We Are ChE: Entering a Golden Age

Enjoy a series of 12 blog posts on ChEnected about who ChEs are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. I’ll look at trends, consider the wide range of our abilities and achievements, and write about some of the core and new directions we are seeing.

These topics are especially important right now because it looks like we are in the early stages of a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering.

September 19th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (7)

BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, This post is the first in series of 12 posts about who ChEs are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going. Is CARDURA addictive, I’ll look at trends, consider the wide range of our abilities and achievements, CARDURA natural, Purchase CARDURA online, and write about some of the core and new directions we are seeing.

These topics are especially important right now because it looks like we are in the early stages of a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering, online CARDURA without a prescription. CARDURA alternatives,

Once and future glories

ChE’s first Golden Age was the period around 1915–25. Industrial chemistry’s center had been Germany, order CARDURA online overnight delivery no prescription. Around the time of World War I, rapid growth of chemicals production began in Britain and the US, responding to increasing demand for liquid fuels, synthetic fertilizer, and other chemical products, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION. CARDURA street price, ChE emerged as a distinct discipline, and unit operations was its organizing principle, buy generic CARDURA. Online buying CARDURA, The next Golden Age was the 1950s into the 1960s. Needs of consumers and industry fed our growth, CARDURA pictures, CARDURA schedule, oil was cheap, and ChE responded, purchase CARDURA. Doses CARDURA work, We created new, large-scale, order CARDURA online c.o.d, Order CARDURA no prescription, continuous processes and a host of products, applying advances in catalysis and polymer chemistry and early use of computers, effects of CARDURA. BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, To do it, we successfully integrated more math and physics to get the job done better – think transport phenomena, think process dynamics and control. Where can i order CARDURA without prescription, Of course, remarkable advances were happening at other times, CARDURA over the counter. CARDURA duration, As one example, World War II saw the development of catalytic cracking, CARDURA recreational, Cheap CARDURA, fluidized beds, synthetic rubber, purchase CARDURA online no prescription, CARDURA pharmacy, and penicillin manufacturing. Since the 1980s, CARDURA dosage, Discount CARDURA, ChEs have been vital to growing pharmaceuticals production.

However, in the 1970s the benign perception of the ChE profession was publicly transformed by global oil-price shocks and by serious environmental abuses like Love Canal. 1984’s Bhopal disaster further shook the public’s confidence in “better living through chemistry.”

Suddenly, though, we find ourselves in the right place at the right time, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Why now?

What has changed. Five key reasons are:

  • Manufacturing’s shift to emphasize processes and properties

  • New abundance of hydrocarbon resources in the US

  • Biology’s turning into a molecular science

  • Computing, evolved into a cyberinfrastructure

  • ChEs’ breadth and problem-solving approaches

Likewise, what are the challenges we face.

  • Asserting leadership in the new face of manufacturing

  • Incorporating information management and analytics

  • Embracing our profession’s breadth

In upcoming posts, I’ll expand on each of these topics. It’s not just the ideas of chemical engineering or the stuff of statistics and generalizations. BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s all of us: educators, process engineers, lab researchers, financial and management teams, HR staff, tech services, sales forces, designers, and people in local, state, and national governments.

It’s Jim Davis, Tom Edgar, and Yinlun Huang advancing “smart manufacturing.” It’s Cathryn Sundback making prosthetic ears by cell culture at Massachusetts General Hospital. It’s Don Pettit conducting research and making teaching videos on the International Space Station. It’s Kim Ogden and Robert Hesketh developing a sustainability-engineering curriculum. It’s Andy Grove fashioning Intel into a powerhouse microelectronics company. It’s Jackie Ying crafting partnerships for bionanotechnology in Singapore, Rafiqul Gani seeking to integrate product and process design, and Jens Nørskov developing new catalysts through computation, BUY CARDURA NO PRESCRIPTION.

It’s each of us—and the diverse ways we use our ChE backgrounds.

Question: Where do you see ChE’s future?

Phil Westmoreland is the 2013 AIChE president and a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU). He also serves as executive director of the NCSU Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. You can read his complete bio here..


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September 26th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (8)
Chemical engineer at work

Chemical engineer at work BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Last week, I contended that we are in the early stages of a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering, listing five substantial reasons. Let’s look at the first one: Manufacturing’s shift to emphasize processes and properties – that is, PARLODEL dangers, it’s shifting toward aspects of manufacturing where ChEs are leaders.

Does “ChE” mean “manufacturing” to your neighbor?

In a 4/28/2012 article in the Wall Street Journal, about PARLODEL, Gregory Zuckerman wrote about the “resurgence in the U.S. PARLODEL maximum dosage, manufacturing sector.” He focuses on a March report from Merrill-Lynch to argue that “the U.S. economy is in the early stages of a long-term manufacturing renaissance.”

Thus, manufacturing is in the US and global spotlight these days, where can i buy cheapest PARLODEL online, and chemical engineers have a spot at the front of the stage.

That probably will come as a surprise to the general public, including Capitol Hill – and maybe to some of us, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Herbal PARLODEL, A lot of people don’t even think of us at all when they think “manufacturing.”

Why not. After all, they know fuels and pharmaceuticals and polymers and microelectronics and cosmetics and soft drinks have to be manufactured, PARLODEL without a prescription.

Manufacturing isn’t just machines and assembly lines

Maybe the biggest reason is that the public thinks of manufacturing as making things mechanically with an assembly line. PARLODEL results, Look up “manufacturing.” Merriam-Webster starts with “1: to make into a product suitable for use,” which is fine, but then goes to “2a: to make from raw materials by hand or by machinery.”

When I looked in Wikipedia, purchase PARLODEL for sale, I saw “Manufacturing is the use of machines, Australia, uk, us, usa, tools and labor to produce goods for use or sale” (Wiki correction now submitted!). BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Happily, it did go on to include our industries as manufacturing categories.

Don’t get me wrong: A plasma etcher can be construed as a machine or a tool – but it sure doesn’t process chips mechanically. It is a chemical processing device, where can i find PARLODEL online.

Processing may be batch or it may be continuous. PARLODEL price, coupon, We may use fermenters, distillation, mixers, where can i buy cheapest PARLODEL online, spray drying, Purchase PARLODEL online no prescription, heat exchangers, affinity chromatography, chemical vapor deposition, PARLODEL images, or membrane separations.

Products aren’t just things: they have properties

Manufacturing is popularly associated with making things: cars, clothes, TVs, furniture, and so on, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION. PARLODEL overnight, ChEs often make “stuff” instead, but even in the “things,” properties have grown increasingly important to creating product value, PARLODEL dosage.

Engineer and industry

BASF aimed to tackle this issue with its slogan, PARLODEL schedule, “We don't make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better.”™ For example, your favorite smartphone is full of chips that ChEs have made, buy cheap PARLODEL, viewed on a display that was created by chemical processing, PARLODEL for sale, and covered by special impact-resistant glass, such as Gorilla Glass (see more about Gorilla Glass in this article from Wired), is PARLODEL addictive. We also make products for industry, Order PARLODEL online c.o.d, such as catalysts, ion-exchange resins, and polymer membranes, PARLODEL dangers. BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, But yes, we also make “products you buy,” like gasoline, antifreeze, prescription drugs, paints, and nonwoven fabrics. These substances’ chemical, Online buy PARLODEL without a prescription, biological, and physical properties are the heart of their value.

One more trend is the way manufacturing is focusing more on combining processes and properties, PARLODEL no rx, as opposed to machining and mechanical assembly of forms. PARLODEL used for, Consider “additive manufacturing,” such as microelectronics manufacturing and 3-D printing. Material properties are central.

Consider nanotechnology, where improved properties drive much of the work, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION.

It takes people from multiple disciplines to bring most of these products to completion. Still, the ChE skill set is more and more crucial to successful manufacturing.

And we’re all in manufacturing(?!)…

I’ll go further. Most chemical engineers are part of the manufacturing enterprise, whether we’re working in industry or not, and whether we are doing specifically technical work or not.

More about that in next week's post, describing how the arrival of regenerative medicine is being led by ChEs in hospitals and academia, people who don't come to mind when manufacturing is mentioned. Nevertheless, this field is the birth of a new area of ChE-style manufacturing: "Tissue manufacturing."

Should we change the word or the meaning of "manufacturing"?

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October 3rd, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (7)

FRUMIL FOR SALE, Last week, I observed that ChE-style manufacturing often doesn’t fit the popular view of manufacturing, which is more mechanically than process-focused. An example is the way ChEs are deeply involved in tissue engineering, FRUMIL wiki, aiming to turn regenerative medicine into what I’d call “tissue manufacturing.”

Potentially a new biotechnology

[caption id="attachment_51947" align="alignright" width="122" caption="Cathryn Sundback"][/caption]

A few weeks ago, the Associated Press ran a story “Surprising Methods Heal Wounded Troops.” One of those methods was tissue engineering of prosthetic ears at Massachusetts General Hospital, kjøpe FRUMIL på nett, köpa FRUMIL online, featuring chemical engineer Cathryn Sundback, co-director of the Laboratory for Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication. (Interestingly, buy FRUMIL from mexico, she got her ChE start working on topics like coal combustion and supercritical-fluid processing.)

[caption id="attachment_51909" align="alignleft" width="124" caption="Keith Murphy"][/caption]

More recently, FRUMIL for sale, the Wall Street Journal told how 3-D bioprinting is beginning to yield blood vessels, bone, and other tissue for eventual surgical implanting, real brand FRUMIL online. (You can view a video report here.) One of the interviewees for the article and video was Keith Murphy, a ChE and the CEO of Organovo Inc., FRUMIL recreational, the first producer of commercial bioprinters. Order FRUMIL from United States pharmacy, That article finishes on the subject of making knee cartilage.

[caption id="attachment_51900" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Cato Laurencin"]Cato Laurencin[/caption]

Making bone, cartilage, and ligaments for knees and shoulders is a particular interest of Cato Laurencin, a ChE professor who is also an orthopedic surgeon and former Dean of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, FRUMIL FOR SALE. These approaches are now making their way into clinical use. (Learn more about his work in this video.)

Why are ChEs involved?

Bob Langer of MIT, one of the most highly recognized chemical engineers in the world, has been a pioneer in this field and a mentor to many of the ChEs in it, FRUMIL no prescription. (You can watch an interview with Langer here.) One key was using polymers to make biocompatible materials, including tissue scaffolds, FRUMIL price, coupon, or frameworks for the growth of new tissues. FRUMIL forum,

However, his deeper insight was seeing how chemical-engineering principles and materials science lend themselves naturally to such advances in medicine. FRUMIL FOR SALE, This insight was nurtured in his ChE doctoral research on enzymatic regeneration of ATP, directed at MIT by Clark Colton. In turn, purchase FRUMIL online no prescription, Clark had been introduced to ChE biomedical applications through his doctoral research on mass transfer and hemodialysis under ChE professor Ed Merrill. Purchase FRUMIL online,

[caption id="attachment_51915" align="alignleft" width="137" caption="Bob Langer"]Robert Langer[/caption]

All this may seem natural now, but Bob recalls how counterintuitive it was in 1974 when he chose postdoctoral research with Dr. Judah Folkman, FRUMIL duration, a physician and medical scientist who was founder of the angiogenesis-research field. Rx free FRUMIL, He remarked, “Most people thought I was crazy professionally, and granting agencies couldn’t see that any of my work should be funded, FRUMIL brand name. However, my colleagues and I pressed on, made discoveries, won patents, and developed companies and students who, I like to think, have transformed the field.”

The world seems to agree, FRUMIL FOR SALE. Bob has published 1100+ papers, Buy no prescription FRUMIL online, won 800+ patents, helped start 17 companies, is a member of all three US national academies, FRUMIL overnight, and has won National Medal of Science, FRUMIL price, Millennium Award, Perkin Medal, Priestley Medal, buy generic FRUMIL, and the Draper Prize among many others. FRUMIL mg, Again, he speaks eloquently of his foundation in chemical engineering.

Also, it’s an applied molecular science

Another factor is that since the advent of the Human Genome Project in the 1990s, biology has become a molecular science.

Traditionally, the distinctive expertise of ChEs has been to apply chemistry, aided by math and physics. If chemistry and biology and materials science can now be lumped together as molecular sciences, then one way to describe chemical engineering is “applied molecular science.”

Applied biology has long been part of chemical engineering, but these changes make it clearer than ever why that is so (more on that later).

Next week: Changes in hydrocarbon resources.

How does ChEs doing “tissue manufacturing” fit your view of what ChE is?


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October 10th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (8)
Gas Flame

Gas Flame TADALAFIL FOR SALE, To follow up on my previous posts, another important reason for foreseeing a new Golden Age of ChE is the dramatic change in the energy picture during the last two years.

One of the biggest changes is the surge in production of natural gas by hydrofracturing. “Fracking” has dropped gas prices dramatically, TADALAFIL results, altering US energy, organic-chemicals, and polymers businesses and foreshadowing changes throughout the world.

A US shale-gas boom

Hydrofracturing is more than sixty years old, purchase TADALAFIL online no prescription, but during the last four years, it has taken off in the gas-rich Marcellus shale formations in the northeastern US.

The idea of fracking is to drill horizontally for some distance within deep formations, apply hydraulic overpressure to open small fractures in close-by areas, buy cheap TADALAFIL no rx, prop them open with sand particles, and then release the hydraulic pressure so that trapped natural gas can escape and be produced. The pressurizing water and added chemicals (like guar gel, anti-corrosives, rheology enhancers) also come back out and must be treated. More details can be found in an AIChE webinar on the subject, TADALAFIL FOR SALE. What is TADALAFIL, [caption id="attachment_52111" align="alignright" width="166" caption="Emil Jacobs"]Emil Jacobs[/caption]

Emil Jacobs, VP of R&D for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, contends, “The game-changing innovation that enabled the new era of natural gas in America was the combination of advancements in technology, generic TADALAFIL, such as hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, Where can i order TADALAFIL without prescription, Multi-Zone Stimulation, and others. This breakthrough combination enabled us to extract natural gas trapped in low-permeability rock safely and economically. Shale gas production scarcely existed 10 years ago and it now supports more than a million American jobs and generates billions of dollars in revenues and taxes – at a time when our economy really needs it.”

International energy implications

These approaches and impacts are being watched around the world, low dose TADALAFIL. The opportunities occur worldwide, as shown in a powerful graphic in Power magazine. TADALAFIL FOR SALE, Such “unconventional” natural-gas resources have become accessible around the world after a long period in which they seemed too expensive to recover.

A lot of new resources, TADALAFIL from canada, arriving surprisingly suddenly. Because gas demand hasn’t increased as rapidly as supply, Where can i cheapest TADALAFIL online, US prices for gas have dropped. The Financial Times reported (7/26/2012) that lower gas prices had reduced 2nd-quarter 2012 earnings for gas producers Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil. However, TADALAFIL from canadian pharmacy, revenue and earnings remain sound, and consumers are happy to have cheap, clean natural gas.

[caption id="attachment_52200" align="alignleft" width="163" caption="Hervé Toulhoat"]Hervé Toulhoat[/caption]

At the same time, there is caution and outright opposition, mainly because of the potential for adverse environmental impacts, TADALAFIL FOR SALE. For example, buy no prescription TADALAFIL online, neither use nor research on fracking is presently acceptable in France. At the same time, Ordering TADALAFIL online, Hervé Toulhoat, Deputy Scientific Director at IFP Energies Nouvelles, is “struck by the large amounts of unconventional gas and oil discovered” and links this to possible occurrences of natural hydrogen. He acknowledges that economic pressures in Europe may well drive continued re-examination of the ban on fracking approaches, buy TADALAFIL from canada.


Impacts on US chemical manufacturing

The organic-chemical business is also happy to put this resource to good use. TADALAFIL FOR SALE, Suddenly the US olefins business is shifting to make these workhorse chemicals from ethane, propane, and natural-gas liquids rather than naphtha, returning to the long-time ideal feedstocks used in the US. At the same time, Order TADALAFIL from United States pharmacy, heavier naphtha byproducts are reduced, affecting those markets.

In a speech before his colleagues in the National Academy of Engineering last week, Bill Banholzer, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at Dow Chemical, TADALAFIL price, said, “We have all seen monitors showing the rhythm of a beating heart on TV, TADALAFIL pics, and we know that when the line goes flat, it is a bad thing. The chemical industry experienced a flat line of sorts when natural-gas supplies dwindled, reducing our access to preferred natural-gas-liquid feeds and driving up prices, TADALAFIL for sale. Exports dwindled, and all reports were that no new chemical plants would ever be built in the U.S.”

[caption id="attachment_52181" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Bill Banholzer"]Bill Banholzer[/caption]

Shale gas has changed all that. As Bill put it, “Abundant natural-gas supplies invigorate many parts of the economy, but potentially nowhere more significantly than in the chemical industry, TADALAFIL FOR SALE. Buy TADALAFIL without prescription, We serve as a great multiplier of the value that abundant gas brings. We create jobs and materials used throughout the economy, amplifying the benefit of the low-cost gas reserves.”

Bill marveled, “Given the long time frames involved in energy, TADALAFIL pharmacy, it is truly remarkable the impact shale gas has had. The ability of the US to export again will be a source of jobs and prosperity.”

Emil Jacobs’ thoughts closely echoed Bill’s: “The increased natural gas supply is reinvigorating America’s petrochemical industry, TADALAFIL natural, which will help us develop advanced plastics and high-value consumer goods. U.S. ethane production has risen by 25 percent over the last five years, providing a feedstock cost advantage that has led to a rise in US exports as well as incremental investment in ethane cracking.”

New opportunities, new challenges

Emil summed up his views by saying, “These are very exciting times that should drive us to consider how we are developing the next generation of chemical engineers with the necessary expertise to contribute to these advances and take advantage of these opportunities.”

These changes present both new opportunities and new challenges. In next week’s post, I’ll comment about the effect on the worldwide energy picture, the environment, and development of sustainable energy resources.

How can ChEs assure that abundant shale gas has positive effects on our quality of life?

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October 17th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (4)
Globe and gas pump

LAMICTAL FOR SALE, My focus last week was the surge in US production of natural gas by hydrofracturing and the prospects for the rest of the world. The supply/demand balance and resources aren’t the same worldwide, so the US mix won’t be the same elsewhere. However, LAMICTAL brand name, the prospects for new fossil-energy hydrocarbon resources raise questions about what attention will be paid to sustainability.

Other mixes: Poland, Where can i buy LAMICTAL online, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, China, LAMICTAL from canada, Germany, Japan

Shale gas isn’t necessarily an option for all countries, LAMICTAL without a prescription, but it will likely be important where possible. Poland and Ukraine hope to benefit and are the targets of exploration, but the outcome is uncertain, purchase LAMICTAL for sale. Russia and Middle Eastern countries presently have ample oil and gas and are major exporters, LAMICTAL FOR SALE. China is a prospect for large shale-gas resources, but what it has for sure is coal – and far less oil than it needs. Where can i find LAMICTAL online, Some countries are relying on nuclear-generated electricity. Others, like Germany and Japan, are renouncing nuclear power after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and will be more dependent on fossil fuel.

But wait – there’s more – in North Dakota, Where can i cheapest LAMICTAL online, Brazil, and Canada…

Shale gas isn’t the only “unconventional resource” having an impact. Consider North Dakotan shale oil, Canadian oil sands, LAMICTAL duration, and Brazilian pre-salt oil. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, Along with other new resources, we may be moving to an oil glut, much to the world’s surprise.

North Dakota passed California as the third biggest oil-producing state in the US, Buy LAMICTAL no prescription, according to Reuters last March. As for shale gas, the keys were improved horizontal drilling and fracking technologies that have doubled its production since 2009.

[caption id="attachment_52423" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Suzanne Kresta"][/caption]

Oil sands in Alberta are an enormous crude-oil resource, buy cheap LAMICTAL no rx, third as a proven reserve after those of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. By 2010, Online LAMICTAL without a prescription, it had reached 7% of the oil demand of the US, transforming Alberta’s economy. The University of Alberta’s Suzanne Kresta, an oil-sands researcher and past president of AIChE’s North American Mixing Forum, says, “Oil sands require large-scale solutions – solutions to extraction, upgrading of heavy oils to refinery-ready feeds, minimizing water use and tailings production, and massive land reclamation to return the boreal forest to its original state, LAMICTAL FOR SALE. Chemical engineers are actively engaged in finding solutions to all of these challenges."

[caption id="attachment_52360" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Maria das Graças Silva Foster"][/caption]

Brazil’s discoveries of vast, very deep, purchase LAMICTAL online, offshore oil and gas in the pre-salt formation since 2007 have positioned the country to be one of the world’s top energy producers. By government, Real brand LAMICTAL online, these operations must be run by Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras), a partly government-run, partly publicly owned company that is led by chemical engineer and CEO Maria das Graças Silva Foster, LAMICTAL wiki, a veteran of the offshore drilling business.


So what happened to coal?

We’ve seen worldwide shifts in attention to energy before. LAMICTAL results, When OPEC tightened up on oil in 1973, the whole world got serious about coal conversion to liquids. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, When oil prices dropped in the mid-1980s, so did work on coal conversion.

Now, cheap, generic LAMICTAL, clean natural gas has quickly shifted US electricity generation away from direct coal combustion. Last month, Get LAMICTAL, the Wall Street Journal reported that current gas prices yield electricity at half the price from coal in many plants. Coal is a rock and contains mineral matter – dirt. – and it or its products have to be cleaned up. Natural gas requires some cleanup, too, but that’s much easier, LAMICTAL FOR SALE.

CO2 production per unit of energy is lower from gas, LAMICTAL pics, too. If you accept that CO2 generation is affecting climate change, Order LAMICTAL from United States pharmacy, then that’s good. However, burning gas still generates CO2 – and it is still a finite resource.

Let’s use the opportunity

We know there are great challenges, buy LAMICTAL online no prescription. LAMICTAL FOR SALE, Using fossil oil and gas is ultimately not sustainable because these resources are finite. As we burn abundant fuels, CO2 release is still a concern. Purchase LAMICTAL online no prescription, As the Deepwater Horizon accident showed, production holds added dangers when the resources are deep underground and underwater. As the plains of Alberta and the mountaintops of Appalachia show, surface mining carves away the land, LAMICTAL recreational.

However, our lives can all benefit from the abundant energy resources that are crucial to have healthy, Order LAMICTAL from mexican pharmacy, growing economies worldwide. The present changes can buy time for ChEs to lead the way toward sustainable fuels.

It is a bright time for ChEs, both in our new areas and as classically strong areas like energy are transformed, australia, uk, us, usa. Our skills and insights are important for the world’s benefitting from such new resources in the long term.

Next week: Biology and ChE: Applying a molecular science.

How can we best move toward sustainable energy in the presence of abundant hydrocarbons?

Images: Maria das Graças Silva Foster, Petrobras; Suzanne Kresta, Jason Franson

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October 24th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (3)
Biological engineering

Biological engineering BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION, At the beginning of this series, I offered a list of four reasons that we’re entering a golden age of ChE. The third reason is that applying biology has become such an important part of chemical engineering.

How has that come to be. Where can i order CLARINEX without prescription, “Chemical engineering is what chemical engineers do” is too broad to define our field because ChEs do so many things. A more fundamental description of its roots is “applied molecular science.” Biology has become a molecular science in the last 60 years, but it initially became part of ChE through empirical reaction engineering, separations, CLARINEX long term, transport phenomena, and materials science.

In the beginning: Bioprocessing

Biology’s application takes many forms, BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy CLARINEX no prescription, Fermentation to make alcohol is an ancient bioprocessing step, and distillation goes back for three millennia, CLARINEX class. That was an art, predating ChE as a discipline. Australia, uk, us, usa, In the formative years of our discipline, petroleum and petrochemicals dominated the numbers and the thinking of ChEs. Meanwhile, manufacturing chemically synthesized drugs like aspirin and bioproduced antibiotics like penicillin also made use of ChE expertise. BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION, Tight regulation did and does prevent much process optimization beyond the initial scale-up, mainly because of the need to make products identical to the tested, approved substances.

[caption id="attachment_52664" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Dave Ollis"]Dave Ollis[/caption]

Devising reactors and separation processes was the main involvement of ChEs in bio at first. CLARINEX without a prescription, The general curriculum emphasized continuous, high-temperature catalytic reactors and thermally driven separations. As Dave Ollis (co-author with the late Jay Bailey of the landmark book Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals) said, “The aqueous batch and semibatch reactors of fermentation fitted naturally with ‘classical chemical engineering.’ Empirical Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics, buy CLARINEX from canada, which was developed before Langmuir-Hinshelwood catalysis models, fitted well, Buy CLARINEX without prescription, too.”

Separations were different. Purification may involve very small quantities of biologically active material. Also, biomolecules and organisms are sensitive to heat, so gentler methods of separation are required than thermally driven, phase-equilibrium separations like distillation, BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Examples are ultrafiltration and dialysis, each over 100 years old, CLARINEX duration. Their effective application relied on advances in polymer science in the 1950s and 1960s, such as the development of asymmetric membranes. No prescription CLARINEX online, Likewise, affinity chromatography depended on developing the appropriate antigen-antibody binding agents, although the process then can be described much like classical adsorption columns.

Alliances with medicine: Materials and transport

[caption id="attachment_52624" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Ed Merrill"]Ed Merrill[/caption]

The human body is an amazing chemical plant, CLARINEX no prescription, from the individual cell to major organs like the kidney. BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION, ChEs began to recognize how our skills and insights into fluid flow, reactors, separations, and process modeling could be brought to bear on understanding and treating the body, overcoming skepticism from within and from the medical community. I vividly remember the late Ken Bischoff telling me how excited he got over his technical discussions with physicians treating him at Johns Hopkins.

[caption id="attachment_52625" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Clark Colton"]Clark Colton[/caption]

Ed Merrill of MIT can be thanked for pioneering a great deal of ChE biomedical-engineering activity. His initial research was on polymers in the 1940s, and one aspect was discovering the biocompatible clotting resistance of polyethylene oxide, is CLARINEX addictive. He also proceeded to take on the rheology of blood. In 1963, CLARINEX samples, he developed a novel course, 10.56 "Chemical Engineering in Medicine," that evolved through the years to encompass membranes for artificial kidneys and aerosols for drug delivery.

[caption id="attachment_52626" align="alignleft" width="145" caption="Bob Langer"][/caption]

This passion of Ed’s strongly influenced many in ChE, including his student and colleague Clark Colton, as well as Clark’s student and their colleague, Bob Langer, BUY CLARINEX NO PRESCRIPTION. In his recent Priestley Medal and Perkin Medal lectures, Online buy CLARINEX without a prescription, Bob has spoken eloquently of the psychological hurdles he overcame in the medical and ChE communities during his work on controlled drug release and regenerative medicine, cheap CLARINEX. ChE relevance wasn’t obvious then, but it certainly makes sense now. After CLARINEX,

Biology is now a core aspect of ChE

This week, I’ve written about how bio has come to be a core part of ChE through traditional, non-biological tools of ChE.

Bioscience is now creating new tools for the profession, about CLARINEX, a broader vision of the profession, and broader, Ordering CLARINEX online, more interdisciplinary developments  – from biomimetic processes to biosensors to personalized medicine.

Next week, I’ll describe some of the impacts on the ChE profession by this molecular science thanks to Watson, Crick, CLARINEX over the counter, Franklin, genetic engineering, Kjøpe CLARINEX på nett, köpa CLARINEX online, the Human Genome Project, mammalian cell culture, and systems biology, order CLARINEX from United States pharmacy.

What are other ways that classical, non-bio-specific tools have been used for ChE applications of biology?

Images: Dave Ollis, Effects of CLARINEX, NCSU; Ed Merrill and Clark Colton, MIT; Bob Langer, The Heinz Awards


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November 7th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (2)

BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION, My previous post was about how ChE has advanced bioprocessing and medicine. Here, TEGRETOL interactions, I want to reflect on how bioscience and ChE have changed each other.

Biology is transformed

Two particular developments in the early 1950s set the stage for transforming biology and for biology’s transforming ChE. One was discovering the double-helix molecular nature of DNA, TEGRETOL images, due to Rosalind Franklin, TEGRETOL alternatives, Maurice Wilkins, James Watson, and Francis Crick; the latter three won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine, TEGRETOL from canada. The other was the collection of Henrietta Lacks’ cervical-cancer cells, Where can i find TEGRETOL online, which provided part of the basis for modern tissue culturing.

The transformation was set in motion after Richard Nixon proposed the “War on Cancer” in 1971, BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION. This campaign was driven by a hope for cures, but that proved rather elusive, where to buy TEGRETOL. Some cures were developed. TEGRETOL trusted pharmacy reviews, Viruses were targeted but proved to cause only a few cancers. Interferon was expected to become a miracle drug, but it only helped with some cancers, fast shipping TEGRETOL. BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Instead, in hindsight, the spinoffs from the War on Cancer have had the greatest impacts, much like Kennedy’s Race to the Moon had its biggest worldwide impact in spinning off the microelectronics and computer revolution. Consider just a few of the scientific outcomes: the Polymerase Chain Reaction method, Purchase TEGRETOL,  gene-splicinginduced pluripotent stem cells, the Human Genome Project, buy cheap TEGRETOL, and relating molecular patterns to traits through genomics, Herbal TEGRETOL, proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, no prescription TEGRETOL online, and so on. TEGRETOL from canadian pharmacy,

The new biology has transformed ChE

[caption id="attachment_53320" align="alignright" width="86" caption="Harvey Blanch"][/caption]

These developments have transformed ChE as well. The natural fit of existing ChE expertise and the molecular underpinnings of biology are two reasons, as discussed in the previous post, TEGRETOL without prescription. Harvey Blanch of UC Berkeley, Buy TEGRETOL without prescription, honored by the 2010 James E. Bailey Award of AIChE’s Society of Biological Engineering, captured the sweep of change in bioprocessing due to these developments in his lecture and webinar “From Biochemical Engineering to Synthetic Biology: A Short History of Engineering Impacts on Biotechnology.”

[caption id="attachment_53295" align="alignleft" width="87" caption="Carol Hall"][/caption]

Another reason is the powerful motivation of advancing personal and public health, BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION. My friend and colleague Carol Hall spoke movingly in her 2006 Institute Lecture about how her molecular simulation of fibril formation has been motivated in large part by her parents’ experiences with Alzheimer’s disease. TEGRETOL use, The new opportunities to make health-care impacts have pulled many ChEs toward medical school and into ChE bioscience.

The new bioscientific insights have also pointed to new molecularly driven biotechnologies and to additional scientific advances. A few examples:

    [caption id="attachment_53319" align="alignright" width="75" caption="Jackie Shanks"][/caption]

  • Metabolic engineering, order TEGRETOL online c.o.d. BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Understanding metabolic pathways and physiology is aided by measuring and modeling flux balances around organs and organisms. In turn, Where to buy TEGRETOL, it propels product-yield enhancement and points to opportunities for desirable genetic modifications. The work of Jackie Shanks at Iowa State illustrates these approaches, targeted at increasing plant production of anticancer agents using chemical analyses and math models.

  • [caption id="attachment_53302" align="alignright" width="87" caption="Frank Doyle"][/caption]

    Systems biology, TEGRETOL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. A closely related field is systems biology, TEGRETOL results, which relies heavily on computational models of biological systems. The NIH has created ten National Centers for Systems Biology, whose diversity illustrates the interdisciplinary requirements of the field. Much of the work resembles reactor modeling with detailed kinetics networks but with systems such as cells or signaling-pathway networks used to develop and to test hypotheses, TEGRETOL dosage.

    [caption id="attachment_53321" align="alignleft" width="90" caption="Juergen Hahn"]Juergen Hahn[/caption]

    ChE process dynamics and control approaches have been applied to examine the nonlinear behaviors that are common, BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION. An example from UC-Santa Barbara is Frank Doyle’s systems-biology models of circadian rhythms, resolving the difference between the animal-scale cycle and the cellular scale. Similarly, order TEGRETOL from United States pharmacy, RPI’s Juergen Hahn has built a comprehensive model for the signaling pathways involved in inflammatory response of the liver to trauma.

    [caption id="attachment_53303" align="alignright" width="85" caption="David Tirrell"][/caption]

  • Synthetic biology. Purchase TEGRETOL online no prescription, The processes and substances of natural biology can be varied to create new substances and properties. At Caltech, David Tirrell’s lab[caption id="attachment_53306" align="alignleft" width="90" caption="Frances Arnold"][/caption] has modified natural proteins by substituting newly created amino acids and has crafted artificial genes to make new proteins, while Frances Arnold’s lab uses directed evolution to understand biological design and create new, synthetic enzymes.

    [caption id="attachment_53323" align="alignright" width="88" caption="Dan Hammer"][/caption]

  • Polymersomes. BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION, These synthetic nanoparticles are made with blockcopolymers to mimic vesicles, bubble-like[caption id="attachment_53318" align="alignleft" width="91" caption="Dennis Discher"]Dennis Discher[/caption] spherical membranes that cells use to transport materials across cell walls. Dan Hammer and Dennis Discher of the University of Pennsylvania have been leaders in developing polymersomes for uses in drug delivery and imaging.

A core part of ChE

In the 1950s, some ChEs were using conventional reactor engineering and separations for bioprocessing. It was part of the profession, but it was just one of many facets. That has changed dramatically. The overlap of biology and chemistry and materials science as molecular sciences has made bioscience and its application into parts of the intellectual core of ChE.

These advances by ChEs will continue to be significant, BUY TEGRETOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Twenty-five thought leaders from across ChE contributed to a 2008 AIChE centennial vision of the next 25 years. They predicted a range of bioscience and biotechnology impacts for ChE, from making sustainable fuels and chemicals at ambient temperatures and pressures to creating the diagnostics, information science, and medications for truly personalized medicine.

These exciting advances are part of the onset of a new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering. Next, I’ll consider the role of computers and ChE cyberinfrastructure.


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November 14th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (2)
Touch screen

The third reason I foresee ChE entering a new Golden Age ANSAID FOR SALE, is its ever-increasing use of computing and communication networks as a ubiquitous “cyberinfrastructure.” It powers both our understanding and our actions, shaping how we collect and use data and how we simulate, design, and predict processes and products.

Computers and more

Cyberinfrastructure has been with us for a long time, but thinking about it using that term has been just in the past ten years. “Infrastructure” refers to networks of structures and systems that underpin a society or economy, ANSAID steet value, such as roads, water pipelines, ANSAID blogs, the electrical grid, or telephone systems. Our daily lives and work are now underpinned by a cyberinfrastructure of computers, the Internet, buy cheap ANSAID no rx, portable devices, wireless and wired networks, Real brand ANSAID online, software, videoconferencing, technical support, and professional “social-media” interactions, ANSAID cost.

Computing wasn’t part of ChE in the 1950s, which is often regarded as the previous golden age of ChE. Thomas J, ANSAID FOR SALE. Herbal ANSAID, Watson, head of IBM, apparently was misquoted as saying in the 1940s, buy ANSAID without prescription, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Certainly at that point, computers were individual behemoths of vacuum tubes and patch wires. ANSAID long term, Scientists and engineers could nevertheless envision how such machines could automate tedious calculations. Getting access to computers was another matter, though, as companies could more easily see how computers would automate tedious financial record-keeping, ANSAID coupon.

Shift to the present

From the start of the Space Age, technical advances started tumbling in. ANSAID FOR SALE, Semiconductor microelectronics brought miniaturization of processors and memory. ANSAID results, Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters linked the physical world and the computer, capturing vast amounts of data and signaling physical actions. Wired, fiber-optic, ANSAID street price, and wireless connections created fast networks for data exchange. Liquid-crystal displays and graphics processors brought spectacular visualization. What is ANSAID, Software has been another key to this transformation. FORTRAN and other languages made computing logic and programming accessible, ANSAID FOR SALE. New algorithms made numerical methods and simulations practical. Hypertext mark-up language led to a World-Wide Web of shared information, collaborations, ANSAID description, and commerce. The analytics field was created as statistical analyses became coupled with models to be used for discovery and decision-making. ANSAID from canada, Two profound developments of recent years are parallel processing and portable computers that aren’t perceived as computers at all. ANSAID FOR SALE, Parallel computing splits tasks to run on multiple processors at the same time, ideally(!) reducing the time for a calculation to the single-processor time divided by the number of processors. There’s quite a potential for speed-up on 560,640 processors in Oak Ridge’s Titan, the current fastest computer.

Meanwhile, ANSAID pictures, computers have become devices and computer codes have become apps. The evolution to minicomputers, then to desktop machines, and then to laptops took a dramatic turn when powerful computing and networking capabilities were built into smartphones and tablets, buy ANSAID online no prescription. Wherever you are, by using a handheld device it has become possible to check and use your email, No prescription ANSAID online, your experiment, your plant operations, your company’s stock quotation, the news, discount ANSAID, the weather, movie trailers, Purchase ANSAID for sale, and sports scores.

ChEs fit in

[caption id="attachment_53625" align="alignright" width="106" caption="Warren Seider"]Warren Seider[/caption]

For ChE, two landmark transitions into computing were in 1969, ANSAID FOR SALE.  The book Applied Numerical Methods by Carnahan, Luther, ANSAID over the counter, and Wilkes (Wiley, 1969) opened the door for many ChEs. About the same time, a group of 15 academic and industrial ChEs formed the CACHE organization (Computing Aids for Chemical Engineers), headed by Warren Seider of Penn and Larry Evans of MIT. CACHE initially emphasized design of large-scale chemical processes, buy no prescription ANSAID online, providing property databases, educational case studies, equation solvers, and educational access to the early process simulator FLOWTRAN. It later added molecular modeling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics, computational systems biology, and conferences focused on ChE computing.

[caption id="attachment_53626" align="alignleft" width="115" caption="Larry Evans"] ANSAID FOR SALE, [/caption]

Two other important steps were in 1977, when AIChE created the Computing and Systems Technology Division and the journal Computers and Chemical Engineering began publication.

An important byproduct was Evans’ and Seider’ leadership of the Advanced System for Process Engineering (ASPEN), funded in 1976 by the US Energy Research and Development Administration (later DOE) for design of fuel-conversion plants. This effort was later spun off as the process-simulation company AspenTech.

A parallel international activity has been setting the CAPE-Open standards for computer-aided process engineering (CAPE). A key aspect is the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN), a user-driven organization for testing and managing the standard.

A new era of simulation and data

For ChEs today, computing power has taken two directions, toward powerful simulations on one hand and powerful use of data on the other. The next post will reflect on these changes and on their potential to shape a new era of “Smart Manufacturing.”.


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November 29th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (1)
Super Computers

Super Computers ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, Chemical engineers saw the value of computers for their work early, as described in the previous post. For ChEs today, computing power has taken two directions, buying ADIPEX-P online over the counter, toward powerful simulations on one hand and powerful use of data on the other. Cheap ADIPEX-P, In this post, I’m writing about simulation and how supercomputing is making valuable predictions possible.

Simulation and predictions

[caption id="attachment_54314" align="alignright" width="119" caption="Sharon Glotzer"]Sharon Glotzer[/caption]

“Simulation” for ChEs usually means either predicting properties, where to buy ADIPEX-P, such as enthalpies or crystal shapes, What is ADIPEX-P, or predicting system behavior, such as with a process design model.

Simulation tools are being used in ChE around the world, ADIPEX-P duration, according to a 2009 study led by Sharon Glotzer, Churchill Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. Her blue-ribbon panel visited 52 academic and industrial sites in Europe, Japan, and China, asking how “simulation-based engineering and science” were being used and developed, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE.

The responses were fascinating, where can i cheapest ADIPEX-P online, and the visions of the future even more so. ADIPEX-P pictures, A few examples:

  • Custom-performance materials are being developed, including tougher polymers and new catalysts.

  • Storm impacts are being predicted for tide levels and the stability of refinery facilities and supply chains.

  • Oil fields are being mapped and extraction strategies are being planned.

  • Possible pollutant-emission paths are being projected through the atmosphere and water.

  • Controlled drug release is being refined, and personalized medicines are becoming possible.

  • Not only new detergents are being designed, ADIPEX-P canada, mexico, india, but so are their breakage-resistant bottles.

  • Time and costs are being slashed for developing new jet engines by combining detailed chemical kinetics from ChEs with computational fluid dynamics from mechanical engineers.

These findings helped lead to the current U.S. Online buy ADIPEX-P without a prescription, Materials Genome Initiative and Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. An earlier study, focused on applying molecular modeling and simulation, ADIPEX-P steet value, led to university-industry initiatives in Germany and the UK.

How big are today’s supercomputers?

ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, three-hIdeally, the bigger and faster the computer, the bigger, faster, and more complete are the predictions. ADIPEX-P dose, Supercomputers have moved toward astonishing levels of performance.

One simulation milestone was last year’s crystalline-silicon simulation on China’s Tianhe-1A supercomputer, which was the fastest computer in the world in the winter of 2010-11 at 1.87 petaflops – 2•1015 floating-point (real-number) arithmetic operations per second. The key initial calculation was when ChEs from the Institute of Process Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences simulated the molecular dynamics of 110 billion atoms for 0.16 nanoseconds, ADIPEX-P treatment, supposedly the largest such calculation up to that time. ADIPEX-P overnight, As of this month, the Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is now rated fastest in the world. It uses about 300, taking ADIPEX-P,000 computing cores in parallel to operate at 17.56 petaflops to a peak of 27 petaflops. Order ADIPEX-P from mexican pharmacy, It edged out Lawrence Livermore’s Sequoia supercomputer at 16.3 petaflops, Japan’s Riken K computer at 10.5 petaflops, and Argonne’s Mira at 8.2 petaflops, ADIPEX-P cost. In only two years, Tianhe-1A has fallen to #8, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_54365" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="The Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory"][/caption]

In another measure of capacity, ADIPEX-P brand name, the US Department of Energy has granted 5.7 billion CPU-hours on Titan and Mira for 2013 to applicants from around the world through its INCITE program. A typical project size might be 100 million processor hours.

Such numbers are hard to comprehend, order ADIPEX-P online c.o.d. Consider: 100 million hours is 11, ADIPEX-P images, 000 years; that long ago was when the last Ice Age was receding and agricultural societies were just beginning. ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, The larger number, 5.7 billion CPU-hours, equals 650,000 CPU-years. That is hundreds of thousands of years longer than the existence of modern Homo sapiens!

We’re the solution and the challenge

There’s a catch. All this speed depends on making the predictions using parallel computing – breaking the problem into many threads of calculation running at the same time, buy ADIPEX-P no prescription.

The good news is that abilities to use almost any computer applications have never been better among ChEs. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, What about the ability to develop applications. That’s tougher, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE.

Computer programming was a base skill in the ChE curriculum at one time, but it fell out of favor in the past 25 years, ADIPEX-P description. The main reason it had been emphasized was that we thought we would have to do it. Doses ADIPEX-P work, Instead, we now see that’s seldom the case. Spreadsheets take care of many simple calculations, ADIPEX-P used for, and it seems like there’s an app for everything else. ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, What was lost wasn’t the ability for everyone to be coding whizzes but simple computer-science concepts. A=A+1 isn’t an unsolvable algebraic problem, but an expression for modifying a number and storing it. Repeating a calculation can be done by an iterative loop instead of a tedious repetition.

More subtly, the traditional solution methods we learn in ChE are rooted in graphical or stepwise calculations. The shift toward massively parallel codes changes things, demanding that we recast the algorithms to take advantage of parallelism.

For most ChEs, that calls for new understanding of computer architectures and computer science. The application codes may well be written by software engineers, but the algorithms must come from us.

But what about real data?

For these simulations to be most useful, the data they produce must be tested against experimental data, complete with quantified experimental uncertainties. In the next post, I’ll take up the “Internet of Things,” Big Data, analytics, and how that all ties into “Smart Manufacturing.”
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December 5th, 2012


By Phil Westmoreland | Comments (1)

In the last post BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, , I focused on the remarkable advances in simulations and high-performance computing, including their impacts on ChE.

There is a whole other side to computing, though: Gathering and making sense of data. MEFENOREX australia, uk, us, usa, Two key buzzwords are informatics (or information science) – processing, managing, and retrieving information – and analytics – using statistics for extracting and expressing insights from large amounts of data, now frequently called “Big Data.”

Quick access to networked and cloud-based data has changed how all of us do our work, MEFENOREX natural. As a key example, ChEs have long been involved in process data acquisition and control, Buy generic MEFENOREX, but combining these aspects with informatics and analytics is creating an increasing ChE leadership role in “Smart Manufacturing.”

Data, data everywhere

First, you must have data to work with.

Suppose you can do a look-up, buy MEFENOREX no prescription. You need a heat capacity or a binding constant or the equation for a Gaussian distribution function, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Maybe you pull a book off the shelf, assuming you know which book to retrieve. MEFENOREX trusted pharmacy reviews, More likely, now you open up Google or Yahoo or Bing or some other search engine.

Scott Fogler famously quoted G.J. Quarderer of Dow Chemical as saying, real brand MEFENOREX online, “Four to six weeks in the lab can save you an hour in the library.” It may not be the library any more, but the idea is the same.

[caption id="attachment_55444" align="alignleft" width="106" caption="Scott Folger"] BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Then you need the uncertainty. MEFENOREX class, How reliable is the source. Do different sources agree. Absolute accuracy is usually important, but for process development, MEFENOREX schedule, accuracy of the trend may be all you need.

Precision is another matter, Ordering MEFENOREX online, and it often isn’t listed. We rely on the author’s number of significant digits, but are they overreported, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

What if you can’t find the number. You can compute some things, but a lot of things have to be measured, order MEFENOREX no prescription.

Analytics: Getting knowledge from big data

What you’re aiming for is data-driven knowledge discovery, usually to aid decision-making. MEFENOREX online cod, That includes identifying the objective, forming the question, and deciding what format of answer will be most useful. BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, What if it’s a lot of data. The simplest analytics approach is averaging and finding a standard deviation, generic MEFENOREX. One step up might be a linear regression or other curve fit.

The book and movie Moneyball gave a human face to analytics for the public. MEFENOREX samples, Most simply, their approach was to identify statistical measures that correlated best with baseball success, examining alternative beyond traditional statistics like overall batting average.

Another development was a February 2012 New York Times article on “The Age of Big Data” that amounted to public heralding of this approach as a vital business practice, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

Presently, australia, uk, us, usa, business analytics are emphasized. One type is risk analytics, MEFENOREX without a prescription, examining key vulnerabilities in the supply chain and product-delivery chain. Meanwhile, scientific and engineering analytics are advancing rapidly.

What if the data aren’t numbers at all, MEFENOREX photos. BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, You might have a video stream or a text-based document. Once it is stored in digital form, you can identify a significant event or the most commonly used words. MEFENOREX recreational, “Word clouds” visually show the results of text mining, like the one here that is formed from this blog post.

Leading the creation of “Smart Manufacturing”

[caption id="attachment_55426" align="alignleft" width="107" caption="Jim Davis"][/caption]

ChEs are helping lead the use of data to advance “Smart Manufacturing,” which was featured recently in Chemical Engineering Progress, MEFENOREX reviews.

Its vision is using cyberinfrastructure to transform manufacturing into a seamless ecosystem of design, operation, Discount MEFENOREX, and business. Safety is an overarching goal: zero risk and zero emissions, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_55427" align="alignright" width="110" caption="Tom Edgar"][/caption]

Key aspects are widespread deployment of physical and chemical sensors, collection and analytics of supply-chain data, system-scale control and planning of process units, MEFENOREX use, integrated product and process design, rapid prototyping or simulation, Buy MEFENOREX without prescription, and safety monitoring.

[caption id="attachment_55428" align="alignleft" width="114" caption="Jim Porter"][/caption]

Three ChE leaders are Jim Davis, MEFENOREX canada, mexico, india, vice provost for Information Technology of UCLA; Tom Edgar, Buy no prescription MEFENOREX online, past VP of Computing at UTexas and widely known for his process-control and optimization texts; and Jim Porter, former DuPont chief engineer and vice president, Engineering and Operations, MEFENOREX from mexico.

Working with diverse industries including energy, food, MEFENOREX no rx, pharmaceuticals, machining, and materials, they have helped create a Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition that is developing both cyberinfrastructure and commercial test beds.

Chemical engineers to the fore

These advances echo my earlier thoughts that manufacturing is turning to the aspects where ChEs have long-time strengths: processing, property-dominated products, and integrated cyberinfrastructure.

At the same time, the challenge for ChEs is to master the new cyberinfrastructure concepts and tools we need, from analytics to massively parallel computing. In my next post, I’ll write about how the breadth of the profession is one of our greatest strengths as we move into our new Golden Age of Chemical Engineering.

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