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July 17th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau
Oil Tanker

BUY NOLVADEX NO PRESCRIPTION, This case study scenario is designed to help all students or chemical engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. NOLVADEX description, While created to mimic real-life situations, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only.


The client, kjøpe NOLVADEX på nett, köpa NOLVADEX online, NOLVADEX dangers, Huey Duck, has inherited an oil tanker from his great uncle, NOLVADEX price, NOLVADEX pictures, Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world and a serious businessman with a very diverse portfolio, NOLVADEX canada, mexico, india. NOLVADEX dose, He would like to sell the oil tanker, but knowing nothing about the oil transportation business, cheap NOLVADEX no rx, NOLVADEX dosage, he needs to better understand what it is worth. How would YOU help him value the oil tanker, after NOLVADEX. NOLVADEX australia, uk, us, usa,

Additional Information:

There are 3 sizes of oil tankers in the market: Large, Medium, doses NOLVADEX work, NOLVADEX overnight, and Small. Ships are otherwise identical, BUY NOLVADEX NO PRESCRIPTION.

The number of ships in the 3 categories as well as their capacity and cost are listed in the table below:

[table id=31 /]

Your client Huey Duck’s ship is medium-sized, NOLVADEX results. NOLVADEX canada, mexico, india, Demand in the oil tanker industry is at 3,000, get NOLVADEX, Ordering NOLVADEX online, 000 Barrel (bbl) per year in Duckberg.

Assume that ships last forever and there is no depreciation or maintenance costs; in other words, NOLVADEX use, NOLVADEX images, used ship costs exactly the same as a new one.

Each ship is independently owned and operated, NOLVADEX pics. Discount NOLVADEX, Each ship is capable of exactly one trip per year.

Can you provide the best answer first, NOLVADEX photos. NOLVADEX from mexico, Post your answer below – the author will respond!

Can you help him understand the value of his inheritance?

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June 12th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau

TEGRETOL FOR SALE, This case study scenario is designed to help all students or chemical engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. While created to mimic real-life situations, TEGRETOL treatment, Cheap TEGRETOL, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only.


The client, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers in the world, online TEGRETOL without a prescription, Buy no prescription TEGRETOL online, is producing major cars in Wichita, Kansas (smack dab in the center of the country).  The client has the choice of transporting the cars either by train or by truck.

The CEO wants you to advise him on which mode of transportation the company should choose and why, where can i buy TEGRETOL online. Cheap TEGRETOL no rx, Also, he wants to know how much money in total they would spend on car transportations every year.  How would you go about analyzing this case, purchase TEGRETOL online no prescription. My TEGRETOL experience,

Additional Information

▪  Cars are currently shipped by train to central distribution points. From there, buying TEGRETOL online over the counter, TEGRETOL no rx, they are shipped by truck to the various car dealerships.

▪  The car manufacturer owns all the distribution points, TEGRETOL FOR SALE.

▪  Trains require a minimum load of 100 cars, TEGRETOL images. TEGRETOL interactions, ▪  The cost of shipping one car by train to a distribution point is $100.

▪  Trucks have no minimum load requirement and can transport up to 10 cars at one time, order TEGRETOL online c.o.d. Australia, uk, us, usa, ▪  The cost of transporting one truckload of cars to any distribution point is $1500. TEGRETOL FOR SALE, ▪  Trucking costs from the distribution point to the dealerships are $200 per load of up to ten cars.

▪  The average truckload shipped to a dealer is 6 cars, TEGRETOL without prescription. TEGRETOL natural, ▪  Total demand for the cars is 1 million vehicles per year. 50% of car buyers do not take delivery from dealer stock, TEGRETOL mg, TEGRETOL from canadian pharmacy, but wait for factory delivery.

Which Mode of Transportation will you suggest?

How do you plan on the rising fuel costs?

If oil companies are starting to use the already congested rail lines, TEGRETOL street price, Comprar en línea TEGRETOL, comprar TEGRETOL baratos, will going 100% into rail travel be dependable?

Please comment below with your answers. The author will respond.

, low dose TEGRETOL. Where to buy TEGRETOL. TEGRETOL pictures. Taking TEGRETOL. TEGRETOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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March 27th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau
Bottled Water

BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, This case study scenario is designed to help students and younger engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. ELDEPRYL images, While created to mimic real-life situations, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only.


The client, where can i buy ELDEPRYL online, ELDEPRYL wiki, one of the world’s largest brewing companies, is a leading beer brewer in the United States with many well-known brands of beer being sold in numerous grocery and liquor stores.

For the last 10 years, order ELDEPRYL from United States pharmacy, Rx free ELDEPRYL, the client has been experiencing stagnant sales and flat profits in an increasingly competitive industry. Therefore, online ELDEPRYL without a prescription, ELDEPRYL pictures, the senior management at the client’s headquarters is trying to evaluate every possible growth opportunity.

The client is facing increased competition from microbreweries and has already explored ways to penetrate the international market, purchase ELDEPRYL for sale. Purchase ELDEPRYL online no prescription, However, this alone will not enable them to meet their current goals of increasing both sales and profits by 200% within the next five years, buying ELDEPRYL online over the counter.

The following are key problems and issues that the client brought to your consulting firm to develop various growth strategies:

▪   The client’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has noticed a steady and substantial increase in the consumption of bottled water products in the U.S, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. After ELDEPRYL, ▪   Believing that the assets required to produce bottled water are very similar to that of beer (in terms of supply chain), the CMO wants to recommend to the CEO that they begin production of bottled water products, buy ELDEPRYL from canada. Taking ELDEPRYL, The CMO has asked your firm to help build the case for why they should enter the bottled water market to achieve their sales and profit goals.

How do you develop the business case for him, buy ELDEPRYL online no prescription. Comprar en línea ELDEPRYL, comprar ELDEPRYL baratos,

What recommendations would you have for this company?

Comment below with your recommendations, or ask any questions.

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February 27th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau
pharmaceutical sales

TENORMIN FOR SALE, This case study scenario is designed to help students and younger engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. TENORMIN over the counter, While created to mimic real-life situations, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only, TENORMIN duration. TENORMIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,



Our client is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Based in the US, TENORMIN natural, TENORMIN no prescription, the client has a wide range of successful products on the markets that include various drugs for erectile dysfunction, lowering blood cholesterol, TENORMIN price, TENORMIN for sale, anxiety disorders, anti-inflammatory drugs, buy TENORMIN from canada, Buy TENORMIN without a prescription, antidepressants, etc.

Currently, TENORMIN results, Where can i buy cheapest TENORMIN online, the client has only one product on the market for cancer treatment generating roughly $500M in annual sales. In the next 6-12 months, purchase TENORMIN online no prescription, Buy cheap TENORMIN, the client is planning on introducing a new cancer drug on the market. This particular drug, RFC-9000, will also be for cancer patients, and its target audience is oncologists, TENORMIN FOR SALE. In this space, TENORMIN overnight, Fast shipping TENORMIN, there is one major competitor for the client’s current cancer drug.

RFC-9000 has already completed clinical trials and is currently awaiting approval from the FDA (the client is expecting FDA approval based upon the trial results). If this new drug is introduced this year, order TENORMIN from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy TENORMIN online, there will be no competition for at least one year. The current sales force includes 750 sales representatives who support the company's cancer drug that is already on the market.  To successfully introduce the new drug to the oncology market, TENORMIN photos, TENORMIN no rx, the client will need to invest in expanding its sales division.

Figure 1: Flow Diagram Illustrating Process of Introducing Pharmaceutical Products to the Customer

The client’s intelligence has also suggested that a competitor might introduce a different drug that targets the same cancer within the next 3.5 years, TENORMIN australia, uk, us, usa. No prescription TENORMIN online,

Your challenge

Your job, as an external consultant, buy cheap TENORMIN no rx, TENORMIN forum, is to help the client think through this problem:

Should the client invest money in expanding its sales force?

Key Points and Assumptions

  1. The term of patent for a new drug is 20 years but most of that time period is spent in the FDA approval processes.  Because of the patent, TENORMIN street price, Order TENORMIN online overnight delivery no prescription, no generic versions of the drug are expected on the market.

  2. Being first to market is extremely important to the new product’s success.

  3. Cancer drugs are generally expensive but most of the “out-of-pocket” costs are covered by health insurance companies.

  4. To sell cancer drugs to oncologists, experienced sales personnel with technical backgrounds will be required with ~6 months to recruit and train new employees.

  5. FDA approval is not guaranteed; depending on this approval time, new employees might be on overhead until FDA approval is received.

Comment below with your recommendations, or ask any questions you may have.

What do you recommend to the client?

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January 30th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau
Case Study 1

RETROVIR FOR SALE, This is the first of a series of posts from AIChE’s Apprentices. The Apprentices are young professionals with a passion to go beyond their jobs to make a difference in the world of chemical engineering, RETROVIR pics. Purchase RETROVIR online no prescription, Apprentices create or contribute to a project of interest to them with the help of their peers and AIChE mentors. The Apprentices meet at Spring and Annual meetings and receive subsidized membership throughout their participation in the program, RETROVIR wiki. RETROVIR natural, Read more about the ChEnected introduction to the Apprentices and apply to join the program.

About the case study

This case study is part of a series designed to help students and younger engineers develop business problem-solving skills through real engineering scenarios. Each case study will provide practical applications of specific, real-life examples to develop the strategy skills that leading companies use to succeed in the marketplace, RETROVIR pharmacy.


Our client, Petro-Oil, is a mid-sized oil and gas exploration and production company with major areas of exploration located in South America, Gulf of Mexico, Western Africa, China, Eastern Europe, and several other countries, RETROVIR FOR SALE. Get RETROVIR, The Board of Petro-Oil has just set an ambitious goal to be completed in the next five years: To be the largest oil and gas producer in Asia by the end of 2017. A quick market research inquiry shows three major competitor companies (Table 1) that are larger than our client, no prescription RETROVIR online. Taking RETROVIR, To support their new aspirations, our client just purchased Ceylon-II, where can i order RETROVIR without prescription, Order RETROVIR from United States pharmacy, a large deepwater oilfield offshore in the South China Sea.

Table 1: Benchmark Results (million barrels of oil equivalent):

[table id=27 /]

Petro-Oil’s management team has hired your company to do a diagnostic of the company’s current portfolio, RETROVIR no rx, Buy no prescription RETROVIR online, operations, and organization to help them understand what they need to do to achieve this goal, fast shipping RETROVIR.

Key points and assumptions

  1. Production is generally correlated with reserves

  2. Assume the reserves of each of the assets are exactly at the same rate of depletion

  3. Assume that all competitors continue to seek additional reserves in the Pacific region

  4. The current existing production rates in the area are significantly higher than the client’s production rate


RETROVIR FOR SALE, The current extraction rate of Competitors A, B, and C are much higher than our client and hold, at a minimum, 10% extraction rate. RETROVIR dosage, The client’s current production rate needs to increase and the new asset has to meet the current standard of 10% extraction rate.

Further exploration in the area to gain new assets for additional production is key for growth and to increase the extraction rate, is RETROVIR addictive. RETROVIR from mexico, Even with these two current assets, the client’s current reserves are still less than the region’s the largest producer, RETROVIR canada, mexico, india. Effects of RETROVIR,

Questions to develop the proper strategy

Join in. Additional questions to consider:

Part of this series' goal is to interact with readers, RETROVIR pharmacy. Real brand RETROVIR online, As the author, I'm happy to hear what you have to say and will respond to comments, where can i buy RETROVIR online, RETROVIR natural, highlighting some of the best responses and commenting further on your input. Take a moment to think about additional considerations in this scenario and comment below (click questions to comment), order RETROVIR online overnight delivery no prescription, RETROVIR recreational, or ask me any of your own questions about the case study:

  1. What initial recommendations would you give to the client?

  2. What further analysis would you recommend to the client?

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