March 6th, 2012

Molten Salt Baseload Solar Opening in Las Vegas Soon

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SolarReserve TowerGame-changer alert: Although 24/7 baseload solar power has been a reality in Spain for over a year, the wait is almost over in America. The first commercial concentrated solar power (CSP) facility reached a milestone with the completion of the 540-foot central tower for the billion-dollar Crescent Dunes solar thermal plant near Tonopah, Nevada. Once finished in 2013, an added solar receiver will sit on top of the tower, collecting the reflected heat from 10,000 surrounding heliostats. The new plant will have a 15-hour storage capacity and supply enough to power 75,000 homes in Las Vegas.To understand how the process works, check out the video in the panel at right. You can also see more about the progress of construction here.

What do you think the prospects are for this technology in the US?

Photos: SolarReserve
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