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August 20th, 2014

59th Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium

By Idell Bryan | Comments (1)

The 59th Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium will take place on September 7-11, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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April 4th, 2014

Mercury Removal at Coal-Fired Power Plants

By Martin Bergstedt | Comments (0)

Removal of Mercury from the combustion air stream at a coal-fired power plant is one of the most sensitive and challenging tasks of pollution control. Dr. Noah Meeks of The Southern Company discussed mercury removal strategies.

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March 12th, 2014

After Canceling US GTL Project, Shell’s Natural Gas-Based Motor Oil Hits Stores

By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2014-03-09_15-23-23 shell oil 3

Royal Dutch Shell just introduced a motor oil made from natural gas using its PurePlus Technology at it’s $19 billion Pearl Gas-to-Liquids facility in Qatar.

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February 5th, 2014


By Chris Hensler | Comments (0)

LOZOL FOR SALE, I'd like to introduce you to rotational programs—and I promise this has nothing to do with torque. LOZOL schedule, I was recently in your shoes as a ChE undergrad, and currently braving the adult world via air mattress, order LOZOL online overnight delivery no prescription. LOZOL mg, That leads me to my first topic in a series on rotational programs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="It's a lot like this"]Spin me right round[/caption]

Building experience, buy cheap LOZOL no rx, Buy LOZOL online cod, finding a path

I am all about professional development, including networking, no prescription LOZOL online, LOZOL interactions, interviewing, and résumé building, LOZOL maximum dosage, Buy generic LOZOL, and rotational programs are a great—and accelerated—way to gain experience. They are designed to take a fresh BS/BE and taking him/her out of their comfort zone through a handful of 4 to 6 month rotations, LOZOL images, LOZOL forum, providing a taste of how different business lines and strategies work. You learn way more than expected in 4 to 6 months (just look at any semester in fluid mechanics to justify me).  Hopefully, in 1 to 3 years, you will have found a home business group that you believe will give you the most potential to grow and learn, LOZOL FOR SALE.

Rotational programs work well for gaining insights into any industry because they offer a lot of exposure to many areas, LOZOL dangers. Order LOZOL no prescription, You might jump from HSE to operations and then onto accounting. You could be working on refining, cheap LOZOL, Doses LOZOL work, catalyst production, and then sulfur removal, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. LOZOL photos, You might also move anywhere from three floors in the same office to across the country for your next assignment – in some instances, even outside of the country.  Rotational programs are, online buying LOZOL hcl, LOZOL from canada, for most people, the last chance to keep your options open before industry tells you to choose a path and stick to it.  Now, LOZOL class, LOZOL street price, that is not to say later you cannot jump ship for another field, but the entry barrier is more difficult the further you advance in your career, buy LOZOL from mexico. LOZOL FOR SALE, In addition, you may want to progress up the ladder from engineering to management and onto becoming a business leader. Order LOZOL from United States pharmacy, Sometimes this requires leaving a company or even your line of work. At the same time, LOZOL dose, LOZOL recreational, rotational programs can be useful in giving you an idea of what leadership roles you prefer – perhaps a technology leader, business development specialist, or a project manager. As such, your rotations in accounting, marketing, engineering, design, HR, project controls, etc. should help give you that sense of what path you wish to take in the next 5–10 years.  Your path isn't set in stone, and you may decide after your first 6 months in marketing that you never want to be near PowerPoint again.

If you have the option to do a rotational program, definitely take these pros and cons into consideration:


  • Several roles and positions to experience

  • Typically paid, and usually  adjustments are made to account for cost of living in different cities when traveling

  • Not forced into a set industry/role

  • Most likely able to choose instead of being assigned a rotation

  • Potential travel/relocation experience

  • Network/meet a lot of people

  • Learn to work in different groups

  • Develop balanced résumé rapidly

  • Learn all  corners of the company

  • You’re a chemical engineer, so you’re able to solve any problem


  • May be too far out of comfort zone/ bad fit for a rotation

  • Program does not place you in one of your preferred roles

  • Relocation can be difficult

  • Not getting along with new group/manager

  • Failed to meet your expectations

  • Sometimes sleeping on air mattresses while away from home!

Your end goal: find a good starting point, develop your intended direction, take aim, and SUCCEED, LOZOL FOR SALE.

More to come

I'll be returning in a few weeks with my next topic on my first rotation in design work.

I'd love to hear more ideas and personal experiences with rotational programs.  Please share your comments below!  For more on rotations, see this excellent post by another ChEnected blogger.

What rotation questions and experiences do you have to share?


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November 21st, 2013


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (0)
Bart Vermeer and Mariam Al-Meer

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Making the transition from ChE student to ChE professional means entering a new phase of education. Some is from books or continuing-education courses, but a lot is from colleagues and on-the-job experience. This series listens to recent hires and their mentors from different jobs, industries, IMDUR price, coupon, and locations. They’ll tell us what they’ve found they had to learn.

Mariam Al-Meer is with Shell at its Pearl gas-to-liquids plant on the Persian Gulf in northern Qatar. Shell is a leader in converting gas to a wide range of products through Fischer-Tropsch technologies. The Pearl facility, a joint development by Qatar Petroleum and Shell, is the largest GTL plant in the world, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. It is expected to process about three billion barrels-of-oil-equivalent over its lifetime from a gas field that has been estimated to contain about 15% of the worldwide gas resources.

Mariam is in her second year of work there following her B.S, cheap IMDUR no rx. ChE degree from Texas A&M at Qatar. While a student officer in the AIChE Student Chapter, she participated in the 2010 AIChE Annual Student Conference at Salt Lake City, Utah. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, For her first two to three years at Shell, she is in a rotation of jobs and formal mentoring through the Shell Graduate Programme (SGP), a common approach to getting started used by large companies. Buy IMDUR without a prescription, Her present “technical coach” is Bart Vermeer, senior GTL technologist with Shell.

[caption id="attachment_71702" align="alignright" width="470" caption="Bart Vermeer and Mariam Al-Meer"]Bart Vermeer and Mariam Al-Meer[/caption]

In her first year, she has had diverse experiences, including monitoring and troubleshooting, alarm reviews and management, IMDUR overnight, involvement in HAZOPs and process safety reviews, and carrying out mass balances over the area.

Here, Mariam reflects on skills and expertise she needed or had to learn that went beyond what she had as a student:

The main skills I had to learn revolved around operation of units. Ordering IMDUR online, Taking distillation as an example, university introduced me to the design of distillation columns. At Pearl, I had to learn how column performance is monitored and how to optimize such performance while taking its impact on downstream units into consideration at all times, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

I also had to learn how process safety is managed on site. HAZOPs are carried out by multi-disciplined teams working together and brainstorming to identify and assess hazards, examining certain sections of a plant in depth, so one can only fully learn the methods and techniques used in such studies by sitting through them, IMDUR for sale.

I remember having to put together a process and instrumentation diagram as part of the chemical engineering senior design project prior to graduation. That was a good introduction to P&IDs, but I had to learn a lot more at work with regards to their interpretation. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, As an example, interaction with process control engineers is part of a technologist’s role. Consequently, Buy IMDUR from canada, I had to learn how to read P&IDs and understand the controls described on them.

Mariam also found herself needing to learn about using statistics:
I could have taken a course on statistics as an elective at university, but I took other courses. While tracking certain events on site (e.g., flaring), I needed to use normal distributions as part of tracking performance, so I also had to learn some statistical methods.

In common with many new hires, IMDUR street price, she found new appreciation of the role of communication skills:
Being able to communicate well and to pass on a message in a concise yet clear way is important. In process technology, there is a lot of interaction with departments such as process control, maintenance, Order IMDUR online c.o.d, and operations. I have had to sharpen my communication skills through work. Feedback on e-mails and reports I write has helped me learn where I need to improve.

[caption id="attachment_71705" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Pearl GTL, a gas-to-liquids plant on the Persian Gulf in northern Qatar"]Shell facility[/caption]

Perspectives of Mariam’s technical coach

Bart Vermeer came to Qatar in 2011 and now is primarily responsible for the actual Fischer-Tropsch gas-to-liquids reactors and associated units, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. He was originally from the Caribbean (Curaçao), but his Dutch parents returned with him to The Netherlands when he was young. He studied at TU Delft, Netherlands, kjøpe IMDUR på nett, köpa IMDUR online, earning his BSc '05 & MSc '06 in chemical engineering. Coming out of school, he began work at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA) as a gas conversion technologist, doing process/catalyst/ reactor development as well as operational- and equipment engineering/construction support. Buy IMDUR online cod, He reflected on Mariam’s experience in particular and his own observations in general:
With Mariam fresh out of university, it was very clear that she came prepared with a diverse and comprehensive skillset combined with a solid foundation in chemical engineering principles. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, However, as for any graduate entering an operational environment, it is to a very large extent the practical side of chemical engineering where the greatest challenges and (initial) development needs lie.

As a Process Technologist, Mariam is responsible for plant units that require both day-to-day attention – optimization, ensuring stability, reliability and operability – as well as study for mid- and long-term improvement, IMDUR samples. Especially the first area (short-term troubleshooting and operation) is one where in the first year(s) of having an operational role the steepest learning curve lies; so also for Mariam.

Graduates taking up these types of positions typically have strong conceptual, scientific, and theoretical backgrounds. IMDUR schedule, Many skills that come into play are normally not addressed in-depth within university curricula but are better developed by dedicated courses and actual experience in the workplace. Some examples are:

  • Process hardware, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. Major equipment items like columns, vessels, and reactors have the highest visibility in university studies, but new employees must learn details about many specialized items like control valves, line tracing, IMDUR no rx, instruments, strainers, steam traps, gaskets, Buy IMDUR online no prescription, sampling stations, and so on. For each, a whole spectrum of different technologies and configurations is available, tailored towards the specific services. Engineers from other disciplines have dedicated roles at a typical site, buy no prescription IMDUR online, but a chemical engineering technologist is expected to be able to integrate all these aspects into a full process understanding.

  • Process safety and safeguarding – not just an attitude of safeness but also the assessment and decision processes, hardware and equipment design issues (relief valves, instrumentation configuration, material selection), Order IMDUR from mexican pharmacy, and the safety-management systems. This is one field that could and should receive more attention in universities.

  • Personal safety in a processing environment. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, There are ever-present risks that need to be managed when working in a process environment, such as extremely high or low pressures and temperatures, toxic and highly acidic/alkaline components, flammable and/or explosive compounds, high-noise areas, and working at height. Care goes beyond process and plant design and operation, but it extends to personal protective equipment, permitting systems, emergency response plans, IMDUR brand name, gas monitoring, awareness of MSDSs, and exposure limits, all supported again by safety-management systems.

  • Process dynamics. IMDUR forum, Although dynamic process simulators are available to study typical units, every actual process has very specific and often unique operating windows and nonlinear process sensitivities. Also, it is vital to understand the interplay among process-parameter changes, controller responses, actual process response and impacts on downstream and upstream equipment, comprar en línea IMDUR, comprar IMDUR baratos. Often it is management of the major non-steady state operating modes that is most important: start-ups, shut-downs, ramp-ups, slow-downs, Buy IMDUR without prescription, and trips.

Beyond learning new technical skills

Bart also emphasized the way that most new hires are surprised at the importance of communications and good work habits. He remarked:
Working in a process environment requires a dynamic work mentality all day, every day, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. Timeframes for addressing issues can differ from hours or less for troubleshooting up to months or years for big projects. Day-to-day prioritization and time management are keys, and directly translate into the role technologists play in the workplace. They need to switch between roles as project/investigation leader, engineer, doses IMDUR work, operations advisor, administrator, strategist and advising technical expert. Growing into this work style is challenging and is not for everyone, IMDUR dosage, but it is definitely one of the most satisfying aspects of becoming a process technologist.

Finally, Bart offered reassurances to Mariam and all new hires about the need to keep learning:
As you start working, recognize you have much to learn yet. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Rest assured, this goes for everyone around you as well. No one ever stops learning professionally. This is certainly also recognized for new graduates – you are not expected to be immediate experts.

As such, is IMDUR safe, do not be afraid to ask questions. This is perfectly fine, well received and logically expected. You’d be surprised how eager colleagues are to share their experience, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. Benefit from the experience of colleagues at all levels. Online buying IMDUR hcl, The operator who has 20 years of experience will know the intricacies of process units you yourself will also be working on.

At the same time, you will find that senior management will also strongly support your further development.

Observations in conclusion

Mariam’s and Bart’s experiences show how well school prepared them – up to a point. For experienced chemical engineers, it isn’t surprising that many technical skills are learned after they get out of school, given that so many aspects are industry-specific or job-specific.

Also, this second phase of education isn’t just through more coursework, although sometimes targeted short courses or webinars can be just what is needed. As Bart emphasized, colleagues may be sources of advice or even tutorials. Whether those colleagues are above, below, or alongside you in the management hierarchy, they can teach you a lot, and you have an obligation to teach them what you know as well.

How do Mariam’s and Bart’s observations reflect your own experience?

Images: Portrait, Mariam Al-Meer; Pearl LTG facility, Shell

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July 22nd, 2013


By Kent Harrington | Comments (3)
2013-07-19_13-22-46 tesla 2

ALERAM FOR SALE, Once, all of Tesla Motors' electric cars were hand-assembled "alpha builds." Now the Model S is rolling off a high tech production line in a factory located in Fremont, California.

Wired Magazine got a behind-the-scenes tour of the 5 million-square-foot facility to see how co-founder and CEO Elon Musk builds the most advanced production car on the planet, ALERAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. About ALERAM, To keep costs low, Musk bought the factory from Toyota instead of building it from scratch, ALERAM photos. ALERAM description, Then he spent about a year setting up systems and tooling it before starting production of the Model S sedan in mid-2012.

The renovation looks like the spotless clean-room of a semiconductor factory, ALERAM from canadian pharmacy, ALERAM online cod, where 160 robots are a commanding part of the production line, quickly completing tasks like cutting metal, purchase ALERAM online, ALERAM reviews, welding and shaping; some are so sophisticated they can perform three different tasks before the partially assembled car moves on. Tesla also has a complement of humans – 3,000 doing the more detailed work, ALERAM long term. ALERAM brand name, (So for us humans, well-developed fine motor skills are the key to long term employment at Tesla.)

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the factory is that Tesla's Model S starts as raw materials – rolls of sheet metal - and almost all of the parts are made in-house, ALERAM pharmacy. Where can i find ALERAM online, This state of the art production line effortlessly cranks out  400 cars a week and will eventually produce as many as 20,000 a year, herbal ALERAM. Buy cheap ALERAM no rx,

Is this the future of American manufacturing?

Images: Assembly line, Steve Jurvetson;Tesla Model S, ALERAM interactions, ALERAM price, coupon, Tesla Motors

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. ALERAM australia, uk, us, usa. ALERAM no rx. Purchase ALERAM for sale. Australia, uk, us, usa. No prescription ALERAM online. ALERAM class. ALERAM use. Taking ALERAM. ALERAM without a prescription.

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September 19th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (7)

BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, This post is the first in series of 12 posts about who ChEs are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. Is CARDURA addictive, I’ll look at trends, consider the wide range of our abilities and achievements, CARDURA natural, Purchase CARDURA online, and write about some of the core and new directions we are seeing.

These topics are especially important right now because it looks like we are in the early stages of a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering, online CARDURA without a prescription. CARDURA alternatives,

Once and future glories

ChE’s first Golden Age was the period around 1915–25. Industrial chemistry’s center had been Germany, order CARDURA online overnight delivery no prescription. Around the time of World War I, rapid growth of chemicals production began in Britain and the US, responding to increasing demand for liquid fuels, synthetic fertilizer, and other chemical products, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION. CARDURA street price, ChE emerged as a distinct discipline, and unit operations was its organizing principle, buy generic CARDURA. Online buying CARDURA, The next Golden Age was the 1950s into the 1960s. Needs of consumers and industry fed our growth, CARDURA pictures, CARDURA schedule, oil was cheap, and ChE responded, purchase CARDURA. Doses CARDURA work, We created new, large-scale, order CARDURA online c.o.d, Order CARDURA no prescription, continuous processes and a host of products, applying advances in catalysis and polymer chemistry and early use of computers, effects of CARDURA. BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, To do it, we successfully integrated more math and physics to get the job done better – think transport phenomena, think process dynamics and control. Where can i order CARDURA without prescription, Of course, remarkable advances were happening at other times, CARDURA over the counter. CARDURA duration, As one example, World War II saw the development of catalytic cracking, CARDURA recreational, Cheap CARDURA, fluidized beds, synthetic rubber, purchase CARDURA online no prescription, CARDURA pharmacy, and penicillin manufacturing. Since the 1980s, CARDURA dosage, Discount CARDURA, ChEs have been vital to growing pharmaceuticals production.

However, in the 1970s the benign perception of the ChE profession was publicly transformed by global oil-price shocks and by serious environmental abuses like Love Canal. 1984’s Bhopal disaster further shook the public’s confidence in “better living through chemistry.”

Suddenly, though, we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Why now?

What has changed. Five key reasons are:

  • Manufacturing’s shift to emphasize processes and properties

  • New abundance of hydrocarbon resources in the US

  • Biology’s turning into a molecular science

  • Computing, evolved into a cyberinfrastructure

  • ChEs’ breadth and problem-solving approaches

Likewise, what are the challenges we face.

  • Asserting leadership in the new face of manufacturing

  • Incorporating information management and analytics

  • Embracing our profession’s breadth

In upcoming posts, I’ll expand on each of these topics. It’s not just the ideas of chemical engineering or the stuff of statistics and generalizations. BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s all of us: educators, process engineers, lab researchers, financial and management teams, HR staff, tech services, sales forces, designers, and people in local, state, and national governments.

It’s Jim Davis, Tom Edgar, and Yinlun Huang advancing “smart manufacturing.” It’s Cathryn Sundback making prosthetic ears by cell culture at Massachusetts General Hospital. It’s Don Pettit conducting research and making teaching videos on the International Space Station. It’s Kim Ogden and Robert Hesketh developing a sustainability-engineering curriculum. It’s Andy Grove fashioning Intel into a powerhouse microelectronics company. It’s Jackie Ying crafting partnerships for bionanotechnology in Singapore, Rafiqul Gani seeking to integrate product and process design, and Jens Nørskov developing new catalysts through computation, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION.

It’s each of us—and the diverse ways we use our ChE backgrounds.

Question: Where do you see ChE’s future?

Phil Westmoreland is the 2013 AIChE president and a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU). He also serves as executive director of the NCSU Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. You can read his complete bio here..


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August 1st, 2012


By Jenny Xiao | Comments (0)
7311C Web

DANAZOL FOR SALE, The South Texas Section of the AIChE, in partnership with AIChE HQ, is hosting its 4th Regional Process Technology Conference at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center, on the shores of Clear Lake in League City, Texas, October 4 & 5, 2012. The conference provides technical sessions, DANAZOL no rx, DANAZOL results, industry solutions in process technology, and networking opportunities, ordering DANAZOL online. No prescription DANAZOL online, See More Information

Register Now. DANAZOL used for. Is DANAZOL safe. Fast shipping DANAZOL. Online buying DANAZOL. After DANAZOL. DANAZOL for sale. DANAZOL without a prescription. Purchase DANAZOL for sale. DANAZOL images. DANAZOL no prescription. DANAZOL pharmacy. DANAZOL over the counter. DANAZOL price. Buy DANAZOL without prescription. DANAZOL maximum dosage. DANAZOL reviews. DANAZOL dose. Where can i buy cheapest DANAZOL online. Purchase DANAZOL. Order DANAZOL no prescription. DANAZOL australia, uk, us, usa.


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December 5th, 2011

Fukushima Update: Masao Yoshida, Heroic Plant Manager, Hospitalized

By Kent Harrington | Comments (2)
2011-12-02_1453 yoshisa - tepco screen grab

Masao Yoshida, a career nuclear engineer and the manager during the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, who bravely led the fight to bring the reactors under control, has stepped down after directing the disaster team for almost nine months from inside the plant. Yoshida, 56, has just been hospitalized but declined to […]

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October 7th, 2011

Stella Tonelli habla del valor de la conferencia después de su presentación.

By Jason Lewis | Comments (0)

Stella Tonelli investigadora de Planta Piloto de Ingenieria Química,UNS- CONICET, presenta un trabajo en la conferencia  ”Risk Analysis in Biodiesel Plants.”

Esta entrevista tuvo lugar en la 3ra Conferencia Latinoamericana de Seguridad de Procesos en Buenos Aires, Argentina, del 8 al 10 de  Agosto de 2011. Para leer mas información sobre […]

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