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January 31st, 2014


By Idell Bryan | Comments (0)
Washington State University

NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE, The Pacific Northwest Regional Conference will be held on April 25-27 at Washington State University, and will feature the annual Regional Chem-E-Car competition, Research Paper competition and Chem-E Jeopardy competition.


Conference Contact Information

Student Chair:  Mary Kratovil (

Advisor:  Richard L Zollars (

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January 31st, 2014


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2014-01-30_20-47-12 solar suitcase 9

AMARYL FOR SALE, When the sun sets around the world, more than 400 maternity clinics that once labored in darkness now have light. Reliable, AMARYL dosage, Purchase AMARYL online no prescription, robust and easy-to-use Solar Suitcases provide light and power for midwives and doctors to deliver babies, conduct C-sections, after AMARYL, AMARYL no rx, treat pregnancy complications, and care for newborn babies in 25 countries, canada, mexico, india. AMARYL reviews, For many mothers and babies, that light means a life with a healthy start, order AMARYL online overnight delivery no prescription. AMARYL photos, This video explains how We Care Solar, the small, AMARYL used for, Is AMARYL addictive, non-profit Laura Satchel and her husband formed five years ago, brings light and essential power to health facilities cut off from modern electricity, AMARYL from canada. Buy cheap AMARYL no rx, It also shows how two people made a difference in the world after they perfected a simple technological solution.

Do you have an idea that could change the world?

Photos: We Care Solar

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January 30th, 2014


By Fatima Enam | Comments (1)
Electric power

Electric power
BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Bangladesh is a small country, ensconced between India and Myanmar, with a staggering population of 160 million. It’s also a country where people cannot take electricity for granted: only 62% of the population has access to electricity. Buy SEROQUEL without prescription, Bangladesh predominantly relies on indigenous natural gas, which accounts for 89% of power generation. Other sources include coal (3.5%), SEROQUEL interactions, furnace oil (3%), Where can i find SEROQUEL online, HSD (1.7%) and hydro (2.5%). Unfortunately, with gas consumption at this pace, SEROQUEL description, resources are estimated to be depleted within a decade. Not that the country currently enjoys uninterrupted power: six to eight hours of power cuts are standard for people residing in rural areas, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Is SEROQUEL safe, As of 2008, power generation was 3200-3400 MW against a national demand of 5200MW. Load-shedding seems to be the only solution to curb these peaks, SEROQUEL brand name, with the poorest being the worst sufferers. Buy generic SEROQUEL, To allay these power cuts, the government turned to high cost oil-based rental and public sector peaking power plants for emergencies. If this yawning power deficit is not addressed immediately, SEROQUEL wiki, the energy situation will only exacerbate. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, According to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, the forecasted demand would be 19000 MW in 2021 and 34000 MW by 2030. SEROQUEL dangers, This demand can certainly not be met with given resources, short of a miraculous gas discovery, leaving the country with no better choice than to opt for expensive alternative schemes, SEROQUEL mg. Lack of resources shouldn’t be taking the blame alone; a history of corrupt regimes and lack of transparency equally take the blame for the unreliable and intermittent gas supply. Online buying SEROQUEL hcl,

Before the lights go out

Bangladesh has about 3 billion tons of bituminous coal disseminated amongst five coal fields. However, coal is not being extracted, my SEROQUEL experience, with one exception, Fast shipping SEROQUEL, which is responsible for the generation of 250 MW of electricity. Exorbitant cost of extraction and concerns about rehabilitation of people and adverse effects on the environment serve as a moratorium, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Instead, the country relies on imported coal, SEROQUEL alternatives. Every source of energy has its concomitant problems of one sort or another. Comprar en línea SEROQUEL, comprar SEROQUEL baratos, Even environmentally green technologies like solar panels involve carbon cost in manufacturing.

[caption id="attachment_73329" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Bangladesh, nestled between India and Myanmar, buy SEROQUEL from mexico. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Click to enlarge map. "]Bangladesh[/caption]

The government’s recent endorsement of a plan to build six new coal fired power plants gathered much controversy from experts and environmentalists alike, Order SEROQUEL from mexican pharmacy, especially against the 1320 MW Rampal coal-fired power plant, located close to the Sundarbans, a world heritage site, about SEROQUEL. The government plans to generate 17% of electricity from coal by 2016 and 53% by 2030. SEROQUEL online cod, These proposed plans should get under way only after an environment impact assessment is meticulously done.

Courting nuclear disaster?

To further address the energy crisis, the government has plans to buy two 1000 MW nuclear reactors, herbal SEROQUEL, a highly questionable move. Cognizant of the Japan nuclear crisis, the country is still going ahead with this plan, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. SEROQUEL trusted pharmacy reviews, Japan, a technologically advanced nation with state-of-the-art technology couldn’t avert a nuclear disaster in the face of a tsunami. In the face of a catastrophe, SEROQUEL long term, be it inclement weather, Online buy SEROQUEL without a prescription, earthquake or a flood, populous Bangladesh would hardly seem to stand a chance. The antiquated VVER-100 model with low safety standards is itself perilous; add to that condiments such as prohibitive cost, buy SEROQUEL no prescription, lack of skilled manpower and no infrastructure, Buy SEROQUEL without a prescription, and it would seem a perfect recipe for a holocaust. The proposed plant location is by a river with inadequate water supplies, especially in summer months, which will not be able to meet the cooling requirements. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Disposal issues of the U-236 spent rods pose a serious threat as well.

Renewable energy

Much of the rural population, with no access to the grid, resorts to biomass such as rice husk, crop residue, cattle waste, sugarcane bagasse, and jute sticks to meet their meager energy needs. These locally available biomass could be used as feedstock to develop a mini grid; and by net metering, it could complement the grid while financing the needy, thus genuinely benefiting both.

Harnessing wind energy near coastal areas has the potential to generate 100-200 MW of electricity. With an average solar radiation of 4-6.5 kWh/square meter/day, solar panels could serve grid areas currently relying on candles, lanterns, and kerosene lighting. According to the Renewable Energy Policy, the government hopes to generate at least 500 MW from solar energy, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Currently only 50 MW is being generated from renewable sources. Investing in renewable sources could provide the rural community with a sustainable, clean, and affordable source of energy, without any impact on the climate change.

With the right energy-mix and energy-planning this energy-poor nation can tackle its energy poverty. And whatever the solution, it will take require of chemical engineers to get the job done.

Can chemical engineers help provide the answers for Bangladesh?

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January 29th, 2014


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YPC Spring challenge

YPC Spring challenge IMITREX FOR SALE, Love being involved in AIChE and want others to share your experience with others. Order IMITREX no prescription, Interested in interacting with chemical engineering students near you or from your alma mater. Want to get more involved with the Young Professionals Committee (YPC), where can i buy cheapest IMITREX online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider participating in the Spring 2014 S2YP Challenge, where can i order IMITREX without prescription. IMITREX without a prescription, S2YP is a current YPC initiative to increase the number of student members who go on to become professional members. As part of this initiative, we have brainstormed a number of ways to help students learn more about the benefits of remaining a member of AIChE after graduation, IMITREX FOR SALE. What we have found is that personal interaction with current professional/graduate student AIChE members is one of the best ways to do this, IMITREX over the counter. Order IMITREX from United States pharmacy, See below for more details on the challenge:

What: Spring 2014 Student to YP Challenge (S2YP Challenge).
When: Now – May 15, IMITREX recreational, Where to buy IMITREX, 2014
Goal: To give AIChE student members more exposure to professional/graduate student members.


  • Present at an AIChE student chapter meeting on any topic that you and the student chapter agree on

  • Include at least two slides in your presentation about AIChE membership after graduation and joining either YPC or a YP Local Section.

  • Take attendance at your presentation

  • Write a ChEnected article about your experience presenting to the student chapter


For each student chapter you present to and turn an attendance sheet and ChEnected article, IMITREX treatment, Purchase IMITREX online, you will receive one entry into a raffle for one of three $50 Amazon gift cards. You can also present to the student chapters as a group and as long as each person in the group contributes to the ChEnected article, IMITREX coupon, Buy IMITREX from canada, all group members will receive one entry.

If you are interested in participating in the S2YP Challenge please email, online buy IMITREX without a prescription, IMITREX overnight, to receive the official guidelines as well as help with connecting to student chapters near you and presentation topic ideas. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to, IMITREX no rx. IMITREX reviews,

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January 28th, 2014


By Idell Bryan | Comments (0)
Rocky Mountain Student Regional Conference

ATIVAN FOR SALE, The Rocky Mountain Regional Conference will be held on March 28-30 at the University of Utah, and will feature the annual Regional Chem-E-Car competition, Research Paper competition and Chem-E Jeopardy competition.



Conference Contact Information

Student Chair:  Katherine Bell (

Advisor:  Tony Butterfield (

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January 28th, 2014


By Kent Harrington | Comments (1)
2014-01-27_23-10-41 drilling rig oilsurge 7

ADALAT FOR SALE, Triggering a giant fireball, the mile-long train carrying Bakken crude oil that crashed recently near Casselton, ND, not only spilled 400,000 gallons of crude, it showed how surging oil production in North Dakota – which barely trails Texas – has raced ahead of traditional infrastructure such as pipelines and even puncture-resistant railcars.

Last year across the US, record oil production rose 992,000 barrels a day to a daily total of 7.5 million, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates, herbal ADALAT, and production was still surging through November and December, to possibly over eight million. As a result, ADALAT australia, uk, us, usa, US production climbed to its highest level since 1989.

The oil surge has surprised everyone

America’s energy boom has left so much oil sloshing around the country that it's even surprised experts. “We keep raising our forecasts, and we keep underestimating production,” Lejla Alic, ADALAT no prescription, a Paris-based analyst with the IEA, told the New York Times. The increase in 2013 topped 2012's increase of 836,000 barrels a day, ADALAT FOR SALE.

Predictably, ADALAT without a prescription, this rapidly growing oil production has run up against a severe pipeline shortage in North Dakota’s Bakken oil field, where about two-thirds of  the crude oil is now shipped by rail.

Although pipeline companies are scrambling to connect these new fields, and moving crude by pipeline still costs less, railroads solved the transportation bottleneck more quickly, ADALAT for sale. By laying just a few miles of track and building new loading facilities, oil and gas drillers have quickly connected remote areas in North Dakota with national railroads like the Union Pacific and BNSF Railway, which both carry about 400, Buy no prescription ADALAT online, 000 barrels out of the region each day. According to a June report by Bloomberg:

...71 percent of all Bakken crude now leaves the region by train, compared with 25 percent in January 2012. Only 20 percent travels by pipeline, down from 61 percent in 2011.

A stopgap has now become a fixture in the nation’s energy landscape, with 200 "virtual pipelines" snaking across the horizon daily, where can i buy ADALAT online.

Increasing oil spills

ADALAT FOR SALE, But by moving so much oil by rail, spills have increased. There have been 10 large spills in the US and Canada over the last 10 months. Records show that spills in the US last year far outpaced the total amount spilled by railroads from 1975 to 2012. The New York Times supplied some numbers:
...From 1975 to 2012, ADALAT pharmacy, federal records show, railroads spilled 800,000 gallons of crude oil. Last year alone, they spilled more than 1.15 million gallons, kjøpe ADALAT på nett, köpa ADALAT online, according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration....

How quickly has this problem grown. In 2010, railroads spilled about 5,000 gallons of crude oil, according to federal data, ADALAT FOR SALE. Going back even further in time, spills were nonexistent. Ordering ADALAT online, In eight of the years between 1975 and 2009, railroads reported no crude oil spills.

But the difference is obvious: until very recently, railroads weren’t carrying oil in long 80- to 100-car trains. “This has developed overnight, ADALAT price, and they've been playing catch-up with the infrastructure,” Deborah A. ADALAT FOR SALE, P. Hersman, Rx free ADALAT, the chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, told the New York Times.

Even though the spill numbers are huge, there's still a strong overall safety record. Railroads shipped 400, ADALAT over the counter,000 carloads of crude oil last year; with each tank car holding about 28,800 gallons, it adds up to more than 11.5 billion gallons, Cheap ADALAT no rx, according to MSN News, so:

Last year’s total spills of 1.15 million gallons means that 99.99 percent of shipments arrived without incident...

Explosions highlight another safety problem

But it's the most recent explosions that have highlighted another serious problem. Federal officials declared that the Bakken's light, sweet crude oil is prone to ignite at a lower temperature. Experts say lighter crudes contain more natural gas and have a much lower flash point, ADALAT FOR SALE.

While far more toxic products are shipped on trains, australia, uk, us, usa, those products, such as chlorine, are transported in pressurized vessels designed to survive an accident. Online buying ADALAT, Crude oil, on the other hand, is shipped in a DOT-111 tank car that entered service in 1964 and that has been traditionally used for nonflammable hazardous liquids like liquid fertilizers.

After a 2009 ethanol train crash and fire in Illinois, the National Transportation Safety Board said that the old versions of the DOT-111 container car should be retrofitted or phased out because they are likely to be punctured in the case of a derailment, ADALAT brand name. New DOT-111 tank cars have thicker walls, among other requirements. ADALAT FOR SALE, When the BNSF Railway train exploded in North Dakota on Dec. 30, My ADALAT experience, the safety board said, 18 of 20 older, oil-carrying DOT-111 cars that derailed were punctured.

Unfortunately, there are about 92, taking ADALAT,000 DOT-111 tank cars currently used to move crude oil and ethanol across the US, and about 78,000 cars should be retrofitted to be made safer or phased out. ADALAT alternatives, Fortunately, tank cars built since Oct. 1, 2011, are required to comply with tougher standards, low dose ADALAT, including shells with thicker steel, but there are only about 14,000 of these. ADALAT pictures, According to Fuel Fix, railways, oil companies, refiners, and even tank car producers support new regulations that could force tank car owners to make upgrades, buy ADALAT online no prescription, but:

The upgrades could cost $2,000 to $80,000 per car, ADALAT steet value, depending on the amount of work required, said Thomas Simpson, president of the Railway Supply Institute, which represents car owners and manufacturers.

The American Association of Railroads has said the total upgrade cost could exceed $1 billion, estimating an average cost of $15, ADALAT results,000 to retrofit each tank car. And Railway associations say upgrading, repurposing or retiring the old model cars could take seven to 10 years.

Will new pipelines in North Dakota replace railroad cars?

Images: BSNF train, Ron Reiring; Ethanol crash, NTSB; DOT 111, Federal Railroad Administration; drilling rig, Joshua Doubek

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January 27th, 2014


By admin | Comments (1)

MOTILIUM FOR SALE, Being a member of AIChE clearly has its benefits, such as vast networking opportunities, access to experts at meetings, and much more, but AIChE membership just got even better. Order MOTILIUM from mexican pharmacy, We've rolled out a host of new member-only benefits that go beyond your work life, ranging from important insurance options to useful discounts on everyday products and services, order MOTILIUM online c.o.d. MOTILIUM treatment, Check out the new benefits below.

And for a full understanding of member benefits, MOTILIUM wiki, MOTILIUM pics, download the membership guide here. You can also click individual graphics below for more information on a specific benefit, comprar en línea MOTILIUM, comprar MOTILIUM baratos.

For further information, also see the Financial Benefits Guide [magazine format] and a listing of Complete Member Benefits, MOTILIUM FOR SALE. Buy MOTILIUM without a prescription,

Member Only Insurance Plans

AIChE offers members portable insurance plans you can take with you when you change jobs or careers. See information on health plans, discount MOTILIUM, Purchase MOTILIUM online no prescription, life insurance, disability insurance, purchase MOTILIUM online, MOTILIUM samples, auto, home, MOTILIUM cost, MOTILIUM duration, tenant insurance, and more.




Office Depot [New Benefit]

AIChE has partnered with Office Depot to bring you a FREE national discount program, after MOTILIUM. Online MOTILIUM without a prescription, Save up to 80% off preferred products!




AZIGO Online Shopping Mall [New Benefit]

Azigo is an online shopping mall where AIChE members can earn lots of cash back for shopping at your favorite stores. Receive cash back from stores such as Kohl’s, MOTILIUM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, MOTILIUM dosage, Target, Nordstrom, is MOTILIUM safe, Where can i order MOTILIUM without prescription, Zappos, 1-800 Flowers, where to buy MOTILIUM, MOTILIUM description, and Sephora.




Travel Benefits [New]

AIChE is proud to offer new member-only travel benefits from Wyndham, Red Roof Inn, purchase MOTILIUM, MOTILIUM without prescription, and Cruises Only. Plus car rental discounts form Hertz and Avis.





UltimateDefender™ Legal Plan from ARAG® [New Benefit]

Chances are good that you’ll face at least one legal issue in your personal life this year – and probably more, buy MOTILIUM without prescription. Get MOTILIUM, With UltimateDefender from ARAG, a global provider of legal solutions, you can get the legal help you need — and avoid paying high-cost attorney fees.



Project Management Courses - New Member Benefit

AIChE in partnership with MindEdge, Inc., offers engaging and effective online Professional Development courses. Logged in members can receive a 10% discount on these courses.




UPS Discounts

AIChE members receive substantial discounts on overnight shipping with UPS, the world’s largest package distribution company. Save up to 26% off shipping.





LifeLine Screening [New Benefit]

Affordable Lifeline Screening Discounts for AIChE members.

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January 23rd, 2014


By Idell Bryan | Comments (0)

BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, The Northeast Regional Conference will be held on April 4-5 at the University of Connecticut, and will feature the annual Regional Chem-E-Car competition, Research Paper competition and Chem-E Jeopardy competition.

Registration is now open!

Conference Contact Information

Student Chair:  Nathan Kastner (

Advisor:  Jeffrey R McCutcheon (

Visit the conference site for more information

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January 23rd, 2014


By Idell Bryan | Comments (2)

BUY URISPAS NO PRESCRIPTION, The North Central Regional Conference will be held on April 11-12 at Michigan State University, and will feature the annual Regional Chem-E-Car competition, Research Paper competition and Chem-E Jeopardy competition.


The Schedule of Events can be downloaded by clicking here!

Visit the site, URISPAS images. URISPAS dose,


Conference Contact Information

Student Chair:  Andrew Wisniowiecki (
Advisor:  Robert Y Ofoli ( Buy cheap URISPAS. URISPAS class. URISPAS over the counter. URISPAS wiki. Buy URISPAS online no prescription. URISPAS no prescription. Low dose URISPAS. Order URISPAS no prescription. URISPAS street price. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order URISPAS online overnight delivery no prescription. After URISPAS. URISPAS recreational. Order URISPAS from United States pharmacy. URISPAS canada, mexico, india. Get URISPAS. URISPAS results. Purchase URISPAS. Order URISPAS from mexican pharmacy. Buy no prescription URISPAS online. Real brand URISPAS online. URISPAS schedule. Is URISPAS addictive.


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January 23rd, 2014


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2014-01-22_17-24-09 sgb 4

BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Jatropha 1.0 boomed and, just as quickly, went bust. But one startup managed to survive the crash. Today in a Southern California greenhouse, SG Biofuels' new hybrid seeds produce the holy grail: jatropha in quantities (about 5.5 tons an acre) that the company says are competitive with petroleum priced at $99 a barrel, FAMVIR results. With oil hovering around $100 a barrel, they've arrived at Jatropha 2.0. FAMVIR forum, Currently, the company also has deals to plant 250,000 acres of jatropha in Brazil, India, FAMVIR natural, and other countries. These crops are expected to produce 70 million gallons of fuel a year, BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Corn ethanol: the first biofuel boom

Before jatropha, Real brand FAMVIR online, there was the corn-ethanol boom in 2004, which had been touted as a way to stretch fossil fuels by blending. But corn required lots of land and water. Scientists were already worried that this would divert resources away from feeding people, FAMVIR pictures. Later, higher prices and food riots confirmed those fears. BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Then in 2007, jatropha was pushed by Goldman Sachs as the next big thing in biofuels. Buy cheap FAMVIR, Unlike corn, jatropha could be grown almost anywhere – primarily on dry, marginal land. It didn't need much water, FAMVIR blogs, and it wasn't edible. So environmentalists didn't worry about competing with food crops. FAMVIR street price, Investors poured into the new scheme and jatropha was planted on about two and a half million acres of land across Asia and sub-Sahara Africa.

The mania ended when the first fruits were harvested and yielded too few seeds to produce enough oil to be profitable – half what analysts had promised, BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. In retrospect the reason was obvious: many plantations had used the available but undomesticated plant.

“It wasn’t jatropha that failed," SGB CEO Kirk Haney told Biofuels Digest, where to buy FAMVIR, ”it was the jatropha 1.0 business model that failed,” skipping the work of genomic development to create "hybrid vigor."

As SGBiofuels' website explains:

When divergent parental plant lines are crossed, Buy FAMVIR no prescription, a phenomenon known as heterosis can occur. Also known as "hybrid vigor," the progeny exhibit robust growth, disease resistance, FAMVIR trusted pharmacy reviews, and productivities much higher than the parental lines used to create them.

The company's CEO gives an overview of SG Biofuels in the following video:

Finding the original jatropha plant

Ironically, during the earlier crash Dr Schmidt, Buy FAMVIR online cod, SGB’s chief scientist, had already concluded that jatropha showed too little genetic diversity, making it impossible improve.

He also learned that most of the low-yielding jatropha plants were genetically similar, FAMVIR without prescription, descendants of plants grown on Cape Verde, an island off western Africa, FAMVIR interactions, which had become the center of jatropha farming 300 years ago. BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Over centuries, a single strain of the plant, primarily used as living fence for livestock, was exported around the globe.

SGB's breakthrough came when Dr. Schmidt found an obscure 30-year-old paper by the botanist Bijan Dehgan, who had devoted his career to understanding jatropha, FAMVIR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Dehgan had traveled around the world collecting and cataloging over 175 species of the plant and began to realize that the species actually originated in Central America, not Cape Verde.

So Schmidt went to Central America and made an astounding discovery. FAMVIR brand name, “It was absolutely spectacular the amount of genetic variation that we collected from the center of origin,” he told the New York Times. Now SG Biofuels had something to work with and improve, BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Plunging DNA sequencing costs

That discovery coincided with a plunge in the cost of DNA sequencing that allowed SGB scientists to rapidly identify the most genetically diverse and productive plants for crossbreeding.

It costs SGB $350 to genetically map a single jatropha line to look for valuable mutations, fast shipping FAMVIR. The price five years ago. About $150, Buying FAMVIR online over the counter, 000, according to Eric Mathur, SGB’s chief technologist. BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, The machine that does the work in SGB’s laboratory can map 10 to 15 plant lines at a time. To identify desirable traits, FAMVIR no prescription, it compares sequences with a master jatropha genome, which SGB spent $250, Discount FAMVIR, 000 to create. “You simply could not do this three years ago without a really high cash flow out the door,” Mr. Mathur told the New York Times, cheap FAMVIR.

To domesticate a wild plant, scientists traditionally crossbred two promising lines and waited for them to flower. The process could last years, BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea FAMVIR, comprar FAMVIR baratos, Now SGB’s scientists can identify potentially productive hybrids in the laboratory at the molecular level before the plants are crossbred. “This used to be a 10-year discovery process,” Mr. Mathur said, no prescription FAMVIR online. “It’s more like a 10-month process now.”

SGB’s hybrids have been developed following five years of research, drawing from a diverse germplasm library including more than 12, Purchase FAMVIR for sale, 000 unique genotypes. BUY FAMVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, SGB recently revealed that its germplasm collection contains more than 2 million individual genetic markers, confirming jatropha has a genetic diversity comparable to corn.

The lucrative JetBio deal

SGB recently announced that it has developed elite jatropha hybrids for India that are on track to deliver 5.5 metric tons of seed per year and possess the critical attributes to ensure the crop’s success in India. Haney explains:

Now the fully domesticated plant produces high-quality oil that can be refined into low-carbon jet fuel, or diesel fuel. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by 2018 jatropha-based aircraft fuel could be produced for 86¢ per liter, ordering FAMVIR online, about the same price as conventional jet fuel today and far less than fuel made from soybeans or palm.

SGB’s success at improving jatropha seed yields by as much as 900 percent persuaded a consortium that includes Airbus, BP and the Inter-American Development Bank to sign a deal with the company to plant 75,000 acres of jatropha in Brazil. The consortium, called JetBio, will develop sources of biofuel for the airline industry.

Could biofuels become the primary fuel for airlines?

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