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December 31st, 2013


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Playing to Win:  How Strategy Really Works BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, by A.G. Lafley and Roger L, LOPRESSOR long term. LOPRESSOR pics, Martin.  Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.  260 pages.  US$27.00, buy cheap LOPRESSOR. Buy LOPRESSOR from canada, Many chemical engineers (ChEs) are engaged in tactical implementation rather than strategic project development. However, where can i cheapest LOPRESSOR online, LOPRESSOR online cod, understanding the firm’s strategy can help improve project selection, team organization, LOPRESSOR wiki, LOPRESSOR pharmacy, and profitability at a company. ChEs, with our broad perspectives of people, processes, and technologies, are ideally suited to helping design business and innovation strategies, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Playing to Win, buy no prescription LOPRESSOR online, LOPRESSOR mg, a new book by Procter and Gamble (P&G) CEO A.G. Lafley and co-author Roger Martin, LOPRESSOR over the counter, Where can i cheapest LOPRESSOR online, lays out the key decisions a reader must make to implement a successful strategy.  These questions are (pg. 15):

  • What is your winning aspiration?

  • Where to play?

  • How to win?

  • What are your core capabilities, where can i buy LOPRESSOR online. Buy LOPRESSOR from canada, and

  • What management systems support the winning aspiration?

Each of the subsequent five chapters goes into detail on how a company’s leadership team can address these questions. BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Interestingly, the authors make a distinction between a passionate and specific set of choices (aspirations), and simply participating in a market.  Mediocre performance without a desire to beat the competition is not a winning strategy.

The value of debate and dialogue

Two topics of particular interest to ChEs are in the later chapters of Playing to Win.  In Chapter 6, what is LOPRESSOR, LOPRESSOR mg, “Manage What Matters,” the authors stress the value of engaged debate and open dialogue.  To enhance innovation at P&G, LOPRESSOR long term, LOPRESSOR interactions, for example, project reviews were minimized while the conversations with senior management focused instead on strategic opportunities and technical advantages.  Pre-determined agenda items can be circulated in advance of a meeting, LOPRESSOR without a prescription, LOPRESSOR from mexico, eliminating thick (and boring) slide decks.  Data dumps are replaced by two or three pages of competitor and customer analysis demonstrating market openings and product development opportunities.

A new approach to problems

While engineers and senior management can benefit from simplified strategic discussions, order LOPRESSOR online c.o.d, Online buying LOPRESSOR, Chapter 7, “Think Through Strategy, LOPRESSOR brand name, LOPRESSOR schedule, ” introduces a new way to approach problems.  In a traditional idea generation process, every possible concept is identified.  Then, LOPRESSOR pictures, subject matter experts find all the ways that the idea won’t work. In a “reverse-engineered strategy” discussion, the idea that might work is first identified.  Team members stress positive attributes of what is required in order to make the concept successful in the marketplace.  A final twist is that the biggest skeptic of the idea is challenged with designing the “failure test.”

The theory is that if the biggest skeptic can be convinced of the merits of the idea, then everyone else will readily support the idea.  Further, the “skeptics” will not have any incentive to sabotage the test with impossible criteria since the next project idea might be theirs, in which they will need the support of another team member designing a failure test.

Finally, Playing to Win wraps up with an excellent discussion of fundamental economic principles in Appendix B.  For anyone who has grown rusty on supply and demand curves, cost leadership, or differentiated markets, this review is equally concise and easy to understand.

While many chemical engineers may not be directly involved in developing strategy for their firms, Playing to Win is still a great book to read.  The text emphasizes customer and team member engagement backed by case study examples – both principles which benefit engineers in daily operations.

Share how an understanding of strategy been important in your career.

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December 30th, 2013


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2013-12-27_16-05-12 nusclae 4

BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, NuScale Power, a Corvallis, Oregon-based startup, just received $226 million in matching funds from The US Department of Energy to continue developing its small module nuclear reactor. Nuscale was singled out because we’re living in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

Since that 2011 disaster, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has focused on requiring nuclear reactors to safely cool the core during a sudden loss of power, OVRAL from canadian pharmacy, while also making sure operators can maintain plant safety long afterwards.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz explained the award, OVRAL schedule, "Small modular reactors represent a new generation of safe, reliable, low-carbon nuclear energy technology.”

NuScale’s SMR began life in 2000, herbal OVRAL, when the DOE first funded research for small nuclear power plants. OVRAL dosage, At the same time, Oregon State University was developing passive safety systems which used natural circulation. When the research project ended, OVRAL samples, the OSU scientists continued improving their design.

The goal was simplicity

Nuscale’s patented safety features were the idea of Jose N. Order OVRAL online overnight delivery no prescription, Reyes, the company's chief technology officer, who wanted to make a reactor small enough so that even after a complete loss of power to its tiny core would cool down on its own, is OVRAL safe, using only gravity and natural circulation.

“The goal was simplicity, OVRAL description, ” said Mr. Reyes, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION. “It became apparent after Fukushima that our design had fundamental differences” with large nuclear reactors, he told Power Magazine.

First, where can i buy OVRAL online, Reyes placed the reactor below ground inside a 10-million-gallon tank of water, OVRAL cost, he told the New York Times, which will lower the chance of meltdown to a thousandth of the risk of conventional reactors. Should the worst happen – whether triggered by an earthquake or a terrorist attack – and a reactor boils over, rx free OVRAL, any steam released would drift to the cold outer containment wall bordering the pool and condense into water to cool the core.

Other important design changes: Big pipe leaks. Buy OVRAL without a prescription, The NuScale reactor doesn’t have a pipe larger than three inches. Pump failures. BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, He ditched the pumps. Emergency backup generators don’t work, OVRAL interactions. Not even included.

The reactor itself – still only a computer design – will sit inside a containment vessel that measures 82 feet in height and 15 feet in diameter — a mini-me version of reactors some 200 feet in height and 120 feet in diameter now under construction at two new American nuclear plants. Where can i buy cheapest OVRAL online, In an important design twist, although the small reactor delivers only one-twentieth the power of conventional reactors, more reactor modules can be added as power is needed, OVRAL price. Watch a CGI video showing the operation of the reactor inside the containment vessel.

Mass production

One small module can produce about 45 megawatts, OVRAL over the counter, compared with 1,000 megawatts from a conventional plant. With mass production a goal, modules would be built in a factory, and designed to be small enough to be shipped on special trucks, railroad cars, or barges, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Once on site, OVRAL images, they could be installed in groups of up to 12. Ordering OVRAL online, A 540-megawatt installation would cost about $2 billion, compared with $10 billion for a conventional 1,000-megawatt plant.

A speedy three-year construction time also increases the savings and profitability, purchase OVRAL for sale. The company hopes to have this design certified by 2019 and the first commercially operational project working by 2023.

Headwinds for small modular reactors

But economics could keep SMR’s out of the future US energy mix. OVRAL from mexico, While the company estimates that it can install a 12-pack of its 45-MW NuScale Power Modules (540 MW total plant output) for less than $5,000/kW, the US Energy Information Administration estimates that a new scrubbed coal facility would be $2, order OVRAL from United States pharmacy,694/kW, My OVRAL experience, and a gas-fired combined cycle plant would run $931/kW. Even adding carbon sequestration to the BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, coal plant still beats out the Nuscale SMR. Memories of 9-11 also add to NuScale’s high cost. The building is a reinforced concrete structure designed to withstand the effects of aircraft impact and natural phenomena like earthquakes.

The cheap price of natural gas is another major hurdle, where can i find OVRAL online. This year five nuclear reactors are either closing or not reopening, OVRAL overnight, and many owners blame competition from natural gas. “Gas is raining on everyone’s parade, ruining it for everybody in most electricity markets, buy cheap OVRAL no rx,” Michael Webber, an expert at the University of Texas at Austin, told the New York Times.

Wind is also a fierce competitor with nuclear power. David C. Brown, a representative for Exelon, the Chicago company with the nation’s largest network of nuclear reactors, said that the main subsidy for wind, the production tax credit, which pays operators about 2.3 cents per kilowatt-hour for the first 10 years of production, “has been very effective at getting generation built.”

He said, Exelon is “seeing this tipping point developing” when several of its zero-carbon reactors may have to be retired because wind power is suppressing those prices around the clock.

It is not clear how this struggle will play out over the next few years. At the moment, according to Mr. Webber, natural gas is so cheap that it is stunting construction of even new plants that would burn natural gas.

Will new nuclear power see wide spread acceptance in the US?

Images: Nuscale Power

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December 27th, 2013


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2013-12-26_17-46-07 iphoto sean simpson 1

LOTENSIN FOR SALE, Among the many companies trying to make low cost biofuels, one startup stands out. Instead of transforming biomass, where can i buy cheapest LOTENSIN online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, LanzaTech uses steel mill flue gases – normally considered waste – and patented microbes that consume it and churn out valuable ethanol.

Dr, cheap LOTENSIN no rx. Online buying LOTENSIN hcl, Sean Simpson, who started LanzaTech in 2005, online LOTENSIN without a prescription, LOTENSIN steet value, tells about an entrepreneurial wild ride, which started with his original idea, LOTENSIN maximum dosage, Ordering LOTENSIN online, and includes a demonstration plant in New Zealand, meeting America's foremost venture capitalist, LOTENSIN wiki, My LOTENSIN experience, scaling up two facilities in China, and finally landing a lucrative deal to produce jet fuel for Virgin Atlantic Airways, generic LOTENSIN. About LOTENSIN, He provides a step-by-step guide through the far-flung global network of venture capital and modern biotechnology.

Have you dreamed of starting your own company?

Images: Inspire Auckland 2013

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December 26th, 2013


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2013-12-23_13-28-23 enerkem westbury  plant

ALLEGRA FOR SALE, Cellulosic ethanol – struggling for several years to meet mandates – is finally becoming a reality. In August, INEOS Bio, doses ALLEGRA work, processing municipal waste at its Vero Beach, Buy ALLEGRA online no prescription, Florida facility, began commercial scale shipments of bioethanol.

Now in Edmonton, Canada, ALLEGRA overnight, Enerkem is commissioning a full-scale municipal waste-to-biofuels facility. ALLEGRA description, Backed by Waste Management and Valero Energy, Enerkem will use its patented process to convert wood, plants, ALLEGRA dosage, plastics, Buy cheap ALLEGRA, textiles, and other materials – anything except metal, glass and stone – into cellulosic ethanol and feedstock for industrial chemicals, ALLEGRA from canada.

Enerkem’s proprietary bubbling fluidized bed gasification reactor breaks the feedstock down into separate molecules in a process called thermal cracking, After ALLEGRA, converting it into a syngas, which it then turns – through a process of several chemical steps – into methanol or ethanol.

Marie-Hélène Labrie, ALLEGRA price, a vice president at Enerkem, Purchase ALLEGRA, told Fortune: "We think our economics quite are attractive, and at full capacity our fuel will be competitive with corn ethanol and gasoline."

A milestone ten years in the making

"Beginning the commissioning of front-end components is a major milestone," Vincent Chornet, herbal ALLEGRA, president and CEO of Enerkem, Order ALLEGRA no prescription, told Canadian Biomass. "We also believe that this game-changing facility, built in partnership with the City of Edmonton, can become a model for many communities around the world that are looking for a sustainable way to manage waste." Enerkem's 2013 corporate video:

For over a decade, Enerkem has gained a lot of experience running pilot and demo plants in Canada, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. In Westbury, Canada the comapny recycles used utility poles into 5 million litres (1.3 million gallons) of biofuel per year, ALLEGRA class. Their Sherbrooke facility, ALLEGRA blogs, a scaled-down version of the new Edmonton commercial plant, and has experimented with 25 different types of feedstocks including recycled plastics, waste, buy ALLEGRA without prescription, sludge, Buy cheap ALLEGRA no rx, wood chips, pet coke, and straw, ALLEGRA pharmacy.

Waste Management’s global strategy

Although Waste Management’s investment has helped Enerkem ramp up its new plant, Buy ALLEGRA online cod, investing in Enerkem has always been part of a larger plan, according to the Globe and Mail. Waste Management was already a key player in turning waste into energy, buy ALLEGRA without a prescription, using half of its 266 landfill sites in the United States and Canada to collect methane gas and produce electricity. But it became clear that different technologies were better for different kinds of waste.

ALLEGRA FOR SALE, So Waste Management’s venture arm, the Organic Growth Group, was created about five years ago. ALLEGRA pics, Managed by Joesph Vaillancourt, it gives entrepreneurial companies a lot of autonomy, withWaste Management supporting with money and expertise, ALLEGRA natural.

Eventually, Purchase ALLEGRA for sale, Waste Management built a portfolio of cutting edge technologies. “It isn’t like we are trying to bet on the horse that will win. Our belief is that to win you need to have a chariot of seven horses, purchase ALLEGRA online no prescription,” Mr. Vaillancourt said, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. Buying ALLEGRA online over the counter, The company has four significant investments just in the “gasification” field – the high-temperature conversion of waste to gas.

Potentially, Waste Management could control a wide range of technologies that can turn any type of municipal waste into energy, eliminating landfill sites, ALLEGRA reviews, Mr. Vaillancourt said.

A boon to companies like Enerkem, Waste Management also supplies a custom-made stream of waste. “With any of these companies, their conversion technology optimally works with a certain source of waste,” Mr. Vaillancourt said. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, “We have the ability to pre-sort it and process it for them. We can basically engineer a fuel for them.”

Enerkem vice president Marie-Hélène Labrie said the Waste Management partnership has helped accelerate her company’s success “by facilitating access to waste feedstock and by providing expertise in the collection and management of a wide range of waste streams.”

Paid by the city to take its trash

One strength of Enerkem's business model is that the market is huge. North America produces enough garbage each year to generate the equivalent of about 14 billion gallons of fuel a year – or about 10% of U.S. gasoline demand. And with tipping fees rising, municipalities are happy to pay to take trash away, eliminating feedstock costs.

Enerkem also locates its plants right next to landfills, which gives it a huge economic advantage over other biofuel makers.Transport costs can add 50% to 100% to production costs for other biofuel companies who have to truck corn and other feed stocks to a plant in the countryside. Edmonton's garbage trucks are already hauling the trash right to Enerkem's facilities.

Gearing up for drop-in fuels

But perhaps Enerkem's future is even more exciting. The company just announced a research project with the Government of Canada to develop processes for the conversion of waste into “drop-in” biofuels. “We intend to take advantage of our flexible technology platform to expand our line of biofuels and chemical products,” said Chornet. “This research project is part of our growth strategy and demonstrates our commitment towards innovation and a greener economy.”

Images: Enerkem

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December 24th, 2013


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PET used as antifungal agent

PET used as antifungal agent VANTIN FOR SALE, Opportunistic fungal infections are a significant threat for patients with weakened immune systems from conditions such as cancer, organ transplant or HIV/AIDS. VANTIN alternatives, The threat for these patients arises  when invasive infections caused by CandidaAspergillus and Cryptococcus neoformans (C, order VANTIN from mexican pharmacy. VANTIN use, neoformans) fungi strains  take the form of potentially lethal blood stream infections, lung infections, discount VANTIN, Fast shipping VANTIN, and meningitis.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), buy no prescription VANTIN online, VANTIN australia, uk, us, usa,  candidiasis, which is caused by Candida, VANTIN forum, VANTIN results,  is the fourth most common fungal blood stream infection among hospitalized patients in the U.S.

Recycled plastic to the rescue

Joint research in Singapore and California has discovered that polyethylene terephthalate (PET), no prescription VANTIN online, VANTIN without prescription, which is often used to make plastic bottles, has superior fungal-killing properties when converted into a non-toxic biocompatible material, VANTIN street price. Reported in the journal Nature Communications, the newly discovered material was found especially effective at destroying drug-resistant fungi and fungal biofilm, VANTIN FOR SALE. Australia, uk, us, usa, Researchers involved in the project are from Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) and California’s IBM Research – Almaden (IBM).

The researchers transformed PET into small molecule compounds that self-assemble in water into nanofibers, VANTIN duration. VANTIN dangers, Using electrostatic interaction, the nanofibers were enabled to selectively target fungal cells and penetrate their membrane, get VANTIN, Buy VANTIN from mexico, killing them in the process.

In a statement to Singapore's Agency for Science Technology and Research, online buy VANTIN without a prescription, Canada, mexico, india, Dr Yi Yan Yang, Group Leader at IBN, purchase VANTIN online, VANTIN treatment, noted, “The ability of our molecules to self-assemble into nanofibers is important because unlike discrete molecules, real brand VANTIN online, Where can i order VANTIN without prescription, fibers increase the local concentration of cationic charges and compound mass. This facilitates the targeting of the fungal membrane and its subsequent lysis, VANTIN price, coupon, VANTIN dose, enabling the fungi to be destroyed at low concentrations. The result is a highly efficient killing strategy that causes minimal damage or toxicity to surrounding healthy cells.”

You can read more details about the discovery and research methods here.

Are we losing the battle against drug-resistant fungi and bacteria?

Image: Singapore's Agency for Science Technology and Research

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December 23rd, 2013


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Dots DORMONOCT FOR SALE, We may not have come to the point where coal, the unprepossessing allotrope of carbon, could be transformed to the girl’s-best-friend allotrope, diamond. Comprar en línea DORMONOCT, comprar DORMONOCT baratos, Scientists at Rice University, however, order DORMONOCT online overnight delivery no prescription, DORMONOCT recreational, have devised an ingenious, yet simple way of transfiguring coal to synthesize graphene quantum dots GQS: nano-sized graphene oxide discs, DORMONOCT coupon, Kjøpe DORMONOCT på nett, köpa DORMONOCT online, one atom thick that could eventually supplant the traditional quantum dots in use today.

Conventional manufacturing methods of quantum dots only produce minute quantities, low dose DORMONOCT, DORMONOCT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and at very high costs. Typically, rx free DORMONOCT, Order DORMONOCT from United States pharmacy, quantum dots are manufactured from semiconductor materials, which emit photons with wavelengths depending on the size of the dot, DORMONOCT from canadian pharmacy, Cheap DORMONOCT, transitioning from red to blue as the size gets smaller. The unique optical properties are exhibited due to the dot’s size (the energy gap between the conduction band and the valence band which grows with decreasing particle size) and not on the material itself, DORMONOCT trusted pharmacy reviews.

Scientists at Rice University cleverly picked the cheapest carbon as their raw material, using three varieties to yield different types of dots, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. DORMONOCT used for, Coal was made to undergo an oxidation process by pulverizing the coal and following it with an acid treatment to break the bonds. The three different sources of coal were used to synthesize different-sized nanoparticles, DORMONOCT photos. DORMONOCT canada, mexico, india, This cheap source of GQD has the potential to replace the more expensive semiconductor-derived quantum dots, with applications ranging from medical imaging, DORMONOCT no rx, Is DORMONOCT safe, photovoltaics, screen displays to usage as antioxidants, fast shipping DORMONOCT. Get DORMONOCT, You can learn more about this research here, low dose DORMONOCT, Buy DORMONOCT without prescription, and in the video below.

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December 20th, 2013


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2013-12-19_14-36-55 sapphire 3

COLOSPA FOR SALE, Sapphire Energy is moving fast – even for a well-financed startup. This world leader in algae-based green oil production was started only six years ago in the back of a San Diego lab, Buy cheap COLOSPA no rx, with only one paid researcher and three post grads. Now the small San Diego–based company has just announced an agreement to commercialize its algae crude oil with industry giant Phillips 66 after the two companies analyze the results from co-processing it with conventional crude.

To speed up wide spread adoption, online buying COLOSPA hcl, according to the press release, COLOSPA results, Phillips 66 and Sapphire Energy hope to get the new crude certified by the Environmental Protection Agency next year, which would enable conventional refineries to pump out the blended crude.

“In under a year, COLOSPA mg, Sapphire Energy has entered into contracts with two major oil and gas companies, Order COLOSPA online overnight delivery no prescription, showing that there's increasing momentum for algae fuel,” said Cynthia "CJ" Warner, CEO of Sapphire Energy. Formerly with BP, COLOSPA dangers, she's been driving the company’s transition from research and demonstration trials into commercial-scale operations.

A new farm-based energy model

Sapphire Energy is doing something never done before: growing crude oil as an agricultural crop, which even includes "harvesting" and rotating summer and winter algae strains, COLOSPA FOR SALE. Ordering COLOSPA online, To do this, three partners – the US Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, COLOSPA reviews, and private investors, Buy COLOSPA online cod, including Bill Gates' Cascade Investment – have jointly financed the construction of Sapphire’s 300-acre crude farm, which integrates, according to Sapphire, COLOSPA canada, mexico, india, "the entire value chain of algae-based crude oil production, Real brand COLOSPA online, from cultivation, to production, to extraction of ready-to-refine green crude." A corporate video explains:

Made up of cultivation ponds and processing facilities, buy COLOSPA from canada, the first 100 acre phase was commissioned in Columbus, COLOSPA alternatives, New Mexico, in 2012, and it's already converting the state's abundant, where can i buy COLOSPA online, underground brackish water, COLOSPA forum, sunlight and CO2 into plump, oil-rich microalgae, from which crude oil is extracted, cheap COLOSPA. Early batches were refined into ASTM 975 diesel fuel, Buy generic COLOSPA, proving that it is a true drop-in fuel.

Driving down costs

Phillips 66 has joined Sapphire Energy at an early stage, while production is still very low, about COLOSPA. Even by the end of 2014, COLOSPA no prescription,  production should increase to only 100 barrels of oil per day. COLOSPA FOR SALE, Finally, once all 300 acres are built out, the farm will produce 1.5 million gallons of crude oil per year.

Ultimately, Phillips 66 is betting that Sapphire's core goal of driving down costs while increasing the algae's productivity will make its green crude competitive with petroleum, COLOSPA dosage.

To do this, COLOSPA overnight, Sapphire has learned that you start with cheap, sun-drenched, flattish land, COLOSPA description, where a slight grade works perfectly to help water flow downhill. COLOSPA from canada, When it reaches the bottom of the farm, it can be pumped back to the top with very energy-efficient pump technology.

The algae strains, COLOSPA blogs. Sapphire has tested millions of candidate traits and strains in its labs in San Diego – its throughput shop is renowned, COLOSPA FOR SALE. Selected with an ability to flourish under adverse conditions while producing large quantities of oil, Where can i buy cheapest COLOSPA online, only a few proceed to Sapphire’s production facility. From that group, a winter and a summer algae have been selected.

The cultivation area consists of some of the largest algae ponds ever built. There are 1.1 acre and 2.2 acre ponds which are 1/8 of a mile long. COLOSPA FOR SALE, For this first phase, visitors see plastic liners and paddle wheels. To further cut costs, those will disappear in the next design phase.

In the case of microalgae, diffused air flotation (DAF) technology is employed at Sapphire to drive out the water – essentially generating micro-bubbles that bond with the algae as they rise together to the surface. Also used in wastewater treatment, in the past it was avoided for algae farming because the limit of DAF’s concentrating power is around 15 percent, and the consensus was that extraction couldn’t be done without a drier biomass.

Sapphire Energy's key technology

Which brings us to Sapphire’s key technology, wet extraction. Considered a breakthough, it can extract the crude oils from 15 percent concentrations by using heat, pressure, and chemicals so the algae can be processed without costly drying, COLOSPA FOR SALE.

Wet extraction for algae-based crude oil has always been considered one of the biggest challenges to commercialization. With this process the entire algae cell is now used in oil production, greatly improving yield. Furthermore, the process is scalable.

Successful wet extraction makes DAF affordable. Combined with passive farming techniques to eliminate the cost of moving water, the use of dirt-lined ponds, and relying on brackish water – that’s Sapphire's way to affordably grow algae at scale. The company's most recent demonstration video:

In a Sapphire Energy press release, CEO Warner said, “What was once a concept is now becoming a reality and model for growing algae to make a renewable crude oil for energy. We look forward to sharing our progress as the Green Crude Farm moves to its next stage.”

Is Sapphire Energy's timeline too ambitious or realistic?

Images: Sapphire Energy

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December 19th, 2013


By Gwen Higgins | Comments (3)

ZEBETA FOR SALE, [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The aurora borealis, or northern lights, decorate the night sky in Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Photo credit: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo via Wikipedia)"]English: The aurora borealis, or northern ligh...[/caption]

When I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering in 2003, ZEBETA dose, ZEBETA overnight, I already had a job waiting for me in Fort McMurray, Alberta, buy ZEBETA from canada. ZEBETA brand name, It was cold there at 56 degrees north of the equator, but the experience was worth it, cheap ZEBETA. ZEBETA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I became a process engineer in a bitumen upgrader, and the starting salary was almost double the national average, online buy ZEBETA without a prescription. ZEBETA schedule, Later I moved south to work in a pulp mill. Here's what I've learned, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

We use engineered products every day

What do these products have in common: toothpaste, kjøpe ZEBETA på nett, köpa ZEBETA online, ZEBETA for sale, running shoe soles, paper, buying ZEBETA online over the counter, ZEBETA interactions, and ketchup. Chemical engineers are involved in the commercial production of all of them, purchase ZEBETA for sale. ZEBETA images, Other common engineered products most people take for granted:

  • Motor oil and gasoline

  • Tofu hot dogs

  • Beer and wine

  • Paint

  • Cosmetics

  • Diapers

  • Cement

  • Artificial flavoring

  • Shampoo

Chemical engineers are highly employable

I can easily find a new job in a chemical plant, or take a different career path, ZEBETA mg. Rx free ZEBETA, Engineering work also gave me a full complement of transferable business skills, which I expanded by studying management accounting, buy ZEBETA without a prescription. ZEBETA FOR SALE, All over the world, chemical engineers find second careers in business management, finance, insurance, national defense, project management, technical writing, and software design. ZEBETA samples,

Reduction is better than recycling

It's better to reduce consumption than to use resources to make and recycle things we don't need. I've learned to look at the whole lifecycle of a product to determine its impact, online ZEBETA without a prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, Recycling is a good thing. However, buy cheap ZEBETA, Purchase ZEBETA online no prescription, the recycling process consumes money, energy, ZEBETA maximum dosage, and resources like fuel for the trucks and transport, electricity for equipment like pumps and conveyor belts, and water for flotation and separation. Similarly, a new electric car may not burn gasoline, but it still has a big environmental impact, ZEBETA FOR SALE. It's made from metals that have to be mined and refined, plastics derived from oil, and parts shipped from factories overseas. Fuel and resources are consumed in every step.

How to shop smart

Thanks to my career, I can ignore hype and separate fact from marketing fiction. If a product is labelled "green," I'm skeptical. ZEBETA FOR SALE, I'll read the label to understand what's in it and how it works. I know that bamboo fabrics are actually viscose from cellulose fibers in bamboo, produced using a chemical process. I've also discovered that some "green" cleaners have the same ingredients as regular cleaners – the only difference is the packaging, and the higher price.

How to solve problems

I learned to solve nearly any problem by:

  • Defining the problem

  • Identifying known facts and constraints

  • Listing assumptions

  • Testing and analyzing

  • Identifying and comparing solutions

  • Choosing the best alternative

I've used this to figure out what type of heat exchanger will work best, to diagnose plant operation problems, and even to choose a new car.

What are some of the most practical things you've learned as a chemical engineer?

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December 18th, 2013


By Loraine Kasprzak | Comments (6)
Job Search

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For the February CEP Career Corner column, LOXITANE duration, Is LOXITANE safe, I’m writing about how ChEs can get the most out of a career fair.

Have career or job fairs been part of your job search strategy. I want to hear about it:


  • Which career fair did you attend?

  • Did the fair help you land a job?

  • Which career fairs are worthwhile for ChEs to attend?

  • What advice would you give others who are interested in attending one, buy LOXITANE without a prescription. LOXITANE without prescription, What should they do before, during, kjøpe LOXITANE på nett, köpa LOXITANE online, Purchase LOXITANE for sale, and after a fair?

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Please share your career fair advice and experiences below.

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December 18th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)

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