April 8th, 2011

Boil’s Laws — The Laws of Thermodynamics & Casinos

By Rich Byrnes | Comments (6)
Welcome to the eighth comic in the Boil's Laws comic strip series, brought to ChEnected by artist and chemical engineer Rich Byrnes. You can see a larger version here or the first in the series here. Read about the inspiration behind Boil's Laws here. [caption id="attachment_19263" align="alignleft" width="446" caption="Click for larger view."]Boil's Laws - Laws of Thermodynamics [/caption]

Have you ever tried to beat the laws of thermodynamics, or the house, while at a casino?

6 Responses to “Boil’s Laws — The Laws of Thermodynamics & Casinos”

  1. harrington.kent says:


    Best caricature of Donald trump I've ever seen.


    • Rich Byrnes says:

      Thanks Kent, 

      I had fun creating the character, and loved the challenge of capturing the essence of Donald Trump to make it work for the script…  Perhaps we will see more illustrative characters in the future. Glad you and others enjoyed it. 


  2. @johnvasko says:

    I've heard that casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep people awake. I'm sure Dr. Ronald Stump knows something about that..

    • Rich Byrnes says:

      Yes, the increased O2 levels enhances combustion, so as to "burn-up" more of your money, as long as you are having fun and limit your combustible cash, I suppose the laws of thermo may not matter……  ;-)

  3. calhorn says:

    Don't look now, Donald Trump could be the next US President!

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