014 it will be making electricity and fuel for vehicles and generators at Fort Hunter Liggett, doses VANTIN work, a training base in Monterey County, Generic VANTIN, Calif.

After learning an expensive and deadly lesson in the Middle East, military Brass plan to use the gasifier in isolated outposts, eliminating the need to truck fuel over long distances and dangerous terrain, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. It would also reduce trash-burning, which has created pollution and odors that turned locals against the American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, buy VANTIN online cod.

“The mission drives this, VANTIN steet value, ” said Ms. Burke, the assistant defense secretary told the New York Times, Order VANTIN no prescription, “and the mission is inherently energy-intensive.”

FastOx will also have value for the military stateside. “I have a $24 million-a-year electric bill at Camp Pendleton," said base commander, VANTIN class, Vincent A. BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Coglianese. Order VANTIN from mexican pharmacy, “If I can reduce that cost, that’s more money I can put into training Marines and sailors.”

Ms. Burke added, buy VANTIN no prescription, “Something for military operations has to be really rugged, Online buy VANTIN without a prescription, deployable, simple to use – all of those things.”

Hart sizes up California's landfills

Military consultants who’ve looked at the FastOx say it meets those criteria. John Conger, get VANTIN, who oversees bases in the U.S., Buying VANTIN online over the counter, says that while providing long-term savings, Sierra Energy’s gasifier also provides energy security for the base during grid failures.

But once the FastOx has proven itself at the Army base in California, Hart has big expansion plans for Sierra Energy. “California produces 30 million tons of garbage a year,” he said, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. “It could meet its oil needs and still export more fuel than some OPEC members.” Sierra plans to license or sell its gasifier technology. The first model will be small and cost about $3 million. But Mr. Hart said he expects to sell larger systems to municipalities and biofuel makers that will go for much more.

Will the U.S. military help popularize closed-loop thinking?

Images: Sierra Energy

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August 27th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (3)
2013-08-25_17-35-11 iphoto flodesign creengrab

BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, California Governor Jerry Brown has an ambitious plan to bring 20,000 megawatts of renewable power to his state, including 12,000 megawatts of distributed generation, and he wants it in place by 2020.

That's a blink of an eye in "infrastructure years, NIMETAZEPAM street price, " and utilities, normally slow and deliberative as they endure feasibility studies, permit hearings, NIMETAZEPAM no rx, and EPA reviews, Purchase NIMETAZEPAM, have burst into action,  with contractors beginning to toss up rooftop and ground-mounted solar – along with community wind – all over the state. This buildout looks like a big opportunity for FloDesign, NIMETAZEPAM reviews, a small Massachusetts startup with a radical wind turbine designed to fill the community wind niche. Online buying NIMETAZEPAM hcl, But there's one hurdle: the company has only one functioning prototype.

Upending tradition

Until recently, there hasn't been much demand for innovative wind turbines, NIMETAZEPAM interactions, because the major manufacturers, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, all global behemoths like Vesta and GE, build a similar looking "three-blade, upwind turbine" for the utility wind market, NIMETAZEPAM canada, mexico, india. With 45,000 turbines sending power to the grid in the United States, it's hard to argue with success, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. If fact, Low dose NIMETAZEPAM, capacity in the US doubled during a building binge last year, reaching 60,000 megawatts, NIMETAZEPAM from mexico, enough to power 15 million U.S. Order NIMETAZEPAM online c.o.d, homes.

In the race to coax more output from this tried-and-true design, builders continue to raise towers and extend blades, is NIMETAZEPAM addictive. And no one is ready to declare this race over. But FloDesign's founders, Comprar en línea NIMETAZEPAM, comprar NIMETAZEPAM baratos, who have aerospace backgrounds, are trying to change the rules by applying jet propulsion principles to their turbine. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, According to the company, their design avoids a flaw that hampers conventional wind turbines, which, as wind approaches, causes almost half of the airflow to pass around the turbine blades – not through them – and valuable energy is lost. Even under the best circumstances, where can i find NIMETAZEPAM online, traditional wind turbines can only capture 59.3 percent of the wind's energy. Order NIMETAZEPAM from United States pharmacy, What's FloDesign's secret. They've added a cowling around the blades, which the company calls a shroud. This outer shroud guides fast -moving air into the area just behind the blades, NIMETAZEPAM treatment, creating an air mixture that pulls the slower moving central air quickly through the turbine, NIMETAZEPAM mg, increasing output.

The company says that the new design generates as much power as conventional wind turbines with blades twice the size. The smaller blade also allows FloDesign turbines to be sited closer together, increasing the power that can be generated per acre of land, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. A video explains the process:

FloDesign took off just five years ago in 2008, discount NIMETAZEPAM, after founders Walter Presz and Michael Werle built a small model and tested it in a wind tunnel at MIT. Buy NIMETAZEPAM from canada, "The surprise was that it validated our expectations," Werle told Fast Company.

Soon the company won two highly visible clean-energy competitions; and afterwards, buy NIMETAZEPAM from mexico, venture capitalists, NIMETAZEPAM dangers, smelling a lucrative, disruptive technology, started wooing the company, about NIMETAZEPAM.

[caption id="attachment_68793" align="alignleft" width="254" caption="Mass Governor Deval Patrick looks over a model of the FloDesign shroud"][/caption]

The first backers were California-based Kleiner, NIMETAZEPAM without prescription, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, a firm that made over two billion dollars from an early investment in Google, order NIMETAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Others, including Goldman Sachs, supported a second round of financing; eventually ARPA-E supplied a $8.3 million grant.

The final vote of confidence came from the State of Massachusetts, NIMETAZEPAM dosage, which gave FloDesign $3 million in grants and loans to keep the company in the state after several others tried to lure it away.

FloDesign's market niche

As of today, the company's only functioning prototype is located about an hour southeast of Los Angeles. But FloDesign thinks next year it could be joined in California by nearly a thousand more. The state is replacing thousands of aging wind turbines as part of the repowering market.

Over the past 30 years, three of California's windiest areas – Tehachapi, Altamont, and Palm Springs – were the sites of some of the first wind farms in the US, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. These dense clusters of smallish turbines have long been an essential part of California's energy grid, but they are now at the end of their productive lives. Because these old turbines are small, FloDesign's turbine is very compatible. So at the end of this year, the company will install 10 turbines in California's Tehachapi region, and about 850 total next year.

The company has figured that if it succeeds as a California repowering company, it could survive as it scales up and creates its niche in the distributed-energy market, battling off some of the Big Players, who are starting to sniff a big, new market.

Is this diversity part of a maturing wind market?

Images: Jerry Brown, Steve Rhodes;  Flodesign turbine, screen grab;  Calif. wind turbines, Visitor7; FloDesign wind turbine, Mass Water Resources Board

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August 26th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)

SEROQUEL FOR SALE, The first Asia-Pacific Conference on Process Safety (APCPS), part of CCPS’ Global Congress on Process Safety family, will be presented by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), the China University of Petroleum, and the China Chemical Safety Association. This conference aims to bring together professionals, SEROQUEL results, Canada, mexico, india, government, and academics in China and Internationally to share advancements in process safety, SEROQUEL no prescription. Order SEROQUEL from United States pharmacy, View the Technical Program or view Registration Information.

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, SEROQUEL pics. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. SEROQUEL wiki. SEROQUEL treatment. Cheap SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL description. SEROQUEL schedule. SEROQUEL reviews. Order SEROQUEL from mexican pharmacy. SEROQUEL dangers. Buy generic SEROQUEL. Purchase SEROQUEL for sale. Taking SEROQUEL. Where to buy SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL alternatives. Order SEROQUEL online overnight delivery no prescription. SEROQUEL photos. SEROQUEL without a prescription. Discount SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL used for. Online SEROQUEL without a prescription.

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August 26th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)

BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, This workshop, co-sponsored by AIChE and the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA), will focus on emerging water reuse technologies, success stories regarding implementation of water reuse strategies and technologies, and review of regulatory impediments and incentives for water reuse.

Registration Information Here, online buying PROPECIA hcl. PROPECIA forum,

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. Australia, uk, us, usa. PROPECIA no rx. PROPECIA interactions. Is PROPECIA safe. My PROPECIA experience. PROPECIA samples. Doses PROPECIA work. Order PROPECIA online c.o.d. PROPECIA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. PROPECIA coupon. PROPECIA from canada. Where can i order PROPECIA without prescription. What is PROPECIA. PROPECIA canada, mexico, india. PROPECIA from mexico. Where can i find PROPECIA online. PROPECIA long term. Cheap PROPECIA no rx. PROPECIA dose. About PROPECIA. PROPECIA mg. Where can i buy cheapest PROPECIA online. PROPECIA without prescription.


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August 23rd, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2013-08-21_19-32-32 decathalon 2

BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The deadline for this year's Solar Decathlon is rapidly approaching, when college will showcase energy-efficient solar home entries from 20 finalists in Orange County, California, this October.

During a short break from construction, HYTRIN results, My HYTRIN experience,  Derek Ouyang, an architecture major and the project manager of Stanford's first-ever Solar Decathlon team, online buying HYTRIN hcl, Where to buy HYTRIN, spoke about how his team discovered that, "It's not about engineering the perfect home - it's about designing a house that people love and helping them learn to lead more sustainable lifestyles." A lesson some technologists never learn, HYTRIN dose. Buy no prescription HYTRIN online, The Stanford team is one of twenty finalists from the original 65 teams and 10,000 students competing on three competitions around the world: Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, buy cheap HYTRIN, HYTRIN wiki, Solar Decathlon China 2013, and the U.S, HYTRIN no prescription. Real brand HYTRIN online, Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013.

The event will take place Oct, online HYTRIN without a prescription. 3–13, 2013, at Orange County Great Park in Irvine, California, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. HYTRIN brand name, The competition houses will be open to visitors on eight days over two weekends. Public hours will be from 11 a.m, buy HYTRIN from mexico. Buy HYTRIN without a prescription, to 7 p.m. daily. Thursday, HYTRIN price, HYTRIN alternatives, Oct. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, 3–Sunday, Oct. 6, HYTRIN mg, Cheap HYTRIN, 2013, and Thursday, HYTRIN images, Buy HYTRIN without prescription, Oct. 10–Sunday, HYTRIN street price, About HYTRIN, Oct. 13, HYTRIN without a prescription, HYTRIN photos, 2013.

Solar Decathlon Twitter feed

Do these competitions accelerate innovation?

Images: Stanford

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, buying HYTRIN online over the counter.


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August 22nd, 2013


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (0)
Q&A Square-green

BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) asked potential members of AIChE’s board a few questions about Young Professionals and AIChE. This is the second question in the series.

Voting for next year's AIChE Board of Directors is in progress at Have your say! Feel free to visit the election page to learn more about the election process and each candidate.  Answers are shown in alphabetical order by position and then candidate last name..

What do you see as the number-one issue facing young professionals in chemical engineering today?

President Elect

Cheryl Teich
To me, comprar en línea GLUCOTROL, comprar GLUCOTROL baratos, the key issue and challenge is to develop critical thinking skills. In this context, “critical” means the ability to sort through a lot of (possibly conflicting) information and develop a rational, realistic model of the problem at hand, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. We are bombarded with information. We need to be able to translate this into knowledge and understanding. GLUCOTROL cost, We also need to make sure we are dealing with the right problem at the right time.

Engineering education and training is geared to solving well-defined, closed-solution problems that designed to teach a specific capability. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, In real-life, the primary issue is identifying the real problem, and working with a wide range of interdisciplinary stakeholders deploying the right tools to solve it.

The need for critical thinking skills is more important than ever because deadlines are tighter and demands are greater. Developing these skills represent a major challenge for new professionals because they have less time to establish themselves, discount GLUCOTROL, fewer experienced people to mentor and coach them, and an environment that may not support open and civil debate.

Participation in the AIChE can promote development of critical thinking skills in a low-risk environment. GLUCOTROL recreational, Philip Winkler
I see the number-one issue facing young professionals in chemical  engineering today is the rapid pace of global change, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. Our profession is rapidly changing with the global economy and new technologies requiring young professionals to commit to lifelong learning and continual reinvention of their careers. It will be rare for the young professional to spend 30 years at the same organization like many of us “baby boomers” did. Change is the new normal and young professionals will need to rapidly adapt and embrace change as part of their career management plan. AIChE is a great resource for lifelong learning and serves as a great catalyst for networking and developing relationships with a broad spectrum of chemical engineers, buy GLUCOTROL from canada.


In my opinion, one of the most difficult things is to find a rewarding job that inspires you to want to come to work and allows you to make a lasting impact on your family, GLUCOTROL blogs, community, and company. An example of this was my first job which was with DuPont. The project I was assigned to was the first of its kind in the U.S.—a plant designed to clean up 30 million gallons of highly radioactive waste. My actual day-to-day tasks were not very inspiring (actually, buy GLUCOTROL no prescription, mind numbing would be a better choice of words). However, both my father and father-in-law gave me some fairly typical advice saying, “keep working…it will get better.” While my first job definitely had a lasting impact on my family, community, and profession (we eventually started up the facility and the plant is successfully treating radioactive waste by immobilizing it into glass), I subsequently investigated getting an MBA or a Master’s degree in computer engineering, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. However rather than get my MBA, I chose to remain at the nuclear waste plant and pressed my superiors for more inspiring work. GLUCOTROL used for, Part of the reason I chose not to pursue an MBA or a computer engineering degree was because I was inspired by what I was doing and the impact I was having within the chemical engineering field. I knew our country and the nuclear industry required a solution to this challenge of disposing of highly radioactive waste. I was making a lasting impact on society and making the world a cleaner place for my children.


DB Bhattacharyya
BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, The job areas have changed dramatically over the years. Mentoring of young professionals in the early stage of career and providing advanced opportunities are important issues. All divisions of AIChE should actively involve YPs through committee assignments and elections to important positions, GLUCOTROL from canadian pharmacy.

Marc-Olivier Coppens
The identity of "chemical engineering," as the profession increasingly needs to address highly complex, multi-dimensional, Buy generic GLUCOTROL, multi-disciplinary problems that require a great breadth of skills without loosing track of fundamental, technical depth. Chemical engineers need to be technically strong, but also require knowledge of policy issues, the socio-economical context, GLUCOTROL reviews, carry environmental responsibility, and need to have excellent communication skills. Not an easy mix, but chemical engineers are excellent problem solvers, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Dan Lambert
I think your biggest issue is replacing the ChEs that are ready to retire. You are bright, well trained and ambitious. But you don’t have the depth of knowledge that your peers, who may have worked in the same plant or with the same process for decades, GLUCOTROL trusted pharmacy reviews, have developed throughout their career. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, Learn all you can from them before they retire and move away. They have helped solve problems you don’t even know existed. But once they leave, GLUCOTROL schedule, you will be responsible for solving these problems without these fountains of knowledge. So make friends with the crusty engineers who have the experience you need. Ask them to explain things to you, they love to talk about chemistry and processing and are good at answering questions. Offer to show them how to use some of the new tools you’ve learned in school that they might not be used to using, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. And try not to look at your smart phone while you’re talking to them, GLUCOTROL dosage.

Christi Patton Luks
Lifelong learning has always been important for professional engineers, but technological changes have made this a more critical skill in recent years. Order GLUCOTROL online overnight delivery no prescription, With emerging fields, young engineers can quickly become the expert in a field. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, It isn’t adequate to just become the most knowledgeable if you cannot communicate well. Developing interpersonal and management skills must happen more quickly when you become the expert at a young age. Some engineers are fortunate enough to work for large corporations that can provide opportunities for working on the soft skills, but for others it is very helpful to have resources such as AIChE provides at meetings and in e-learning opportunities, buy GLUCOTROL online cod.

Joseph Smith
Time is the number-one issue for young professionals. There are so many things that compete for your time, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. As a professional you have to chose only those things that bring satisfaction to you while advancing your chosen career as a chemical engineer. Kjøpe GLUCOTROL på nett, köpa GLUCOTROL online, As I stated earlier, the AIChE is your professional organization and is here to help you network and expand your career experience.

Diane Spencer
Where did the time go. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, Finding a job where a person can launch their career is a priority problem for those that graduate without a job. We’ve been suffering from an incredibly weak job market for the past several years, rx free GLUCOTROL. Many employers want engineers with experience – what’s a new graduate to do. Fortunately, this angst disappears once they become employed. Where can i buy cheapest GLUCOTROL online, A recurring complaint I hear from students and professionals is lack of confidence. It’s not uncommon to graduate uncertain on if and how to use their new found talents, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. Occasionally this problem persists with their first job, especially when co-workers are older and are not approachable. A person’s confidence also takes a hit if they lose their job. Finding a new job with a chance to grow professionally and contribute builds a person’s confidence (back), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

The number-one issue facing young professionals is how to navigate a work-life balance. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, There is a lot to learn whenever you start a new job or new project, especially early in one’s career. We get excited by what we’re working on and want to take on a larger role, make a bigger difference. GLUCOTROL coupon, These and other drivers compel us to spend more time at work. But we need to carve out time for a life. I recently talked to a YP that postponed having kids because of work demands until she realized that this was not going to change automatically. Our spouse and family need us and we need them, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. Couple that with volunteering and hobbies, YPs are easily over-scheduled, GLUCOTROL price, coupon.

Levi Thompson
The number-one issue that I hear from young professionals that I talk with is deciding on a career path that they feel will be satisfying and impactful. GLUCOTROL pharmacy, In that context, young professionals are faced with a number of questions including: should I continue working or pursue an additional degree as part of a strategy to advance my career, if I pursue an additional degree should it be in a technology or business area, and should I consider opportunities abroad, and if so when, online buying GLUCOTROL. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, These are difficult questions for which there are no easy answers. I always encourage them to take advantage of available career development and continuing education opportunities and seek out the advice of others. As AIChE members, you have access to a substantial variety of career development and educational resources. In addition, attendance at local, regional and national meetings will provide you with opportunities to network with other professionals, including AIChE Fellows and officers.

Stay tuned for the responses to upcoming questions.

See more about candidates' backgrounds here.

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August 21st, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (1)
2013-08-20_11-30-55 air conditoner 1

MERIDIA FOR SALE, It's summer. It's hot outside. MERIDIA forum, And timely new stats from the DOE reveal how one household appliance has blown electricity use through the roof – it's the air conditioner humming quietly in the background, supplying cold air and relief during sweltering afternoons. While that's (duh) common sense, MERIDIA pictures, the agency's big news is that the South, MERIDIA duration, abandoning ceiling fans and probably cutting back on iced tea, now relies on the comfort of central air conditioning in a very big way. So much so, MERIDIA from mexico, that it's become more beloved than NASCAR and zealously "liked" on countless regional Facebook pages.

Rising incomes and central air conditioning

According to the US Energy Information Agency, over the past 20 years air conditioning has increased in all regions of the United States, but it's grown much faster in the South, where, since 1993, electricity "just to cool" sun-baked homes has increased 43% and accounts for (here's the stunning part)  21% of all power used, MERIDIA FOR SALE. Order MERIDIA from United States pharmacy, That's compared to national statistics, where it's increased 39% but accounts for only 14% of all power consumed.

Several factors are responsible, buy cheap MERIDIA no rx, including population growth (the starter chicken that laid this jumbo-sized egg), Purchase MERIDIA for sale, larger houses, home electronics, and increased reliance on central "air."

Obviously, get MERIDIA, population and housing are the prime factors. MERIDIA from canada, Over the last two decades, as workers relocated from North to South, chasing new industries and jobs, cheap MERIDIA no rx, the South added the most new housing, Generic MERIDIA, 8.6 million units. But house size can't be overlooked. While floor plans and square footage have gone steroidal across the US MERIDIA FOR SALE, for 20 years, Southern homes have bulked up even faster. The average US home may be 5% larger than in 1993, where can i cheapest MERIDIA online, but its beefier Southern neighbor is 9% larger. MERIDIA description, (There's a science prize, or at least a TedTalk, waiting for the first study that correlates Big hair to Big homes, is MERIDIA safe, with blown air as the common thread.)

Since family size has dropped across the US, MERIDIA maximum dosage, increasing incomes and architectural fashion have caused new Southern homes to be 11% larger than in the 90's, and 42% larger than in the 80's. This insures that, order MERIDIA no prescription, like up North, Online buy MERIDIA without a prescription, McMansions have sprouted up over former shotgun shacks and post World War Two starter homes in suburbs below the Mason Dixon line.

The energy hog

Now this is where the EIA's data drill-down pays off: the increase in "cooled area" has grown at the same rate as size, 14% and 50%, taking MERIDIA, since almost all new homes in the South have central air conditioning.

And that sets up the bad news: central air conditioners usually consume more energy because they cool more area in the home (pets are most thankful for this), MERIDIA FOR SALE. Purchase MERIDIA online, In 2009, homes in the South with central air conditioning used an average of 3,382 kilowatthours per year (kWh/year), where can i find MERIDIA online, and nearby homes with room units only used an average of 1, Herbal MERIDIA, 882 kWh/year for air conditioning. That's a convenience-spread so big you could drive a Zamboni through it.

Because differences in income determine air conditioning use, purchase MERIDIA online no prescription, in the South, Canada, mexico, india, 8% of households with the lowest incomes do not use air conditioning and 25% use only room air conditioning.

By contrast, only 1% of southern McMansion owners eschew air conditioning, effects of MERIDIA, and only 3% settle for room air conditioning. MERIDIA dangers, So although most households in the South use central air conditioning, the households not using it are largely those with the lowest incomes, living in much smaller homes. So remember, when boosters say that everything is bigger in Texas, that may be true, but unfortunately, it also includes bigger air conditioning bills too.

Can we solve this a problem with increased energy efficiency?

Images: air conditioners, Ildar Sagdejev; air conditoner on window ledge, Infrogmation; graphics, EIA

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August 20th, 2013


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Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 9.48.20 AM

BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, From men assuming she had a temper and could “blow at any minute” to being called “little lady,” Isabel Escobar discusses the challenges of being a Latina woman in a male-dominated field. PROVERA overnight, Isabel Escobar is a professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio, PROVERA no rx, PROVERA natural, and the interim assistant dean for research development and outreach for the College of Engineering. Escobar holds Ph.D., PROVERA over the counter, Order PROVERA online c.o.d, M.S., and B.S, fast shipping PROVERA. Australia, uk, us, usa, degrees in environmental engineering, all from the University of Central Florida, PROVERA pics. What is PROVERA, In 2009 Escobar was awarded the Northwest Ohio YWCA Milestone Award for Education and the University of Toledo College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher Award. In 2011 she received the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Separations Division FRI/John G, BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION. Kunesh Award, PROVERA class. Where can i order PROVERA without prescription, Learn more about Escobar's work experiences and what she says is the best advice she ever got for shaping an academic career in her audio interview below.

Click the play button to listen to her interview.

You can hear more interviews in this series from the Chemical Heritage Foundation here.

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