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February 19th, 2014


By Fatima Enam

BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION, The administering of therapeutic agents dates back to the Egyptian era; there was even a time when clay pellets were used. Inhaling vapors of burning objects to chewing plants with medicinal properties were primitive modes of drug delivery. No prescription AVODART online, Vaccinations followed suit. Fast forward to the 60s, which brought the inception of controlled drug delivery and time release systems, AVODART steet value, which permitted slow/continuous release of drugs. AVODART photos, Since then, the drug delivery field has grown leaps and bounds, with drug delivery systems taking cues from advanced materials, online buying AVODART, biodegradables, Kjøpe AVODART på nett, köpa AVODART online, MEMS technology, even nanotechnology.

Computers and drug delivery

The design and synthesis of drug delivery systems has evolved with the advances and innovations in science and technology, BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION. Studies of the kinetics of drug release into the body was what paved the way to the long road of exciting research, online buying AVODART hcl, punctuated with clearer understanding and mind-blowing discoveries. AVODART brand name, When controlled release delivery systems garnered the attention of pharmaceutical companies, this was a major boost for further research. Mathematical modeling of drug delivery was also crucial to the bolstering of its development, discount AVODART. Computer simulations aid in the better understanding of drug release mechanism, AVODART price, coupon, optimization of dosage, modeling and quantifying the transport mechanism sans the multitudes of experimental studies.

BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION, Nanoscience, genetics, and materials science

Dramatic changes have been witnessed in the past few decades in this field: in addition to the conventional routes of delivery (oral, inhalation, via skin, intravenous injection, etc.), nanomedicine and exploitation of genomics/proteomics in treatment have entered mainstream pharmaceutics.

Drug delivery wouldn’t be where it is today without the advancements in the field of materials, order AVODART from mexican pharmacy. Novel materials, AVODART for sale, ranging from biomaterials and intelligent polymers to hydrogels have been engineered to become successful drug vehicles, by tailoring them to our specifications. Synthetic hydrogels for instance, AVODART australia, uk, us, usa, have seen applications beyond its pervasiveness in the making of contact lenses. Fast shipping AVODART, Dr. Nicholas Peppas of UT-Austin  popularized the use of this material as an effective drug delivery system, BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION.

Hydrogels, water-swollen cross-linked polymeric structures, buy cheap AVODART, permit the rate of release of drugs to be controlled by simply changing the hydrogel structure—its crosslink density, Ordering AVODART online, hydrophilicity, degree of swelling, etc, AVODART alternatives. Also the lesser degree of interaction between the vehicle and drug allows easier release. AVODART online cod, Researchers at TAMU have recently developed hydrogels with calcium carbonate microspheres to encapsulate drugs, with the release under the control of the patient. Smart materials, buy AVODART no prescription, including hydrogels as well as liposomes, AVODART natural, polymers and nanomaterials, which respond to external stimuli like pH and temperature, offer great advantages in the controlled release, AVODART recreational. BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION, Just like everything else, nanotechnology revolutionized drug delivery as well. MIT’s Professor Langer has worked vastly on the application of nanotechnology in drug delivery, Buy AVODART from mexico, from Accurins, nanosized delivery vehicles for targeting cancer cells to developing microchips elucidating the penetration of nanoparticles hence nanoparticle targeting and more in the pipeline.

Small interfering RNA (siRNA) genetic material loaded onto silicon nanoparticles capable of interfering with gene expression promises great potential as a drug carrier for treatment of cancers, is AVODART addictive, viral infections and hereditary disorders. AVODART trusted pharmacy reviews, Recently nanodiamonds have stolen the limelight with uses ranging from drug delivery of chemotherapy drugs for treating chemotherapy resistant cancers to nanodiamond-silk hybrids for fluorescent bioimaging and drug delivery.

Wafers and micro-needles

The Gliadel Wafer, a PixarBio product has received worldwide acclamation, cheap AVODART. It is a dime sized wafer capable of delivering chemotherapeutic agent directly to the brain, for the treatment of glioblastoma, eliminating the side effects of systemic chemotherapy like hair loss and sparing healthy cells, BUY AVODART NO PRESCRIPTION.

Very soon we could be saying goodbye to those excruciating hypodermic needles. AVODART reviews, A very noteworthy project was the painless microneedle patches for immunization developed by Georgia Tech/Emory scientists for the influenza virus, containing an array of minute needles (also ones that dissolve) coated with the inactivated virus that are so small that they don’t reach the nerves causing pain. They are not just painless, but could be self-administered, and with the added advantages of low cost, easy storage and transportation, smaller doses and safe disposal, convenient especially for developing countries. This transdermal drug delivery system could be finding their ways into fighting other viruses as well.

With a growing aging population and the mushrooming of chronic diseases coupled with the tremendous advancement in technology, research and engineering in this field of healthcare seems only obligatory, focusing largely on improving efficiency and target while minimizing side effects.

What area of drug delivery do you think is most promising?

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January 30th, 2014


By Fatima Enam
Electric power

Electric power
BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Bangladesh is a small country, ensconced between India and Myanmar, with a staggering population of 160 million. It’s also a country where people cannot take electricity for granted: only 62% of the population has access to electricity. Buy SEROQUEL without prescription, Bangladesh predominantly relies on indigenous natural gas, which accounts for 89% of power generation. Other sources include coal (3.5%), SEROQUEL interactions, furnace oil (3%), Where can i find SEROQUEL online, HSD (1.7%) and hydro (2.5%). Unfortunately, with gas consumption at this pace, SEROQUEL description, resources are estimated to be depleted within a decade. Not that the country currently enjoys uninterrupted power: six to eight hours of power cuts are standard for people residing in rural areas, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Is SEROQUEL safe, As of 2008, power generation was 3200-3400 MW against a national demand of 5200MW. Load-shedding seems to be the only solution to curb these peaks, SEROQUEL brand name, with the poorest being the worst sufferers. Buy generic SEROQUEL, To allay these power cuts, the government turned to high cost oil-based rental and public sector peaking power plants for emergencies. If this yawning power deficit is not addressed immediately, SEROQUEL wiki, the energy situation will only exacerbate. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, According to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, the forecasted demand would be 19000 MW in 2021 and 34000 MW by 2030. SEROQUEL dangers, This demand can certainly not be met with given resources, short of a miraculous gas discovery, leaving the country with no better choice than to opt for expensive alternative schemes, SEROQUEL mg. Lack of resources shouldn’t be taking the blame alone; a history of corrupt regimes and lack of transparency equally take the blame for the unreliable and intermittent gas supply. Online buying SEROQUEL hcl,

Before the lights go out

Bangladesh has about 3 billion tons of bituminous coal disseminated amongst five coal fields. However, coal is not being extracted, my SEROQUEL experience, with one exception, Fast shipping SEROQUEL, which is responsible for the generation of 250 MW of electricity. Exorbitant cost of extraction and concerns about rehabilitation of people and adverse effects on the environment serve as a moratorium, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Instead, the country relies on imported coal, SEROQUEL alternatives. Every source of energy has its concomitant problems of one sort or another. Comprar en línea SEROQUEL, comprar SEROQUEL baratos, Even environmentally green technologies like solar panels involve carbon cost in manufacturing.

[caption id="attachment_73329" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Bangladesh, nestled between India and Myanmar, buy SEROQUEL from mexico. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Click to enlarge map. "]Bangladesh[/caption]

The government’s recent endorsement of a plan to build six new coal fired power plants gathered much controversy from experts and environmentalists alike, Order SEROQUEL from mexican pharmacy, especially against the 1320 MW Rampal coal-fired power plant, located close to the Sundarbans, a world heritage site, about SEROQUEL. The government plans to generate 17% of electricity from coal by 2016 and 53% by 2030. SEROQUEL online cod, These proposed plans should get under way only after an environment impact assessment is meticulously done.

Courting nuclear disaster?

To further address the energy crisis, the government has plans to buy two 1000 MW nuclear reactors, herbal SEROQUEL, a highly questionable move. Cognizant of the Japan nuclear crisis, the country is still going ahead with this plan, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. SEROQUEL trusted pharmacy reviews, Japan, a technologically advanced nation with state-of-the-art technology couldn’t avert a nuclear disaster in the face of a tsunami. In the face of a catastrophe, SEROQUEL long term, be it inclement weather, Online buy SEROQUEL without a prescription, earthquake or a flood, populous Bangladesh would hardly seem to stand a chance. The antiquated VVER-100 model with low safety standards is itself perilous; add to that condiments such as prohibitive cost, buy SEROQUEL no prescription, lack of skilled manpower and no infrastructure, Buy SEROQUEL without a prescription, and it would seem a perfect recipe for a holocaust. The proposed plant location is by a river with inadequate water supplies, especially in summer months, which will not be able to meet the cooling requirements. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Disposal issues of the U-236 spent rods pose a serious threat as well.

Renewable energy

Much of the rural population, with no access to the grid, resorts to biomass such as rice husk, crop residue, cattle waste, sugarcane bagasse, and jute sticks to meet their meager energy needs. These locally available biomass could be used as feedstock to develop a mini grid; and by net metering, it could complement the grid while financing the needy, thus genuinely benefiting both.

Harnessing wind energy near coastal areas has the potential to generate 100-200 MW of electricity. With an average solar radiation of 4-6.5 kWh/square meter/day, solar panels could serve grid areas currently relying on candles, lanterns, and kerosene lighting. According to the Renewable Energy Policy, the government hopes to generate at least 500 MW from solar energy, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Currently only 50 MW is being generated from renewable sources. Investing in renewable sources could provide the rural community with a sustainable, clean, and affordable source of energy, without any impact on the climate change.

With the right energy-mix and energy-planning this energy-poor nation can tackle its energy poverty. And whatever the solution, it will take require of chemical engineers to get the job done.

Can chemical engineers help provide the answers for Bangladesh?

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December 23rd, 2013


By Fatima Enam

Dots DORMONOCT FOR SALE, We may not have come to the point where coal, the unprepossessing allotrope of carbon, could be transformed to the girl’s-best-friend allotrope, diamond. Comprar en línea DORMONOCT, comprar DORMONOCT baratos, Scientists at Rice University, however, order DORMONOCT online overnight delivery no prescription, DORMONOCT recreational, have devised an ingenious, yet simple way of transfiguring coal to synthesize graphene quantum dots GQS: nano-sized graphene oxide discs, DORMONOCT coupon, Kjøpe DORMONOCT på nett, köpa DORMONOCT online, one atom thick that could eventually supplant the traditional quantum dots in use today.

Conventional manufacturing methods of quantum dots only produce minute quantities, low dose DORMONOCT, DORMONOCT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and at very high costs. Typically, rx free DORMONOCT, Order DORMONOCT from United States pharmacy, quantum dots are manufactured from semiconductor materials, which emit photons with wavelengths depending on the size of the dot, DORMONOCT from canadian pharmacy, Cheap DORMONOCT, transitioning from red to blue as the size gets smaller. The unique optical properties are exhibited due to the dot’s size (the energy gap between the conduction band and the valence band which grows with decreasing particle size) and not on the material itself, DORMONOCT trusted pharmacy reviews.

Scientists at Rice University cleverly picked the cheapest carbon as their raw material, using three varieties to yield different types of dots, DORMONOCT FOR SALE. DORMONOCT used for, Coal was made to undergo an oxidation process by pulverizing the coal and following it with an acid treatment to break the bonds. The three different sources of coal were used to synthesize different-sized nanoparticles, DORMONOCT photos. DORMONOCT canada, mexico, india, This cheap source of GQD has the potential to replace the more expensive semiconductor-derived quantum dots, with applications ranging from medical imaging, DORMONOCT no rx, Is DORMONOCT safe, photovoltaics, screen displays to usage as antioxidants, fast shipping DORMONOCT. Get DORMONOCT, You can learn more about this research here, low dose DORMONOCT, Buy DORMONOCT without prescription, and in the video below.

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, order DORMONOCT online c.o.d. Where can i find DORMONOCT online. DORMONOCT coupon. Where can i cheapest DORMONOCT online.


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August 1st, 2013


By Fatima Enam

Graphene INDERAL FOR SALE, Graphene, the Superman carbon materials flaunts a gamut of properties: world’s strongest material, the thinnest, harder than diamond, first 2D crystal, better electrical conductivity than copper, 300 times stronger than steel, transparent, and bendable. It also exhibits extraordinary fecundity, inspiring a new class of two-dimensional, mind-blowing crystals to be born, INDERAL natural, one atom thin, which can be shuffled to engineer new materials. Order INDERAL online c.o.d, It even garnered researchers a Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. It was discovered during a “Friday evening experiment” by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at the University of Manchester, using ordinary Scotch tape that pulled off a layer, one atom thick, INDERAL from canada. Graphene was previously thought to be unstable in its free form before being isolated in 2004 by the duo.

Robust carbon fiber

Recently at Rice University, using their patented environmental friendly process, researchers created graphene oxide flakes from which carbon fibers were woven, INDERAL FOR SALE. This wonder material has the same tensile strength head-to-toe, INDERAL schedule, including excellent knotting properties (in material science, knots are a way of measuring strength). This incredible strength has been attributed to its low bending modulus. Since this was achieved at room temperature, INDERAL price, improved tensile strength is expected when annealed at high temperatures, albeit with a compromise on the knotting property. INDERAL online cod, A second fiber spun from smaller flakes (9 microns compared to the previous 22 microns) showed better alignment. INDERAL FOR SALE, These fibers could be used to strengthen materials and improve the performance of various products, such as aircraft bodies, bullet-proof apparel, and sports equipment.

Graphene "onion rings"

onion ringsAnother research project at Rice has led to the synthesis of "onion rings,"or graphene nano-ribbon on metal substrate grown from the bottom up, atom by atom, herbal INDERAL. By pressurizing with hydrogen (at an optimum pressure of 500 torr), an entire edge of graphene becomes a nucleation site, Order INDERAL no prescription, allowing another sheet to grow beneath it by chemical vapor deposition, halted only by the fast growth rate of the top layer. This is different from the conventional chicken-wire grid like honeycomb structure of graphene.

This novel method allows the edges to be controlled, INDERAL forum, which determines its electrical properties. New structures resulting in different electrical properties can be achieved simply by altering the pressure, INDERAL FOR SALE. Sensors, INDERAL dosage, batteries and transistors will undoubtedly benefit from this remarkable discovery.

Grossly warped nanographene

First we had diamond and graphite; then came the fullerenes followed by graphene. Now there is a new addition to the family of allotropes: Grossly Warped Nanographene. Researchers have incorporated five 7-membered rings and one 5-membered ring into a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms, buy INDERAL without a prescription, distorting the planar structure into a clump of multiple identical pieces, with each containing 80 C atoms that are joined together in a network of 26 rings with 30 H atoms decorating the rim. INDERAL FOR SALE, This new material has optical, physical and electronic properties different from those of graphene. INDERAL steet value,

On the market: Coming soon to a product you use

Myriad patents have been filed by large companies for using graphene, for instance, Samsung’s patent for using graphene to make flexible touch screens, is just of  407 graphene patents held by Samsung, INDERAL samples. Indium-tin-oxide is currently being used to make touch screen displays on smart phones, which is not only expensive but also brittle. Discount INDERAL, Graphene is touted to be an inexpensive and flexible alternative.

Tennis racket

For Apple fans, the iPhone6 is rumored to sport a transparent graphene electrode. Graphene-based heat sinks for the lithium-ion batteries & circuit boards in tablets and smart phones could provide 10 times better thermal conduction, INDERAL FOR SALE. Graphene nanoribbons – basically unzipped nanotubes – greatly improve the performance of the lithium-ion batteries by doubling the storage capacity of lithium ions, INDERAL canada, mexico, india, available even after 50 charge/discharge cycles.

Head tennis-racket users claim that their graphene infused rackets have increased precision, Ordering INDERAL online, decreased weight and greater ease of use.

Energy applications

Graphene has also caught up with the current trend of clean energy and environmental issues. Researchers via computer simulations at MIT, have shown that by using two layers of graphene (i.e., my INDERAL experience, two atoms thick) 1–2% of solar energy could be harvested. INDERAL FOR SALE, It may sound low compared to 15-20% efficiency of conventional silicon cells, but the graphene is thousands of time thinner (1 nm!) and lighter. Stacking of several could boost efficiency, Purchase INDERAL online, with reduced costs of installation, shipping, and mounting.

In the area of nuclear energy, effects of INDERAL, graphene oxide is capable of coagulating nuclear waste-contaminated water, offering a potential solution for toxic and voluminous radioactive waste cleanup. INDERAL no rx,

Amazing, but not perfect

Not everything is so peachy for graphene, however. Even with this ultra-flexible material, INDERAL overnight, lattice defects exist. Its shortcomings exist at the grain boundaries where 5- or 7-atom rings disrupts the structure, and the strength is nearly half, INDERAL FOR SALE. Once a crack forms, Where can i buy INDERAL online, it propagates to the entire structure.

Unintentional inhalation or deliberate injection/inhalation as a component of biomedical technology could provide a route for body invasion. Cell damage can occur when graphene sheets with asperities pierce the cell membrane, disrupting cell function, cheap INDERAL no rx. Further study on graphene toxicity needs to be done to minimize potential dangers to the human body. INDERAL FOR SALE, Despite graphene’s remarkable properties in providing the key to powering a revolutionary era of unbreakable, bendable and faster technology, it hasn’t been able to undo problems in mass production and commercialization. The challenge is to find a economic means to produce high-quality graphene to meet demands, INDERAL coupon, which is the only way graphene will become mainstream. Currently the Scotch tape method still produces the best quality but in very little quantities. The chemical vapor deposition method is feasible but requires an expensive substrate, making the process uneconomical, INDERAL treatment. Some companies are making headway, such as Garmor Inc., which has developed a cost-effective method of producing graphene to be used as additives for reinforcement. Nonetheless, only time will tell if the promises of a Graphene Valley will become a reality.

Where do you think graphene shows the most promise?

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May 15th, 2013


By Fatima Enam

ZERIT FOR SALE, For centuries, arsenic has been known to be a classic poison, causing deaths of many historic figures. Even Jane Austen is speculated to have died from arsenic poisoning. Purchase ZERIT for sale, Rated as a deadly substance by the US Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR), inorganic arsenic has the potential to disrupt the innate immune system and hormone pathways, ZERIT brand name, with a side of carcinogenic effect upon long term exposure. Despite the obliteration of its deliberate use, Herbal ZERIT, arsenic has managed to find its way into mainstream news as a source of an alarming health and environmental concern, particularly in the area of drinking water.

Arsenic in drinking water

A 2007 study reveals that over 137 million people in more than 70 countries are probably affected by arsenic poisoning from drinking water, ZERIT trusted pharmacy reviews, with Bangladesh being the most distraught victim. ZERIT coupon, Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh has been called “the largest mass poisoning of a population in history” by the World Health Organization. Approximately 20 million to 45 million people in Bangladesh are drinking arsenic contaminated water with arsenic concentrations well above WHO’s standard 10 ppb (0.01 mg/L), ZERIT FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_65637" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Bangladesh's large poor population has been widely affected by arsenic in food and water."][/caption]

This problem is not restricted to developing countries alone, is ZERIT safe. The US EPA considers 10 ppb arsenic in drinking water safe, yet concentrations of 100ppb and higher seems to be ubiquitous in regions including upper New England, large parts of the upper Midwest, ZERIT steet value, the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains. ZERIT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, In Bangladesh, people relied on water drawn from open dug wells and ponds, contaminated with water transmitted diseases like typhoid, online ZERIT without a prescription, cholera, Taking ZERIT, etc. Over the past 30 years, "safe" drinking water programs have developed, buy generic ZERIT, only to unleash a deadlier member. ZERIT FOR SALE, With the inability to afford bottled water, sophisticated filtration techniques, inexpensive and sustainable projects have surfaced since these contaminated tube wells remain as lifelines to more than 80 million of the country’s 150 million plus population (See further statistics here.)

Solutions for ridding water of arsenic

Inexpensive methods have been developed using basic adsorption, coagulation-flocculation, surface complexation and oxidation techniques. Where can i cheapest ZERIT online, The Sono 3-Kolshi filter, comprised of three fired- and unglazed-clay pitchers containing cast iron turnings (this serves as a composite iron matrix aiding in surface complexation of arsenic) and sand in the first pitcher and wood activated carbon and sand in the second, has become a successful household addition to many of the huge ultra-poor population, ZERIT pharmacy. The filter can easily be renewed simply by changing the sand. Get ZERIT, Subterranean Arsenic Removal (SAR) technology has also gained massive popularity, owing to its cost effectiveness and lack of sludge disposal problems. Aerated groundwater is recharged back into the aquifer to create an oxidation zone to trap iron and arsenic on the soil particles by adsorption, rx free ZERIT. This zone boosts the activity of microorganisms that obtain energy by oxidizing arsenic from the deadly +3 to +5, ZERIT FOR SALE. These models, About ZERIT, successful with limited funding requirements, are burgeoning and can be emulated across the globe.

The government of Bangladesh had pledged to make the country’s drinking water arsenic free by 2013—seems like it’s still a far cry, buy ZERIT from mexico. Addressing pollution is a relatively new priority for most developing nations and a dearth of funding aggravates the issue. ZERIT overnight,

Arsenic in US & global rice crops

Last September, Consumer Reports published findings that rice contains “worrisome” levels of inorganic arsenic, purchase ZERIT for sale, after carrying out tests on rice products sold across the US. ZERIT FOR SALE, Being water-soluble, this silent toxin can be absorbed by plants like rice, which are grown under inundated conditions. ZERIT description, Brown rice has been found to have higher levels of arsenic than white rice, which is treated by removal of the outer grain layer, concentrated in minerals (and toxins!), generic ZERIT. Goodbye, Where can i order ZERIT without prescription, healthy brown rice.

Reports showed higher levels of arsenic in rice grown in the South. Accompanying its natural occurrence, fast shipping ZERIT, the use of arsenic laced pesticides in cotton fields and their seeping into the water table explains this. Roxarsone, an arsenic laced drug, previously sold by Pfizer before suspending its sales due to accumulation of arsenic in chickens, was used as poultry feed and to promote healthy growth, ZERIT FOR SALE. Is ZERIT addictive, The use of the treated-chicken manure as fertilizer is surmised to have played a role, despite containing safe levels of organic arsenic.

Even though the EPA has standards set for arsenic levels in drinking water, no federal limits have been set for rice and other rice products by the FDA. The trace amounts of arsenic in rice may have an especially detrimental effect on infants, Asians and those on gluten-free diets whose rice consumptions are relatively high, although this will depend on the possibility of bio-accumulation of arsenic in the body, which is as yet unknown. For Bangladeshis, rice is the staple food; this has led to scientists from Bangladesh to identify certain aromatic rice, grown in the Sylhet region, with exceptionally low arsenic content.

High concentrations of arsenic in drinking water have resulted in a massive epidemic of arsenic poisoning in many countries; contamination of rice could have an equally disastrous effect. The current focus on fast foods leading to obesity certainly requires a diversion.

Have you altered your diet due to arsenic levels in rice?

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