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August 13th, 2014

On Site: North American Student Energy Summit

By ChenectedGuest
windmills, renewable energy

Erin Alderink of the University of Michigan reports on her experience at the North American Student Energy Summit (NASES), as part of her internship in the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) program.

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July 14th, 2014

AIChE Apprentice Takes on Potable Water Challenge

By ChenectedGuest
Drinking Water

Alex Avram, a chemical engineering PhD student at UARK who recently joined the three-year AIChE Apprenticeship Program, describes his plans to help communities gain access to potable water.

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July 11th, 2014

Electricity and the Environment

By ChenectedGuest

Fossil fuels will continue to play an important part in electricity generation, and this opens the doors for many opportunities for young chemical engineers.

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May 8th, 2014

Purdue University wins YCOSST P3 Award

By ChenectedGuest
AIChE's Lucy Alexander presented the Purdue University team with the YCOSST P3 award.

Purdue’s Biowall entry took home the prize, with an ingenious design that improves indoor air quality thanks, in part, to plants’ ability to purify air.

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May 5th, 2014

High School Outreach at Spring Meeting in New Orleans

By ChenectedGuest
Tulane High School Outreach Program

On Wednesday April 2nd at Tulane University, more than 160 students from three high schools in the New Orleans area gathered to listen and learn from practicing chemical engineers during the AIChE high school outreach event as part of the Spring Meeting.

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May 5th, 2014

Lafayette College ChBE Symposium Launches with Twin-Distillation Plant Unveiling

By ChenectedGuest
Pryor Speech

Lafayette College Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) hosted the Lafayette ChBE Symposium “Engineering re-Connections: framing future networks.

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March 13th, 2014

Preparing for Chairing? Build Some Relationships!

By ChenectedGuest

Chairing for an AIChE meeting is a big job, but it also helps build a strong professional network that can serves for years to come.

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February 17th, 2014


By ChenectedGuest

BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, By Janet Chu, Sensient Technologies


When talking with college students at local section meetings, I’m often asked about my responsibilities within AIChE with a simple question: “So, what do you do?” The answer, however, is not so simple. As a leader in the Chicago Local Section, MEVACOR overnight, Chicago Young Professionals Committee (YPC), national YPC, and President’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Local Sections, where to buy MEVACOR, I could answer this question in several ways. MEVACOR from mexico,


Building a professional network

I supplement my professional development through networking. One of my first jobs out of college involved solving calculations and preparing reports. Although I was interested in learning about other areas of chemical engineering, MEVACOR wiki, I had limited opportunities to do so in my position and company.
I used AIChE to build a professional network by joining the Chicago YPC within the Chicago Local Section. Communicating with other chemical engineers, especially other young professionals, helped me learn more about varied aspects of chemical engineering and other possible career paths, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Order MEVACOR no prescription, It also helped me keep my technical skills up to speed.

After starting a position at a new company, Sensient Technologies, MEVACOR use, I reached out to my AIChE contacts to inquire about resources I could use to learn the intricacies of the technologies I would be using at my new job, After MEVACOR, such as spray drying equipment.

There are many advantages to using AIChE as a professional development resource. Julie Gruhn, where can i cheapest MEVACOR online, CDP Group Lead at UOP, MEVACOR dose, credits finding and landing her job to her involvement and contacts in AIChE. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, “My connections through AIChE informed me about the job opening, and my leadership and experience in AIChE helped differentiate me from other candidates,” said Julie. Additionally, AIChE helped open a new career avenue for Julie, MEVACOR treatment, which she may not have discovered otherwise. Online MEVACOR without a prescription, “This job is not the traditional chemical engineering role, and I love it,” she said, where can i find MEVACOR online.

Jon Haughton, Buy cheap MEVACOR no rx, an associate product specialist at Ingredion, enjoys the networking opportunities AIChE provides. “Being involved in AIChE committees, cheap MEVACOR no rx, I get to network with people I would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. It astounds me that I have met with executives of large companies and other high caliber professionals,” said Jon, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Taking MEVACOR,

Gaining leadership experience

I build my leadership skills — and my resume. AIChE helped me develop leadership skills at a time when leadership positions were not available to me in the workplace. When I started my career, what is MEVACOR, there were very few opportunities for me to develop leadership skills at work, Where can i order MEVACOR without prescription, as leadership positions were typically given to those with the most seniority. However, I learned that AIChE offers a variety of leadership positions — within its divisions, MEVACOR blogs, committees, Buy MEVACOR from canada, and local sections, as well as within YPC at both the national and local levels. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I became a member of the Programming Committee of the Chicago YPC and helped brainstorm and plan monthly events. In this role, MEVACOR from canadian pharmacy, three years ago, MEVACOR images, I arranged a brewery tour and social to celebrate the graduation of chemical engineering students and welcome them into the ranks of young professionals. Although it was a small event, the committee liked it so much that it has become an annual tradition, online buy MEVACOR without a prescription. I have also organized K-12 outreach events and technical tours. Herbal MEVACOR,

Local and national exposure

At the local level, I volunteered as the public relations director of the Chicago Local Section. I began in this role by creating an AIChE Chicago Facebook page and LinkedIn group, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. As public relations director, MEVACOR mg, I am a member of the Chicago Local Section’s Board of Directors, Low dose MEVACOR, where the more experienced members (the self-proclaimed “gray hairs”) periodically ask for my contribution as a young professional.

YPC gives its members unique leadership opportunities that help bridge the gap between younger and experienced professionals; the perspective this offers is a great confidence booster and resume builder.

I volunteer to help others and contribute to my field. My local section involvement encouraged me to pursue a larger leadership opportunity within the national YPC. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, In 2012, I applied for and accepted the New Young Professional Group Representative position on the Local Section and Executive Student Subcommittee. This level of leadership gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from other local section young professionals. As part of my responsibilities in this role, I provided support to several local sections that were interested in starting their own local section YPC. Not only did my contributions directly help others to become involved in AIChE, they also furthered my own professional network.

On the national level, I also volunteered for the President’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Local Sections, a special committee formed in Sept. 2013 to help determine and meet local section needs, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Suggestions for strengthening the local sections will be presented to the AIChE Board of Directors at the 2014 Spring Meeting. As a YP representative on this committee, I am able to provide perspectives and information on current YP programming and initiatives.
I have a unique perspective on the merits of volunteering because I chose to pursue a variety of leadership roles
at different levels within AIChE. I encourage others to take advantage of the diverse leadership opportunities that AIChE offers at both the local and national levels, and at the young-professional and non-young-professional levels.

This article appeared in the February issue of CEP magazine, which members can view in its entirety here. .

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February 10th, 2014


By ChenectedGuest

ZYRTEC FOR SALE, by Moritz von Stosch, PhD

Imagine you want to make beer, and not just any beer, but great beer. You have all the ingredients, all the equipment and you already made your first attempt with a simple recipe. Now, where can i find ZYRTEC online, how do you start to improve the taste.

One simple way to is to gradually note changes in taste as you vary the amount of ingredients, Online ZYRTEC without a prescription, adjust the fermentation time, or alter the fermentation temperature (Figure 1a, below). You could even do this more systematic by applying a statistical design of experiments, ZYRTEC pharmacy, making sure that you capture all possible influence factors (Figure 1b). The next step would probably be to quantify the taste more objectively, using some analytic device rather than tasting and rating the beer yourself, ZYRTEC FOR SALE. Once you are at this level, Fast shipping ZYRTEC, i.e., you already have a lot of data, you might as well decide to use a data-driven modeling tool, which links the different influence factors (such as ingredients, buy ZYRTEC online cod, fermentation time or temperature) to the analytic quantified taste of beer (Figure 1c).

Most likely this data-driven model would tell you how the optimal factors might make your beer taste good. ZYRTEC gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Simple, systematic, and objective oriented, this seems to be a good approach, real brand ZYRTEC online, and yet you hardly used your chemical engineering education, even though brewing beer is the kind of batch process you learned so much about in school. Buy ZYRTEC without a prescription, So how would you solve this problem using your education.

[caption id="attachment_73557" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Figure 1 – Click to Enlarge"]Figure 1[/caption]

Putting chemical engineering skills to work

ZYRTEC FOR SALE, That’s right, material balances. Just do the balance for ingredient 1, ingredient 2, ingredient x and the balance of the taste, ZYRTEC dose. Done. Does it look like in Figure 1d. My ZYRTEC experience, But what order do the reaction rates belong to. Most reactions are of the first order so you might stick with that, even though it is a bioprocess, ZYRTEC FOR SALE. You could also do some fermentations and try to figure out what the most suitable expression for the reaction rates is, but that will probably take significant time and effort. Nevertheless, ZYRTEC class, with the help of the model you will finally get a good—maybe even better tasting—beer.

Which option do you think requires the least effort, ZYRTEC online cod, and which one will identify the best taste. Depending on the circumstances, either could be successful, and either one could turn out to be easier, buying ZYRTEC online over the counter. ZYRTEC FOR SALE, But why use only one or the other option and not combine both, with hybrid modeling.

What is hybrid modeling?

The first modeling approach is data-driven, the second approach is fundamental. ZYRTEC street price, The combination of the two is typically referred to as hybrid modeling, more specifically hybrid semi-parametric modeling.

This method allows you to integrate all available knowledge into one approach, ZYRTEC for sale, while reducing effort and maintaining accuracy. In the above case, for example, you can derive the material balances, but instead of trying to derive an expression for the kinetic rates, a data-driven model would be used for their representation (Figure 1e), ZYRTEC FOR SALE. Thus, Doses ZYRTEC work, it’s easier to derive this model compared to a fundamental model. In addition, fewer experiments are usually required to derive the data-driven model that is a part of the hybrid model, compared to a standalone data-driven model, rx free ZYRTEC. The reason for this is because the incorporated fundamental knowledge structures the interactions of the variables, ZYRTEC wiki, whereas they must be tested experimentally for strictly data-driven models. ZYRTEC FOR SALE, For example, the impact of the fermentation time is implicitly captured in the hybrid model, whereas the impact of the standalone data-driven model would have to be tested experimentally. In general, hybrid models offer a higher benefit/cost ratio for solving complex models, compared to models solely base on one source of knowledge, ZYRTEC reviews.

What are hybrid models best suited for?

Each modeling approach, whether hybrid, Ordering ZYRTEC online, fundamental, or data-driven, is suited for certain conditions. Fundamental models allow explaining the behavior of a system in a broad range, ZYRTEC maximum dosage. Data-driven approaches can be applied when nothing at all is known about the functioning of the system. Every time different sources of knowledge are available, it is efficient to use hybrid models, especially when the model development is rather objective-driven (e.g., a model for optimization), ZYRTEC FOR SALE. As such, Comprar en línea ZYRTEC, comprar ZYRTEC baratos, hybrid modeling is very attractive for applied research.

Imagine you already derived a fundamental model, but for some reason the estimation error values are great for some of the experiments. In this case you could use a data-driven model in parallel to the fundamental model, no prescription ZYRTEC online, in order to identify whether the estimation error can be explained by a function of variable combinations, as is shown in Figure 2. Buy generic ZYRTEC, This can help to understand what part of the model needs to be refined.

[caption id="attachment_73560" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Figure 2 – Click to Enlarge"]Figure 2 ZYRTEC FOR SALE, [/caption]

The other possibility is to use a data-driven model to represent the variables in the fundamental model for which it is difficult to derive mathematical expressions, such as for the reaction rates in the case above. This approach, referred to as serial hybrid model, allows describing and understanding a system, ZYRTEC mg, even though the underlying phenomena are unidentified at the outset.

Applying hybrid models to your projects

Hybrid models can provide accurate predictions at an acceptable cost. They can successfully be applied to advanced process monitoring, optimization and control (check out these for more information: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3). The above outlined features of hybrid models have the potential to save resources, reduce timelines, and improve manufacturing. If hybrid modeling could work for you, consider also checking out this article (in addition to the articles listed above) and this course as one starting point.

Dr. Moritz von Stosch is a member of the faculty in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, at Portugal's Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Do you, or could you, use hybrid modeling in your job?

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November 18th, 2013


By ChenectedGuest
Graduate School Decisions

by Chris Lowe

Graduate School DecisionsThe following article also appears in the BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, November issue of CEP, which members can read online.

About two years ago, I was faced with a decision. I was a few weeks away from graduating with my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering when I received an email from a friend. He was recruiting graduating students to act as liaisons between AIChE’s Young Professionals Advisory Board (now the Young Professionals Committee; YPC) and student chapters, get INDERAL, and wanted me to get involved. INDERAL used for, I had done a lot of work with AIChE as an undergrad, both at my local UMass Amherst student chapter and on AIChE’s Executive Student Committee. That involvement allowed me to meet some amazing people and to develop leadership skills — but as a grad student, INDERAL no rx, I wasn’t sure that I would have enough time to remain active in AIChE, Where to buy INDERAL, or how my AIChE experience would change as I transitioned from student to young, working professional.

In the end, I decided to get involved with the YPC, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. It was the right decision, fast shipping INDERAL.

When I moved to Rutgers Univ. Canada, mexico, india, to begin my PhD work, I was reintroduced to AIChE on a professional level. I joined the ranks of AIChE’s young professionals (YPs), INDERAL dose, comprised of members — grad students, INDERAL reviews, new professors, and young engineers in industries both traditional and non-traditional — who hold at least a BS degree and who are under age 35. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, While I was integrating into my new school, I was also integrating into a new and diverse community of chemical engineering professionals.

Meaningful involvement from the start

I’ve been impressed that, after INDERAL, as an AIChE volunteer, INDERAL mg, I can choose my own involvement. Because of the positive experiences I had as an AIChE undergraduate, I decided to work with the YPC on increasing undergraduate involvement in the Institute, INDERAL natural. In the past year, INDERAL dosage, I’ve made presentations at the 2012 Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, and at the 2013 student regional conferences at my old home of UMass Amherst and my new home at Rutgers, buy INDERAL no prescription, on topics such as “Is grad school right for me?” and “AIChE after graduation.” I also help select outstanding undergraduates to feature here on ChEnected, Where can i buy INDERAL online, and offer guidance to students hosting regional conferences.

I’m driven to continue these volunteer activities because they have already helped me to develop as a leader and a mentor. I’ve benefited from strong AIChE mentors early in my career, and I have wanted to pass that along when I became a professional, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Working with students as a YP has given me an opportunity to do just that, where can i find INDERAL online, and much earlier in my career than I expected. Order INDERAL online c.o.d,

Unparalleled networking

I didn’t need to be established in my field or an expert engineer to become an AIChE volunteer. I was able to step in as a young professional and immediately have an impact. In the process, herbal INDERAL, I’ve met countless dynamic engineers from all areas of industry and academia, Order INDERAL no prescription, which provided the unintended benefit of expanding my professional network, and opening opportunities I otherwise would not have had. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, One of the most memorable of these experiences came last fall when I attended AIChE’s Annual Gala in New York City. There, INDERAL online cod, I found myself sharing a meal with leaders from Chevron, INDERAL alternatives, DuPont, and Praxair, and hearing the CEOs of all three companies talk about the future of chemical engineering, purchase INDERAL online no prescription.

Beyond my networking experiences, Order INDERAL online overnight delivery no prescription, another advantage of being an active AIChE member as a graduate student is the scope of AIChE’s offerings across disciplines and locations. For example, AIChE’s 22 technical divisions and forums serve the spectrum of the practice, no prescription INDERAL online, including groups for members in education and law. INDERAL from mexico, As I pursue my PhD work on engineering biomaterials to promote regeneration in the nervous system, I always look forward to talks and poster sessions hosted by the Society for Biological Engineering (one of AIChE’s technical communities) and the Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division, online buying INDERAL hcl, where I can learn and interact with other engineers in my area of study.

Participate in person or online

AIChE also boasts more than 100 local sections, as well as a Virtual Section started for members who live in locations without an active group (but open to any member regardless of his or her location), BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. If you are a graduate student looking to make connections in your specialty or to become visible in the local engineering community, involving yourself with a division, forum, or local section can give you a jump on current technology and trends, and allow you to meet and work with engineers who are shaping local industry. Also, many sections have YP groups, where young engineers gather for social events, outreach activities, and career-related programs.

Being active in AIChE has made my short time as an engineer markedly greater and has left me energized countless times. At each step, my decision to continue and increase my involvement has been justified. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I want other young engineers to feel the same way about AIChE.

Some graduate students choose only to participate in AIChE when they have research to present at conferences. It may be a cliché to say “You’ll get out of it what you put into it,” but if you get involved in AIChE as a graduate student, you’ll be able to look back as I have and know you made the right decision.

Chris Lowe is currently a graduate student at Rutgers University.

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