Looking for Reactor Blog Contributors!

No Papyrus Needed! In addition to blog entries on multiple ChemE categories, we highlight ChemE Related YouTube videos regularly on our video page, ChemE humor (in the form of jokes, cartoons, and videos), ChemE- or Career-related book reviews, and polls. We need to build up content in these areas and are looking for contributors.
  • Are you looking to share your opinion and expertise with a strong community of ChemE's as a ChEnected guest author?
  • Are there any original artists out there who would like to have their ChemE comic promoted? Or are you an artist?
  • Do you know any good ChemE-related jokes, brainteasers, or puzzles?
  • Do you know of any good content sources (that could be used with permission)?
  • Do you have good ChemE video content?
  • Do you like to review ChemE or Career books?
Note: If you are interested in submitting Webinar (ChemE On Demand) content, contact edu@aiche.org.