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Name: Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

Bio: Teresa is President of Global NP Solutions, LLC, a strategic innovation provider. She is an accomplished visionary and results-oriented professional with extensive industry experience from creative research to effective portfolio management through stream-lined new product development processes. Prior to founding Global NP Solutions, Dr. Jurgens-Kowal acquired over 12 years of experience in leadership and management positions with ExxonMobil Chemical Company and a total of 16 years as a practicing Chemical Engineer. Her corporate career encompassed various functions, including New Product Development, Portfolio Management, Licensing, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Project Management and Research Technology. Teresa has extensive experience leading successful teams, managing the product development life cycle, and defining the portfolio strategy. Her deep expertise in intellectual property management, product and process licensing, portfolio planning, customer service and various business processes make her an ideal teacher and trusted advisor who knows both the theory and practices of New Product Development. Dr. Jurgens-Kowal earned a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Louisiana since 1998. Teresa is a certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP) by the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) and Global NP Solutions, LLC, is a Registered Education Provider (REP) with PDMA. She is also a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the American Marketing Association (AMA), and volunteers with the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). Teresa holds chemical process and catalyst patents, and is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and Journal of Physical Chemistry. She is a frequent book review contributor to the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Currently, Dr. Jurgens-Kowal is working on founding a Gulf Coast Chapter of the PDMA organization. She has an office in Houston, Texas. In her free time, Teresa enjoys scrapbooking and gardening.

October 8th, 2014

Winning with Risk Management

By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
winning with risk management cover

Russell Walker’s recent book, Winning with Risk Management, offers lessons for chemical engineers as we deal with risks on a daily basis.

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June 6th, 2014

Lessons on Leading Change

By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

What type of leader are you, and what are your strongest abilities? Learning to lead means understanding where your strengths as a leader lie so you can also learn to manage your weaknesses.

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December 31st, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.17.17 AM

Playing to Win:  How Strategy Really Works BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, by A.G. Lafley and Roger L, LOPRESSOR long term. LOPRESSOR pics, Martin.  Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.  260 pages.  US$27.00, buy cheap LOPRESSOR. Buy LOPRESSOR from canada, Many chemical engineers (ChEs) are engaged in tactical implementation rather than strategic project development. However, where can i cheapest LOPRESSOR online, LOPRESSOR online cod, understanding the firm’s strategy can help improve project selection, team organization, LOPRESSOR wiki, LOPRESSOR pharmacy, and profitability at a company. ChEs, with our broad perspectives of people, processes, and technologies, are ideally suited to helping design business and innovation strategies, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Playing to Win, buy no prescription LOPRESSOR online, LOPRESSOR mg, a new book by Procter and Gamble (P&G) CEO A.G. Lafley and co-author Roger Martin, LOPRESSOR over the counter, Where can i cheapest LOPRESSOR online, lays out the key decisions a reader must make to implement a successful strategy.  These questions are (pg. 15):

  • What is your winning aspiration?

  • Where to play?

  • How to win?

  • What are your core capabilities, where can i buy LOPRESSOR online. Buy LOPRESSOR from canada, and

  • What management systems support the winning aspiration?

Each of the subsequent five chapters goes into detail on how a company’s leadership team can address these questions. BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Interestingly, the authors make a distinction between a passionate and specific set of choices (aspirations), and simply participating in a market.  Mediocre performance without a desire to beat the competition is not a winning strategy.

The value of debate and dialogue

Two topics of particular interest to ChEs are in the later chapters of Playing to Win.  In Chapter 6, what is LOPRESSOR, LOPRESSOR mg, “Manage What Matters,” the authors stress the value of engaged debate and open dialogue.  To enhance innovation at P&G, LOPRESSOR long term, LOPRESSOR interactions, for example, project reviews were minimized while the conversations with senior management focused instead on strategic opportunities and technical advantages.  Pre-determined agenda items can be circulated in advance of a meeting, LOPRESSOR without a prescription, LOPRESSOR from mexico, eliminating thick (and boring) slide decks.  Data dumps are replaced by two or three pages of competitor and customer analysis demonstrating market openings and product development opportunities.

A new approach to problems

While engineers and senior management can benefit from simplified strategic discussions, order LOPRESSOR online c.o.d, Online buying LOPRESSOR, Chapter 7, “Think Through Strategy, LOPRESSOR brand name, LOPRESSOR schedule, ” introduces a new way to approach problems.  In a traditional idea generation process, every possible concept is identified.  Then, LOPRESSOR pictures, subject matter experts find all the ways that the idea won’t work. In a “reverse-engineered strategy” discussion, the idea that might work is first identified.  Team members stress positive attributes of what is required in order to make the concept successful in the marketplace.  A final twist is that the biggest skeptic of the idea is challenged with designing the “failure test.”

The theory is that if the biggest skeptic can be convinced of the merits of the idea, then everyone else will readily support the idea.  Further, the “skeptics” will not have any incentive to sabotage the test with impossible criteria since the next project idea might be theirs, in which they will need the support of another team member designing a failure test.

Finally, Playing to Win wraps up with an excellent discussion of fundamental economic principles in Appendix B.  For anyone who has grown rusty on supply and demand curves, cost leadership, or differentiated markets, this review is equally concise and easy to understand.

While many chemical engineers may not be directly involved in developing strategy for their firms, Playing to Win is still a great book to read.  The text emphasizes customer and team member engagement backed by case study examples – both principles which benefit engineers in daily operations.

Share how an understanding of strategy been important in your career.

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August 13th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

Managing Projects:  A Practical Guide for Learning Professionals BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, by Lou Russell.  Pfeiffer, 2012.  205 + xvii pages.  US$45.00.

Most chemical engineers (ChEs) work on many projects throughout their careers. Some are mega-projects, no prescription GLUCOPHAGE online, such as designing a world-class refinery complex, GLUCOPHAGE over the counter, while others are small projects, such as improving energy efficiency by replacing a pump in an existing facility. Regardless of the size of the projects you encounter, about GLUCOPHAGE, it is important for ChEs to learn to manage and lead project activities during their careers. GLUCOPHAGE price, coupon, Lou Russell’s new book, Managing Projects, is geared toward new leaders of mostly small projects, GLUCOPHAGE forum. The methodology she presents in this easy-to-read text generally follows project management practices of organizations like AIChE and the Project Management Institute (PMI), BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. This is a great book for anyone new to the concepts and methodologies of project management. Is GLUCOPHAGE safe, Chapter 1 starts at the beginning: defining a project (a temporary endeavor with a temporary team) as opposed to routine operations and support work. Chapters 2 through 5 lay out a simplified approach to project management:

  • Define (Chapter 2),

  • Plan (Chapter 3), cheap GLUCOPHAGE no rx,

  • Manage (Chapter 4), GLUCOPHAGE used for, and

  • Review (Chapter 5).

Four steps to manage small projects

Defining the project answers the question of why the organization is spending money on the project in the first place.  This phase of project management will address whether the project increases revenue, avoids costs, or improves service, where can i cheapest GLUCOPHAGE online.

Planning, GLUCOPHAGE street price, perhaps the most important aspect of project management in this reviewer’s opinion, answers the question “how?”  A key output of the planning phase is the project charter, objectives, buy GLUCOPHAGE online cod, and high-level requirements (scope, GLUCOPHAGE reviews, schedule, and budget).  Another output of the planning phase is the risk management plan.  ChEs will recognize similarities between HAZOP reviews and identifying/managing project risks. BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, Managing the project requires an ability to adapt and be flexible during project implementation. Engineers are typically good problem-solvers and this skill comes in handy during project execution.  Discoverables and project changes require the project leader to develop alternate plans that will still deliver the product of the project on schedule and within budget, after GLUCOPHAGE.

Finally, Purchase GLUCOPHAGE, reviewing a project allows the project manager, the project team, and the organization as a whole to learn and grow, GLUCOPHAGE steet value. I wholeheartedly agree with the author that lessons-learned reviews are lacking in most corporations and represent a lost opportunity for future cost savings on projects. Buy cheap GLUCOPHAGE no rx, Unique to Ms. Russell’s methodology is a visual approach to developing the project charter (see Exhibit 2.5, for example), BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. Engineers will identify with this graphical approach showing all of the key tasks and stakeholders on a single diagram.

Because Managing Projects is focused on smaller projects, where can i buy GLUCOPHAGE online, the author offers advice on simple tools for project management using familiar software, GLUCOPHAGE canada, mexico, india, like Microsoft Word and Excel.  Engineers, however, should have familiarity with project management software tools like Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera in order to take advantage of sophisticated project management analyses, buy no prescription GLUCOPHAGE online.

Chapter 6 addresses organizational change in general, Get GLUCOPHAGE, while Chapter 7 introduces the concept of a project management office (PMO).  Many large oil, gas, and chemical companies use PMOs to serve as consultants for projects or as full-service engineering, purchase GLUCOPHAGE for sale, procurement, Where can i order GLUCOPHAGE without prescription, and construction (EPC) offices. Most engineering design firms and contract EPC companies will also have centralized PMO functions to offer templates, procedures, GLUCOPHAGE alternatives, and policy guidance for client project management. BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, In the end, Chapter 8 wraps up with ten tips to help any project leader grow in his/her career. Rx free GLUCOPHAGE, My favorite is #10, Laugh (pg. 193).  Laughing can make us more creative and accepting of change, GLUCOPHAGE without prescription. And, of course, the purpose of any project is to create positive change.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of project management as a chemical engineer?


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July 18th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
Kill the Company

Kill the Company CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, by Lisa Bodell.  Bibliomotion, 2012.  237 + xv pages.  US$27.95.

Most engineers work in firms where a degree of innovation is demanded for successful business growth, where can i cheapest CAMAZEPAM online. Buy no prescription CAMAZEPAM online, Lisa Bodell’s new book, Kill the Company, buy CAMAZEPAM online no prescription, Doses CAMAZEPAM work, offers an entertaining and contrarian view to shake up the status quo and bring about change.

Kill the Company describes three typical organizational cultures we encounter today: a positive culture, after CAMAZEPAM, Where to buy CAMAZEPAM, a negative culture, and a complacent culture.  Positive innovation cultures (think Google) encourage smart risks and challenge employees to bring forth creative ideas, CAMAZEPAM schedule. Buy generic CAMAZEPAM, Negative cultures begin a downward slide by taking no risks and losing ground to competitors. Negative cultures are staffed with professional skeptics and devils’ advocates, CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE. They are characterized by too many and ineffective meetings, canada, mexico, india. Kjøpe CAMAZEPAM på nett, köpa CAMAZEPAM online, Yet, a negative culture still can favor creativity with an “innovate or die” mindset, CAMAZEPAM recreational. Fast shipping CAMAZEPAM, Ms. Bodell indicates the worst culture is the complacent culture, CAMAZEPAM pics. CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, These organizations are staffed with generally happy employees who like their jobs.  Firms with complacent cultures are taking advantage of short-term growth opportunities and are not facing immediate competitive threats. Buy cheap CAMAZEPAM, Yet, this complacency is just what kills innovation, order CAMAZEPAM no prescription. Buy CAMAZEPAM online cod,

Two killer tools for innovation

Innovation is inextricably linked with organizational change. Two outstanding tools introduced in this book are Kill the Company and Kill a Stupid Rule, where can i find CAMAZEPAM online. CAMAZEPAM pharmacy, In the first exercise, employees use their inside knowledge and apply an outside view to imagine how they would put their own company out of business, order CAMAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. This creative exercise is liberating for team members and helps detail a list of realistic competitive threats, CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE. CAMAZEPAM photos, Kill a Stupid Rule recognizes that many rules, procedures, CAMAZEPAM from canada, Discount CAMAZEPAM, and policies can become not only annoying over time, but also serve as barriers to engineers working effectively, where can i order CAMAZEPAM without prescription. CAMAZEPAM dosage, In this exercise, managers take immediate action to eliminate bulky approval forms, where can i buy CAMAZEPAM online, unnecessary reports, lengthy expense statements, and/or unproductive meetings. Engineers and other staff members are instantly granted more time to do their real work and to performing their jobs. Moreover, management demonstrates a commitment to real and lasting organizational change. CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, A case study of change management accompanied by increased innovation is detailed in one chapter, while closing chapter offers a full descriptions of each innovation tool. The innovation tools come with suggestions on when to use the exercise, with whom, and how to implement them.

Kill the Company is a good book for anyone trying to accomplish organizational change. Engineers are often boxed in by rules and procedure, yet thinking creatively can allow us to see new opportunities.

Could your see these techniques put to use in your company?

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May 14th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
Eli Goldratt's The Goal

The Goal:  A Process of Ongoing Continuous Improvement LASIX FOR SALE, , 3rd ed. LASIX canada, mexico, india, by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox, North River Press:  Great Barrington, is LASIX safe, LASIX from canadian pharmacy, MA (2004). 384 pages, LASIX dangers, Australia, uk, us, usa, $24.95.

Process engineers should be familiar with Eli Goldratt’s seminal work The Goal for a number of reasons. First, LASIX australia, uk, us, usa, LASIX maximum dosage, chemical engineers are often tasked with finding improvements in continuous processes to reduce the manufacturing costs at a plant or facility.  Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints provides a systematic framework to search for bottlenecks in a manufacturing process and to find ways to improve throughput once the constraint is identified.

Next, LASIX over the counter, Buy LASIX no prescription, many chemical engineers are unfamiliar with business terms and financial calculations. Most managers and decision-makers, on the other hand, are greatly concerned about financial metrics, LASIX FOR SALE. The Goal offers step-by-step insights of the most important business measurements for a manufacturing plant.  (You might also want to reference the series “Talking to Your Bo$$” here on ChEnected.) After all, order LASIX from mexican pharmacy, Herbal LASIX, the purpose of business is to make a profit.

Further, where can i find LASIX online, LASIX pharmacy, by addressing continuous improvement from the standpoint of fictional characters in a novel, Goldratt also conveys themes of leadership and teamwork, LASIX from canada. Buy LASIX without a prescription, In The Goal, team members clearly join together to troubleshoot a crisis problem, where can i buy cheapest LASIX online. Online buying LASIX hcl, Yet, they also attain skills and passion to further their individual careers, LASIX schedule. LASIX FOR SALE, Reading about their approaches to problem-solving can help professionals hone teamwork capabilities, too. LASIX brand name, Lastly, most chemical engineers work in environments that stress TQM (total quality management) and/or lean manufacturing, cheap LASIX no rx. About LASIX, The Goal helps to pull together these sometimes abstract concepts into a simple story about keeping a failing division afloat. Engineers that are familiar with TQM and lean principles will be able to readily adapt Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints introduced in The Goal, LASIX without a prescription. Buy LASIX online cod,

A must-read for all project managers

The Goal is a classic text for all project managers. In its third edition, the original book was first published in 1984, LASIX FOR SALE. Thus, cheap LASIX, LASIX interactions, there are references to activities that you wouldn’t expect to see in any modern manufacturing facility today – smoking and drinking champagne are generally forbidden in most factories. However, the story of a manufacturing facility recovering from the brink of shutdown and transforming it into a stellar showcase of best practices is definitely worth reading.

Chemical engineers will find The Goal a quick book to read – even at 384 pages!  It is packed with lesson on running a business and common sense financial analyses. As process engineers, we are often the first people called to solve a problem or troubleshoot an operational upset. The Goal will provide additional tools for you to use and to successfully grow in continuous improvement throughout your career.

Click on the cover of the book to see a 7-minute YouTube video on the Theory of Constraints.  Fluid-flow experts will enjoy the video.

How does the work you do as a chemical engineer help your company achieve its “goal”?

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March 21st, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

Idea Stormers:  How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs RETIN-A FOR SALE, by Bryan W. Mattimore, where can i cheapest RETIN-A online, RETIN-A results, Jossey-Bass:  San Francisco, CA (2012), online buying RETIN-A hcl. RETIN-A photos, 244 + x pages, $26.95.

Idea Stormers by Bryan Mattimore is s a terrific reference for any manager or leader trying to find creative solutions for engineering or business problems, RETIN-A duration. About RETIN-A, What I particularly liked about Idea Stormers (as compared to other books on brainstorming) is that the suggested techniques recognize that people are stimulated to generate ideas in different ways. Another strength of this book is the number of quality recommendations to assist any facilitator to design and schedule a successful ideation session.

Brainstorming vs, RETIN-A used for. ideation

Recently, ideation has replaced brainstorming in the creative leader’s vocabulary, RETIN-A FOR SALE. Is RETIN-A safe, While it might seem to be just a change in jargon or buzzwords, there really is a difference between brainstorming and ideation.  While the former concentrates on quantity of ideas generated, RETIN-A coupon, Generic RETIN-A, ideation focuses also on quality of ideas. Secondly, effects of RETIN-A, Rx free RETIN-A, ideation also values the individual contribution to the group’s collaborative thought process.

For example, the author describes a technique called “brainwriting” in Chapter 2 that is especially well-suited for engineers, RETIN-A recreational. Order RETIN-A from mexican pharmacy, In this group ideation technique, people spend a few minutes by themselves jotting down ideas to solve a problem on a sheet of paper, online buy RETIN-A without a prescription. Buy generic RETIN-A, Next, papers are passed around and people add ideas on their new sheet or build off ideas already written down by others, australia, uk, us, usa. This technique allows everyone to be “heard” and capitalizes on group collaboration at the same time.

A technique well-suited to engineers

RETIN-A FOR SALE, Another ideation technique that is great for engineers, described in Chapter 6, is called the “billboard technique.” As engineers, we tend to speak with a lot of jargon and often assume others have the same knowledge base as we do. RETIN-A from mexico, (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked my electrical engineer husband to interrupt his story and translate terms so that I, a chemical engineer, RETIN-A interactions, Is RETIN-A addictive, can understand what he’s saying.)  In ideation, we want stories and anecdotes, where can i find RETIN-A online, Buy no prescription RETIN-A online, not tech talk!

The billboard technique forces scientists to decompose their ideas into three simple, concise points (p, RETIN-A pics. Buy RETIN-A from canada, 135):

  1. A headline or tag line,

  2. A visual, buy RETIN-A without prescription, and

  3. A call to action.

Leading the creative process

Finally, the most valuable section of Mattimore’s book comprises Chapters 7 through 9, “Thinking Like a Facilitating Leader.”  In these chapters, he lays out the who, where, and how of planning an ideation session in Part I.  Part II follows with a sample schedule for a one-and-a-half day ideation session. Concluding, Part III offers a potpourri of ideation tips and combinations of techniques that give wide-ranging creative freedom to the facilitator to help plan an energizing ideation session.

I enjoyed reading Idea Stormers as it sparked my creative problem-solving abilities. It also will help me in my daily work as a consultant and trainer to help others reach a new creative high. I recommend Idea Stormers to any engineer striving to enhance creativity and idea generation at his/her company.

What is your favorite technique for generating ideas?


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February 26th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
Invisible Element

The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation RELAFEN FOR SALE, by Robert B. RELAFEN reviews, Rosenfeld, Gary J, fast shipping RELAFEN. Where to buy RELAFEN, Wilhelmi, and Andrew Harrison, RELAFEN street price. RELAFEN images,  !nnovatus Press, 2011, herbal RELAFEN. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, 250 + xxi pages and appendices. US$21.95, RELAFEN FOR SALE.

The Invisible Element is an interesting book for chemical engineers interested in building better problem-solving teams, RELAFEN from mexico. RELAFEN from canada, Part One, The Eight Human Principles, where can i order RELAFEN without prescription, RELAFEN samples, introduces the reader to core values, mindsets, order RELAFEN online c.o.d, RELAFEN trusted pharmacy reviews, and behaviors of individuals working in innovation, as all engineers do, effects of RELAFEN. Taking RELAFEN, Part Two, Putting the Principles into Action, buy RELAFEN online no prescription, Purchase RELAFEN for sale, pulls these ideas into a cogent picture for organizational change.

Chemical engineers are faced with daily opportunities to innovate and solve problems with our special creative abilities, low dose RELAFEN. RELAFEN FOR SALE, Yet, many organizations force creative restrictions through risk intolerance. Buy RELAFEN without a prescription, One of the key themes of “The Invisible Element” is trust – at both the individual and organizational levels. The authors argue that trust and creative risk-taking are intimately tied to one another, RELAFEN alternatives. About RELAFEN, In particular, Chapter 2, RELAFEN maximum dosage, Is RELAFEN addictive, Trust is Foundational, defines the two types of trust required for innovation success: intellectual trust and emotional trust, RELAFEN forum. Buy generic RELAFEN, Engineers demonstrate intellectual trust when we respect the professional opinion of a fellow engineer and value his or her design judgment. “Heart trust,” or emotional trust, describes faith in another person that he or she will not let you down – think of your significant other or best friend, RELAFEN FOR SALE. When individuals have a high degree of intellectual trust, absent emotional trust, the organization can be successful in getting jobs and tasks done efficiently. Yet, the fear of failure leads to only “ho-hum” problem-solving with high risk avoidance.

As emotional trust increases between peers, and throughout the organization (Chapter 13), subject matter experts can pursue revolutionary ideas independently with little fear of repercussion. Trust allows leaders to fully leverage diversity of thought and experience (Chapter 5) and for creative problem-solvers to follow their passions (Chapter 7). RELAFEN FOR SALE, Trust materializes in behaviors while culture (shared values and assumptions) is found by observing behaviors. The four cultures model (pg. 121) delineates organizational culture based upon dimensions of sociability (heart trust) and solidarity (getting the job done).

Communication, decision-making, and knowledge transfer, rewards/recognition, and quantifiable gain round out Part Two of The Invisible Element. Chapters dedicated to these topics offer templates and worksheets to help managers and leaders determine the current state of their organization and identify gaps with the desired future state.

To create an innovative problem-solving culture, team members, supervisors, and leaders must understand the human principles and organizational change, RELAFEN FOR SALE. The Invisible Element can help leaders take stock of their employees, co-workers, and company culture to yield more creative problem-solving. I recommend The Invisible Element to any engineer or professional wanting to learn more about the human nature of innovation and problem-solving.

What kind of innovation and problem-solving culture does your company have.  Would you want to change it, and how?

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January 14th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Great Webinars:  How to Create Interactive Learning That is Captivating, Informative, and Fun by Cynthia Clay, Pfeiffer:  San Francisco, CA (2012).  185 + xxii pages, ALPRAZOLAM online cod, $40.00.

Our world has shrunk considerably. It is not unusual for a chemical engineer to start the day with an international teleconference, ALPRAZOLAM dangers, spend the morning troubleshooting plant operations, ALPRAZOLAM alternatives, give or take an online training class over an extended lunch break, and spend the afternoon presenting a project proposal to management. What’s common for success among these many activities is an ability to communicate with a diverse group of people in a variety of forms, canada, mexico, india. Cynthia Clay’s new book, Great Webinars, can help professionals create presentations that are more captivating and informative, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.
While the focus of this book is on presenting webinars in a training scenario, About ALPRAZOLAM, it’s important to recognize that almost all of our communications as engineers involve educating the audience. For example, the project proposal presented to senior management involves “training” the decision-makers about different options and convincing them of your point of view, ALPRAZOLAM long term.

Connecting with your audience

Chapters 1 and 2 provide direction on facilitating a webinar. ALPRAZOLAM pics,  Luckily, most engineers work for companies that have already designated software solutions for webinars and desktop sharing. BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Also, most firms make IT support available to assist with the most common glitches that arise when using desktop sharing and webinar tools. One tip to take away from these chapters, cheap ALPRAZOLAM no rx, though, Doses ALPRAZOLAM work, is to ensure you have a “helper” available to add dialogue and manipulate the controls if the presentation is given to a very large audience.

Chapters 3 and 4 are important to understand and implement for a successful webinar or presentation.  "Know Your Audience/Know Your Objectives" (Chapter 3) advises carefully planning the presentation and laying out clear objectives for you and for the audience, where to buy ALPRAZOLAM. If you want the management team to approve your project proposal, Buy ALPRAZOLAM online cod, then you will include a call to action in your presentation to drive their behavior. (Remember that most decisions are made based on emotions – not on data.)

"Interaction and Collaboration" (Chapter 4) offers plenty of helpful tips and tools, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. In both telecons and webinars, most people tend to talk too long without any interaction with the audience, ALPRAZOLAM description. With a boring slide deck and a monotonous lecture, Order ALPRAZOLAM online c.o.d, your virtual meeting attendees will start doing e-mail, checking Facebook and Twitter, and even leave their desk for a cup of coffee, ALPRAZOLAM mg. Not very attentive. Where can i cheapest ALPRAZOLAM online, You job is to engage your audience and encourage them to collaborate with the other virtual meeting participants. BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, In Chapter 4, tools such as polling and chat are suggested to increase audience interaction and collaboration.

Mastering presentation tools

Chapter 5 addresses the infamous “death by PowerPoint” problem.  Again, buy ALPRAZOLAM from canada, reading bullet points from a dull, Where can i find ALPRAZOLAM online, boring slide deck is a surefire way to lose your audience. Instead, try to add pictures, graphics, ALPRAZOLAM use, and video, Ordering ALPRAZOLAM online, as appropriate, to your presentations.

Chapters 6 and 7 are more specifically focused on training webinar scenarios, no prescription ALPRAZOLAM online. However, Is ALPRAZOLAM safe, Ms. Clay provides tips in these chapters to help keep an audience engaged in the presentation and how to measure understanding after the material has been presented, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. For most of the presentations that chemical engineers give, the outcome of the virtual meeting or presentation should be a concrete decision and a go-forward action plan, online ALPRAZOLAM without a prescription.

"Technology Trauma" is the subject of Chapter 8. ALPRAZOLAM images, Even with extensive IT support, shared desktop software will fail – usually at the most inopportune time.  A useful hint from Great Webinars is to send out meeting materials prior to the presentation, buy ALPRAZOLAM without prescription. BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Anticipating in advance what can go wrong in the presentation allows you to generate a backup plan if anything does go haywire.

Finally, ALPRAZOLAM interactions, Ms. Clay wraps up the book in Chapter 9 with a homework assignment. Go out and do it – present a great webinar.

Putting it to use

I enjoyed reading this book and I’ve looked up many of the references provided therein. While I do work in virtual training, I have found the tips (especially on PowerPoint) to be helpful for other presentations as well, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Recently, working with an experienced facilitator, as suggested in Great Webinars, I successfully presented a brief outline of practical project management tools from my most recent e-book to a large, diverse and widespread audience using an interactive webinar platform.

Therefore, I think chemical engineers can read and benefit from Cynthia Clay’s Great Webinars to improve all virtual and live meeting presentations. Enjoy.

What challenges do you have in presenting webinars?

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October 8th, 2012


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal

Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, by Cynthia Clay and Ray Olitt, Jossey-Bass:  San Francisco, CA (2012). 289 + xxix pages, is ATOMOXETINE safe, Is ATOMOXETINE addictive, $40.00.

Peer Power CoverPeer Poweris definitely a powerful book. Every one of us has encountered, online buying ATOMOXETINE hcl, ATOMOXETINE interactions, at one time or another, difficult or challenging relationships in the workplace, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. ATOMOXETINE pics, Results of these dysfunction relationships impact our productivity, our job satisfaction, cheap ATOMOXETINE no rx, Buy ATOMOXETINE no prescription, our ability to get work done, and our emotional health. Peer Power offers great strategies that we can implement immediately to make a powerful difference, ATOMOXETINE reviews. Fast shipping ATOMOXETINE, The authors open the book describing a survey on workplace conflict in which 62% of respondents have left a job, in part, buy ATOMOXETINE online cod, ATOMOXETINE natural, due to a difficult relationship (pg. xvii), ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. You cannot afford to ignore this problem, buy ATOMOXETINE without prescription, ATOMOXETINE australia, uk, us, usa, but what to do.

Strategies for coping with conflict
Cynthia Clay and Ray Olitt detail multiple tools and coping strategies to overcome common workplace conflicts. In Chapters 1 through 3, effects of ATOMOXETINE, Where can i order ATOMOXETINE without prescription, they provide personal examples of being the difficult person. I think, buy cheap ATOMOXETINE no rx, ATOMOXETINE from canadian pharmacy, after reviewing the conflicts graphically illustrated throughout the book, each of us will also recognize ourselves as the “difficult person” and admit to our own contributions as “challenging co-workers.”

Four principles guide the reader to improving complicated workplace relationships:

  1. Be real, ATOMOXETINE online cod, Cheap ATOMOXETINE,

  2. Build relationships,

  3. Take responsibility, ATOMOXETINE dosage, ATOMOXETINE blogs, and

  4. Extend respect.

Meanwhile, the five strategies for improving difficult situations are strongly oriented toward the Thomas-Kilmann model of conflict management, order ATOMOXETINE online c.o.d. Get ATOMOXETINE, Many oil and gas corporations offer professional development training based on the Thomas-Kilmann model, so chemical engineers may already be familiar with Peer Power’s strategies to transform relationships, ATOMOXETINE without prescription.

Characteristics of challenging coworkers

ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, Chapters 4 through 13 describe specific characteristics of challenging coworkers, so you can reference Peer Power like an encyclopedia, turning to the chapter that will give you the most guidance for the situation in which you find yourself today. Each chapter narrates an experience from the authors’ own careers and then lists “clues” to help you identify the patterns of destructive behavior in the relationship. Finally, the best principles to apply in each situation are described to help improve the relationship quickly, along with one or more of the Thomas-Kilmann conflict management strategies to move the relationship beyond conflict. At the end of each chapter, the authors also provide an extraordinarily helpful toolkit – a sample dialogue and a worksheet to help you plan improvements in a difficult workplace relationship.

In summary, Chapter 14 describes the blessing and curses of technology, while Appendix 1 allows you to work through a personal self assessment regarding workplace behaviors and attitudes. The latter tool is informative, yet might be painful for some to discover that their own behaviors are enabling destructive workplace relationships.

I found this book to be refreshing since the authors confessed up front to their own conflicts. We engineers, who are famously indicted as poor communicators, can stand to learn a great deal about improving workplace relationships from Peer Power. I encourage my colleagues in chemical engineering to read this book, whether currently in a difficult workplace situation or not. Applying the four principles can certainly enhance our communications and relationships immediately.

See the authors' website at Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships for more information about this book.

Where do workplace relationships rank among your professional challenges?


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