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Bio: Cory, active in AIChE, is member of Young Professional Advisory Board and Career and Education Operating Council, serves as a the Rocky Mountain Section Student Liaison, and is a graduate student in the Division of Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, co-enrolled in a Science Technology Engineering Policy certificate program. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (ChE) and Energy Manager-in-Training, a graduate from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (BS ChE) 2000 and Colorado State University (MS ChE/BiolE) 2006. Outside of volunteering, he enjoys being active in hobbies that include winter and summer sport activities in the Rocky Mountains (soccer, mountain biking and snowboarding). Cory has researched biosensors, applied mathematical modeling, analytical approaches to water remediation of emerging contaminants with an aquatic plant (Pistia stratiotes), holistic aspects of several renewable energy projects, life cycle analysis and applied sustainable sciences (e.g. K-12 urban garden based education and engineering outreach) while holding management, pilot and experimental design roles. His research interests lay in the areas of novel synergistic system design that often require iterative experiment and model validation (e.g. integrated energy processes), bio-devices (e.g. sensors and energy generating) and sustainable science topics (e.g. water, energy efficiency, metrics, environmental economics). Cory enjoys creative and cross-disciplinary approaches to science and engineering problems and is working to promote quality leadership development at all levels.

September 27th, 2013


By Cory Jensen

NIZORAL FOR SALE, The International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering (ICOSSE) met for the third time in Cincinnati, OH, on August 11-15. The Congress opened with a presentation from Vice Mayor of Cincinnati, Where can i find NIZORAL online, Roxanne Qualls. Her opening talk focused on how Cincinnati is an epicenter of water-centric research and history. The Vice Mayor noted that Cincinnati is embedded in the annals of municipal water treatment history by being the second metropolitan area to deploy activated carbon water treatment technology (second to Paris), NIZORAL price, coupon, by having a water quality station in operation since 1913, Cheap NIZORAL, and as the birthplace of the Streeter-Phelps equation where studies were done on the Ohio River in 1925.

Additional sustainable highlights of the state of Ohio includes per capita lead in the nation in LEED certified buildings, although little mention was made to specific energy metrics, benchmarking of the impact that LEED buildings and associated operations have, NIZORAL natural. Several of the city of Cincinnati’s sustainability action plan details were discussed, NIZORAL canada, mexico, india, in particular noting civic garden centers to alleviate food deserts and the support of car-optional lifestyles via a car-sharing service and bike-share program.

[caption id="attachment_69914" align="alignleft" width="470" caption="At the Vice Mayor's recommendation to get to know the city, I took in a Reds game at the Great American Ball Park, NIZORAL FOR SALE. "][/caption]

One of the dominant question of the event was water's central role in climate change. Many coastal water plants are near sea level and could be susceptible to major storm events and rising sea levels, purchase NIZORAL online. Water use will be stressed globally due to forecasts of population increases from 1.6 billion people to approximately 2.8 by 2025. Fast shipping NIZORAL, Further, approximately 40% of food is currently produced on irrigated lands (putting pressure on water supplies, which are not all managed sustainably) and it is estimated that the US will require over $600 billion for water infrastructure in the same timeframe, NIZORAL without prescription.

Critical materials

NIZORAL FOR SALE, Twice over the course of the 2013 summer I have had a chance to interact with David J.C. Constable, Buy NIZORAL without prescription, who is the Director of the American Chemistry Society’s Green Chemistry Institute. For those interested in a forum for green chemistry and a multidisciplinary discussion including policy issues, check out the newsletter that ACS offers, NIZORAL from mexico. As chemical engineers, Real brand NIZORAL online, we share a common language with chemists and often make use of chemistry skills to perform our individual ChE roles. David’s speech at the Congress highlighted relevant areas for making chemical manufacture more sustainable. Here are a few of the main points:

  • There are five-year to 50-year reserves of the following minerals, which the greatest emphasis on those in bold: Zn, Ga, Ge, As, Rh, Ag, In, Sn, Sb, Au, Hf.

  • Critical minerals and the US economy rely heavily on South Africa and Russia.

  • Reference to a treatise on a nutrient life requires but is in scare supply: phosphorus (Elser, J, NIZORAL FOR SALE. Nature 2011 478 (7367): 29.)

  • Inspired question: How can we re-envision common unit operations (i.e, online NIZORAL without a prescription. batch reactors, Purchase NIZORAL for sale, distillation, and crystallization) to support process intensification?

  • All science starts as science fiction. The author would like to point out Feynman’s talk (“There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom.”
 Richard Feynman, about NIZORAL, Pasadena, NIZORAL use, 29 December 1959).

  • Green Chemistry Simplified – 1) maximize resource efficiency, 2) eliminate and minimize hazards and pollution, 3) apply systems level thinking holistically (i.e, buying NIZORAL online over the counter. life cycle thinking).

Hopefully these bullet points illustrate some critical focus areas for chemical engineering innovation. NIZORAL FOR SALE, After some of my study in the area of science technology studies, I realize that action to implement some of this change may not seem popular or welcomed; however, it was noted during Dr. Buy generic NIZORAL, Constable’s talk that outcomes from such endeavors could have Nobel implications.

[caption id="attachment_69911" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="The 2013 ACS Green Chemistry Summer Workshop T-shirt"][/caption]


Making a comeback: ChE fundamentals and a new spin

There was a new spin put on poster presentations, with a rapid-fire format, NIZORAL schedule, which involved all poster presenters giving a 90-second (maximum) introduction to their posters to the Congress. Get NIZORAL, The thought is that this would help those attending identify presenters they would like to visit during the poster session. The practice also develops presenters skills that can be likened to an elevator speech (a skill sought in AAAS fellows) or preparing the presentation of transformative-disruptive science (e.g., publication in high impact journals), order NIZORAL online overnight delivery no prescription.

Also spotted at the Congress was the well-known AIChE pocket book, but don’t call it a comeback….yet, NIZORAL FOR SALE. The pocket book contains some of the basic equations and relationships that chemical engineers use and fundamental mathematical relationship as part of the profession. Kjøpe NIZORAL på nett, köpa NIZORAL online, [caption id="attachment_69912" align="alignleft" width="470" caption="Back to Basics, the AIChE Pocket Handbook made a comeback. Maybe we'll see an update of some of this knowledge, online buy NIZORAL without a prescription, or even an app?"][/caption]

A presentation by Dr. Ordering NIZORAL online, Jeff Seay on the topic of sustainability credentialing being undertaken by the Institute suggests that sustainability and chemical engineering education, as a part of AIChE, will have at least 10 focus areas, buy NIZORAL from mexico. The author wonders if this could be a point in time where the pocket book possibly gets an upgrade and if professional topics such as ethics will actually be incorporated. NIZORAL results, With the mind-numbing assortment of electronic mind games available for your smart phone, maybe there are some professional training tools the AIChE, NCEES, and NSPCE could develop that would actually move similar interests forward.

Did you attend. What were the highlights for you?

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December 21st, 2012


By Cory Jensen

LIBRIUM FOR SALE, In today’s world of chemical engineering, great opportunities for collaboration and innovation can arise by meeting scientists from other disciplines, by visiting new conferences, or becoming familiar with new areas of research. You may wonder exactly how these opportunities can come about, without having to undertake rigorous graduate study in multiple fields, online buy LIBRIUM without a prescription, as I have. Buy LIBRIUM from canada, I saw one good example last month when I attended the Society of Environmental Toxicity and Environmental Chemistry’s (SETAC) North American 33rd Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California.

At this meeting, LIBRIUM results, Ed Begley, LIBRIUM without a prescription, the actor widely known for his environmental views (known as a "green guy"), briefly spoke about the development of his own environmental ideas and positive trends in environmental consciousness in the U.S.

If you were a renewable or sustainable energy engineer in the audience during the talk, ordering LIBRIUM online, you would have recognized the suggestion that renewable energy sources are a solution to energy security challenges that also support improved air quality standards. I noted that some environmental scientists thought that the talk was removed from traditional SETAC speakers, but it was remarkably on target with the theme of the meeting, which was “Catching the Next Wave, Advancing Science through Innovation and Collaboration.”


To me, the theme of the talk was to inspire a move beyond a classic clash between traditional energy products-processes and environmentalists, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest LIBRIUM online, Maybe as a chemical engineer you’ve experienced such a clash with an environmental issue. The reality, however, buy LIBRIUM no prescription, is that environment problems utilize engineers and scientists to innovate new solutions – and we all know that chemical engineers are good at addressing challenges. Buy LIBRIUM without prescription, [caption id="" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Ed Begley (photo, Chrisa Hickey)"]Ed Begley, <b>Kjøpe LIBRIUM på nett, köpa LIBRIUM online</b>, Jr.  at the 81st Academy Awards LIBRIUM FOR SALE, [/caption]

Whether we agree on how stewardship is put into practice, the fact of the matter is that many engineering and science fields bridge gaps that exist between neoclassic production philosophies and fields that are concerned with maximizing the ability and capacity of life to exist unconstrained. What has become increasingly clear to me is that scientific fields that work in the spaces of outcomes resultant of human expansion use different terms to describe and promote mankind’s capacity to exist. So maybe we need to be more humble in our respective fields and recognize how all these professions are related, about LIBRIUM.

Industrial change vs personal change

Ed Begely took a look at how he addresses environmental needs in his own life and then turned to the bigger picture. LIBRIUM natural, On a personal level, much of Ed’s talk cited a central theme of living within a set of bounds. By being fiscally responsible, Ed was able to save money that allowed him to purchase a wind-powered generator that now contributes to his personal wealth, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. For more about Ed’s personal thoughts and philosophies, purchase LIBRIUM online, check out his book. Cheap LIBRIUM no rx, After taking a sustainable engineering class at the Colorado School of Mines, I understand how my various personal “footprints” can be viewed from a global perspective and why it is important to understand concepts such as carrying capacity. To learn more about your personal footprints on the environment, LIBRIUM from canadian pharmacycheck out this link.

Personal footprint aside, LIBRIUM canada, mexico, india, it is well known that industrial practice can contribute to larger environmental challenges on a scales that obliterates an individual’s impact. For example, the BP Deep Horizon accident in one estimate released 4.9 million barrels of oil, LIBRIUM maximum dosage, suggesting that over 1 million barrels are still missing. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Using analysis from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is estimated that the average American uses 2.8 gallons of oil per day (see this article in Scientific American). With this data, the impact of this industrial event can be related to the daily oil use of over 73 million Americans, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. This calculus still does not account for the overall environmental impact, LIBRIUM brand name, which it does not appear anyone will even be able to estimate anytime soon and has been overshadowed by the process of enacting criminal fines (see this article in the New York Times). When was the last time you received credit on a chemical engineering homework or test for not having an answer.

So, LIBRIUM over the counter, living within one’s bounds isn’t the entire answer. Bigger answers call on entire industries, engineers and public policy to drive changes, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. LIBRIUM interactions, Begley cited how air standards in California were improved via fuel-emissions standards that required the implementation of new transportation technologies. He also tipped his hat to both the progress that’s been made and to those who are behind much of that change. Among those responsible are the environmentally conscious, LIBRIUM trusted pharmacy reviews, which does include chemical engineers. LIBRIUM dose,


One of my favorite examples of productive, holistic collaboration is the Grand Policy Experiment, which I recommend you look into, buying LIBRIUM online over the counter. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, There is great opportunity to work collaboratively towards innovation that address complex environmental topics and allows for closing gaps among “siloed” disciplines. By going the extra mile to seek out and create new opportunities, more widely inclusive benefits may include not only those to your pocket book, but to our society as a whole. Chemical engineering and environmental engineer-scientist skills overlap in many ways.

To further the discussion I ask: How do your personal-professional behaviors and outcomes as a chemical engineer affect how we view dichotomies such as an energy-environment debate. And, how can you positively promote professional collaboration to innovate solutions and new opportunities. Please leave your comments below.

What are your thoughts on promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation?

Images: Smoggy skyline, asmythie/Rocky A

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October 22nd, 2012


By Cory Jensen
7.75-mile mark (Addison/Broadway)

BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION, During the 2012 AIChE Annual  Meeting, the Donora Smog 5K Run will mark the 1948 Donora Death Smog, which was responsible for launching the clean air movement in the US. Fast shipping ZOLPIDEM, The event will take place in Donora, PA, ZOLPIDEM maximum dosage, ZOLPIDEM over the counter, just a few miles up the Monongahela River from Pittsburgh.

Donora Smog Museum Commemorative Celebration

The Donora Smog Commemorative Committee oversees the activities of the Donora Smog Museum that claims, order ZOLPIDEM online c.o.d, ZOLPIDEM no prescription,  “Clean Air Started Here." The Committee also organizes social outreach events to support the museum.

On Saturday, October 27, ordering ZOLPIDEM online, Buy cheap ZOLPIDEM no rx,  the commemorative 5K Run/Walk will be held at 10AM. Funds raised from the event help fund museum operations, ZOLPIDEM cost. During the run, the museum will be open for visitors, and Peter Barker from Pioneer TV will be in Donora producing the documentary When Weather Changed the World for the Weather Channel, BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION. Taking ZOLPIDEM, If you are interested in attending the run walk, please comment on this blog post below or drop me a line -- maybe we can co-organize or carpool, where can i buy ZOLPIDEM online. ZOLPIDEM without prescription, Information on location and registration for the event can be found here.

The museum’s website contains a wealth of information on the history of the Donora, what is ZOLPIDEM, ZOLPIDEM recreational, Pennsylvania, community and the rise of environmental awareness that the town was tragically a part of, ZOLPIDEM wiki. Order ZOLPIDEM from United States pharmacy, As a young professional (YP), I even co-authored a blog post about the Donora Death Smog, my ZOLPIDEM experience, ZOLPIDEM dosage, its impact, and the museum about it with another YP collaborator, online ZOLPIDEM without a prescription. Real brand ZOLPIDEM online, I hope you have the opportunity to attend and enjoy this year’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in supporting events like a 5k run in the future, purchase ZOLPIDEM online no prescription, Online buying ZOLPIDEM, or other multilateral efforts within the institute, please stay in touch, ZOLPIDEM interactions. ZOLPIDEM from canada,

Interested in celebrating environmental history with the 5K run?

Image: Runners, alykat

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December 2nd, 2011

Rocky Mountain K-12 Outreach in Action!

By Cory Jensen
Colorado Rockies

Greetings from the Rocky Mountain Section of AIChE! Since our section covers a lot of territory, it makes sense that several different types of outreach projects exist throughout the region. We encourage new members and young professionals to lead similar efforts and take the time to share their efforts as well! Following, we highlight two of our outreach efforts.

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November 21st, 2011

Young Professional Advisory Board Faces New Challenges and Opportunities

By Cory Jensen

The Young Professional Advisory Board (YPAB) is moving into a new era of leadership and strategic challenges. Current activities and strategic thrusts involve: transitioning the board into committee status (i.e., YPC), redeveloping leadership structure, continuing to grow membership (e.g., via links to local sections), and to take on new responsibilities […]

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April 25th, 2011

2011 AIChE Western Regional Student Conference at California State University at Long Beach (CSULB)

By Cory Jensen
Jeopardy Winners

CSULB student leaders and AIChE officers report that the conference was a great success (!) that required much work and organization. The last time the Western Regional Student Conference (WRSC) was held at CSULB was in 1998; therefore, conference logistics were a bit hazy during initial organization stages, given that […]

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March 31st, 2011

“Cow Massage Parlor” Is Not a Rock Band

By Cory Jensen
Happy Cows

The Institute for Sustainability’s first Symposium on Sustainable Packaging was held in Chicago March 16–18, 2011. If you attended the symposium, you might have learned how to make your cows happy or how to approach packaging stewardship on a path to more sustainable industrial practices. Whether you think a cow massage parlor is more appropriate than perhaps your own, the application of sustainability to specific markets remains unique and complex, but there are definitely patterns in how it’s done.

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March 28th, 2011

Dr. Donna Riley on Energy and Justice: Making the Connections in Engineering Thermodynamic

By Cory Jensen
Dr. Donna Riley, Smith College

As part of the Colorado School of Mines Hennebach Program in Humanities Guest Lecture Series, Smith College Professor Donna Riley, (B.S.E., Chemical Engineering, Ph.D., Engineering & Public Policy) spoke on the topic of energy and justice. When I think of thermodynamics, images of mysterious state variables pop into my head […]

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February 21st, 2011

Three Wikipedias?

By Cory Jensen

It really bothers me when I see engineering students working on homework that rely upon computer-based references for equations. Not that I am trying to be an old codger and splash waves among current generations of students, but I remember how important it used to be to use and cite […]

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December 31st, 2010

Young Professional-Fellows Mentoring Pilot Discussion Topics

By Cory Jensen

Over the course of the YP-Fellows mentoring pilot program (June 2010 to December 2010), three discussion topics were offered to pairs in order to stimulate conversation and promote dialogue. David Wishnick and I selected three topics that can be represented generally as: 1) Networking 2) Ethics, and 3) “When mentoring goes bad,” each utilizing a respective publication as a center piece.

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