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September 30th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)
smoke stacks

smoke stacks LORAZEPAM FOR SALE, Starting tomorrow, Nebraska will be home to a pilot project that will test new carbon-dioxide capture technology at a coal-fired power plant.

At the heart of the system is a proprietary solvent from ION Engineering, LORAZEPAM used for. LORAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy, The solvent was devised to make carbon-dioxide capture efficient on the scale required for fossil fuel-burning power plants. According to the company's website, where can i buy LORAZEPAM online, LORAZEPAM dosage, its technology offers dramatically higher efficiency than other current carbon-capture systems, which are estimated to reduce energy output by 30% or more, LORAZEPAM street price. Buy no prescription LORAZEPAM online, The company claims its technology is able to cut this figure in half.

This test is the technology's first to take place outside the laboratory, canada, mexico, india, Order LORAZEPAM from United States pharmacy, according to a report in The project is planted to run from October first until the end of June 2017.

Located in Sutherland, LORAZEPAM over the counter, LORAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, NE, the project is mainly funded by the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy (DOE-FE), effects of LORAZEPAM, LORAZEPAM overnight, with significant contributions from ION Engineering, and funding from other partners, LORAZEPAM price. LORAZEPAM alternatives, Among these partners are the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center, which collaborated with Colorado-based ION Engineering to develop the solvent used in the pilot, buy cheap LORAZEPAM no rx, Taking LORAZEPAM, and the University of Alabama Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Is a 15% increase in costs for carbon capture viable for the power industry?

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September 27th, 2013


By Cory Jensen | Comments (0)

NIZORAL FOR SALE, The International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering (ICOSSE) met for the third time in Cincinnati, OH, on August 11-15. The Congress opened with a presentation from Vice Mayor of Cincinnati, Where can i find NIZORAL online, Roxanne Qualls. Her opening talk focused on how Cincinnati is an epicenter of water-centric research and history. The Vice Mayor noted that Cincinnati is embedded in the annals of municipal water treatment history by being the second metropolitan area to deploy activated carbon water treatment technology (second to Paris), NIZORAL price, coupon, by having a water quality station in operation since 1913, Cheap NIZORAL, and as the birthplace of the Streeter-Phelps equation where studies were done on the Ohio River in 1925.

Additional sustainable highlights of the state of Ohio includes per capita lead in the nation in LEED certified buildings, although little mention was made to specific energy metrics, benchmarking of the impact that LEED buildings and associated operations have, NIZORAL natural. Several of the city of Cincinnati’s sustainability action plan details were discussed, NIZORAL canada, mexico, india, in particular noting civic garden centers to alleviate food deserts and the support of car-optional lifestyles via a car-sharing service and bike-share program.

[caption id="attachment_69914" align="alignleft" width="470" caption="At the Vice Mayor's recommendation to get to know the city, I took in a Reds game at the Great American Ball Park, NIZORAL FOR SALE. "][/caption]

One of the dominant question of the event was water's central role in climate change. Many coastal water plants are near sea level and could be susceptible to major storm events and rising sea levels, purchase NIZORAL online. Water use will be stressed globally due to forecasts of population increases from 1.6 billion people to approximately 2.8 by 2025. Fast shipping NIZORAL, Further, approximately 40% of food is currently produced on irrigated lands (putting pressure on water supplies, which are not all managed sustainably) and it is estimated that the US will require over $600 billion for water infrastructure in the same timeframe, NIZORAL without prescription.

Critical materials

NIZORAL FOR SALE, Twice over the course of the 2013 summer I have had a chance to interact with David J.C. Constable, Buy NIZORAL without prescription, who is the Director of the American Chemistry Society’s Green Chemistry Institute. For those interested in a forum for green chemistry and a multidisciplinary discussion including policy issues, check out the newsletter that ACS offers, NIZORAL from mexico. As chemical engineers, Real brand NIZORAL online, we share a common language with chemists and often make use of chemistry skills to perform our individual ChE roles. David’s speech at the Congress highlighted relevant areas for making chemical manufacture more sustainable. Here are a few of the main points:

  • There are five-year to 50-year reserves of the following minerals, which the greatest emphasis on those in bold: Zn, Ga, Ge, As, Rh, Ag, In, Sn, Sb, Au, Hf.

  • Critical minerals and the US economy rely heavily on South Africa and Russia.

  • Reference to a treatise on a nutrient life requires but is in scare supply: phosphorus (Elser, J, NIZORAL FOR SALE. Nature 2011 478 (7367): 29.)

  • Inspired question: How can we re-envision common unit operations (i.e, online NIZORAL without a prescription. batch reactors, Purchase NIZORAL for sale, distillation, and crystallization) to support process intensification?

  • All science starts as science fiction. The author would like to point out Feynman’s talk (“There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.”
 Richard Feynman, about NIZORAL, Pasadena, NIZORAL use, 29 December 1959).

  • Green Chemistry Simplified – 1) maximize resource efficiency, 2) eliminate and minimize hazards and pollution, 3) apply systems level thinking holistically (i.e, buying NIZORAL online over the counter. life cycle thinking).

Hopefully these bullet points illustrate some critical focus areas for chemical engineering innovation. NIZORAL FOR SALE, After some of my study in the area of science technology studies, I realize that action to implement some of this change may not seem popular or welcomed; however, it was noted during Dr. Buy generic NIZORAL, Constable’s talk that outcomes from such endeavors could have Nobel implications.

[caption id="attachment_69911" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="The 2013 ACS Green Chemistry Summer Workshop T-shirt"][/caption]


Making a comeback: ChE fundamentals and a new spin

There was a new spin put on poster presentations, with a rapid-fire format, NIZORAL schedule, which involved all poster presenters giving a 90-second (maximum) introduction to their posters to the Congress. Get NIZORAL, The thought is that this would help those attending identify presenters they would like to visit during the poster session. The practice also develops presenters skills that can be likened to an elevator speech (a skill sought in AAAS fellows) or preparing the presentation of transformative-disruptive science (e.g., publication in high impact journals), order NIZORAL online overnight delivery no prescription.

Also spotted at the Congress was the well-known AIChE pocket book, but don’t call it a comeback….yet, NIZORAL FOR SALE. The pocket book contains some of the basic equations and relationships that chemical engineers use and fundamental mathematical relationship as part of the profession. Kjøpe NIZORAL på nett, köpa NIZORAL online, [caption id="attachment_69912" align="alignleft" width="470" caption="Back to Basics, the AIChE Pocket Handbook made a comeback. Maybe we'll see an update of some of this knowledge, online buy NIZORAL without a prescription, or even an app?"][/caption]

A presentation by Dr. Ordering NIZORAL online, Jeff Seay on the topic of sustainability credentialing being undertaken by the Institute suggests that sustainability and chemical engineering education, as a part of AIChE, will have at least 10 focus areas, buy NIZORAL from mexico. The author wonders if this could be a point in time where the pocket book possibly gets an upgrade and if professional topics such as ethics will actually be incorporated. NIZORAL results, With the mind-numbing assortment of electronic mind games available for your smart phone, maybe there are some professional training tools the AIChE, NCEES, and NSPCE could develop that would actually move similar interests forward.

Did you attend. What were the highlights for you?

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September 25th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2013-09-24_20-02-09 dawson creek 3

BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The water crisis in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, had been growing more and more severe for years. By 2010, Get BARBITAL, an extended drought, aggravated by a growing population and fracking from the nearby natural gas industry, had nearly pushed the small city to its dry-bone limit, online buy BARBITAL without a prescription. Unfortunately, Order BARBITAL no prescription, over the next two years, the situation got even worse.

By the summer of 2012, real brand BARBITAL online, surrounded by brown lawns, Purchase BARBITAL online no prescription,  Mike Bernier, the besieged Mayor of Dawson Creek, lamented, effects of BARBITAL, “We’ve gone three months without rain up here." Outside of his small town, About BARBITAL, which is located about 700 miles northeast of Vancouver, many creeks had dried up and rivers had dropped to their lowest levels in 20 years. So later that summer, the city finally told the natural gas industry, buy BARBITAL online cod, which had been drawing one million gallons a day from the local drinking water, Where to buy BARBITAL, they'd been cut off.

Mayor Bernier explained the city's predicament, "Depending on the day, no prescription BARBITAL online, 20 to 25 percent of our pump station water is going for oil and gas." This had been a painful decision for the city, Online BARBITAL without a prescription, which normally made “millions of dollars” a year selling water to the industry for fracking.

A small price to pay for water security

Only one company, Shell Canada, managed to escape the drastic cutoff, by tapping into a different water source: city waste water, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Shell’s Groundbirch natural gas facility, one of the city's biggest water users, purchase BARBITAL online, was located about 30 miles away and had five natural gas processing plants and over 250 wells. Buy BARBITAL from mexico, Competing with other regional gas drillers, Shell had felt an urgent need to find an alternative.

So the company and the city of Dawson Creek teamed up to build an effluent treatment facility that eliminated Shell's need to tap fresh water for fracking. As a small price to pay for water security, where can i order BARBITAL without prescription, Shell invested $11 million in the project while the city provided $1.5 million. What is BARBITAL, Mayor Mike Bernier said that Shell had offered to fund the treatment plant in return for a secure supply of water for a decade. BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Later in 2012, as the region reeled from the drought, Bernier dedicated the city's completed water treatment plant. Not only did the city of Dawson Creek save water every time a toilet flushed, but Shell Canada could continue to operate, BARBITAL pharmacy, while other gas projects were in jeopardy of shutting down. Where can i buy BARBITAL online,

Upgrading water treatment

Previously, Dawson Creek had been treating its effluent (waste water) to minimum environmental standards by releasing it into a local river. Now, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, with an increased capacity of 4, BARBITAL samples, 000 cubic yards a day (3,400 going to Shell) the city was using its allotment to do things such as wash roads and water sports fields, and now it could even sell it to other drillers, buy BARBITAL without prescription.

This valuable water is created by a combination of biological steps. After a multi-step lagoon filtration process, the water is sent to SAGR cells (the Submerged Attached Growth Reactor), where microorganisms in the water break down any remaining bacteria to bring water up to a standard acceptable for industrial use, BUY BARBITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap BARBITAL no rx,

Piping water to Groundbirch

“It’s a win-win for both parties. The plant allowed Shell water for their operation but also left some for the city to use or sell,” said Russ Ford, executive vice-president of Shell’s onshore oil and gas business, order BARBITAL from United States pharmacy.

Shell even built a pipeline to move the water from the treatment plant 30 miles to the Groundbirch area, BARBITAL online cod, where it's stored in ponds and mixed with recycled production water. By piping the water instead of trucking it, Shell reduced traffic, BARBITAL mg, noise and dust, BARBITAL maximum dosage, while eliminating 2 million miles of truck trips a year. The following video explains the process and benefits:

Mayor Bernier explained, “Now, instead of being dumped back into that river, we have about 3,600 cubic yards of water a day going through this plant that can be used for fracking," adding, "and since it also brought the city’s effluent up to grey-water standards, there isn’t a project like this anywhere else in Canada."

“Through this partnership … we're  eliminating fresh water from our operations, and providing the city with an additional source of revenue, while reducing two-million miles a year in truck traffic from local roads,” said Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada’s president.

A Shell press release reaffirmed the company's bottom line:

Shell considers the world’s water, energy, and food systems to be tightly linked: water is needed to extract energy; energy is needed to treat and transport water; and both water and energy are needed to grow food. Shell strives to conserve water in its operations through the development of new technologies and processes...

How quickly will the entire industry adopt this system?

Photo: Various, Royal Dutch Shell

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September 25th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)
energy grid

SUMYCIN FOR SALE, Efficient energy storage is one of the missing elements to make solar and wind power far more dependable and practical, but one startup hopes to fill that gap. SUMYCIN dose, Sun Catalytix is creating a new type of grid-storage battery that shows high potential for renewable energy sources, SUMYCIN no prescription. Comprar en línea SUMYCIN, comprar SUMYCIN baratos,  The Cambridge, MA-based MIT spinoff has designed a flow battery that uses custom materials from inexpensive commodity chemical, herbal SUMYCIN, No prescription SUMYCIN online, according to a report this week in MIT's Technology Review.

Unlike typical flow batteries, which use metal dissolved in a liquid electrolyte, SUMYCIN description, SUMYCIN images, Sun Catalytix's electrolytes are made from metals combined with ligands. According to the report, generic SUMYCIN, SUMYCIN treatment, this gives engineers more design flexibility to create an inexpensive and safe battery with a life of up to 15 years under daily charging condition. For more details on the technology, SUMYCIN photos, SUMYCIN mg, see the original article in Technology Review here.

The company expects that the full-scale version of its system, which is slated for 2015 or 2016, could cost $300, SUMYCIN FOR SALE. That's less than half as much as current grid-storage batteries, is SUMYCIN safe. SUMYCIN blogs, Other competitors in the field are Eos Energy Storage, which makes a zinc-air battery, buy cheap SUMYCIN, SUMYCIN price, coupon, and Ambri, which has created a liquid-metal battery, SUMYCIN wiki. Discount SUMYCIN, You can read more about these competitive technologies here.

Grid storage  aside, buy cheap SUMYCIN, SUMYCIN dangers, what's the next big hurdle for renewables?

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September 24th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2013-09-23_19-38-38 dosier 2

MAZINDOL FOR SALE, Firing kilns up to 2,000 degrees for three to five days, brick making requires a lot of energy and spews millions of tons of CO2 into the air. For millenia, MAZINDOL from canada, MAZINDOL steet value, it hadn't occurred to anyone to improve the traditional process that transforms clay, sand, after MAZINDOL, Rx free MAZINDOL, and water into one of the world's most durable construction materials. At least until Ginger Dosier founded bioMASON, MAZINDOL pictures. Order MAZINDOL online c.o.d, Today, she grows bricks with the help of sand, ordering MAZINDOL online, MAZINDOL blogs, water, and trillions of tiny bacteria. Her new-age process took years of trial and error (from a converted second bedroom) before she emerged with a sturdy, online buying MAZINDOL, Online buying MAZINDOL hcl, bio-brick in hand. She figures that by completely replacing the 1.3 trillion kiln-fired bricks made each year with her new bio-brick, my MAZINDOL experience, MAZINDOL interactions, the world could eliminate over 800-million tons of CO2 emissions.

Her living, australia, uk, us, usa, MAZINDOL trusted pharmacy reviews, bio-bricks require less than five days to form, and once dried, canada, mexico, india, Buy no prescription MAZINDOL online, they're ready to be used. As for the bacteria, as soon as their food and water has been cut off, MAZINDOL without a prescription, MAZINDOL cost, they simply die.

Recently, cheap MAZINDOL, Fast shipping MAZINDOL, a jury chaired by serial entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson was so impressed by Dosier 's revolutionary CO2-free bricks that they awarded her first place and €500,000 from the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge for 2013. Dosier is currently working with teams in the US and United Arab Emirates to scale up her manufacturing process, MAZINDOL results. MAZINDOL australia, uk, us, usa,

Why pick on cars when there are so many other places to save energy?

Images: bioMason

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September 23rd, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (2)

BUY VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, According to a new research, triclosan, a product many of us come into contact with multiple times a day, is having a detrimental effect on the environmental. VIAGRA over the counter, The product, invented in the 1960s to stop or slow the growth of bacteria, VIAGRA canada, mexico, india, VIAGRA brand name, fungi, and mildew in the operating room, VIAGRA duration, Where can i buy cheapest VIAGRA online, is now found in about half of liquid soaps, and is frequently used in toothpastes, order VIAGRA online overnight delivery no prescription, VIAGRA for sale, deodorants, costmetics, VIAGRA recreational, Buy VIAGRA no prescription, detergents and other common products. When the chemical enters the water system, VIAGRA dosage, VIAGRA class, its efficiency works against naturally occurring bacteria, upsetting the ecosystem, VIAGRA from mexico. Cheap VIAGRA no rx, Emma Rosi-Marshall, one of the paper's authors and an aquatic ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, doses VIAGRA work, Buy VIAGRA online no prescription, New York, explained in a press release from the Institute, VIAGRA treatment, VIAGRA without prescription, "Not only does it disrupt aquatic life by changing native bacterial communities, but it's linked to the rise of resistant bacteria that could diminish the usefulness of important antibiotics."

With colleagues from Loyola University and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, VIAGRA description, Buy VIAGRA from canada, Rosi-Marshall explored how bacteria living in stream and river sediments responded to triclosan in both natural and controlled settings. Field studies were conducted at three sites in the Chicago metropolitan region, buy VIAGRA without a prescription.

Certain types of sewage systems implicated

Urbanization was correlated with a rise in both triclosan concentrations in sediments and the proportion of bottom-dwelling bacteria resistant to triclosan, BUY VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. VIAGRA forum, A woodland creek had the lowest levels of triclosan-resistant bacteria, while a site in the study that was downstream of 25 combined sewer overflows had the highest levels, where can i cheapest VIAGRA online. VIAGRA natural, Combined sewers deliver domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, VIAGRA no prescription, VIAGRA alternatives, and storm water to a regional treatment plant using a single pipe. Overflows occur when a pipe's capacity is exceeded, typically due to excessive runoff from high rainfall or snowmelt events. The result: untreated sewage flows directly into rivers and streams.

Nearly 800 cities in the United States rely on combined sewer overflows, with the Environmental Protection Agency citing them as a major water pollution concern.

You can read the full paper in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. To read the full press release about the study, click here.

Is triclosan overused, or is water treatment the real issue?

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September 20th, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (5)
2013-09-19_16-39-58 lockheed desal 6

BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, Alarmingly, clean drinking water is becoming a severe global security issue. Competition for water is leading to instability and state failure, WYMOX street price, Purchase WYMOX for sale, with Syria the most recent example. Between now and 2040, WYMOX used for, Buy generic WYMOX, as the availability of fresh water evaporates due to population growth, agriculture, order WYMOX from mexican pharmacy, Where can i find WYMOX online, industry and urbanization, more people will fight just to survive on the lowest rungs of society.

Among wealthier countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, is WYMOX safe, WYMOX reviews, when fresh ground water isn’t available, water is diverted from nearby oceans or rivers into desalination plants where the salt is removed through a relatively new process called reverse osmosis, WYMOX overnight, Purchase WYMOX, which produces clean drinking water.

Before the adoption of reverse osmosis, WYMOX images, Generic WYMOX, the main process of desalination had been “multistage flash distillation,” which uses heat to evaporate water, is WYMOX addictive, WYMOX use, leaving the salt behind. That accounted for 80% of all desalination installations until the 1990s, WYMOX dose.

Currently, reverse osmosis is the most popular desalination technology, where water is pumped through membranes to purify it by trapping larger particles and letting the fresh, salt-free water through pores to the other side, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. WYMOX no rx, Unfortunately, both methods are energy intensive, buying WYMOX online over the counter, Low dose WYMOX, making them costly and preventing poorer countries from building the necessary desalination plants. But a new technology may have leap-frogged over problem, kjøpe WYMOX på nett, köpa WYMOX online. WYMOX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Reuters reports:

Engineers at US-based Lockheed Martin Corp say they have found a way to slash the amount of energy needed to remove salt from seawater, potentially making it much cheaper to produce clean water, herbal WYMOX, Effects of WYMOX, and possibly eliminating water scarcity as a global issue.

The process, which uses thin graphene sheets, WYMOX steet value, WYMOX no rx, would enable filter manufacturers to produce thin membranes with holes about a nanometer in size that are large enough to allow water to pass through but small enough to block the molecules of salt in seawater.

One hundred time less energy required

Because the graphene sheets are so thin – just one atom in thickness – it takes much less energy to push the seawater through the filter to separate the salt from the water. This could spare underdeveloped countries from having to build expensive reverse osmosis pumping stations.

"It's 500 times thinner than the best filter on the market today and a thousand times stronger, after WYMOX,"John Stetson, the engineer who has been working on the idea, told Reuters. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, "The energy that's required and the pressure that's required to filter salt is approximately 100 times less."

Stetson, who began working on the issue in 2007, said if the new filter material, known as Perforene, (press release) was compared to the thickness of a piece of paper, the nearest comparable filter for extracting salt from seawater would be the thickness of three reams of paper – more than half a foot thick.

"It looks like chicken wire under a microscope, if you could get an electron microscope picture of it," he said. "It's all little carbon atoms tied together in a diaphanous, smooth film that's beautiful and continuous. But it's one atom thick and it's a thousand time stronger than steel."

So once Perforene is installed, the energy used to force water through today's best membranes is gone. Stetson says,"It just literally pops right through because the membrane is thinner than the atoms it's filtering."

Lockheed expects to have a prototype by the end of the year that could be used as a drop-in replacement for filters now used in reverse osmosis plants.

Is this really a potential "game changer?"

Images: reverse osmosis plant, James Grillier; Graphene, AlexanderAlUS; Deasalination graphic, LockheedMartin

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September 19th, 2013


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (2)

PAMELOR FOR SALE, In 2011, I took a position with Mack Trucks, Inc., a manufacturer of American-assembled Class 8 heavy trucks with more than 100 years of history. Since then, I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked the question “What is a chemical engineer doing working at a truck manufacturing plant?”

Considering that my entire seven-year career has been outside of the chemical industry, order PAMELOR online overnight delivery no prescription, such a question seems reasonable. Order PAMELOR from United States pharmacy, What is a chemical engineer doing here. From time to time, someone at work would catch wind of my area of study and ask me why their plastic parts are changing color or task me with a project that they think is chemistry-related — but for the most part, buy PAMELOR online no prescription, folks don’t seem to know what chemical engineers can do outside of, PAMELOR images, well, working with chemicals.

Furthermore, PAMELOR from mexico, if, PAMELOR wiki, in fact, my jobs have been outside the traditional chemical engineering realm, why am I still a member of AIChE, buy cheap PAMELOR no rx.

Staying connected to the ChemE community

I began my AIChE membership in the student chapter at the University of Virginia, PAMELOR FOR SALE. When I landed my first job several states away, PAMELOR street price, I realized that AIChE would be a great way to meet professionals in the new area and retain my connection to the chemical engineering community.

That first job, right out of college, is PAMELOR addictive, was at Lutron Electronics, Purchase PAMELOR online, a designer and manufacturer of lighting control solutions, where I was hired as a project engineer. At Lutron, buy PAMELOR online cod, I found myself leading special projects for customers or handling changeovers, Order PAMELOR online c.o.d, product transfers, or product launches — and I worked my way up in operations.

As my career path diverged further and further from traditional chemical engineering, fast shipping PAMELOR, and I began to feel at home in operations, PAMELOR for sale, I never thought of terminating my AIChE membership. PAMELOR FOR SALE, Meanwhile, at every AIChE Annual and Spring meeting I attend, at least one person asks me a variation on that familiar question: “You’re a ChemE. What are you doing working there?”

I’ll address that question in a moment. But, PAMELOR long term, as to my AIChE involvement: As a young professional, About PAMELOR, AIChE has given me the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, from writing and communication to leadership. For example, PAMELOR samples, at a local section meeting a few years ago, PAMELOR without a prescription, I heard about AIChE’s ChEnected blog. I thought it was a great concept and immediately got involved by commenting on and writing articles. Blogging allows me to research and write about topics that interest me while improving my writing skills and giving me a creative outlet, PAMELOR FOR SALE. Perhaps my favorite piece was “Artistic Chemistry: Photography, order PAMELOR from mexican pharmacy,” which expanded on a project I did for an anthropology course in college and merged my love of photography with that of chemistry. PAMELOR interactions, [caption id="attachment_69600" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="Elizabeth (second from right) with other YPs at the 2013 Spring Meeting in San Antonio. "][/caption]

Shortly thereafter, I learned about the establishment of AIChE’s Virtual Local Section (VLS) and its need for a logo. PAMELOR coupon, Eager to keep up the Photoshop skills I developed in college, I set out creating a design to enter into their logo contest — the design that VLS is still using today on its website. PAMELOR FOR SALE, Soon after that, I attended the 2010 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, where I first heard about AIChE’s Young Professionals Advisory Board (now the Young Professionals Committee [YPC]). When I learned that the YP group was working to increase young professionals’ participation in the Institute through national and regional programming, PAMELOR reviews, and that it was a great place to network with other engineers, PAMELOR price, coupon, I wanted to get involved. I started with the YP Publications Committee and used my ChEnected experience to upload posts and articles promoting and communicating about the Committee. I moved on to the vice chair position, generic PAMELOR, taking on more leadership responsibility in coordinating and communicating with the subcommittees as well as other committees throughout AIChE.

Currently, I am the incoming Chair of YPC and am looking forward to another successful year. Coming up in November at the 2013 Annual Meeting, we will continue to offer great sessions and events geared toward YPs, including co-sponsored sessions and the ever-popular YP Social, PAMELOR FOR SALE.

Where there are processes, there are ChemEs

Since I joined Mack Trucks, I have worked on lean manufacturing projects as well as new process and equipment installations. In my earlier job at Lutron, my projects often involved looking at entire processes, analyzing all of the pieces, and launching new products or systems that fit into the business and supported customers. Aren’t most things in business just processes. Some can be exceedingly complex and some can be quite simple — but they are still processes. PAMELOR FOR SALE, And chemical engineers own processes. We are trained and hardwired to look at inputs and outputs, and find solutions when those factors are not in balance. In my material-handling engineering work, I look at the flow of parts throughout the facility and work to improve layouts and processes so that the right parts go to the right place at the right time. With every truck consisting of at least 4,000 parts, that’s a lot of processes.
So, what is a chemical engineer doing here. Exactly what I should be doing.

Share your story about a non-traditional ChemE job below!

YPOV is a regular column in CEP magazine.
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September 18th, 2013


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MODALERT FOR SALE, It seems there's little a smartphone can't be configured to do. Earlier this week, MODALERT pictures, MODALERT from canada, UCLA announced that the lab of one of its researchers, Aydogan Ozcan, MODALERT brand name, Rx free MODALERT, a professor of electrical engineering and bioengineering, has developed a handheld smartphone attachment that enables a smartphone to detect viruses and bacteria without expensive and bulky microscopes and lab equipment, purchase MODALERT for sale. Herbal MODALERT, In the report, Ozcan said that the device, MODALERT results, Real brand MODALERT online, which weighs less than eight ounces, can be "used for specific and sensitive detection of sub-wavelength objects, MODALERT forum, MODALERT duration, including bacteria and viruses and therefore could enable the practice of nanotechnology and biomedical testing in field settings and even in remote and resource-limited environments."

Ozcan's research was published earlier this month in the journal ACS Nano. The article describes the invention as a fluorescent microscope device fabricated by a 3-D printer that contains a color filter, an external lens and a laser diode, buy no prescription MODALERT online. MODALERT use, The diode illuminates fluid or solid samples at a steep angle of roughly 75 degrees. This oblique illumination avoids detection of scattered light that would otherwise interfere with the intended fluorescent image, get MODALERT. Kjøpe MODALERT på nett, köpa MODALERT online, The news report from UCLA points out that capturing an image as small as a single virus is typically challenging because the optical signal strength and contrast are very low for objects that are smaller than the wavelength of light.

This smartphone microscope device is the latest in a line of recent smartphone-based inventions, MODALERT alternatives, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, including a cellphone camera–enabled sensor for allergens in food products and a smartphone attachment that can conduct common kidney tests. For more on the Ozcan Research Group, what is MODALERT, Is MODALERT safe, visit, and for the original report from UCLA, buy generic MODALERT, MODALERT pharmacy,  click here.

What smartphone device or function do you long for in your work?

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September 17th, 2013


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Dimitra Georganopoulou

BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, The good news is that early on in her career, Dimitira Georganopoulou felt her field was pretty well balanced between men and women. As she began to advance in her career, where can i order LEVITRA without prescription, No prescription LEVITRA online, however, she began to see there were far fewer women, LEVITRA maximum dosage. Where to buy LEVITRA, Her goal is to one day be a CEO, but she says at this point, where can i cheapest LEVITRA online, LEVITRA dose, there are about 3% women in her field—yet she is determined to get there and is confident she knows how.

Currently, LEVITRA over the counter, LEVITRA cost, Georganopoulou is the vice president of research and development at Ohmx Corporation and an adjunct professor of biomedical engineering at Northwestern University. She has over 14 years of experience in sensors development, online buying LEVITRA, Buy LEVITRA no prescription, with a focus on HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, doses LEVITRA work, LEVITRA schedule, prostate cancer, and point-of-care clinical diagnostics, low dose LEVITRA. LEVITRA trusted pharmacy reviews, She is the author of numerous patents and peer-reviewed publications.

Learn more about Georganopoulou's work experiences and her take on rising through the ranks as a woman in the audio interview below, LEVITRA mg. My LEVITRA experience, Click the play button to listen to her interview.

You can hear more interviews in this series from the Chemical Heritage Foundation here, LEVITRA blogs. LEVITRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

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