December 13th, 2010

December 2010 CEP Preview

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Environmental Management:  Measuring and Communicating Sustainability through Eco-Efficiency Analysis Eco-efficiency analysis promotes an understanding of the economic and environmental trade-offs over products’ lifecycles, and supports informed, strategic decision-making in all areas of a business, from spurring innovative product development to promoting credible marketing claims. Back to Basics:  Using Chromatography to Separate Complex Mixtures Purifying high-value mixtures, such as pharmaceuticals, can be an expensive undertaking. Choosing the correct chromatography methods can improve purity and reduce processing time and cost. Heat Transfer:  Improve Energy Efficiency via Heat Integration Process heat integration using pinch analysis is a respected tool for achieving energy efficiency. This article explains what pinch analysis is and how to use it in process design and operation to attain real-world energy efficiency gains. Career Catalyst (click here to read this article now):  It’s a Gift: Make the Most of Holiday Job-Searching It is a common misconception that the November–December holiday season is an unproductive time for job-hunting. Smart job seekers take advantage of the unusual opportunities that the season brings — to position themselves for holiday job-search success. News: A New Golden Rule: Alcohols Do Oxidize in Water … Sweet Smell of Success — Nanoparticles Defeat Odor … Shaping the World of Carbon Nanotubes … Nanostructure Kills Bacteria in Water … Microreactor Speeds Up Production of Nanoparticles … Portable Device Senses High-Powered Explosives … A Diamond (-Coated Electrode) is Forever … Transparent Thin Films Harvest Light and Generate Electric Charge … Just Add Milk — Turning Clay into a Biodegradable Plastic … Green Technology Allows for Catalyst Salvaging … Chem Economics: Long-Term Growth from a Supply-Side Viewpoint … AIChE Journal Highlight: Using Aerosol-Based Manufacturing to Develop Nanoscale Functional Materials. Plus: Patent Update: Understand What Constitutes an Act of Invention … What's New … Software … Process Automation Corner: Process Automation Meets Economics 101 … Process Safety Beacon: Are You Ready for Winter? … Product Digest: Solids Handling … Institute News: President’s Message, Annual Meeting Highlights, Member News … Profile: A Chemical Engineer's Twist on Marketing — S. Shariq Yosufzai The December 2010 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at
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  1. Glad to see a recent article on pinch analysis.

    Pinch technology has really expanded its scope over the past 15 years. What started out as energy optimisation now includes far more mass integration, especially for water and hydrogen management.

    In fact, it can be applied to any resource conservation problem where quantity and quality are important. One recent extension is to the area of time management and scheduling.

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