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June 13th, 2012

More Than One Way to Build a Career

By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (2)
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Recently, increasing numbers of graduating chemical engineers seem to be forgoing traditional career paths for more lucrative positions in consulting of investment banking, but this move doesn’t have to mean leaving chemical engineering entirely. Some young professionals are finding alternatives that keep them involved in the field and fulfilled as engineers.

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July 10th, 2012

Thinking (and Working) Outside the Cubicle

By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (2)
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Long a standard of office life, the cubicle is evolving and even disappearing in some companies. Following are some thoughts on the state of the workplace. Join in and share your thoughts about how and where you’re most productive.

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August 6th, 2012

Advice for Young Job Seekers

By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (0)
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The question students ask most is what can they do to get a job in engineering, but often the answer lies with people they already know. Read more about how others have found jobs and gain from their advice and experience.

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January 31st, 2013


By May Shek | Comments (3)

ALTACE FOR SALE, This year began with the excitement of setting new goals. I have learned my best lessons on goal setting from one of my hobbies, ALTACE dosage, running — and what I’ve learned can be applied to professional goals as well.

Start with small measurable goals

I did not become a marathoner overnight. I began my running journey in Aug, what is ALTACE. 2008, ALTACE online cod, in arid Calgary, Alberta. Initially, my goals were small, and they served as mini milestones that helped me track my progress and propelled me to the next breakthrough, ALTACE FOR SALE. I was not particularly athletic, ALTACE reviews, so I started by running 10 minutes and walking one minute. Order ALTACE no prescription, The distances were short. I would run a few times a week for three miles at most. Within a few weeks, ALTACE dose, I gained confidence, ALTACE pictures, and I was able to finish my run without feeling completely exhausted. ALTACE FOR SALE, At that point, I added a longer run (5–6 mi), once each week with my running group.

Setbacks and reassessment

No one ever said running was easy. Sometimes, ALTACE coupon, my goal was to overcome a setback. ALTACE brand name, My first running setback came after “mastering” the 6-mi distance with the walk breaks during the brisk Calgary autumn mornings. I thought running three miles without walk breaks would be achievable. How wrong I was, ALTACE FOR SALE.

During a vacation in Houston (on an 85°F, discount ALTACE, 100% humidity day), Effects of ALTACE, I attempted a seemingly easy 3-mi run...which ended after a mile and a half. What went wrong. As I later learned, buy no prescription ALTACE online, without proper conditioning, Purchase ALTACE online, running in the heat and humidity can significantly increase the body’s workload; I was not trained for the humidity. In essence, my goal was unrealistic based on the training I had, order ALTACE online c.o.d. ALTACE FOR SALE, However, because I was determined to improve, I made it my goal for the next few months to be able to run continuously for three miles without walk breaks.

Measuring progress

After I returned to Calgary, ALTACE no rx, I consulted a few more-experienced runners, and I slowly increased my mileage each week. I also focused on cross-training to help me better adjust to different weather conditions, is ALTACE addictive. Not only was I able to meet my goal of running three miles without walk breaks, ALTACE natural, after three months I was becoming more comfortable, and my breathing was less labored. I set my next goal: a 6.2-mi race in May 2009, ALTACE trusted pharmacy reviews.

Setting new goals

With discipline (and a stopwatch), a runner’s progress can be easily measured, ALTACE FOR SALE. To prepare for the May 2009 race, ALTACE images, I increased my running from three days a week to four, and I ramped up the mileage and my target pace. I also became more involved with my running group, buy ALTACE from canada, and found that surrounding myself with people who have similar goals can be very motivating. ALTACE from canadian pharmacy, Going into the 6.2-mi race, I set three goals for myself: enjoy the race; finish strong; and finish in under 50 minutes (if conditions permitted). When the starting gun fired, order ALTACE from United States pharmacy, my legs automatically sped up alongside a flock of runners. ALTACE FOR SALE, There I was, flying down the racecourse. Where can i buy ALTACE online, Halfway through the race, fatigue began to build. I trusted my training, ALTACE class. I checked my breathing and pushed through. Online buying ALTACE, After surging through the last uphill portion, the finish line was in sight. For those last few seconds, I sprinted, as fast as I could, toward the finish line, ALTACE FOR SALE. Not only did I reach my goals that day, I exceeded my time goal by one minute and 12 seconds.

More breakthroughs, with a little help

Since my first road race in May 2009, I’ve participated in 30 races of increasing distances — from 3.1 mi to a marathon of 26.2 mi — and each time I set a goal of beating my previous mark. With progress came more training and longer distances. I also learned the benefits of seeking help and coaching from others. ALTACE FOR SALE, While many of my goals have been self-imposed (e.g., beating my own time), external benchmarks also served as part of the feedback loop. Qualifying for the Boston Marathon became a goal when I trained for the January 2012 Houston Marathon. I had been training with a group of serious runners, and the leaders of the group became my coaches. They helped me arm myself with four months of training and a detailed race-day plan that accounted for contingencies. The goals for my first marathon were similar to those for my first race: enjoy the experience; finish strong; and start at a pace that is 10–20 seconds slower than my goal pace (the average pace needed to qualify for the Boston Marathon), and adjust based on the conditions.

One year later, I could still do a play-by-play of that marathon (which I will spare you), ALTACE FOR SALE. I can share that I ran the race at a consistent pace and I came in two minutes and 30 seconds under the qualifying time. My dream of running in Boston became a reality. The lessons I have learned from running translate to my day-to-day job:

  1. Set mini-goals where progress can be measured.

  2. Make overcoming setbacks part of the goals and assessment process.

  3. Surround yourself with others who have similar goals for motivation and support.

  4. Ask for feedback.

  5. Celebrate each milestone and incorporate lessons learned to propel you to the next goal.

Keep goals in mind, and by this time next year, you could find yourself in a whole new race, whether at work or in your personal life.
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February 19th, 2013


By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (0)

DNA BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, The ubiquity of digital and server-stored file formats has brought about increased interest in ensuring that creative works conceived today will be preserved, digitally, forever. Chemical engineers play an important role in preserving this information, LEUKERAN description, and new research suggests that bioengineers may also be able to contribute.

Modern today, forgotten tomorrow

Some of today’s best television shows are filmed and edited digitally and then released solely online, is LEUKERAN addictive, through content providers like Hulu, Buy cheap LEUKERAN no rx, Netflix, or YouTube. Although this can provide a convenient viewing experience, LEUKERAN price, coupon, some important factors must be considered pertaining to the long-term viability of such art. Generic LEUKERAN, Those companies will certainly not be around forever. I would like to think that future generations will be able to have access to today’s video, art, and music  to help them decipher what life in 2012 was like, the way that contemporary historians can extract information from cave drawings that depict life 50,000 years ago, or become mesmerized by celluloid film images from 100 years ago, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Modern data storage excels at many things: ease of transport, random access, LEUKERAN used for, and incredible economies of scale among them. LEUKERAN maximum dosage, At the same time, it is susceptible to temporary loss in the event of power outages and natural disasters, and permanent loss due to changing Internet legislation or cyber terrorism — not to mention the ever-evolving software and technology used to encode and access the data, where can i order LEUKERAN without prescription. Digital media created and “saved” using the standard software of only a decade ago may no longer be easily readable using today’s devices and standard platforms. LEUKERAN duration,

Storage through nature itself

If we were to design a storage format with the goal of having the data last forever, it might help to borrow from a model that has proven itself to be nature’s long-lasting data-storage format — DNA. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, DNA and RNA are remarkably simple considering their universality (they are found in all living things) and how accurately they transmit encoded data. They can store data for an incredibly long time (under the right conditions, cheap LEUKERAN, an upper limit is estimated to be one million years) and their position at the very center of biology means that the format is unlikely to ever go out of use. Herbal LEUKERAN, Hard driveThe viability of using a man-made analog to DNA for long-term data storage was detailed in a paper published in the August 17, 2012, LEUKERAN images, issue of Science. LEUKERAN results, Researchers at Harvard Medical School encoded a book with more than 50,000 words into a DNA microchip — a sort of virtual DNA. The researchers converted each character of text into binary code, buy LEUKERAN from canada, the same way a computer would, Buy LEUKERAN from mexico, and then encoded each 1 as a molecule of adenine or cytosine and each 0 as a molecule of thymine or guanine. The end product is a long chain of DNA with each molecule indicating a 1or 0 in the binary code that represents the original text, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. The researchers then used next-generation DNA sequencing to read the book.

Although the researchers could have used a base-4 system instead of base-2, where can i buy LEUKERAN online, with each type of nucleotide base indicating a different component of the encoded message, LEUKERAN schedule, the base-2 system avoids problems with reading and writing certain sequences of DNA (e.g., long repeats of guanine andcytosine) that are fragile in nature. Even with this slightly less-efficient encoding, LEUKERAN online cod, the researchers wereable to store 5.5 petabits (that’s 700, Buy no prescription LEUKERAN online, 000 gigabytes) per cubic millimeter of DNA.

Unparalleled efficiency for future storage

At this efficiency, the researchers say, LEUKERAN treatment, about four grams of DNA could store the digital data humankind creates in a single year. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, The storage density exceeds any other known method by many orders of magnitude, but there are considerable limitations that will prevent DNA storage from appearing in your next computer. Kjøpe LEUKERAN på nett, köpa LEUKERAN online, For example, the data cannot be read out of order; there will be limited starting points, just as biological DNA has start and stop codons, get LEUKERAN. It is also semi-permanent — an entirely new strand of DNA needs to be created to modify any base pair within it. LEUKERAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Still, DNA storage may eventually prove useful as a long-term archive of history. Copies can b ecreated cheaply and stored separately, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and the data should be readable by any future civilization with our level of technical knowledge. With DNA storage, we will not just be storing human-created works — we will be able to store huge quantities of data that are currently meaningless to us and are lost as quickly as they are created, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. LEUKERAN use, For example, imagine an enormous data store of every measurement made by meteorological instruments from all over the world. A thousand years of such data combined with measurements of other environmental factors such as industrial pollutant concentrations could provide future researchers with the information they need to study and test climatology theories on a much larger scale than we can currently envision.

Chemical engineers, and now bioengineers, will be instrumental in designing the instruments that use this technology and others like it that revolutionize the way we think about data. Our profession will only become more important in the future.

How soon do you think DNA will become widely used as storage?

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April 4th, 2013


By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (0)

ZOVIRAX FOR SALE, I’ve come to understand that when one person tells another person to do something, the instructions often represent the requester’s most basic expectations. To many people, fulfilling any set of carefully laid out instructions — whether they are from an employer, ZOVIRAX recreational, a friend, ZOVIRAX no rx, a mentor, or a coach — means completing and delivering the bare minimum. Such an effort is worth only a passing grade, what is ZOVIRAX. To surpass the merely adequate, Buy ZOVIRAX without a prescription, and to accomplish something noteworthy, requires one to take on tasks that are unstated and to solve problems that others may not have even noticed.

Volunteering while on the job

Depending on the structure of your work environment, buy ZOVIRAX online cod, there may be opportunities to do this professionally. At a small company like AIChE, where I work, the staff often has more projects to pursue than there is time to complete them, ZOVIRAX FOR SALE. Online buy ZOVIRAX without a prescription, A situation like this can give young employees a chance to demonstrate their versatility and competence by helping with projects that might not be in their job descriptions, but that allow them to pursue their interests and demonstrate their ability to accomplish the organization’s goals.

For a young professional, ZOVIRAX from canadian pharmacy, taking on a new role or contributing skills outside of one’s defined job description provides an opportunity to excel in the workplace without having attained the technical expertise of more-experienced coworkers. For example, today’s young engineers — who have never known a time when high-power personal computing was not a fully integrated part of their lives — can play to this strength on the job, buy cheap ZOVIRAX, expertly demonstrating to more-seasoned but less-computer-savvy engineers how to accomplish a variety of tasks more efficiently. Online buying ZOVIRAX,

Leadership opportunities

Even outside the office, there are many opportunities to contribute to the engineering community — and carve a niche for oneself — through leadership roles. ZOVIRAX FOR SALE, Young professionals with experience in all fields can get involved in the leadership of AIChE’s volunteer activity groups, including local sections and young professionals groups, technical divisions and forums, and Institute-level committees devoted to a variety of projects that serve chemical engineers and the profession at large.

Patrick Gormley, ZOVIRAX australia, uk, us, usa, chair of the Maryland Local Section, ZOVIRAX wiki, encourages chemical engineers in his community to expand their experiences and connections by joining the local section, attending the events it sponsors, and trying everything that sections have to offer — including K–12 and public outreach activities, buy ZOVIRAX no prescription, plant tours, ZOVIRAX steet value, monthly technical talks, and interaction with chemical engineering students.

AIChE leadership workshop

AIChE supports the essential work of its local section volunteer leaders through annual training workshops that give member volunteers a better understanding of AIChE’s mission and objectives, where to buy ZOVIRAX, and help to build a strong connection between the Institute and its grassroots representatives on the local and regional levels. ZOVIRAX cost, The next such opportunity for this connection is the 2013 AIChE Local Sections’ Leadership Workshop (LSLW), to be held April 27–28 in San Antonio, TX, ZOVIRAX without a prescription, in conjunction with the 2013 Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety. Travel grants for the LSLW are offered to local sections with less than $15, ZOVIRAX pharmacy, 000 in reserves or to potential leaders (including AIChE young professionals) who are interested in starting or re-energizing a local section. You can register and find grant information here, ZOVIRAX FOR SALE.

Gormley attended the 2012 Local Sections’ Leadership Workshop, in Houston, ZOVIRAX online cod, TX, Generic ZOVIRAX, where he says he learned to think about how his section can impact the lives of the engineers in his community. He noted that the LSLW “was a great place to hear about what other local section leaders are doing,” and that every section leader “faces the same issues, herbal ZOVIRAX, namely, ZOVIRAX dangers, how do we maintain relevance in our members’ lives?”

Gormley says that he was particularly inspired by the young professional leaders he met. He has taken some of their nontraditional programming suggestions back to his section, where he has created more social-educational activities, purchase ZOVIRAX for sale, such as a beer tasting event coupled with a viewing of the AIChE webinar about beer brewing. (The webinar is available to members here.) Gormley encourages other leaders to “inspire the habit of attending local section meetings in members before they get older and their lives become busier.”

Outreach to students

Many young professionals also find that they can make a meaningful contribution to their communities through volunteer service.

ZOVIRAX FOR SALE, Jason Huang, an AIChE member from Houston, TX, makes presentations at his neighborhood high school’s National Honor Society about the path that led him to study and practice chemical engineering. (You can read about Jason's outreach work here.) Other AIChE members are creating high school outreach programs based on their work in solids processing and reaction engineering.

Regardless of your specific interests, there are many opportunities to take on leadership roles in AIChE. And, if you find that you are not passionate about one volunteer activity, there are always plenty more to choose from.

Gormley says that his local section members are “leaders in industry, working to make their community more successful. Working with them to improve that community is gratifying in itself.”

When it comes to taking on a new leadership function — within or outside of work — inaction is the only choice that is truly regrettable.

How has volunteering made a difference in your career or life?

This article appeared in the March issue of CEP Magazine, which is available to members online, including an extensive archives of back issues.
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June 27th, 2013


By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (0)

LANOXIN FOR SALE, A discussion  among  graduating  seniors  and  AIChE   young  professionals  at  the  recent  2013  Southern   Regional  Student  Conference  turned  to  questions about negotiating job offers. The compensation you first receive often dictates your future growth at a firm, so it's important  to  play  your  cards  right, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.  Here  are  some  things to think about when negotiating your first job offer. LANOXIN wiki,

The  company  is  not  hiring  you  as  a  favor

The  price   for  any  market  good  (i.e., your education, experience, LANOXIN description, and potential)  is  the  intersection  of  what  the  customer   (the  company)  is  willing  to  pay  and  what  the  supplier  (you)  are  willing  to  accept. Buy cheap LANOXIN, Many  jobseekers  are  eager  to  take   any  offer  because  they  think  any  job  is  better  than  no  job.   Remember, though, that this is a business transaction, not a favor, LANOXIN FOR SALE. Your  goal  is  to  get  as  much  as  the  employer  is  willing   to  give.  And  just  like  any  other  negotiated  transaction  (consider an eBay auction), LANOXIN no rx, the maximum possible price is not offered  as  the  opening  bid. Taking LANOXIN,

Don’t  go  in  blind

Would  you  be  willing  to  play  a  hand   of  poker  where  your  opponent  could  see  all  of  the  cards  and   you  could  see  none  of  them.  That  is  how  most  job  offers  start – the employer has years of experience in negotiating and the  employee  has  none. LANOXIN FOR SALE,  Read  up  on  salaries  in  the  industry. A key resource is AIChE's Employment and Salary Survey (see the latest information from the AIChE's Salary Survey in the ChEnected series and in the June 2013 issue of CEP magazine), buy LANOXIN without prescription, which reports on base salaries in the U.S., Real brand LANOXIN online, as well as correlations of salary with work experience, location, industry, buy no prescription LANOXIN online, and more. Generic LANOXIN, Also, find out what the company pays its employees. How much is a normal raise, low dose LANOXIN, and how does it vary based on performance. About LANOXIN, Are there bonuses, and how much do they vary based on  company  performance.  Web  searches  and  networking  through  AIChE  will  help  you  gather  this  information, LANOXIN FOR SALE.

Cover  your  hand

It's important to show enthusiasm for a  prospective  job  because  employers want  employees who are eager to join the organization, purchase LANOXIN. At the same time, Discount LANOXIN, the best candidates are in demand by other companies as well. Don't indicate  that  this  is  the  only  company  you  are  interviewing with. Instead, cheap LANOXIN, show that you are eager to join this firm but would also be happy in other places. LANOXIN FOR SALE, If  this  company  wants you, it's going to have to fight for you. Buy LANOXIN online no prescription,

Don’t  let  the  company  force  your  hand

Take  time  to   review  the  offer  thoroughly  and  ask  clarifying  questions. If the company wants an immediate response, it may be trying to keep you from seeing some red flags, buying LANOXIN online over the counter. If the company is  vague  when  describing  its  retirement  plan  or  other  parts of your compensation package, LANOXIN dangers, ask for specifics before making  a  decision.

Consider  alternative  offers

When  negotiating  for  a  better offer, you may hear that all engineers of a certain level receive the same salary, order LANOXIN from mexican pharmacy. Such levels may exist, but even if base salary is not negotiable, other parts of your compensation package may be, LANOXIN FOR SALE. You might ask for a signing bonus, Comprar en línea LANOXIN, comprar LANOXIN baratos, or a moving stipend, or a review after six months with a predefined potential for a raise. These are effectively salary increases and may allow the company to maintain its system of  salary  levels  while  still  satisfying  your  request, LANOXIN dose.

What  matters  more  to  you?

Even  if  the  company  cannot offer a larger salary, Rx free LANOXIN, it may be able to provide higher compensation in other  meaningful  ways. Do  you  want  a  higher salary so that you can take more extravagant vacations. LANOXIN FOR SALE, Perhaps you'd be happy with an extra week of vacation instead. Do you want more money to save up for grad school, LANOXIN from mexico. Maybe  the  company  will  pay  a  portion  of  your   tuition  when  the  time  comes. LANOXIN reviews,  Do  you  strongly  believe  in  the   potential  of  a  small  company.  Perhaps  you  can  earn  equity   even  if  cash  is  tight.

Rejection  is  not  the  end

Some  job  candidates  are   concerned  about  what  a  prospective  employer  will  think  of   them  if  they  ask  for  more  money, LANOXIN FOR SALE.  They  may  be  afraid  that   the  employer  will  perceive  them  as  greedy  or  arrogant, kjøpe LANOXIN på nett, köpa LANOXIN online.  But   think  about  any  other  product  on  the  market:  if  a  car  costs more, we think it might be a better car; if a house costs more, we think it might be in a good neighborhood. Why should  selling  your  services  be  any  different.  The  worst  that   can  happen  is  the  employer  will  say  no  and  stay  with  the original offer; the employer will not rescind the offer altogether because you asked for higher compensation. LANOXIN FOR SALE, When  you  do  come  to an agreement, however, be gracious and express gratitude that  you  were  able  to  compromise.  That sentiment will  stick with  your  employer.

Regardless of what you negotiate, be sure to follow through as  though  you  were  buying  a  car  or  a  house.  Make sure every part of the offer is in writing, ask that it be signed, and keep a copy for yourself. The company should be  proud  of  the compensation it can offer to you and you should be proud to accept it.

What are your tips/experiences in negotiating job offers?


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July 16th, 2013


By Arjun Gopalratnam | Comments (2)

BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, It is beyond cliché to say that most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by the second week of January. Similarly, CIALIS interactions, I’ve noticed that spring cleaning rarely has the impact it was intended to have.

The best time to work on self-improvement is during the summer – when the days are longer, the weather is warmer, online buying CIALIS, and people feel altogether happier and sharper. CIALIS wiki, If you are looking to improve your professional skills this summer, few things will help you as much as picking up some basic computer programming experience. Learn- ing how computer programs are used to automate tasks and how you can manipulate them to work for you will improve your efficiency at work, buy CIALIS from mexico, give you a sense of satisfaction, CIALIS from mexico, and empower you to focus more on the creative and intellectually stimulating parts of your work. I’m not suggesting that you start by creating your own applications, but instead that you acquaint yourself with the more advanced tools that are available in the applications you already use, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION.

Build on what you already know

If you spend most of your time working in Excel, pick a few keyboard shortcuts from the menus and make a concerted effort to use them regularly, CIALIS steet value. If you find yourself doing a repetitive task, CIALIS brand name, spend a few minutes searching online to see if there’s a faster way. You can create some very simple keyboard macros, then look at the Visual Basic scripts behind them and tweak the scripts to do more tasks or do tasks better, is CIALIS safe.

To help you improve your Excel skills, Low dose CIALIS, ChEnected features a series of tips called Excelling with Excel. More-advanced training is available with the AIChE eLearning short course, “Spreadsheet Problem-Solving for ChemEs."

If your work involves discreet data, Is CIALIS addictive, try to use Microsoft Access to solve some of your automation tasks. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, There are plenty of free tutorials online that will walk you through creating joins graphically and that will empower you to work with larger datasets more efficiently.

If you are working in engineering-specific software like Aspen, look into the alternative view modes for a textual explanation of the diagrams in front of you, CIALIS alternatives. Although the visual representation of a process is easier to understand at a glance, Herbal CIALIS, understanding the underlying code that represents the diagram will unlock additional features and improve your workflow. Like the character Cypher in The Matrix tells us, “You get used to it, CIALIS from canadian pharmacy. I don’t even see the code. All I see is _____.” Fill in the blank: pump, mixer, heat exchanger, etc, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying CIALIS hcl, Readers seeking a refresher on the fundamentals of HTML coding can learn for free with the interactive exercises presented at the site

The move from text to visualizations

With improved technologies that enable instantaneous and archived video transmission, much of the work we do is moving toward graphical representations and textual shorthand that would be incomprehensible to Shakespeare, purchase CIALIS, Chaucer, CIALIS dose, or even Orwell. Although I hope that students never stop learning proper, written English, effects of CIALIS, I suspect that writing five-page essays will become less important in the near future. Buy CIALIS no prescription, Students will instead pick up elementary programming, starting with graphical instructions sets (I recommend the open-source program Alice, which is aimed at elementary school students) and continuing into high-level object-oriented languages, buying CIALIS online over the counter. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, Being able to not only use a computer, but also instruct it to do something new, transforms the casual user into a creator and can provide unparalleled satisfaction for the novice programmer. Although we are not manipulating actual machinery the way our parents may have in college, Rx free CIALIS, we have the ability to do much more with much less. Basic computer programming opens up not only the ability to automate tasks, but also enables the creation of movies, CIALIS treatment, music, CIALIS gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and games, as well as new custom-designed applications.

Using these potential outlets to motivate students to study a fundamentally academic discipline is akin to the chemistry set of the 21st century, get CIALIS, without the risks of fire or mercury poisoning. CIALIS trusted pharmacy reviews,

Job security through new skills

Some of the world’s most innovative and successful people have come together to form, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the need for computer science education at every level. claims that by 2020 there will be one million more jobs in the U.S, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. that require computer scientists than there will be students graduating with computer degrees to fill those jobs. There will also be many more jobs that can benefit from familiarity with the same skills. Chemical engineering graduates have experience increasing the efficiency of large processes and will be particularly equipped to take on those opportunities.

Steve Jobs famously stated that everybody “should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” If any academic discipline forces students to think at the most fundamental level, it is chemical engineering. By combining the lessons of both disciplines, chemical engineers with programming experience are in the best
position to succeed.

What's your summer self-improvement project?

This article appeared in the July issue of CEP Magazine, which is available to members online, including an extensive archives of back issues.
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September 19th, 2013


By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (2)

PAMELOR FOR SALE, In 2011, I took a position with Mack Trucks, Inc., a manufacturer of American-assembled Class 8 heavy trucks with more than 100 years of history. Since then, I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked the question “What is a chemical engineer doing working at a truck manufacturing plant?”

Considering that my entire seven-year career has been outside of the chemical industry, order PAMELOR online overnight delivery no prescription, such a question seems reasonable. Order PAMELOR from United States pharmacy, What is a chemical engineer doing here. From time to time, someone at work would catch wind of my area of study and ask me why their plastic parts are changing color or task me with a project that they think is chemistry-related — but for the most part, buy PAMELOR online no prescription, folks don’t seem to know what chemical engineers can do outside of, PAMELOR images, well, working with chemicals.

Furthermore, PAMELOR from mexico, if, PAMELOR wiki, in fact, my jobs have been outside the traditional chemical engineering realm, why am I still a member of AIChE, buy cheap PAMELOR no rx.

Staying connected to the ChemE community

I began my AIChE membership in the student chapter at the University of Virginia, PAMELOR FOR SALE. When I landed my first job several states away, PAMELOR street price, I realized that AIChE would be a great way to meet professionals in the new area and retain my connection to the chemical engineering community.

That first job, right out of college, is PAMELOR addictive, was at Lutron Electronics, Purchase PAMELOR online, a designer and manufacturer of lighting control solutions, where I was hired as a project engineer. At Lutron, buy PAMELOR online cod, I found myself leading special projects for customers or handling changeovers, Order PAMELOR online c.o.d, product transfers, or product launches — and I worked my way up in operations.

As my career path diverged further and further from traditional chemical engineering, fast shipping PAMELOR, and I began to feel at home in operations, PAMELOR for sale, I never thought of terminating my AIChE membership. PAMELOR FOR SALE, Meanwhile, at every AIChE Annual and Spring meeting I attend, at least one person asks me a variation on that familiar question: “You’re a ChemE. What are you doing working there?”

I’ll address that question in a moment. But, PAMELOR long term, as to my AIChE involvement: As a young professional, About PAMELOR, AIChE has given me the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, from writing and communication to leadership. For example, PAMELOR samples, at a local section meeting a few years ago, PAMELOR without a prescription, I heard about AIChE’s ChEnected blog. I thought it was a great concept and immediately got involved by commenting on and writing articles. Blogging allows me to research and write about topics that interest me while improving my writing skills and giving me a creative outlet, PAMELOR FOR SALE. Perhaps my favorite piece was “Artistic Chemistry: Photography, order PAMELOR from mexican pharmacy,” which expanded on a project I did for an anthropology course in college and merged my love of photography with that of chemistry. PAMELOR interactions, [caption id="attachment_69600" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="Elizabeth (second from right) with other YPs at the 2013 Spring Meeting in San Antonio. "][/caption]

Shortly thereafter, I learned about the establishment of AIChE’s Virtual Local Section (VLS) and its need for a logo. PAMELOR coupon, Eager to keep up the Photoshop skills I developed in college, I set out creating a design to enter into their logo contest — the design that VLS is still using today on its website. PAMELOR FOR SALE, Soon after that, I attended the 2010 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT, where I first heard about AIChE’s Young Professionals Advisory Board (now the Young Professionals Committee [YPC]). When I learned that the YP group was working to increase young professionals’ participation in the Institute through national and regional programming, PAMELOR reviews, and that it was a great place to network with other engineers, PAMELOR price, coupon, I wanted to get involved. I started with the YP Publications Committee and used my ChEnected experience to upload posts and articles promoting and communicating about the Committee. I moved on to the vice chair position, generic PAMELOR, taking on more leadership responsibility in coordinating and communicating with the subcommittees as well as other committees throughout AIChE.

Currently, I am the incoming Chair of YPC and am looking forward to another successful year. Coming up in November at the 2013 Annual Meeting, we will continue to offer great sessions and events geared toward YPs, including co-sponsored sessions and the ever-popular YP Social, PAMELOR FOR SALE.

Where there are processes, there are ChemEs

Since I joined Mack Trucks, I have worked on lean manufacturing projects as well as new process and equipment installations. In my earlier job at Lutron, my projects often involved looking at entire processes, analyzing all of the pieces, and launching new products or systems that fit into the business and supported customers. Aren’t most things in business just processes. Some can be exceedingly complex and some can be quite simple — but they are still processes. PAMELOR FOR SALE, And chemical engineers own processes. We are trained and hardwired to look at inputs and outputs, and find solutions when those factors are not in balance. In my material-handling engineering work, I look at the flow of parts throughout the facility and work to improve layouts and processes so that the right parts go to the right place at the right time. With every truck consisting of at least 4,000 parts, that’s a lot of processes.
So, what is a chemical engineer doing here. Exactly what I should be doing.

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