June 6th, 2014

Lessons on Leading Change

By Teresa Jurgens-Kowal | Comments (0)

What type of leader are you, and what are your strongest abilities? Learning to lead means understanding where your strengths as a leader lie so you can also learn to manage your weaknesses.

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May 1st, 2014

Your First Year as a Manager

By Martin Bergstedt | Comments (0)

If you are considering or have been offered a management position, how are things going to change for you? What is that first year going to be like? Dr. Jonathan Worstell outlined some answers to these questions and a framework for the transition of the new manager.

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February 5th, 2014


By Chris Hensler | Comments (0)

LOZOL FOR SALE, I'd like to introduce you to rotational programs—and I promise this has nothing to do with torque. LOZOL schedule, I was recently in your shoes as a ChE undergrad, and currently braving the adult world via air mattress, order LOZOL online overnight delivery no prescription. LOZOL mg, That leads me to my first topic in a series on rotational programs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="It's a lot like this"]Spin me right round[/caption]

Building experience, buy cheap LOZOL no rx, Buy LOZOL online cod, finding a path

I am all about professional development, including networking, no prescription LOZOL online, LOZOL interactions, interviewing, and résumé building, LOZOL maximum dosage, Buy generic LOZOL, and rotational programs are a great—and accelerated—way to gain experience. They are designed to take a fresh BS/BE and taking him/her out of their comfort zone through a handful of 4 to 6 month rotations, LOZOL images, LOZOL forum, providing a taste of how different business lines and strategies work. You learn way more than expected in 4 to 6 months (just look at any semester in fluid mechanics to justify me).  Hopefully, in 1 to 3 years, you will have found a home business group that you believe will give you the most potential to grow and learn, LOZOL FOR SALE.

Rotational programs work well for gaining insights into any industry because they offer a lot of exposure to many areas, LOZOL dangers. Order LOZOL no prescription, You might jump from HSE to operations and then onto accounting. You could be working on refining, cheap LOZOL, Doses LOZOL work, catalyst production, and then sulfur removal, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. LOZOL photos, You might also move anywhere from three floors in the same office to across the country for your next assignment – in some instances, even outside of the country.  Rotational programs are, online buying LOZOL hcl, LOZOL from canada, for most people, the last chance to keep your options open before industry tells you to choose a path and stick to it.  Now, LOZOL class, LOZOL street price, that is not to say later you cannot jump ship for another field, but the entry barrier is more difficult the further you advance in your career, buy LOZOL from mexico. LOZOL FOR SALE, In addition, you may want to progress up the ladder from engineering to management and onto becoming a business leader. Order LOZOL from United States pharmacy, Sometimes this requires leaving a company or even your line of work. At the same time, LOZOL dose, LOZOL recreational, rotational programs can be useful in giving you an idea of what leadership roles you prefer – perhaps a technology leader, business development specialist, or a project manager. As such, your rotations in accounting, marketing, engineering, design, HR, project controls, etc. should help give you that sense of what path you wish to take in the next 5–10 years.  Your path isn't set in stone, and you may decide after your first 6 months in marketing that you never want to be near PowerPoint again.

If you have the option to do a rotational program, definitely take these pros and cons into consideration:


  • Several roles and positions to experience

  • Typically paid, and usually  adjustments are made to account for cost of living in different cities when traveling

  • Not forced into a set industry/role

  • Most likely able to choose instead of being assigned a rotation

  • Potential travel/relocation experience

  • Network/meet a lot of people

  • Learn to work in different groups

  • Develop balanced résumé rapidly

  • Learn all  corners of the company

  • You’re a chemical engineer, so you’re able to solve any problem


  • May be too far out of comfort zone/ bad fit for a rotation

  • Program does not place you in one of your preferred roles

  • Relocation can be difficult

  • Not getting along with new group/manager

  • Failed to meet your expectations

  • Sometimes sleeping on air mattresses while away from home!

Your end goal: find a good starting point, develop your intended direction, take aim, and SUCCEED, LOZOL FOR SALE.

More to come

I'll be returning in a few weeks with my next topic on my first rotation in design work.

I'd love to hear more ideas and personal experiences with rotational programs.  Please share your comments below!  For more on rotations, see this excellent post by another ChEnected blogger.

What rotation questions and experiences do you have to share?


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October 14th, 2013


By Loraine Kasprzak | Comments (5)

CRESTOR FOR SALE, For an upcoming Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) Career Corner column, I'd love to hear from you:

• What are you doing adapt to the changes in your field.
• Have your efforts to stay up-to-date had a positive or negative impact on your career, comprar en línea CRESTOR, comprar CRESTOR baratos. CRESTOR dangers, Why.
• What advice would you give others about continuous learning, is CRESTOR safe. CRESTOR used for, When you comment, please include your full name, buy generic CRESTOR, CRESTOR schedule, city & state in your post – so that I can quote you in the article.

Thank you, CRESTOR forum. Buy CRESTOR no prescription,

Share your thoughts by clicking here.

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, CRESTOR class. CRESTOR no prescription. No prescription CRESTOR online. CRESTOR use. Buy no prescription CRESTOR online. Generic CRESTOR. Purchase CRESTOR online no prescription. Where can i buy cheapest CRESTOR online. Order CRESTOR online c.o.d. CRESTOR canada, mexico, india. CRESTOR brand name. CRESTOR no rx. CRESTOR alternatives. CRESTOR dosage. CRESTOR duration. CRESTOR class. CRESTOR results.

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August 5th, 2013


By Loraine Kasprzak | Comments (0)

[caption id="attachment_67078" align="alignright" width="216" caption="Senior Executive Coach Mike Martorella "] BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Mike Martorella, Senior Executive Coach[/caption]

In the Career Corner column of CEP’s August issue, columnist Loraine Kasprzak, CMC, interviewed senior executive coach Mike Martorella to discuss how engineers can become successful leaders. CEO and founder of MMI Communication, online DILANTIN without a prescription, DILANTIN treatment, Mike works one-on-one with senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and major non-profit organizations.

A leader's first 30 through 90 days in the new role are crucial to success, DILANTIN used for. My DILANTIN experience, Below, Mike shares his views on what a leader must do during that time, purchase DILANTIN for sale. Cheap DILANTIN,

The first 30 days: stepping up

During the first 30 days, a new leader’s first priority should be to promote themselves, DILANTIN long term. By that I mean they need to recognize that they were promoted into the senior executive role and they should no longer be doing the job they had before, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. DILANTIN pharmacy, They need to recognize that what made them successful to this point won’t take them where they need to go as a senior executive. They need a whole new way of thinking and doing to succeed, DILANTIN dosage. Canada, mexico, india, The leader also needs to start viewing the organization as a whole, not just at the project level, buy DILANTIN from mexico. Buy DILANTIN from canada, They must lead with a spirit of inquiry and ask questions to learn what needs to be done. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, A good idea is to learn who the organization’s informal leaders are – every organization has them. These are the folks who can show a new leader the ropes and how things really get done, discount DILANTIN. DILANTIN from canadian pharmacy,

The first 90 days: envision the future

In their first 90 days, it’s important for the leader to envision themselves in the future – what do they want to have accomplished, DILANTIN wiki. DILANTIN brand name, Then a leader can create a plan to lead to this future.

The leader can reduce their plan down to 10 days, online buy DILANTIN without a prescription, DILANTIN samples, because the plan is more manageable when it’s in bite-size chunks. A leader should keep a daily scorecard of what they accomplished and how it fits into their plan, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

The leader must listen, buy DILANTIN online no prescription. Is DILANTIN addictive, They must find out who their people are and what is important to each. They can only find this out by listening and asking questions, buy no prescription DILANTIN online. DILANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, The leader must shut down their internal filters – these are their preconceptions of what may or may not be true – and just listen. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This is also the time to build credibility by making and keeping small promises. The leader can ask, get DILANTIN, Australia, uk, us, usa, “What would it take to improve your job?” and then do something that matters, that will improve people’s situations, DILANTIN use.

In the first 90 days, it’s also about alignment – is the organization doing what it’s supposed to be doing. What are the initiatives. Are they aligned with the overall organization. A successful leader has to help other people who are also transitioning to working with them. The leader has to establish expectations so that people can be more successful.

What advice would you give someone who is transitioning to a senior leadership role?

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July 17th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau | Comments (0)
Oil Tanker

BUY NOLVADEX NO PRESCRIPTION, This case study scenario is designed to help all students or chemical engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. NOLVADEX description, While created to mimic real-life situations, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only.


The client, kjøpe NOLVADEX på nett, köpa NOLVADEX online, NOLVADEX dangers, Huey Duck, has inherited an oil tanker from his great uncle, NOLVADEX price, NOLVADEX pictures, Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world and a serious businessman with a very diverse portfolio, NOLVADEX canada, mexico, india. NOLVADEX dose, He would like to sell the oil tanker, but knowing nothing about the oil transportation business, cheap NOLVADEX no rx, NOLVADEX dosage, he needs to better understand what it is worth. How would YOU help him value the oil tanker, after NOLVADEX. NOLVADEX australia, uk, us, usa,

Additional Information:

There are 3 sizes of oil tankers in the market: Large, Medium, doses NOLVADEX work, NOLVADEX overnight, and Small. Ships are otherwise identical, BUY NOLVADEX NO PRESCRIPTION.

The number of ships in the 3 categories as well as their capacity and cost are listed in the table below:

[table id=31 /]

Your client Huey Duck’s ship is medium-sized, NOLVADEX results. NOLVADEX canada, mexico, india, Demand in the oil tanker industry is at 3,000, get NOLVADEX, Ordering NOLVADEX online, 000 Barrel (bbl) per year in Duckberg.

Assume that ships last forever and there is no depreciation or maintenance costs; in other words, NOLVADEX use, NOLVADEX images, used ship costs exactly the same as a new one.

Each ship is independently owned and operated, NOLVADEX pics. Discount NOLVADEX, Each ship is capable of exactly one trip per year.

Can you provide the best answer first, NOLVADEX photos. NOLVADEX from mexico, Post your answer below – the author will respond!

Can you help him understand the value of his inheritance?

. Purchase NOLVADEX online. Where can i order NOLVADEX without prescription.


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June 14th, 2013


By Loraine Kasprzak | Comments (0)

In the Career Corner column of  CEP's June issue NOCTAMID FOR SALE, , columnist Loraine Kasprzak, CMC, interviewed senior executive coach Mike Martorella to learn about making the transition from engineer to manager.

CEO and founder of MMI Communication, Purchase NOCTAMID online no prescription, Mike works one-on-one with senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and major non-profit organizations.

More from Loraine’s conversation with Mike:

1. What skills and qualities are required to be a good manager, purchase NOCTAMID for sale, and how do they differ from being a good engineer?

Engineers are highly skilled professionals who have developed their skills over years of experience, NOCTAMID cost, studying, and practice. It’s not unusual for someone who’s a really good engineer to be moved into a managerial role, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. But the technical skills aren’t what you need as a manager, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. As a manager, NOCTAMID over the counter, it’s more about how do you get others to get things done, rather than doing them yourself. It’s knowing how to identify and manage specific jobs or tasks and have the right people working on the details of those jobs, NOCTAMID without a prescription. Many people don’t recognize that this is significantly different from what an engineer typically does. NOCTAMID use, Engineers are detail oriented and know how to go from root cause to solution, so as an engineer you may think: of course I have the right solution, everyone should see it as quickly as I do, online NOCTAMID without a prescription. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, But you need to go from this mindset to allowing others to contribute – you need to be able to ask for advice, solicit input, challenge and allowing others to challenge.

Part of your role as manager is to engage, Buy NOCTAMID from mexico, to allow your team to contribute to a solution. Your job as a manager is to nurture talent. You do this by empowering others, taking NOCTAMID.

You also face a predicament when you start with a group of engineering peers, NOCTAMID pics, and then become their manager. It could be that you were well liked as a peer, but now you need to distance yourself and become the manager, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. Having this distance is important.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself in the new managerial role: am I willing to look my former peers in the eye and give them feedback, NOCTAMID dosage. Perhaps you will even need to tell them they’re no longer needed in that role. NOCTAMID maximum dosage, This takes some soul searching.

NOCTAMID FOR SALE, 2. How does someone know when the move to manager is right for them – what key questions should they be asking themselves?

Taking on the managerial role shouldn’t be just about the money and promotion – although these are important too. Ask yourself that if besides wanting the new job title, what is NOCTAMID, do you want to be responsible for other people’s well being. Order NOCTAMID online c.o.d, Ask yourself, “am I willing to take this on, do I really understand what it means to take on the responsibilities of a manager?”

One piece of advice I give new managers is to get a management mentor, buying NOCTAMID online over the counter. Find out from them what it takes to be a good manager. You may think you know what it takes, and you may have even read about it, but until you’re in the role, a mentor can help you understand what is really involved, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. Generic NOCTAMID, A mentor can also help you navigate through those unknowns of your new responsibilities once you’re in the job – and there will be many, especially when there’s line of people outside your door and you’re on the hot seat.

3, comprar en línea NOCTAMID, comprar NOCTAMID baratos. What does the manager’s boss really want from them?

On the task side, Fast shipping NOCTAMID, the boss wants results. He or she doesn’t want – or have time for – detailed explanations. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, It’s not about what you know. It’s how you communicate in ways that are important to the listener, is NOCTAMID safe, in this case, Where can i buy NOCTAMID online, your boss. You need to communicate clearly and concisely – summarize the key points quickly, in a minute or two, real brand NOCTAMID online. Leave the binders out in the hallway and come in with the 5 sentence summary. Cheap NOCTAMID no rx, As a manager, your job is to meet the boss’ expectations. You’ve got to make your boss look good and support him or her, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. The boss wants you as the manager to be able to provide the right information so that the boss can clearly explain to upper management, online buying NOCTAMID hcl.

4. NOCTAMID blogs, What other advice would you give to someone who has decided to make the transition to management.

Before you take on the job, write down your observations about what you’d like to accomplish in your first 3–6 months. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, Before you start is really when you have time to think and put together reasonable expectations.

Once you start, your 30 days should include meeting with your direct reports and finding out what’s important to them. You’ll be under pressure to deliver results, but you must make the time to do this so that you can begin to build trust with your people. Make a conscious effort to do this, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

Identify the strengths of your team – who are leaders, where are the weaknesses, and where are the opportunities for them to get better. Which members of the team should be moving on because they’re not a good fit, NOCTAMID FOR SALE.

Articulate what is most important and find ways to motivate your people. When you enter into the job, you’ve got a group. Your job is to make them a seamless and highly functioning team. To get to this level, you have to be clear with your people on your expectations.

You have to put measurements in place and measure regularly – give feedback and measure regularly. Hold your people accountable regularly.

What's your advice/experience transitioning to management?

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June 12th, 2013


By Nemoy Rau | Comments (3)

TEGRETOL FOR SALE, This case study scenario is designed to help all students or chemical engineers build business problem-solving skills through engineering scenarios. While created to mimic real-life situations, TEGRETOL treatment, Cheap TEGRETOL, this scenario is hypothetical and for educational purposes only.


The client, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers in the world, online TEGRETOL without a prescription, Buy no prescription TEGRETOL online, is producing major cars in Wichita, Kansas (smack dab in the center of the country).  The client has the choice of transporting the cars either by train or by truck.

The CEO wants you to advise him on which mode of transportation the company should choose and why, where can i buy TEGRETOL online. Cheap TEGRETOL no rx, Also, he wants to know how much money in total they would spend on car transportations every year.  How would you go about analyzing this case, purchase TEGRETOL online no prescription. My TEGRETOL experience,

Additional Information

▪  Cars are currently shipped by train to central distribution points. From there, buying TEGRETOL online over the counter, TEGRETOL no rx, they are shipped by truck to the various car dealerships.

▪  The car manufacturer owns all the distribution points, TEGRETOL FOR SALE.

▪  Trains require a minimum load of 100 cars, TEGRETOL images. TEGRETOL interactions, ▪  The cost of shipping one car by train to a distribution point is $100.

▪  Trucks have no minimum load requirement and can transport up to 10 cars at one time, order TEGRETOL online c.o.d. Australia, uk, us, usa, ▪  The cost of transporting one truckload of cars to any distribution point is $1500. TEGRETOL FOR SALE, ▪  Trucking costs from the distribution point to the dealerships are $200 per load of up to ten cars.

▪  The average truckload shipped to a dealer is 6 cars, TEGRETOL without prescription. TEGRETOL natural, ▪  Total demand for the cars is 1 million vehicles per year. 50% of car buyers do not take delivery from dealer stock, TEGRETOL mg, TEGRETOL from canadian pharmacy, but wait for factory delivery.

Which Mode of Transportation will you suggest?

How do you plan on the rising fuel costs?

If oil companies are starting to use the already congested rail lines, TEGRETOL street price, Comprar en línea TEGRETOL, comprar TEGRETOL baratos, will going 100% into rail travel be dependable?

Please comment below with your answers. The author will respond.

, low dose TEGRETOL. Where to buy TEGRETOL. TEGRETOL pictures. Taking TEGRETOL. TEGRETOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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October 23rd, 2012


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (2)

Graduate AMBIEN FOR SALE, If you are like most engineers, you didn’t have much time for electives in college – and when you did, economics may not have been your cup of tea. AMBIEN canada, mexico, india, It’s no big secret that the majority of engineering majors are better at crunching numbers than developing a business strategy, but a sound understanding of business practices can be invaluable for young engineers entering the work force. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if AIChE had some business-related programming at the Annual Meeting for Young Professionals to learn more and add to their skill sets?  Your wait is over, AMBIEN dosage. Buy AMBIEN without a prescription, This year YPC is sponsoring the brand new "MBA the ChemE Way" programming taught by a star-studded lineup, including Penn State University professors, buy cheap AMBIEN no rx, AMBIEN schedule, former and current CEOs, MBAs, AMBIEN forum, AMBIEN overnight, AIChE Fellows and others with vast business experience.  This programming is geared towards Young Professionals, or anyone who wants to add to their business acumen – students still in Pittsburgh are welcome, where can i buy cheapest AMBIEN online. Where can i buy AMBIEN online, For a brief overview of the sessions, please click the links below:

Monday, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Herbal AMBIEN, October 29 – Morning Session
David L. Lawrence Convention Center Room 302

8:15 AM (5a) Introduction to the MBA
Michelle T, online buying AMBIEN. Grossman

8:45 AM (5b) Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Additional Information)
Philip G, AMBIEN FOR SALE. Order AMBIEN no prescription, Boyer and Robert Beaury

9:25 AM (5c) Accounting, Finance, is AMBIEN safe, Where to buy AMBIEN, and Statistics I
Makarand (Raj) Joshi

10:05 AM (5d) Marketing (Additional Information)
Robert Beaury and Philip G. Boyer

Monday, discount AMBIEN, AMBIEN steet value, October 29 – Afternoon Session
David L. Lawrence Convention Center Room 302

12:30 PM (95a) Accounting, AMBIEN mg, AMBIEN australia, uk, us, usa, Finance, and Statistics II
Makarand (Raj) Joshi

1:00 PM (95d) Leadership, AMBIEN treatment, AMBIEN cost, People Management, and Organizations
Syamal K, where can i cheapest AMBIEN online. Rx free AMBIEN, Poddar

1:40 PM (95c) Operations, Supply Chain, buy AMBIEN from mexico, AMBIEN pharmacy, and Risk Management
Deborah L. Grubbe

2:20 PM (95b) Strategy and Economics
Diana Matonis.

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November 23rd, 2011

How ChE Prepared Me for Business (and How It Didn’t): Final Thoughts

By Arkan Kayihan | Comments (0)
School Chairs
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series How ChE Prepared Me for Business (and How It Didn’t)

The ChE discipline would benefit by putting just as much focus on developing the next generation of Jack Welchs as well as Linus Paulings. What is the business case for doing so? This series has shed light on how these other skills directly affect our careers and ability to get work accomplished and even the potential impact on the financial viability of our engineering departments.

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