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October 17th, 2014

Engineers Develop One-Atom-Thick Electric Generator

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Engineers at Columbia and Georgia Tech use MoS2 to open the doors for pezioelectric generators that could turn clothing into a power source.

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July 30th, 2014

Engineering Students Break World Speed Record for Electric Cars

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2014-07-29 sunswift 1a facebook

Silently racing around a 4.2 km track in Australia, the Sunswift smashed the old record of 73 km/h (45 mph) by averaging 100 km/h over a distance of 500 km.

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June 27th, 2014

New Liquid Crystals Controlled by Magnetic Field

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LCD display

Newly developed liquid crystals that can be manipulated by external magnetic fields may open the door for the next generation of device displays and more.

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June 9th, 2014

Lignin Presents New Direction in Bioplastics

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Lignin, leaves

Bacteria found in soil is helping researchers use lignin to forge new directions in bioplastics.

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February 21st, 2014


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2014-02-19_21-25-19 olympus2

BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This month, after spending five months doing the final hookups, Royal Dutch Shell started production at its Olympus platform, the company's largest floating deep-water platform in the Gulf of Mexico. CLARITIN class,

This is the first major project Shell has launched in the Gulf since the federal drilling moratorium in 2010, after BP’s Macondo well blew out, purchase CLARITIN online. CLARITIN duration, And Shell plans to fire up another project later this year and a third in 2016.

Located about 130 miles south of New Orleans in water 3, CLARITIN dose, CLARITIN use, 000 feet deep, new production will eventually add up to 100, CLARITIN photos, Buy generic CLARITIN, 000 barrels of oil equivalent per day from Shell’s Mars field.

Watch the installation in the company video in the panel at right, low dose CLARITIN.

A few facts:

  • Olympus weighs over 120,000 tons.

  • From base of Hull to Top of Derrick, Olympus is 406 feet tall

  • Olympus combined deck area is 342,000 square feet

  • Reservoirs are located at a subsurface depth of 10,000 to 22,000 feet

Olympus is the first deep-water project in the Gulf to expand an existing oil and gas field with major new infrastructure, and should extend the life of the greater Mars basin to 2050 or beyond, delivering 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. CLARITIN interactions, “We safely completed construction and installation more than six months ahead of schedule, allowing us to begin production early, doses CLARITIN work, CLARITIN long term, " said said John Hollowell, Executive Vice President for Deep Water, purchase CLARITIN online, CLARITIN canada, mexico, india, Shell Upstream Americas.

The field was discovered in 1989, CLARITIN pharmacy, Order CLARITIN from United States pharmacy, and the nearby Ursa prospect was discovered in 1991. Together, canada, mexico, india, CLARITIN no rx, the Mars-Ursa field is the largest ever discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, with 1.3 billion barrels of recoverable reserves, CLARITIN samples, Purchase CLARITIN online no prescription, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Can offshore drilling technology become any more efficient?

Images: Olympus platform, order CLARITIN online c.o.d, Effects of CLARITIN, Shell

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August 1st, 2013


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Graphene INDERAL FOR SALE, Graphene, the Superman carbon materials flaunts a gamut of properties: world’s strongest material, the thinnest, harder than diamond, first 2D crystal, better electrical conductivity than copper, 300 times stronger than steel, transparent, and bendable. It also exhibits extraordinary fecundity, inspiring a new class of two-dimensional, mind-blowing crystals to be born, INDERAL natural, one atom thin, which can be shuffled to engineer new materials. Order INDERAL online c.o.d, It even garnered researchers a Nobel Prize in physics in 2010. It was discovered during a “Friday evening experiment” by Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at the University of Manchester, using ordinary Scotch tape that pulled off a layer, one atom thick, INDERAL from canada. Graphene was previously thought to be unstable in its free form before being isolated in 2004 by the duo.

Robust carbon fiber

Recently at Rice University, using their patented environmental friendly process, researchers created graphene oxide flakes from which carbon fibers were woven, INDERAL FOR SALE. This wonder material has the same tensile strength head-to-toe, INDERAL schedule, including excellent knotting properties (in material science, knots are a way of measuring strength). This incredible strength has been attributed to its low bending modulus. Since this was achieved at room temperature, INDERAL price, improved tensile strength is expected when annealed at high temperatures, albeit with a compromise on the knotting property. INDERAL online cod, A second fiber spun from smaller flakes (9 microns compared to the previous 22 microns) showed better alignment. INDERAL FOR SALE, These fibers could be used to strengthen materials and improve the performance of various products, such as aircraft bodies, bullet-proof apparel, and sports equipment.

Graphene "onion rings"

onion ringsAnother research project at Rice has led to the synthesis of "onion rings,"or graphene nano-ribbon on metal substrate grown from the bottom up, atom by atom, herbal INDERAL. By pressurizing with hydrogen (at an optimum pressure of 500 torr), an entire edge of graphene becomes a nucleation site, Order INDERAL no prescription, allowing another sheet to grow beneath it by chemical vapor deposition, halted only by the fast growth rate of the top layer. This is different from the conventional chicken-wire grid like honeycomb structure of graphene.

This novel method allows the edges to be controlled, INDERAL forum, which determines its electrical properties. New structures resulting in different electrical properties can be achieved simply by altering the pressure, INDERAL FOR SALE. Sensors, INDERAL dosage, batteries and transistors will undoubtedly benefit from this remarkable discovery.

Grossly warped nanographene

First we had diamond and graphite; then came the fullerenes followed by graphene. Now there is a new addition to the family of allotropes: Grossly Warped Nanographene. Researchers have incorporated five 7-membered rings and one 5-membered ring into a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms, buy INDERAL without a prescription, distorting the planar structure into a clump of multiple identical pieces, with each containing 80 C atoms that are joined together in a network of 26 rings with 30 H atoms decorating the rim. INDERAL FOR SALE, This new material has optical, physical and electronic properties different from those of graphene. INDERAL steet value,

On the market: Coming soon to a product you use

Myriad patents have been filed by large companies for using graphene, for instance, Samsung’s patent for using graphene to make flexible touch screens, is just of  407 graphene patents held by Samsung, INDERAL samples. Indium-tin-oxide is currently being used to make touch screen displays on smart phones, which is not only expensive but also brittle. Discount INDERAL, Graphene is touted to be an inexpensive and flexible alternative.

Tennis racket

For Apple fans, the iPhone6 is rumored to sport a transparent graphene electrode. Graphene-based heat sinks for the lithium-ion batteries & circuit boards in tablets and smart phones could provide 10 times better thermal conduction, INDERAL FOR SALE. Graphene nanoribbons – basically unzipped nanotubes – greatly improve the performance of the lithium-ion batteries by doubling the storage capacity of lithium ions, INDERAL canada, mexico, india, available even after 50 charge/discharge cycles.

Head tennis-racket users claim that their graphene infused rackets have increased precision, Ordering INDERAL online, decreased weight and greater ease of use.

Energy applications

Graphene has also caught up with the current trend of clean energy and environmental issues. Researchers via computer simulations at MIT, have shown that by using two layers of graphene (i.e., my INDERAL experience, two atoms thick) 1–2% of solar energy could be harvested. INDERAL FOR SALE, It may sound low compared to 15-20% efficiency of conventional silicon cells, but the graphene is thousands of time thinner (1 nm!) and lighter. Stacking of several could boost efficiency, Purchase INDERAL online, with reduced costs of installation, shipping, and mounting.

In the area of nuclear energy, effects of INDERAL, graphene oxide is capable of coagulating nuclear waste-contaminated water, offering a potential solution for toxic and voluminous radioactive waste cleanup. INDERAL no rx,

Amazing, but not perfect

Not everything is so peachy for graphene, however. Even with this ultra-flexible material, INDERAL overnight, lattice defects exist. Its shortcomings exist at the grain boundaries where 5- or 7-atom rings disrupts the structure, and the strength is nearly half, INDERAL FOR SALE. Once a crack forms, Where can i buy INDERAL online, it propagates to the entire structure.

Unintentional inhalation or deliberate injection/inhalation as a component of biomedical technology could provide a route for body invasion. Cell damage can occur when graphene sheets with asperities pierce the cell membrane, disrupting cell function, cheap INDERAL no rx. Further study on graphene toxicity needs to be done to minimize potential dangers to the human body. INDERAL FOR SALE, Despite graphene’s remarkable properties in providing the key to powering a revolutionary era of unbreakable, bendable and faster technology, it hasn’t been able to undo problems in mass production and commercialization. The challenge is to find a economic means to produce high-quality graphene to meet demands, INDERAL coupon, which is the only way graphene will become mainstream. Currently the Scotch tape method still produces the best quality but in very little quantities. The chemical vapor deposition method is feasible but requires an expensive substrate, making the process uneconomical, INDERAL treatment. Some companies are making headway, such as Garmor Inc., which has developed a cost-effective method of producing graphene to be used as additives for reinforcement. Nonetheless, only time will tell if the promises of a Graphene Valley will become a reality.

Where do you think graphene shows the most promise?

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April 5th, 2013


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2013-04-02_17-28-26 total 1

BUY ALDACTONE NO PRESCRIPTION, High performance computing (HPC) provides a crucial competitive edge in many industries, but there are few where it contributes more than in the costly world of offshore oil exploration. To get a jump on its rivals, French oil major Total has just launched its new supercomputer, ALDACTONE maximum dosage, called Pangea, Order ALDACTONE online c.o.d, which uses 2.3-petaflops to analyze data 15 times faster than the company's previous supercomputer, the Rostand (installed back in the dark ages of 2008). Pangea will help the Paris-based company to more confidently judge the risky potential of new wells, is ALDACTONE addictive.

"When rigs cost $400, Ordering ALDACTONE online, 000 to $500,000 per day, you need an accurate picture of the subsurface to pinpoint your drilling location, ALDACTONE long term," says Philippe Malzac, ALDACTONE photos, IT director at Total's Exploration division. "Our goal is to spend as little as possible and drill as few dry holes as possible in the process of making discoveries." Already, Pangea helped analyze seismic data from Total's Kaombo project in Angola in just nine days, or four months quicker than it would have taken its previous computer, ALDACTONE brand name, Malzac told Reuters.

Drilling in high-risk but lucrative areas

Total didn't disclose the cost of its new SGI ICE X system, ALDACTONE canada, mexico, india, which boasts 110,000 processor cores, 442 terabytes of memory, taking ALDACTONE, and 7 petabytes of storage, ALDACTONE alternatives,  but said it would spend $77.55 million to run it over the next four years (see technical paper or more details).

$100-a-barrel oil compels oil companies to spend more and more on exploration and drilling in high-risk but lucrative areas – often offshore and deep under seabeds. This year, Total, chasing the big field, is raising its exploration budget to $2.8 billion, a 12 percent increase from the previous year, BUY ALDACTONE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Built by California-based Silicon Graphics International and bulked up to 2.3-petaflops, ALDACTONE interactions, Total's supercomputer blows past British rival BP, Low dose ALDACTONE, which is building a 2 petaflop supercomputing facility in Houston, Texas. "Our competitors are also working on the same type of algorithms, where can i cheapest ALDACTONE online, but we think this is giving us a head start, Order ALDACTONE from United States pharmacy, " Malzac said.

This new computer will be stored at Total's research center in the southwestern French city of Pau. Its 2.3 petaflop output will place it ninth on today’s TOP500 list of global supercomputers, ALDACTONE use, reversing a decades-old trend when the vast majority of supercomputers were owned and used by national governments or large academic institutions. BUY ALDACTONE NO PRESCRIPTION, In a milestone, Pangea is two rankings above the most powerful government supercomputer in France, which is used by top public nuclear research center CEA. Real brand ALDACTONE online, Still, the US Department of Energy funded the world's most powerful supercomputer, called Titan and used in astrophysics and climate change simulation, get ALDACTONE.

Quickly growing global supercomputer market

How quickly has supercomputing accelerated. Buy ALDACTONE from canada, As mega-processing power has become cheaper, Total has put together the most powerful supercomputer owned by private industry, leap-frogging formidable supercomputers built just a few years ago. Until Pangea, purchase ALDACTONE, the most powerful private supercomputer for commercial use was the Hermit supercomputer in Stuttgart. Buy ALDACTONE from mexico, Ranked 27th in the world, the 831.4 Tflop machine is a public-private partnership between the University of Stuttgart and HWW GmbH. Processing-power obsolescence is widespread: the world's first petaflop supercomputer (with a lifespan shorter than a Olympic gymnast), was built by IBM for the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2009, BUY ALDACTONE NO PRESCRIPTION. It has just been retired – for lack of speed, where can i find ALDACTONE online.

The global market for high-performance computers is growing briskly at 7 percent a year, ALDACTONE dosage, with the pricey top-end rising 28 percent a year, Bill Mannel, SGI's Vice-President of Product Marketing, kjøpe ALDACTONE på nett, köpa ALDACTONE online, told Reuters. ALDACTONE no prescription, Large multinationals are now using systems as powerful as the military, Mannel said. "At the same time we're installing Total, we're actually installing a very large system for the U.S, ALDACTONE forum. Defense department, with similar kind of capability, at the U.S. Air Force site in Ohio."

Supercomputer waste heat powers the Pau research facility

BUY ALDACTONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Aside from providing assistance for the discovery of new fields, one of the main purposes of the supercomputer is to reduce costs by providing field teams with day-to-day technical assistance. Linked by fiberoptic network and looking at real-time data, Total's specialists can trouble shoot distant oil rigs all the way from France (see a virtual visit inside Pangea).

Designed by SGI for maximum energy efficiency, the Pangea supercomputer has an innovative cooling system whose circuit is integrated with the processors. Requiring 2.8 MW of electric power, the heat generated by this supercomputer is recovered, making it possible to heat the totality of Total's Scientific and Technical Centre.

“The efficiency of the SGI ICE X system, which represents high computational power using a minimal amount of energy, gives Total the smallest footprint and lowest TCO possible," said Philippe Malzac. "This was a key factor in our selection of SGI ICE X for the Pangea system.”

Make no mistake, Total's upstream group wants still more power. "We are proud of this leap forward in our performance. This supercomputer has been specifically designed to meet the main technical challenges facing our industry," stated Yves-Louis Darricarrère in a press release.

Total plans to double the power of its computer by 2015.

Is the oil-exploration computer race a healthy sign?

Images: various, Total

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November 14th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (2)
Touch screen

The third reason I foresee ChE entering a new Golden Age ANSAID FOR SALE, is its ever-increasing use of computing and communication networks as a ubiquitous “cyberinfrastructure.” It powers both our understanding and our actions, shaping how we collect and use data and how we simulate, design, and predict processes and products.

Computers and more

Cyberinfrastructure has been with us for a long time, but thinking about it using that term has been just in the past ten years. “Infrastructure” refers to networks of structures and systems that underpin a society or economy, ANSAID steet value, such as roads, water pipelines, ANSAID blogs, the electrical grid, or telephone systems. Our daily lives and work are now underpinned by a cyberinfrastructure of computers, the Internet, buy cheap ANSAID no rx, portable devices, wireless and wired networks, Real brand ANSAID online, software, videoconferencing, technical support, and professional “social-media” interactions, ANSAID cost.

Computing wasn’t part of ChE in the 1950s, which is often regarded as the previous golden age of ChE. Thomas J, ANSAID FOR SALE. Herbal ANSAID, Watson, head of IBM, apparently was misquoted as saying in the 1940s, buy ANSAID without prescription, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Certainly at that point, computers were individual behemoths of vacuum tubes and patch wires. ANSAID long term, Scientists and engineers could nevertheless envision how such machines could automate tedious calculations. Getting access to computers was another matter, though, as companies could more easily see how computers would automate tedious financial record-keeping, ANSAID coupon.

Shift to the present

From the start of the Space Age, technical advances started tumbling in. ANSAID FOR SALE, Semiconductor microelectronics brought miniaturization of processors and memory. ANSAID results, Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters linked the physical world and the computer, capturing vast amounts of data and signaling physical actions. Wired, fiber-optic, ANSAID street price, and wireless connections created fast networks for data exchange. Liquid-crystal displays and graphics processors brought spectacular visualization. What is ANSAID, Software has been another key to this transformation. FORTRAN and other languages made computing logic and programming accessible, ANSAID FOR SALE. New algorithms made numerical methods and simulations practical. Hypertext mark-up language led to a World-Wide Web of shared information, collaborations, ANSAID description, and commerce. The analytics field was created as statistical analyses became coupled with models to be used for discovery and decision-making. ANSAID from canada, Two profound developments of recent years are parallel processing and portable computers that aren’t perceived as computers at all. ANSAID FOR SALE, Parallel computing splits tasks to run on multiple processors at the same time, ideally(!) reducing the time for a calculation to the single-processor time divided by the number of processors. There’s quite a potential for speed-up on 560,640 processors in Oak Ridge’s Titan, the current fastest computer.

Meanwhile, ANSAID pictures, computers have become devices and computer codes have become apps. The evolution to minicomputers, then to desktop machines, and then to laptops took a dramatic turn when powerful computing and networking capabilities were built into smartphones and tablets, buy ANSAID online no prescription. Wherever you are, by using a handheld device it has become possible to check and use your email, No prescription ANSAID online, your experiment, your plant operations, your company’s stock quotation, the news, discount ANSAID, the weather, movie trailers, Purchase ANSAID for sale, and sports scores.

ChEs fit in

[caption id="attachment_53625" align="alignright" width="106" caption="Warren Seider"]Warren Seider[/caption]

For ChE, two landmark transitions into computing were in 1969, ANSAID FOR SALE.  The book Applied Numerical Methods by Carnahan, Luther, ANSAID over the counter, and Wilkes (Wiley, 1969) opened the door for many ChEs. About the same time, a group of 15 academic and industrial ChEs formed the CACHE organization (Computing Aids for Chemical Engineers), headed by Warren Seider of Penn and Larry Evans of MIT. CACHE initially emphasized design of large-scale chemical processes, buy no prescription ANSAID online, providing property databases, educational case studies, equation solvers, and educational access to the early process simulator FLOWTRAN. It later added molecular modeling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics, computational systems biology, and conferences focused on ChE computing.

[caption id="attachment_53626" align="alignleft" width="115" caption="Larry Evans"] ANSAID FOR SALE, [/caption]

Two other important steps were in 1977, when AIChE created the Computing and Systems Technology Division and the journal Computers and Chemical Engineering began publication.

An important byproduct was Evans’ and Seider’ leadership of the Advanced System for Process Engineering (ASPEN), funded in 1976 by the US Energy Research and Development Administration (later DOE) for design of fuel-conversion plants. This effort was later spun off as the process-simulation company AspenTech.

A parallel international activity has been setting the CAPE-Open standards for computer-aided process engineering (CAPE). A key aspect is the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN), a user-driven organization for testing and managing the standard.

A new era of simulation and data

For ChEs today, computing power has taken two directions, toward powerful simulations on one hand and powerful use of data on the other. The next post will reflect on these changes and on their potential to shape a new era of “Smart Manufacturing.”.


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September 20th, 2012


By Kent Harrington | Comments (0)
2012-09-14 11 31 wave1a iphoto

BUY OXAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Unmanned, open-ocean Wave Gliders use no fuel, produce no emissions, and travel up to 2,000 miles using only wave power. Silicon Valley startup Liquid Robotics makes and operates a fleet of these wave-riding robots for predicting tsunamis, tracking fish, and discovering offshore oil leaks; they even patrol waters for national security threats. And environmental disaster has always proven the craft's sturdy, Ordering OXAZEPAM online, dependable abilities.

A new joint venture with Schlumberger

When Tropical Storm Isaac was blowing through the Caribbean, building into a powerful hurricane, where to buy OXAZEPAM, this floating sensor platform was sent out to safely investigate. As the storm passed, Taking OXAZEPAM, kicking up dangerous 20 foot waves, the Wave Glider collected evidence of a dramatic drop in water temperature, which suggested that Isaac was vacuuming the heat from the Gulf and building in intensity, OXAZEPAM reviews.

Two years ago, OXAZEPAM from mexico, after BP finally capped the well of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Liquid Robotics launched a Wave Glider on a two-month mission to count dolphins, whales and detect petroleum in the surrounding ocean, OXAZEPAM dose. Back at Liquid Robotics' California headquarters, OXAZEPAM without a prescription, while large flat screens tracked the glider as it was remotely piloted from over the Internet, orbiting Irridium satellites beamed down near real-time data that was quickly sent on to BP for analysis.

Wave Gliders represent a revolution in robotics that promises to advance ocean exploration, and in June the firm signed a joint venture with early investor Schlumberger, BUY OXAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. The new company is based in Houston and called Liquid Robotics Oil & Gas, OXAZEPAM no rx. Quoted in a press release, OXAZEPAM price, coupon,  Ashok Belani, Schlumberger’s CTO, said: “We're extremely excited about the capabilities the Wave Glider will bring to offshore exploration and production – particularly in the areas of seismic, buy no prescription OXAZEPAM online, subsea and environmental monitoring.”

Adapting to the data business

Liquid Robotics' many clients, OXAZEPAM results, including the global offshore oil industry, have traditionally used ships, buoys or satellite imagery to collect information. But ships are expensive, OXAZEPAM use, and cost $10, Purchase OXAZEPAM online, 000 to $100,000 a day to operate. Deep water buoys are cheaper but still run $200, online OXAZEPAM without a prescription,000 to $1 million a year. Canada, mexico, india, Now clients can buy a Wave Glider for $200,000 or just lease glider time (and receive data) for $1,000 to $3, OXAZEPAM brand name,000 a day. BUY OXAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Watch a CNN video that shows the Wave Glider in action:

Originally, the company intended to sell Wave Gliders, but it turns out, most of their customers don’t want the headache of keeping tabs on far-flung robots – they just want to use the data. Buy OXAZEPAM without a prescription, So now the company is gradually adapting to being in the data business, while operating a steadily growing robot fleet.

Along with real-time data, low dose OXAZEPAM, inexpensive propulsion has always been the core of Wave Glider functionality, About OXAZEPAM, says Roboticist Roger Hine, co-inventor and now the company’s CTO. “If you want to keep robots cost-effective and build lots of them, kjøpe OXAZEPAM på nett, köpa OXAZEPAM online, they’re going to have a limited power source, OXAZEPAM dangers, " he points out. His ground-breaking solution was using wave energy, not for generating electricity as other green tech companies had tried to do, OXAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, but for propulsion.

The Wave Glider concept is simple: the upper surfboard is connected by a tether 20 feet long to an underwater “glider,” which is fitted out with hinged, moveable flaps, BUY OXAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap OXAZEPAM no rx, When the surfboard drops into a wave trough, the weighted glider pulls the assembly downward by changing the flap position. This allows the the Glider to achieve speeds of a quarter-knot in waves as small as 1 inch, where can i buy OXAZEPAM online.

According to Climate Central, OXAZEPAM schedule, The $100,000 surfboard is covered with solar panels that power on-board scientific instruments along with a GPS and the transmitter that uses Iridium satellites to send data to, and receive commands from, company headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. The data changes depending on which customer has signed up as a client. Oil companies, for example, have already used Wave Gliders to search for leaks around drilling rigs and undersea pipelines.

Roger Hine notes the company is focusing on “knots, watts, and carrying capacity.” Clients can currently choose from 65 sensors, but the lab is testing 152 more. Eventually oil companies and other clients will benefit from thousands of "smart" Wave Gliders blanketing the sea – a floating smart grid tying together a vast ocean of data.

Will this help control some of the costs of offshore drilling?

Images: various - Liquid Robotics

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August 3rd, 2012

Tour the Solar System from Home with NASA

By Jenny Xiao | Comments (0)
nasa pictures (TED)

Want to navigate the solar system without having to buy that expensive spacecraft? Jon Nguyen demos Eyes on the Solar System, free-to-use software from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory that was create for exploring the planets, moons, asteroids, and spacecraft that rotate around our sun in real-time.

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