June 3rd, 2010

June 2010 CEP Preview

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On the Horizon: Gazing into an Energy Crystal Ball By mid-century, new energy sources could be integrated into the existing chemical-conversion infrastructure, but additional research is needed to fine-tune the technologies and improve efficiencies and economics. Read Gazing into an Energy Crystal Ball. Fluids and Solids Handling: Troubleshoot and Solve Pneumatic Conveying Problems Use this scientific approach instead of a costly trial-and-error method to diagnose problems and implement solutions for conveying systems. Back to Basics: Agitating Fibrous Materials Slurry agitation involves complicated processes. This article presents guidelines for understanding the rheology of cellulosic and other fibrous materials, and outlines a method for scaling up their agitation. Career Catalyst: Making the Team: Teams, Teamwork, and Teambuilding A project team is more than a group of talented professionals. It is an interdependent unit, empowered with understanding, accountabilities and mutual support that permit it to achieve goals — both organizational and personal — more efficiently and successfully than a mere group of individuals could accomplish on its own. Process Automation Corner: A Second Life for Installed Automation Systems? News: Pressure-Cooking Algae into Biofuels … Making Smarter Biofuel Choices … Nano-Infused Filters as Catalysts ... Catalyst Extracts H2 from Water ... Overactive Platinum for Cheaper Fuel Cells … Astronauts Study Biofilms in Space … Tumor-Targeting T Cells … Synthetic Enzymes Help ID Proteins … Chem Economics: Productivity, Profits, and Jobs … Perspective: Sequestering CO2 in Saline Aquifers. Plus: Institute News … What's New … Product Digest: Environmental Equipment … Software & Information Technology … Process Safety Beacon: Containment Dikes and Pads … Books … Letters … Profile: Alan Rossiter — Beyond Technical Competence … and More. The June 2010 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at
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