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October 29th, 2014

Excelling With Excel #1 – Custom Functions Using VBA

By Todd | Comments (20)
This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Excelling With Excel

This fall we’re featuring some of our top posts of all time. This great Excel series, which starts with the post below, is a perennial favorite. Check it out If you’ve not yet had the pleasure. Keep an eye out for more all-time favorites through the end of the […]

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March 25th, 2014

Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

By Cindy Mascone | Comments (0)

Texting, calling, checking the time in a meeting—which is acceptable, and under what circumstances? See how your cell phone etiquette measures up against the average business person.

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February 5th, 2014


By Chris Hensler | Comments (0)

LOZOL FOR SALE, I'd like to introduce you to rotational programs—and I promise this has nothing to do with torque. LOZOL schedule, I was recently in your shoes as a ChE undergrad, and currently braving the adult world via air mattress, order LOZOL online overnight delivery no prescription. LOZOL mg, That leads me to my first topic in a series on rotational programs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="It's a lot like this"]Spin me right round[/caption]

Building experience, buy cheap LOZOL no rx, Buy LOZOL online cod, finding a path

I am all about professional development, including networking, no prescription LOZOL online, LOZOL interactions, interviewing, and résumé building, LOZOL maximum dosage, Buy generic LOZOL, and rotational programs are a great—and accelerated—way to gain experience. They are designed to take a fresh BS/BE and taking him/her out of their comfort zone through a handful of 4 to 6 month rotations, LOZOL images, LOZOL forum, providing a taste of how different business lines and strategies work. You learn way more than expected in 4 to 6 months (just look at any semester in fluid mechanics to justify me).  Hopefully, in 1 to 3 years, you will have found a home business group that you believe will give you the most potential to grow and learn, LOZOL FOR SALE.

Rotational programs work well for gaining insights into any industry because they offer a lot of exposure to many areas, LOZOL dangers. Order LOZOL no prescription, You might jump from HSE to operations and then onto accounting. You could be working on refining, cheap LOZOL, Doses LOZOL work, catalyst production, and then sulfur removal, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. LOZOL photos, You might also move anywhere from three floors in the same office to across the country for your next assignment – in some instances, even outside of the country.  Rotational programs are, online buying LOZOL hcl, LOZOL from canada, for most people, the last chance to keep your options open before industry tells you to choose a path and stick to it.  Now, LOZOL class, LOZOL street price, that is not to say later you cannot jump ship for another field, but the entry barrier is more difficult the further you advance in your career, buy LOZOL from mexico. LOZOL FOR SALE, In addition, you may want to progress up the ladder from engineering to management and onto becoming a business leader. Order LOZOL from United States pharmacy, Sometimes this requires leaving a company or even your line of work. At the same time, LOZOL dose, LOZOL recreational, rotational programs can be useful in giving you an idea of what leadership roles you prefer – perhaps a technology leader, business development specialist, or a project manager. As such, your rotations in accounting, marketing, engineering, design, HR, project controls, etc. should help give you that sense of what path you wish to take in the next 5–10 years.  Your path isn't set in stone, and you may decide after your first 6 months in marketing that you never want to be near PowerPoint again.

If you have the option to do a rotational program, definitely take these pros and cons into consideration:


  • Several roles and positions to experience

  • Typically paid, and usually  adjustments are made to account for cost of living in different cities when traveling

  • Not forced into a set industry/role

  • Most likely able to choose instead of being assigned a rotation

  • Potential travel/relocation experience

  • Network/meet a lot of people

  • Learn to work in different groups

  • Develop balanced résumé rapidly

  • Learn all  corners of the company

  • You’re a chemical engineer, so you’re able to solve any problem


  • May be too far out of comfort zone/ bad fit for a rotation

  • Program does not place you in one of your preferred roles

  • Relocation can be difficult

  • Not getting along with new group/manager

  • Failed to meet your expectations

  • Sometimes sleeping on air mattresses while away from home!

Your end goal: find a good starting point, develop your intended direction, take aim, and SUCCEED, LOZOL FOR SALE.

More to come

I'll be returning in a few weeks with my next topic on my first rotation in design work.

I'd love to hear more ideas and personal experiences with rotational programs.  Please share your comments below!  For more on rotations, see this excellent post by another ChEnected blogger.

What rotation questions and experiences do you have to share?


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July 18th, 2013


By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal | Comments (0)
Kill the Company

Kill the Company CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, by Lisa Bodell.  Bibliomotion, 2012.  237 + xv pages.  US$27.95.

Most engineers work in firms where a degree of innovation is demanded for successful business growth, where can i cheapest CAMAZEPAM online. Buy no prescription CAMAZEPAM online, Lisa Bodell’s new book, Kill the Company, buy CAMAZEPAM online no prescription, Doses CAMAZEPAM work, offers an entertaining and contrarian view to shake up the status quo and bring about change.

Kill the Company describes three typical organizational cultures we encounter today: a positive culture, after CAMAZEPAM, Where to buy CAMAZEPAM, a negative culture, and a complacent culture.  Positive innovation cultures (think Google) encourage smart risks and challenge employees to bring forth creative ideas, CAMAZEPAM schedule. Buy generic CAMAZEPAM, Negative cultures begin a downward slide by taking no risks and losing ground to competitors. Negative cultures are staffed with professional skeptics and devils’ advocates, CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE. They are characterized by too many and ineffective meetings, canada, mexico, india. Kjøpe CAMAZEPAM på nett, köpa CAMAZEPAM online, Yet, a negative culture still can favor creativity with an “innovate or die” mindset, CAMAZEPAM recreational. Fast shipping CAMAZEPAM, Ms. Bodell indicates the worst culture is the complacent culture, CAMAZEPAM pics. CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, These organizations are staffed with generally happy employees who like their jobs.  Firms with complacent cultures are taking advantage of short-term growth opportunities and are not facing immediate competitive threats. Buy cheap CAMAZEPAM, Yet, this complacency is just what kills innovation, order CAMAZEPAM no prescription. Buy CAMAZEPAM online cod,

Two killer tools for innovation

Innovation is inextricably linked with organizational change. Two outstanding tools introduced in this book are Kill the Company and Kill a Stupid Rule, where can i find CAMAZEPAM online. CAMAZEPAM pharmacy, In the first exercise, employees use their inside knowledge and apply an outside view to imagine how they would put their own company out of business, order CAMAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. This creative exercise is liberating for team members and helps detail a list of realistic competitive threats, CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE. CAMAZEPAM photos, Kill a Stupid Rule recognizes that many rules, procedures, CAMAZEPAM from canada, Discount CAMAZEPAM, and policies can become not only annoying over time, but also serve as barriers to engineers working effectively, where can i order CAMAZEPAM without prescription. CAMAZEPAM dosage, In this exercise, managers take immediate action to eliminate bulky approval forms, where can i buy CAMAZEPAM online, unnecessary reports, lengthy expense statements, and/or unproductive meetings. Engineers and other staff members are instantly granted more time to do their real work and to performing their jobs. Moreover, management demonstrates a commitment to real and lasting organizational change. CAMAZEPAM FOR SALE, A case study of change management accompanied by increased innovation is detailed in one chapter, while closing chapter offers a full descriptions of each innovation tool. The innovation tools come with suggestions on when to use the exercise, with whom, and how to implement them.

Kill the Company is a good book for anyone trying to accomplish organizational change. Engineers are often boxed in by rules and procedure, yet thinking creatively can allow us to see new opportunities.

Could your see these techniques put to use in your company?

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June 13th, 2013


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)

CEP's (Chemical Engineering Progress BUY LIORESAL NO PRESCRIPTION, ) biennial salary survey is presented in the June 2013 issue. Where to buy LIORESAL, Look for it in print, on, order LIORESAL no prescription, LIORESAL pics, or on a future post here. In addition to questions about facts, LIORESAL steet value, Generic LIORESAL, figures, and demographic data, order LIORESAL from mexican pharmacy, Buy LIORESAL online cod, respondents were asked three open-ended questions, two of which covered retirement and health care benefits, buying LIORESAL online over the counter. Ordering LIORESAL online, (For open-ended questions on general state of chemical engineering employment, see this post.)

Goodbye pension plans (mostly)...

The trend clearly has moved towards eliminated pensions, LIORESAL price, Where can i cheapest LIORESAL online, but some companies do continue to offer them, while often for a limited number of employees, canada, mexico, india. LIORESAL blogs, Likewise, for those who still receive a pension, LIORESAL trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy cheap LIORESAL no rx, adjustments downward were often made to benefits. Most often, when pensions were eliminated, they were replaced with the near omnipresent 401K plan, BUY LIORESAL NO PRESCRIPTION.
"Defined pension plan remains available to existing employees, LIORESAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, LIORESAL from canadian pharmacy, but is not provided to new employees as of 2012."

"Announced that they are phasing out traditional pension in 2017."

"Change multiplier for pension form 1.6 to 1.2."

"My employer has now discontinued a pension plan to replace it with a larger contribution to my 401k."

Surprisingly, a very small number said their company "added a pension, LIORESAL samples, LIORESAL photos, " to the envy of many of us.

...hello return of benefits and new 401K options

For some employees who saw a major dip in retirement benefits and options, kjøpe LIORESAL på nett, köpa LIORESAL online, Buy LIORESAL without a prescription, it seems that 2012 brought welcomed increases, which is a great trend to see, LIORESAL brand name. LIORESAL natural,
"Decreased  in 2011, brought back up to previous level in 2012"

"Company match for 401k was suspended for one year.  Has restarted this January."

For employees who saw additions to their retirement plan options, LIORESAL used for, LIORESAL description, a good number noted "Added a Roth 401k option.

Here's a word cloud that graphically represents retirement plan responses by number of occurrences of top words:


Welcome Heath Savings Account (HSAs)

Many saw changes in their health benefits this year. Among them, many noted the arrival of an HSA, as well as high-deductible options. Some noted that high-deductible plans were not the option, but the  new norm.
"Added Health Savings Account option and option for higher deductible health care insurance"

Health care insurance has gone to high deductible model."

For many, employers "changed providers," whether for dental or general medical insurance.

Coverage down, cost up for many

The trend for many, unfortunately, seemed to be reduction of benefits with increasing costs, though to various degrees:
Coverage and employee contribution amounts."

"Employee cost has gone up."

Positive changes for a number of respondents

Yet the trend wasn't so for all. Some certainly saw positive changes this year, with expanded coverage or benefits:
"Expanded benefits.  Minimal cost of coverage increase."

"Expanded coverage to domestic partners."

Wait, what's changing and how?

Most of us at one point or another have been exasperated by understanding coverage and changes. One respondent expressed this sentiment humorously:
"You must be kidding.  These are too complicated to describe.  We are lucky to understand them."

Here's a word cloud that graphically represents health care benefits responses by number of occurrences of top words:

What's your experience with health and retirement benefits this past year?

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January 31st, 2013


By May Shek | Comments (3)

ALTACE FOR SALE, This year began with the excitement of setting new goals. I have learned my best lessons on goal setting from one of my hobbies, ALTACE dosage, running — and what I’ve learned can be applied to professional goals as well.

Start with small measurable goals

I did not become a marathoner overnight. I began my running journey in Aug, what is ALTACE. 2008, ALTACE online cod, in arid Calgary, Alberta. Initially, my goals were small, and they served as mini milestones that helped me track my progress and propelled me to the next breakthrough, ALTACE FOR SALE. I was not particularly athletic, ALTACE reviews, so I started by running 10 minutes and walking one minute. Order ALTACE no prescription, The distances were short. I would run a few times a week for three miles at most. Within a few weeks, ALTACE dose, I gained confidence, ALTACE pictures, and I was able to finish my run without feeling completely exhausted. ALTACE FOR SALE, At that point, I added a longer run (5–6 mi), once each week with my running group.

Setbacks and reassessment

No one ever said running was easy. Sometimes, ALTACE coupon, my goal was to overcome a setback. ALTACE brand name, My first running setback came after “mastering” the 6-mi distance with the walk breaks during the brisk Calgary autumn mornings. I thought running three miles without walk breaks would be achievable. How wrong I was, ALTACE FOR SALE.

During a vacation in Houston (on an 85°F, discount ALTACE, 100% humidity day), Effects of ALTACE, I attempted a seemingly easy 3-mi run...which ended after a mile and a half. What went wrong. As I later learned, buy no prescription ALTACE online, without proper conditioning, Purchase ALTACE online, running in the heat and humidity can significantly increase the body’s workload; I was not trained for the humidity. In essence, my goal was unrealistic based on the training I had, order ALTACE online c.o.d. ALTACE FOR SALE, However, because I was determined to improve, I made it my goal for the next few months to be able to run continuously for three miles without walk breaks.

Measuring progress

After I returned to Calgary, ALTACE no rx, I consulted a few more-experienced runners, and I slowly increased my mileage each week. I also focused on cross-training to help me better adjust to different weather conditions, is ALTACE addictive. Not only was I able to meet my goal of running three miles without walk breaks, ALTACE natural, after three months I was becoming more comfortable, and my breathing was less labored. I set my next goal: a 6.2-mi race in May 2009, ALTACE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Setting new goals

With discipline (and a stopwatch), a runner’s progress can be easily measured, ALTACE FOR SALE. To prepare for the May 2009 race, ALTACE images, I increased my running from three days a week to four, and I ramped up the mileage and my target pace. I also became more involved with my running group, buy ALTACE from canada, and found that surrounding myself with people who have similar goals can be very motivating. ALTACE from canadian pharmacy, Going into the 6.2-mi race, I set three goals for myself: enjoy the race; finish strong; and finish in under 50 minutes (if conditions permitted). When the starting gun fired, order ALTACE from United States pharmacy, my legs automatically sped up alongside a flock of runners. ALTACE FOR SALE, There I was, flying down the racecourse. Where can i buy ALTACE online, Halfway through the race, fatigue began to build. I trusted my training, ALTACE class. I checked my breathing and pushed through. Online buying ALTACE, After surging through the last uphill portion, the finish line was in sight. For those last few seconds, I sprinted, as fast as I could, toward the finish line, ALTACE FOR SALE. Not only did I reach my goals that day, I exceeded my time goal by one minute and 12 seconds.

More breakthroughs, with a little help

Since my first road race in May 2009, I’ve participated in 30 races of increasing distances — from 3.1 mi to a marathon of 26.2 mi — and each time I set a goal of beating my previous mark. With progress came more training and longer distances. I also learned the benefits of seeking help and coaching from others. ALTACE FOR SALE, While many of my goals have been self-imposed (e.g., beating my own time), external benchmarks also served as part of the feedback loop. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon became a goal when I trained for the January 2012 Houston Marathon. I had been training with a group of serious runners, and the leaders of the group became my coaches. They helped me arm myself with four months of training and a detailed race-day plan that accounted for contingencies. The goals for my first marathon were similar to those for my first race: enjoy the experience; finish strong; and start at a pace that is 10–20 seconds slower than my goal pace (the average pace needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon), and adjust based on the conditions.

One year later, I could still do a play-by-play of that marathon (which I will spare you), ALTACE FOR SALE. I can share that I ran the race at a consistent pace and I came in two minutes and 30 seconds under the qualifying time. My dream of running in Boston became a reality. The lessons I have learned from running translate to my day-to-day job:

  1. Set mini-goals where progress can be measured.

  2. Make overcoming setbacks part of the goals and assessment process.

  3. Surround yourself with others who have similar goals for motivation and support.

  4. Ask for feedback.

  5. Celebrate each milestone and incorporate lessons learned to propel you to the next goal.

Keep goals in mind, and by this time next year, you could find yourself in a whole new race, whether at work or in your personal life.
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December 19th, 2012


By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)
Sarah Widder

BUY LOXITANE NO PRESCRIPTION, In its continuing series on women in chemistry and related sciences, the Chemical Heritage Foundation featured an interview this month with Sarah Widder, a research engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), ordering LOXITANE online. LOXITANE street price, Widder’s work focuses on the application of technology, standards, doses LOXITANE work, LOXITANE schedule, and regulations to meet sustainable design, energy efficiency, purchase LOXITANE for sale, Discount LOXITANE, and greenhouse-gas management goals.

Before joining PNNL she participated in the Washington Internships for Students in Engineering program in Washington, LOXITANE used for, Generic LOXITANE, D.C., writing policy recommendations concerning nuclear-waste management and researching the merits of reprocessing and recycling spent nuclear fuel, LOXITANE pics. LOXITANE long term, You may also know her as an active member of AIChE, where she serves on multiple national and local boards promoting sustainability and civil involvement at the educational and professional levels, kjøpe LOXITANE på nett, köpa LOXITANE online. LOXITANE from canadian pharmacy, Widder earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing a Ph.D, LOXITANE blogs. Fast shipping LOXITANE, in civil/environmental engineering from Washington State University.


Click the play button to listen to her interview.


Can you relate to Sarah's workplace experiences?

, online buy LOXITANE without a prescription. Purchase LOXITANE. About LOXITANE. LOXITANE images. LOXITANE duration. LOXITANE price, coupon. Australia, uk, us, usa. What is LOXITANE. Buy no prescription LOXITANE online. Order LOXITANE from United States pharmacy. Herbal LOXITANE.

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October 2nd, 2012


By Cindy Mascone | Comments (0)

This is an expanded version of the Editorial that appeared in the print version of BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION, Chemical Engineering Progress, September 2012.

If you saw my last two editorials, you probably noticed the sustainability theme — “On the Path to Sustainability” in July, and “AIChE’s Path to Sustainability” in August. Through our work as chemical engineers, we have the potential to make significant positive impacts on sustainability. There’s also much we can do as individuals, ADALAT use.

Several years ago, CEP published “A Personal Perspective on Sustainability through Energy Efficiency” (Jan. 2009, pp. 54–59), in which the author, Bob Sylvester, outlined some relatively simple lifestyle changes that reduced his energy costs by $2,000/yr and his carbon footprint by one-third, BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION. He offered a wide range of suggestions, ADALAT mg, and encouraged readers to consider how they might take a similar journey. With sustainability on my mind, Ordering ADALAT online, now seems like a good time to revisit the topic.

Many of the actions we can take around the home are rather obvious: adjust thermostats and put them on timers; turn off lights when leaving a room; open drapes for natural lighting; unplug electrical and electronic devices that are not in use; take shorter showers and don’t let the water run while brushing teeth; wash laundry in cold water and dry clothes on a line or rack; run the dishwasher and clothes washer and dryer during off-peak hours; and so on. These simple behavior modifications require minimal expenditures (if you don’t already have a thermostat timer or clothes rack/line), and provide immediate savings that can quickly add up, ADALAT images. BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION, What else might we do that’s less obvious. As an editor, my life revolves around paper, ADALAT price, so that seems like a good focus for my personal sustainability journey.

Reducing your carbon footprint at work

Not long ago, I received lots of postal mail (snail mail if you prefer) — ranging from letters about specific articles and an occasional address-change request from a subscriber, to press releases about new products, ADALAT duration, plant openings (and in tough times, plant closings), ADALAT dosage, and personnel appointments, to unsolicited manuscripts (which sometimes came in triplicate, so copies could be sent to outside reviewers). Email has eliminated much of this paper, ADALAT australia, uk, us, usa, and while we may bemoan email overload, an important advantage of email is its paper-conservation potential — as long as we refrain from printing every email sent by every participant of every conversation. Where can i cheapest ADALAT online, The website encourages people to spread this message by including the line “please consider the environment before printing” to their email signatures.

Sometimes we need (or want) a hard copy, BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION. In those cases, buy ADALAT without prescription, we can save paper with double-sided printing. Some photocopiers and printers allow this, ADALAT treatment, and I try to remember to take advantage of this feature as much as I can. It would be much easier if the machines had doubled-sided printing as the default. Unfortunately, ours at AIChE don’t; this should be a specification for future equipment purchases, ADALAT blogs. BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION, Print preview is a useful paper saver, because it lets you identify and print only the pages that contain what you need. This comes in handy for printing an email conversation in which every message ends with an automatically inserted note saying that the email and its attachments are confidential and intended solely for the use of the person(s) to whom it was addressed (and if you received it in error, please notify the sender). Taking ADALAT, Or that the message has been scanned for viruses and found to be free of them. I often delete such boilerplate material, duplicate email signatures, and extra spacing when I reply to or forward email, ADALAT from mexico, thereby shortening the chain for anyone else who might print it in the future.

Turning to electronic resources

In the past, Buy ADALAT no prescription, I planned my attendance at AIChE meetings by first printing the abstracts of the sessions and papers I was interested in, as well as any of those papers that had been submitted in advance (all double-sided, of course, although I started doing this more to save my back than to save trees), australia, uk, us, usa. I arranged the printouts in order by time to create a personalized meeting program, and used that as an organizational tool to plan my days, BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION. Now my iPad is my main organizational tool —  I use it to access the program and read the abstracts online, and I put meeting papers into a Dropbox folder and read them on the iPad. ADALAT description, I also download agendas, meetings, and other handouts and refer to the electronic versions during committee meetings — saving not only the paper they would have been printed on, but also lightening my backpack, ADALAT over the counter.

While I do most of my writing on the computer, I often need to print background material and research so I can refer to it more easily. ADALAT maximum dosage, Seeing it all spread out in front of me helps me to focus and organize my thoughts. BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION, Recently I’ve become more selective in what I print. I bookmark pages or save them as PDF files rather than printing them immediately, read them onscreen first, then print only the pages that I need most, no prescription ADALAT online, knowing that I can easily access electronically any others I might need.

Electronic editing, ADALAT dose, however, is more problematic. I do edit some short staff-written pieces directly onscreen (which is possible only because of the top-notch writing and editing skills of my ace CEP editors). I’ve also changed the way I handle authors’ revisions to a manuscript, get ADALAT. Instead of printing an MS-Word file containing tracked changes and manually entering the changes into the edited article, I now work directly in the tracked file, accepting or rejected the tracked changes, BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION.

When I edit technical articles that have numerous elements, such as text, Purchase ADALAT online no prescription, tables, figures, nomenclature, references, ADALAT class, sidebars, etc., I often need to work on several pages simultaneously, and paper printouts are a necessity. Trying to edit by scrolling through files and switching between windows is, at best, difficult (and sometimes it’s nearly impossible). Reorganizing passages is easier on paper, where I can circle text, make a note about where to move it, and in that new location make a note about where to put it. And although Command+Z (Control+Z on a PC) is invaluable, sometimes it’s much easier to erase something on a previous page than to keep track of the order in which I made changes and undo the exact right number of actions. BUY ADALAT NO PRESCRIPTION, One critical task that requires paper is proofreading. We do all of our proofreading on paper, because inevitably things that we have missed during the umpteen times we read the material onscreen seem to magically jump off the paper. (Better we find these before the magazine is printed than after.)

We’ll leave the print-vs.-digital CEP debate for another time and place. In the meantime, I’ll continue my efforts to reduce my paper footprint. The path stretches out into the distance, and my journey has just begun.

What are your personal tricks for reducing your carbon footprint?

Images: Trees, charlesleonard; reams of paper, pawpaw67; ipad, Sean MacEntee

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July 10th, 2012

Thinking (and Working) Outside the Cubicle

By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (2)
This entry is part 2 of 9 in the series Young Professionals Point of View

Long a standard of office life, the cubicle is evolving and even disappearing in some companies. Following are some thoughts on the state of the workplace. Join in and share your thoughts about how and where you’re most productive.

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May 9th, 2012

What Internet or Intranet-based Collaborative Tools Do You Use for Your Job?

By Loraine Kasprzak | Comments (5)
Using Laptop on Street

Chemical engineers collaborate to brainstorm new product ideas, solve technical problems, manage projects, and more. I’m writing a series of articles for Chemical Engineering Progress magazine on the online tools that ChemEs are using to collaborate. Share what tools you use!

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