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Bio: Emily is an assistant editor of Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP), where she is responsible for the Back to Basics section. Her articles are targeted toward young professionals and recent graduates, and cover a range of topics that include pump selection guidance to flammable materials risk-reduction strategies to intellectual property standards. Emily has a BS in chemical engineering from Villanova University. She enjoys watching live theater and old movies in her spare time.

May 30th, 2013


By Emily Frangenberg
Networking - Spring Meeting small

ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, A session at the 2013 AIChE Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX, entitled “Career Game-Changers,” presented by Alaina Levine of Quantum Success Solutions, equipped its attendees with the tools to effectively network to access the perfect job, interview to seal the deal, and negotiate the best possible salary.

Networking for success

In this session, career consultant Alaina Levine spoke about the power of networking and the mutually beneficial relationships that it can create over time. Networking is absolutely necessary to advance your career, ZITHROMAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, as it opens hidden opportunities that cannot be found on job websites and company career pages.

According to Levine, networking is closely linked to self-promotion. Although many view self-promotion in a negative way, Levine counters that in order to advance your career, ZITHROMAX coupon, you must promote yourself. Self-promotion has many advantages; not only does it establish your credibility and expertise in your field, it also keeps your name fresh in the minds of the public and decision makers, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. It also shows your energy and dedication to your company and profession. Focus on promoting your expertise, ZITHROMAX long term, value to the customer, uniqueness, enthusiasm, skills, and positive attitude, ZITHROMAX interactions. All of these things are what create your “brand” — your promise of value and how you deliver that value. “Networking is a spectrum of continuous activities” that make connections and promote your brand, says Levine.

ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_65706" align="alignleft" width="196" caption="AIChE's 2013 Spring Meeting offered many opportunities for networking, such as the Keynote Reception shown here. ZITHROMAX alternatives, Photo by Robin Jerstad."][/caption]

In order to make meaningful connections while networking at an event, the first step is to bring and ask for business cards. Dress appropriately, be seen, and work the room, get ZITHROMAX. Remember, you are not there for the free food and drinks. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, ZITHROMAX dosage, especially to others who may have come alone to the networking event. After the initial introductions, Levine suggests that you come up with a question to get people talking about themselves, such as “What is the best part of what you do?” Keep the person’s interest for around ten minutes, but know when to excuse yourself and move on, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. If you are actively job-hunting, never ask someone at an event for a job — instead, ask if you can follow up with him or her. After any networking event, ZITHROMAX without prescription, it is crucial to follow up with a quick email to keep the connection alive; otherwise you have wasted your time.

Interview to seal the deal

If you are looking for a job, remember that the interview begins the moment you first interact with the interviewer, Order ZITHROMAX online c.o.d, the company, and the industry. Keep in mind that the job search process should be about what you can provide the employer and how you can help them — not about what the employer can give you. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, The purpose at the heart of any job anywhere is to solve a problem; therefore, companies are looking for candidates that are problem solvers. The candidate that is hired will be required to solve problems, add value quickly, purchase ZITHROMAX online, and make the boss look good, states Levine.

To obtain an interview, Purchase ZITHROMAX online no prescription, don’t rely on websites and ads alone. Use your networking skills to connect to your contacts and your contacts’ contacts. Ask them for informational interviews to learn more about their jobs and what they do. Remember that those in hiring positions would rather hire someone that they know than sort through thousands of résumés, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. By establishing connections through networking, you are more likely to get an interview than someone who submitted their résumé through a website, herbal ZITHROMAX.

Levine emphatically reiterated the power of a strong cover letter. If you are applying for a job you found through a company or job website, research the organization you are applying for. ZITHROMAX treatment, Collect data on their annual reports, and perform Google and Google News searches; reference these products, services, divisions, and issues in your cover letter, ZITHROMAX natural. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, Be creative in your initial letter of interest in order to show how you will solve their problems and fit into their culture. Don't write only about yourself — instead, tell the company what you can do for them. The hiring manager needs to know that you are already thinking in terms of their problems. Buy ZITHROMAX without a prescription, Putting time into the cover letter lets the company know that you are serious about the job and you know what the company is all about.

After you land an interview through extensive networking or a strong cover letter and résumé, it is extremely important to prepare before the interview. Research the company’s history and its current competition, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Levine suggests that you have reliable answers prepared for some of the typical interview questions. That way, ZITHROMAX pictures, if you are asked a negative question, such as “what is your greatest weakness?” you can spin it into a positive response, such as “I’m a workaholic.”

[caption id="attachment_65715" align="alignright" width="192" caption="At the interview, Order ZITHROMAX no prescription, keep a positive attitude and show enthusiasm for the job and company."][/caption]

Interview follow-up

At the interview bring with you extra copies of your résumé, copies of your reference sheet, and a plain paper-pad and pen. You can also bring a list of questions you would like to ask about the job, your own personal business cards, ordering ZITHROMAX online, and your thesis or portfolio just in case the hiring manager is interested in seeing it. Make sure you are enthusiastic, polite, Buy cheap ZITHROMAX, and respectful. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, Discuss their needs in terms of your experience in order to translate your diverse skills into the language of the job. Keep in mind that anything on your résumé is fair game — so be ready to discuss every point on your résumé in detail.

As you leave the interview, let them know how enthusiastic and motivated you are for the position, ask for their business cards, australia, uk, us, usa, and give them yours. It is typically okay to ask about the timeline for hearing back about the job — just so you know when to check in if too much time elapses without a yay or nay from the company. After the interview, ZITHROMAX pics, send a thank-you note as soon as possible to everyone that interviewed you. Sending a thank-you to the administrative assistant who provided coffee or water is also a nice touch, says Levine, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

Most importantly, if you don’t get the job, don’t burn any bridges with the company. Thank them for the opportunity to interview and stay connected through your vast network, ZITHROMAX street price. If a future opportunity presents itself, you may be the first person they contact.

Negotiation strategies

If you are offered the job after the interview, ZITHROMAX blogs, in order to receive the best possible salary and compensation package from the company, you must negotiate. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, “Companies are expecting you to negotiate,” says Levine.

Top myths about negotiating:

  • Negotiation is a one-time deal

  • Negotiation is about seizing the upper hand

  • If you do it right, you will get what you want or need

The most successful negotiations are those that provide a win-win for both parties. Therefore, ZITHROMAX results, it is important to do all salary research and understand your needs, wants, and limits before beginning negotiations. Where can i cheapest ZITHROMAX online, Remember that you won’t ever have all of the information from the other party — so don’t ever reveal the end-salary you want to receive — instead, if pushed, give an acceptable salary range. The salary range that you provide should be valued based on total compensation, and include the value of insurance, retirement package, equipment, days off, etc. Therefore, you must have an idea of what insurance and paid time off are worth, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

The most important things to remember when negotiating are:

  • Don’t take the first offer

  • Have alternative offers ready, based on your value and limits

  • It does not hurt to ask for a greater salary and compensation package

  • Be respectful

No matter how well a person negotiates, the company may have tight budget restrictions and may not be able to negotiate much higher than the original offer. Despite this, it is important that you know your non-negotiables and stick to them. When you reach a favorable resolution, express gratitude — but make sure you have everything in writing.

What's the most valuable piece of  job search advice can you share?


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May 29th, 2013


By Emily Frangenberg
Sunita Satyapal

BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_65732" align="alignleft" width="258" caption="Dr. MEGA HOODIA duration, Sunita Satyapal speaks at the keynote for the Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy topical conference."][/caption]

Dr. Sunita Satyapal, MEGA HOODIA images, Where can i buy MEGA HOODIA online, Director of the Fuel Cell Technologies Program within the U.S. Department of Energy presented the keynote address for the Emerging Technologies in Clean Energy topical conference, after MEGA HOODIA. Purchase MEGA HOODIA, The U.S. is the number-one ranked crude oil importer out of all of the world’s countries, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Transportation is responsible for two-thirds of U.S, doses MEGA HOODIA work. Purchase MEGA HOODIA for sale, petroleum usage, with over 240 million on-road vehicles making up 80% of this transportation petroleum usage, order MEGA HOODIA online overnight delivery no prescription. MEGA HOODIA mg, The country spends over $1 billion a day for its imported petroleum.

But crude oil use is not just costing the U.S, MEGA HOODIA dose. BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, monetarily. Buying MEGA HOODIA online over the counter, Emissions cause environmental problems such as climate change and acid rain, and exacerbate health conditions such as asthma and emphysema, MEGA HOODIA price, coupon. MEGA HOODIA canada, mexico, india, Power generation from petroleum products is so inefficient that more than two-thirds of the fuel used to generate power in the U.S. is lost as heat, MEGA HOODIA price. MEGA HOODIA wiki, For these reasons, greater investment in research and development is necessary in the energy sector to enhance clean energy technologies and efficient power generation, MEGA HOODIA over the counter.

Growth in fuel cell development

The clean energy patent growth index tracks the number of patents issued in the U.S, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Fast shipping MEGA HOODIA, in the clean energy sector. In 2012, MEGA HOODIA samples, Kjøpe MEGA HOODIA på nett, köpa MEGA HOODIA online, clean energy patents hit an all time high, jumping 30% relative to 2011, MEGA HOODIA photos. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Patents on fuel cells made up the majority, with 1, buy MEGA HOODIA online no prescription, Buy MEGA HOODIA online cod, 024 of a total 3,061 patents on all technologies, buy cheap MEGA HOODIA no rx. MEGA HOODIA cost, The granting of patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is often cited as a measure of the effectiveness of research and development investments. BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Thus, the shear number of patents granted for fuel cell technologies in 2012 indicates the exceptional growth in this field.

The interest in fuel cells stems from their high efficiencies and low emissions rates. Fuel cells are also reliable — they are currently used in hospitals and data centers, as well as in backup devices for communications systems. Instead of burning fuel, fuel cells use an electrochemical reaction to produce electricity directly. The most common fuel is hydrogen; the only emissions hydrogen fuel cells generate are heat and water.

Hurdles for hydrogen

Although hydrogen is technically cheaper than most other fuels per kg, transport and delivery is extremely difficult and costly, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Therefore, future production will most likely be relegated to local plants or within the fuel cell assembly itself. In addition, storage of hydrogen on a moving vehicle may pose problems as well. Engineers must answer the difficult question — how can we store hydrogen onboard while meeting performance, cost, and safety requirements.

New initiatives

In March of this year the U.S. BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Department of Energy launched the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI). This initiative is focused on promoting R&D activities in order to increase U.S. competitiveness in the production of clean energy technologies and strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by increasing energy productivity.

Measures such as the CEMI will help bring funding to hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen storage/transport research. However, increased private investment is vital, BUY MEGA HOODIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Currently, the energy sector spends less than 0.5% of its sales revenue in R&D. Therefore, additional private sector funding is necessary to improve these technologies and make them widely available. A combination of federal government support for clean energy, as well as private sector backing, will ensure that the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells are not left unexplored.

You can view an interview with Dr. Sunita Satyapal here.

Will the pace of fuel cell research continue?

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May 22nd, 2013


By Emily Frangenberg
Graduates for MBA

On Location TOFRANIL FOR SALE, At the AIChE Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX, the session “MBA the ChemE Way” gave a quick snapshot into planning and applying to business schools, a look into core classes every MBA takes, and some words from experienced MBAs. Brodie Reynolds, from the McCombs School of Business at University of Texas, no prescription TOFRANIL online, Austin, TOFRANIL interactions, was the first session speaker.

Why should I consider getting an MBA?

An MBA degree allows many to “take that next step in their career,” said Reynolds, buy cheap TOFRANIL no rx. The training students gain throughout MBA programs prepares them for managerial positions by teaching them innovative leadership strategies and a variety of business approaches. TOFRANIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Most programs help students build their professional network as well. Additionally, graduate education can help boost your salary or help you land a higher paying job, TOFRANIL FOR SALE.

Choosing an MBA program

First, consider the ranking and employment information for the schools for which you are planning to apply, my TOFRANIL experience. Compare each program’s features, Buy TOFRANIL online no prescription, such as the size of the student body, the class composition, diversity, kjøpe TOFRANIL på nett, köpa TOFRANIL online, curriculum, TOFRANIL natural, tuition, and campus community. Make a campus visit before committing to a school, order TOFRANIL from United States pharmacy.

Full-time, TOFRANIL price, part-time, or executive?

Choose a program that suits your lifestyle. TOFRANIL FOR SALE, Reynolds recommends the typical full-time, 2-year program because it is more immersive and allows you to focus electives based on your interests. Although part time programs are more rigid in their coursework structure, herbal TOFRANIL, they allow you to maintain your lifestyle and pursue outside work. TOFRANIL overnight, The executive program is geared toward those professionals with 8 to 18 years of work experience who are seeking progression to senior level management without career interruption.

Application process

MBA programs require candidates to take the GMAT or GRE test. Typically, TOFRANIL for sale, applicants must submit transcripts, TOFRANIL from canadian pharmacy, a resume, 2 letters of recommendation, and 3 required essays, purchase TOFRANIL for sale. Additionally, applicants must have at least 2 years of work experience at a minimum and a bachelor’s degree, TOFRANIL FOR SALE. International students must often provide TOEFL scores as well. Get TOFRANIL, Strong applications exhibit academic aptitude through transcripts, a high GPA, and high GRE and/or GMAT scores, purchase TOFRANIL, as well as professional accomplishments and positive personal qualities. Discount TOFRANIL, Highly qualified individuals are typically invited to interview before admittance is granted.

What can I do if I’m in school now?

If you are in college now and planning on attending business school, take the GMAT or GRE now, TOFRANIL price, coupon. TOFRANIL FOR SALE, These scores are valid for five years, so even if you work for a few years after graduating, you can still use them if applying less than five years later. Do well in your classes, Order TOFRANIL online c.o.d, get involved in on-campus activities, and take a leadership role in your community on- and off-campus. To get a leg up on the MBA curriculum, order TOFRANIL no prescription, you could also take classes such as microeconomics, TOFRANIL no rx, calculus, accounting, and statistics, TOFRANIL used for.

How can I pay for this?

The best advice is to “save as much as possible, TOFRANIL australia, uk, us, usa, ” says Reynolds. Although business school can be expensive, there are many scholarship opportunities to those with exceptional credentials or financial need, where can i order TOFRANIL without prescription. Make sure you research and apply to all scholarships for which you qualify. Ensure that your credit score is high and that your debt is at a minimum to help obtain student loans.

Are you considering an MBA, and what advantages do you see?


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November 26th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
India Text

BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, AIChE is expanding and fostering collaboration around the globe. LOZOL price, With the establishment of the International Committee in 2007, AIChE has cultivated international relations with other chemical engineering organizations, buy LOZOL without prescription, LOZOL street price, such as the UK’s Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the Korean Institute of Chemical Enigneers (KIChE), comprar en línea LOZOL, comprar LOZOL baratos, LOZOL online cod, and the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE). At the 2012 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, where can i find LOZOL online, LOZOL use, PA, the U.S.-India Symposium on Energy, buying LOZOL online over the counter, LOZOL samples, Environment, and Sustainability featured speakers from both AIChE and the Indian chemical engineering world, LOZOL natural. LOZOL maximum dosage,

Engineering in India: challenges and opportunities

Chemical engineering in India originated at Calcutta University in 1921. Since its birth, LOZOL mg, Kjøpe LOZOL på nett, köpa LOZOL online, chemical engineering has been applied to many of India’s basic issues to improve the quality of life of its people. For example, in 1947, the average lifespan of an Indian male was 38 and an Indian female was 43, BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Today, LOZOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, LOZOL reviews, these numbers are much higher thanks to advances in food production and medicine — many of which were created and developed by chemical engineers. In a country of 1.24 billion people, LOZOL interactions, LOZOL photos, the majority of the resources are committed to providing energy and food for its population and alleviating poverty.

Until very recently, LOZOL from mexico, Australia, uk, us, usa, sustainability has been an afterthought due to these more pressing challenges. However, is LOZOL addictive, LOZOL from canadian pharmacy, resource depletion and the exponentially growing population have pushed sustainability to the forefront of India’s challenges. BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Global collaboration and a new generation of chemical engineers equipped with a wide breadth of knowledge will be required to solve India’s sustainability problems.

Collaborative process engineering

Dr, LOZOL without a prescription. After LOZOL, George Stephanopoulos from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes that a more significant investment in research and development is needed to revolutionize sustainability. According to Stephanopoulos, online LOZOL without a prescription, Buy LOZOL from mexico, there is a large divide between large-scale processes and small-scale chemical engineering operations in India. India still needs to expand its large scale, industrial basis. But its small-scale pharmaceutical and biotech industries have already demonstrated global reach, BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. In other words, the commodity chemicals industry has been developing at a slow pace, but the pharmaceutical industry has been growing quickly. Why the discrepancy. There is more research and development in pharmaceuticals, claims Stephanopoulos. Following this logic, solving many of India’s sustainability issues is a matter of investing in R&D — for the chemicals industry, development is necessary in enhanced simulation environments. BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, The decisions made at the beginning of a project’s lifecycle are key. Massive amounts of time are devoted to safety analyses, process modeling, and economic performance analyses. There are often several groups of people performing these tasks. Stephanopoulos postulates that an integrated simulation-based environment could increase productivity at this stage and improve sustainability based on green chemistry principles. Different project groups would use this system as a blackboard for collaboration. More importantly, a platform like this could foster global collaboration, further improving sustainability, BUY LOZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. The software to build such a system is available today. India has a lot to offer in this field, as many of its chemical engineers also have education in information technology.

A need for a high level of sustainability is a pressing matter in India, but it is not an obstacle easily overcome. More research and development is necessary in the large scale manufacturing of commodity chemicals to make these processes more sustainable.

Will India or China show itself as the more sustainable in the next decade?

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November 23rd, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
Pharmaceutical Vials

On Location BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, As the director of the Office of Testing and Research (OTR), Dr. Order BACTRIM online overnight delivery no prescription, Vincent Vilker has a large responsibility assisting the FDA in evaluating, monitoring, BACTRIM canada, mexico, india, Purchase BACTRIM, and modernizing regulatory pathways and safety standards of pharmaceuticals.

The OTR, BACTRIM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, BACTRIM cost, within the Office of Pharmaceutical Science, is part of the U.S, buy BACTRIM from canada. BACTRIM pics, Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This office helps to advance the scientific basis of regulatory policy and provide the laboratory science necessary for evaluation of safety, BACTRIM wiki, BACTRIM alternatives, efficacy, and quality of the U.S, BACTRIM steet value. drug supply, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. BACTRIM online cod, The OTR also develops new scientific methods and new regulatory testing archetypes to assure the identity and attributes of human drug products. The OTR’s mission is to maintain a state of research readiness that anticipates potential regulatory needs while allowing for rapid response of emergent regulatory issues, purchase BACTRIM for sale. BACTRIM without prescription, One of these up-and-coming regulatory needs is in the field of biotechnology.

Regulation of biotechnology in pharmaceutical manufacturing

In his presentation, BACTRIM use, BACTRIM class, “New Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Science” at AIChE’s 2012 Annual Meeting, Vilker spoke about the difficulties of regulating pharmaceuticals, after BACTRIM, BACTRIM price, especially with the ever-increasing sophistication of modern drug products. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, The scientific and technological advances in analytical instrumentation and the increased implementation of the quality by design principles have enabled enhanced process monitoring and control that lead to consistent product quality. However, BACTRIM natural, Where can i find BACTRIM online, with the up-and-coming field of biotechnology becoming more relevant within pharmaceutical manufacturing, further development of quantitative testing methods is necessary to ensure the quality of these pharmaceuticals, online BACTRIM without a prescription. Purchase BACTRIM online, Currently, there are no established and regulated techniques to monitor some of these biotech products, BACTRIM used for. Rx free BACTRIM, According to Vilker, “manufacturing really matters”; many of these products need to be regulated throughout their manufacturing process, comprar en línea BACTRIM, comprar BACTRIM baratos. BACTRIM street price,

Evaluation of generic drug applications

The OTR also plays a key role in supporting the evaluation of generic drug applications. Pharmaceutical companies can ward off generics competition with FDA petitions, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. A citizen petition is a tool that drug makers can use to slow generic competition for brand name products. Companies can file a citizen petition asking the FDA to use special criteria when considering approval of generic copies of branded drugs, citing health or safety reasons. This can throw a wrench into the normal FDA generic-approval process, delaying cheaper competition for months or years while the agency evaluates the request and, as a consequence, prolongs market exclusivity of the branded drug. The OTR aids in evaluating citizen petitions through in-depth analysis, assessment, and characterization of the pharmaceuticals.

What other major regulatory obstacles do you see the FDA encountering in the near future?

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November 19th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg

On Location BUY AVAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, More sunlight strikes the earth in one hour than all of the energy currently consumed on the planet in one year. Where can i order AVAPRO without prescription, As the world’s energy consumption rate is projected to double by 2050, and triple by 2100, order AVAPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, Get AVAPRO, the sun holds great potential as a sustainable energy source.

Dr, purchase AVAPRO for sale. Real brand AVAPRO online, Alan W. Weimer of the University of Colorado, order AVAPRO no prescription, No prescription AVAPRO online, Boulder, proposes harnessing this solar energy and to produce the high temperatures necessary to drive strongly endothermic chemical reactions, AVAPRO recreational. In these systems, the solar energy would not need to be converted to electricity, thus rendering them more efficient than competing solar technologies, BUY AVAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Is AVAPRO safe,

Solar tower systems

[caption id="attachment_53795" align="alignright" width="205" caption="In a solar tower system, a field of mirrors surrounds a central tower and directs sunlight toward it."][/caption]

A solar tower system is the most practical technology for delivering large power levels to a solar chemical reactor, AVAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews. AVAPRO pics, These systems concentrate sunlight and have the ability to produce temperatures up to 5800° K. In a solar tower system, AVAPRO duration, Real brand AVAPRO online, a field of mirrors surrounds a central tower. Every mirror, AVAPRO overnight, AVAPRO online cod, or heliostat, has a small range of motion to follow the sun’s path – the motion is usually computer controlled, order AVAPRO no prescription. BUY AVAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, To calculate the amount of power that is delivered from a solar field to the reactor, the interaction between tower height, field layout, heliostat design, and secondary concentrator must be modeled. AVAPRO price, The primary challenges for widespread solarthermal chemical processing are both technical and economic. There are huge costs associated with the field of heliostats and the thermal shock- and oxidation-resistant high temperature materials for fabricating solar receivers and reactors, is AVAPRO addictive. Buy no prescription AVAPRO online, There are also obstacles involved with accommodating for the diurnal nature of sunlight, and competing with low-cost fossil fuels, AVAPRO long term. AVAPRO schedule,

The path forward

The most promising near-term commercial solarthermal chemical process is the production of carbon black. Carbon black is a nanosized, amorphous substance that is frequently used in the production of tires, BUY AVAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. It is synthesized with the reaction: CH4 → C + 2H2, order AVAPRO online overnight delivery no prescription. Get AVAPRO, Weimer’s team has demonstrated that in this reaction, the decarbonization of methane can be carried out at temperatures above 1700° K in hundredths of a second using a solar reactor, AVAPRO cost. AVAPRO mg, For any likely process, low cost natural gas can be used as a supplement to solar energy to provide continuous heat. Instead of low-cost fossil fuels and sustainable solar energy being in competition with one another, Weimer contends that a combination of the two may prove beneficial in upcoming solarthermal chemical processes.

Can you see this type of solar power gaining widespread adoption?

Images: Sun, Martin Cathrae

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November 13th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
Sustainable Energy Featured

On Location METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, Not only can new developments in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) make fossil energy more sustainable and environmentally friendly, they also have the potential to revolutionize enhanced oil recover (EOR). Effects of METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, The 2012 Annual Meeting Plenary’s first speaker, Charles McConnell, buy no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL without a prescription, is the assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (the lead office for coal, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL for sale, Generic METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, natural gas, and oil research and development), buy cheap METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online cod, The Office of Fossil Energy works to balance environmental sustainability and a competitive U.S. economy in the ever-changing world of energy, canada, mexico, india. To achieve this balance, the Department of Energy pursues a multi-pronged approach, which McConnell called an “All of the Above” strategy, to guarantee U.S, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL reviews, energy viability.

The shale gas boom

Global electricity use has greatly risen over the past decades, australia, uk, us, usa, Ordering METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, largely due to fossil fuels. Now, online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL hcl, Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online no prescription, the recent developments in fracking technology are set to reshape the future of U.S. energy, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL steet value. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, Current predictions show shale gas fueling 50% of U.S. About METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, energy needs by 2035. The shale gas boom could last as long as 100 years, is METHYLPHENOBARBITAL safe, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL schedule, so it is important that the U.S. collaborate and cooperate with foreign enterprises to share fracking technology and unlock prospects around the world, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL natural. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online cod, By the end of this decade, fracking could support as many as 600, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pics, Buy no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, 000 jobs in the U.S.

The Department of Energy is working to make this shale gas technology embraced and embraceable by state governments and the public. They hope to show that this valuable new energy source and a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE.

Enhanced oil recovery through CCUS

Not only are shale gas plays and fracking technology being developed across the country, ordering METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Purchase METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, novel ways to make current methods of electricity generation and oil drilling more sustainable are also being pursued, such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL from canada. Rx free METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, EOR is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than typical oil drilling, but requires large amounts of CO2. McConnell suggests that the CO2 generated in power plants be captured and used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

CO2 is produced when fossil fuels are burned in power generation. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, To abide by environmental regulation, all power plants must employ carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) to limit the release of CO2 and other pollutants to the environment. Instead of simply removing CO2 using typical CCS in power plants, McConnell proposes that we employ carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) to make use of this CO2 in EOR. “We’ve got a lot of oil in the ground in this country, and a marketplace that is dying for more CO2,” says McConnell.

The future of U.S. energy

There are still many barriers to overcome before CCUS can be implemented for EOR. More development is necessary in the carbon capture field to improve technology and lower costs, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. However, both fracking technology and the potential widespread use of EOR hold great promise for the future of the U.S. energy economy, while remaining sustainable. “It’s not: do you want environmental sustainability or do you want economic advantage?” says McConnell. “That’s why this is such a great country. You can get both.”

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What do you think of the "All of the Above" strategy, in terms of energy supply and sustainability?


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November 9th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
Baby Mice 2

On Location BUY LANOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, For young women facing a cancer diagnosis, the fear of chemotherapy-induced sterility motivates many to seek fertility-protective measures. Current methods of fertility preservation, LANOXIN street price, LANOXIN used for, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) followed by embryo cryopreservation, require a delay in cancer treatment and may increase the risk of reintroduction of cancer cells to the patient upon transplantation, taking LANOXIN. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, An innovative technique for in vitro culture and maturation of ovarian follicles holds promise for treating infertility in the near future.

Novel 3D culture systems

A team led by Dr, low dose LANOXIN. Get LANOXIN, Lonnie Shea from Northwestern University has pioneered the development of three-dimensional culture systems that promote the growth of early-stage ovarian follicles and produce fertilizable oocytes for in vivo transplantation. Ovarian follicles are spherical agglomerations of cells that contain a single oocyte (an immature egg), BUY LANOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Human ovaries contain thousands of follicles, buy LANOXIN from canada. LANOXIN dangers, The healthy growth and maturation of the follicle is necessary to produce a fertilizable egg for reproduction.

In Shea’s previous study, order LANOXIN no prescription, LANOXIN treatment, oocytes from immature mouse follicles encapsulated in these three-dimensional culture systems were grown, matured, LANOXIN forum, Online buying LANOXIN, and fertilized, which resulted in the live birth of viable, where can i cheapest LANOXIN online, LANOXIN canada, mexico, india, fertile offspring.

The in vitro follicle growth (IVFG) system mimicked the in vivo process by providing follicles with appropriate growth factors and hormones, LANOXIN cost, Online buy LANOXIN without a prescription, in the correct amount, at the right time, where can i order LANOXIN without prescription, Comprar en línea LANOXIN, comprar LANOXIN baratos, which stimulated development of the follicle and oocyte. BUY LANOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Small changes in conditions such as temperature precipitated a fake ovulation in which the oocyte would spill out of the follicle. In the mouse study, LANOXIN blogs, Purchase LANOXIN for sale, fertilization of this oocyte occurred in vitro.

A solution to infertility

In one of Shea’s more recent studies, discount LANOXIN, What is LANOXIN, ovary tissue was removed from 14 female cancer patients, aged 16–39 years, LANOXIN pictures, LANOXIN trusted pharmacy reviews, seeking fertility-sparing options. Immature follicles that contained a clear, cheap LANOXIN, visible, centrally located oocyte were encapsulated in either an alginate bead or embedded into diluted Matrigel matrix and cultured for up to 30 days. Both alginate and Matrigel environments supported follicle growth without significant differences.

[caption id="attachment_53192" align="alignleft" width="270" caption="Oocytes grown in vitro exhibited the same growth patterns as those grown in vivo."][/caption]

The goal of this study was to mature the ovary’s oocytes in vitro (as was done in the mouse study), BUY LANOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. The results were very promising, with the follicles grown in vitro showing healthy development. More importantly, the terminal size of the oocytes grown in vitro was indistinguishable from oocytes extracted from in vivo matured follicles.

This study also lent insight into the causes of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In normal development, follicles move from the outer surface toward the inner portion of the ovary, where most of their growth occurs. BUY LANOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, In a polycystic ovary, the follicles become lodged against the ovary wall and are unable to move toward the center, which prevents oocytes from maturing and leads to infertility. Shea theorized that growth and development of follicles is highly dependent on their physical surroundings. The flat surface of the ovary wall is not as conducive to growth as the environment at the ovary’s center (an environment replicated by Shea’s 3D culture systems).

Results from this study may ultimately lead to novel fertility preservation options for women seeking to protect their reproductive potential.

What are your thoughts about this technique's potential?

Images: Baby mice, In vitro follicle and oocyte growth — Lonnie Shea

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November 6th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
Red blood cells

On Location INTESTINAL FOR SALE, A novel drug delivery technique has nanoparticles thumbing for a ride aboard red blood cells. Herbal INTESTINAL, Major roadblocks are frequently encountered in nanoparticulate drug delivery systems; short circulation times often send the nanoparticles to the liver and spleen in a matter of a few minutes, and due to this, INTESTINAL price, coupon, INTESTINAL from canada, the particles rarely end up at their target destination. Surface modification, INTESTINAL pics, Cheap INTESTINAL no rx, encapsulation, and attachment of specific ligands to the nanoparticle have been studied as ways to enhance nanoparticulate performance, INTESTINAL recreational, Order INTESTINAL online overnight delivery no prescription, though none show as much promise as the research being conducted at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

A team led by Dr, where can i find INTESTINAL online. After INTESTINAL, Samir Mitragotri has developed a way to harness the flexibility and mobility of red blood cells to overcome the short circulation times and poor targeting associated with nanoparticles.

Drug delivery for treatment of respiratory ailments

Mitragotri began the study by attaching nanoparticles to the surfaces of red blood cells, INTESTINAL alternatives. Particles ranging from 200–500 nm adhered to red blood cell surfaces through electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. INTESTINAL australia, uk, us, usa, Several in vitro trials were performed to determine the ideal shape and curvature of the nanoparticles for adhesion.

An in vivo study proved the potential viability of this technique for drug delivery, INTESTINAL without a prescription. INTESTINAL long term, Twice as many nanoparticles were deposited in the lungs as in the liver after 10 hours when attached to red blood cells; for nanoparticles alone, this ratio was below 0.1, INTESTINAL mg. Order INTESTINAL from mexican pharmacy, It was discovered that the method of deposition was purely mechanical: the lung’s small capillaries sheared the nanoparticles off the red blood cell, without compromising the red blood cell itself, where can i buy INTESTINAL online. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, This study has the potential to greatly enhance targeted drug delivery to treat respiratory ailments. INTESTINAL samples,

Hitchhiking on monocytes and macrophages

Another study evaluated some of the body’s even smaller cell types – monocytes and macrophages – for diseased tissue penetration. Unlike red blood cells, doses INTESTINAL work, Purchase INTESTINAL online, these small cells are able to pass into tumors and other diseased tissue easily, so they hold great potential for cancer treatment, INTESTINAL coupon. INTESTINAL overnight, However, they have a tendency to internalize and digest whatever small particles they come into contact with, INTESTINAL over the counter. Buying INTESTINAL online over the counter, So attaching a nanoparticle, and keeping that nanoparticle from being essentially eaten, buy cheap INTESTINAL no rx, INTESTINAL description, was a major challenge. By modifying the angles and volume of the nanoparticle, Mitragotri determined that at a certain point, the monocyte/macrophage can’t stretch around the nanoparticle and therefore cannot internalize it, INTESTINAL FOR SALE.

Research showed that the best shape to prevent internalization was a long, flat disk – nicknamed a backpack. Both macrophages and monocytes accepted more than one backpack, and still behaved normally after detachment. Although research is still being conducted, it is hoped that when these cells pass into tumors and diseased tissue, the backpacks will be deposited directly into the tumors.

How long before nanotechnology drug delivery becomes standard in cancer treatment?

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November 5th, 2012


By Emily Frangenberg
Electronics Recycle

On Location MOTOFEN FOR SALE, The U.S. is highly dependent on foreign countries for rare earth elements (REEs) and strategic and critical materials (S&CMs), is MOTOFEN safe. MOTOFEN from canadian pharmacy, This dependency has the potential to negatively impact the U.S. manufacturing industry, where can i find MOTOFEN online, MOTOFEN long term, energy supply, and national defense should natural sources deplete or foreign relationships deteriorate, purchase MOTOFEN online no prescription. MOTOFEN street price, For example, the largest consumers of REEs in the U.S, purchase MOTOFEN for sale. are catalyst manufacturers, representing almost 30% of the domestic market by volume in 2008, MOTOFEN FOR SALE. Online MOTOFEN without a prescription, Over 95% of the worlds REE supply is mined in China. If China restricts exportation of REEs in the near future, cheap MOTOFEN, MOTOFEN samples, the economic impact could have dire consequences on the U.S. chemical industry, get MOTOFEN. MOTOFEN images,

Typically, S&CMs and REEs are acquired through mining, MOTOFEN no rx. MOTOFEN FOR SALE, Low labor standards in some of the nations that mine critical materials create ethical concerns for consumers. MOTOFEN blogs, The steps involved in extraction and processing produce emissions and pollutants that harm the environment. At the end of their lifespan, MOTOFEN reviews, Online buying MOTOFEN hcl, many of these materials are disposed of in landfills, causing further environmental damage, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. MOTOFEN use,

Urban mining and recycling

Dr. Tedd Lister and Dr, low dose MOTOFEN. Eric Peterson of the Idaho National Laboratory propose “urban mining” to address the concerns associated with traditional mining, MOTOFEN FOR SALE. About MOTOFEN, In urban mining, expended consumer products are harvested, after MOTOFEN, Buy MOTOFEN without a prescription, dismantled, and processed to regain and thus recycle critical materials, real brand MOTOFEN online. Buy MOTOFEN no prescription, Urban mining deposits are much richer than primary ore bodies; there are a massive number of consumer products such as mobile phones and laptops that contain small amounts of S&CMs, including silver, order MOTOFEN online c.o.d, gold, and palladium. When combined, these small amounts represent a large volume of untapped critical materials.

[caption id="attachment_53068" align="aligncenter" width="442" caption="Recycling REEs and S&CMs has both environmental and ethical advantages."][/caption]

In the lifecycle loop shown, the green arrows represent urban mining. MOTOFEN FOR SALE, Critical materials are harvested from scraps from production processes, landfills, and end-of-life consumer products. Closing the lifecycle loop could significantly reduce traditional mining.

Urban mining mitigates the environmental impacts of traditional mining; it also consumes less energy and reduces land use for landfills. The amount of materials that can be recycled is vast, and urban mining has the potential to create a much more sustainable reliance on S&CMs.

Challenges to further development

There are several barriers to closing the lifecycle loop on critical materials. Recycling technology is costly and needs development before full market deployment is possible. Consumer products are difficult to dismantle, and individual element separation is often a challenge. Despite these obstacles, potential economic and ethical advantages warrant the full exploration and development of urban mining and recycling.

Do you think it's currently easy enough for consumers to recycle electronics?

Images: Lifecycle Loop, Tedd Lister

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