July 10th, 2014

July 2014 CEP Preview

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SAFETY:  The Illusion of Attention: Are There “Gorillas” in Your Plant? (click here to read this article now) Focusing too much of our attention in a particular area can cause us to miss the obvious. Simply being aware of the phenomenon of inattentional blindness is an important first step toward reducing its effects. REACTIONS AND SEPARATION: Troubleshoot Acid-Gas Removal Systems The removal of acid gases is a key step in natural gas treatment. Closed-loop amine systems are a popular option, but they can suffer from inefficiencies. This article describes troubleshooting tools and explains how to pinpoint the cause of operational issues. BACK TO BASICS: Incorporate Rigorous Heat Exchanger Models in Simulation Embedding a rigorous heat exchanger model within an established simulation environment can help engineers increase process yields while minimizing heat exchanger energy consumption and capital expenditures. INSTRUMENTATION: A Guide to Characterizing Particle Size and Shape Knowledge of particle properties is essential for understanding how the particles will impact your process. Learn how to identify the relevant properties for a particular application, select the best measurement technique, and analyze the data to extract meaningful information. News: Nanoparticles Detect Sulfur Content in Crude Oil … Putting Waste Heat to Work … New Process Prints Personalized Drugs … EPA to Cut CO2 from Power Plants … Microbes Convert Biodiesel Waste into Valuable Chemicals Plus: AIChE Journal Highlight: Zeolites Lose a Dimension but Gain in Performance … Catalyzing Commercialization: Living Plants: One-Stop Shop for Protein Manufacturing … Material Matters: Understanding Polymer Weld Morphologies … Young Professionals Point of View: Electricity and the Environment … What’s New Process Safety Beacon: Persistence — Good or Bad? … Software and Information TechnologyProduct Digest: Valves … Institute News: 2014 AIChE Election Candidate Platforms … Calendars. The July 2014 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at

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