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Bio: May Shek received her B.S. and Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston in 2002. She Immediately upon her graduation, she joined Shell in 2002 where she has held various position with increasing responsibilities: Process Technical Support to Olefins (2002-2004), Control Systems Support to Heavy Olefins and Aromatics (2004-2005), Economics and Scheduling Coordinator to Olefins, Heavy Olefins and Aromatics (2005-2007), Refinery Planner/Supply Chain Optimization Planner in Shell Canada (2007-2009). In early 2010, she has recently returned to Houston after her Shell Canada assignment in Calgary. Shek currently works as the Investment Planner/Asset Coordinator for the Deer Park Refinery. She has been active with campus recruiting since 2004. Since 2008, she has been on the advisory board of the CEP magazine. She is currently serving as a board member on the Engineering Alumni Association at the University of Houston. Besides working and volunteering, May enjoys playing the piano and practicing pilates. Since her stay in Calgary, she has been bitten by the running bug. She likes to run medium distance races (5k, 10k and Half Marathons). Readers can contact May via e-mail or the social networks below.

January 31st, 2013


By May Shek

ALTACE FOR SALE, This year began with the excitement of setting new goals. I have learned my best lessons on goal setting from one of my hobbies, ALTACE dosage, running — and what I’ve learned can be applied to professional goals as well.

Start with small measurable goals

I did not become a marathoner overnight. I began my running journey in Aug, what is ALTACE. 2008, ALTACE online cod, in arid Calgary, Alberta. Initially, my goals were small, and they served as mini milestones that helped me track my progress and propelled me to the next breakthrough, ALTACE FOR SALE. I was not particularly athletic, ALTACE reviews, so I started by running 10 minutes and walking one minute. Order ALTACE no prescription, The distances were short. I would run a few times a week for three miles at most. Within a few weeks, ALTACE dose, I gained confidence, ALTACE pictures, and I was able to finish my run without feeling completely exhausted. ALTACE FOR SALE, At that point, I added a longer run (5–6 mi), once each week with my running group.

Setbacks and reassessment

No one ever said running was easy. Sometimes, ALTACE coupon, my goal was to overcome a setback. ALTACE brand name, My first running setback came after “mastering” the 6-mi distance with the walk breaks during the brisk Calgary autumn mornings. I thought running three miles without walk breaks would be achievable. How wrong I was, ALTACE FOR SALE.

During a vacation in Houston (on an 85°F, discount ALTACE, 100% humidity day), Effects of ALTACE, I attempted a seemingly easy 3-mi run...which ended after a mile and a half. What went wrong. As I later learned, buy no prescription ALTACE online, without proper conditioning, Purchase ALTACE online, running in the heat and humidity can significantly increase the body’s workload; I was not trained for the humidity. In essence, my goal was unrealistic based on the training I had, order ALTACE online c.o.d. ALTACE FOR SALE, However, because I was determined to improve, I made it my goal for the next few months to be able to run continuously for three miles without walk breaks.

Measuring progress

After I returned to Calgary, ALTACE no rx, I consulted a few more-experienced runners, and I slowly increased my mileage each week. I also focused on cross-training to help me better adjust to different weather conditions, is ALTACE addictive. Not only was I able to meet my goal of running three miles without walk breaks, ALTACE natural, after three months I was becoming more comfortable, and my breathing was less labored. I set my next goal: a 6.2-mi race in May 2009, ALTACE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Setting new goals

With discipline (and a stopwatch), a runner’s progress can be easily measured, ALTACE FOR SALE. To prepare for the May 2009 race, ALTACE images, I increased my running from three days a week to four, and I ramped up the mileage and my target pace. I also became more involved with my running group, buy ALTACE from canada, and found that surrounding myself with people who have similar goals can be very motivating. ALTACE from canadian pharmacy, Going into the 6.2-mi race, I set three goals for myself: enjoy the race; finish strong; and finish in under 50 minutes (if conditions permitted). When the starting gun fired, order ALTACE from United States pharmacy, my legs automatically sped up alongside a flock of runners. ALTACE FOR SALE, There I was, flying down the racecourse. Where can i buy ALTACE online, Halfway through the race, fatigue began to build. I trusted my training, ALTACE class. I checked my breathing and pushed through. Online buying ALTACE, After surging through the last uphill portion, the finish line was in sight. For those last few seconds, I sprinted, as fast as I could, toward the finish line, ALTACE FOR SALE. Not only did I reach my goals that day, I exceeded my time goal by one minute and 12 seconds.

More breakthroughs, with a little help

Since my first road race in May 2009, I’ve participated in 30 races of increasing distances — from 3.1 mi to a marathon of 26.2 mi — and each time I set a goal of beating my previous mark. With progress came more training and longer distances. I also learned the benefits of seeking help and coaching from others. ALTACE FOR SALE, While many of my goals have been self-imposed (e.g., beating my own time), external benchmarks also served as part of the feedback loop. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon became a goal when I trained for the January 2012 Houston Marathon. I had been training with a group of serious runners, and the leaders of the group became my coaches. They helped me arm myself with four months of training and a detailed race-day plan that accounted for contingencies. The goals for my first marathon were similar to those for my first race: enjoy the experience; finish strong; and start at a pace that is 10–20 seconds slower than my goal pace (the average pace needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon), and adjust based on the conditions.

One year later, I could still do a play-by-play of that marathon (which I will spare you), ALTACE FOR SALE. I can share that I ran the race at a consistent pace and I came in two minutes and 30 seconds under the qualifying time. My dream of running in Boston became a reality. The lessons I have learned from running translate to my day-to-day job:

  1. Set mini-goals where progress can be measured.

  2. Make overcoming setbacks part of the goals and assessment process.

  3. Surround yourself with others who have similar goals for motivation and support.

  4. Ask for feedback.

  5. Celebrate each milestone and incorporate lessons learned to propel you to the next goal.

Keep goals in mind, and by this time next year, you could find yourself in a whole new race, whether at work or in your personal life.
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