July 10th, 2014

July 2014 CEP Preview

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SAFETY:  The Illusion of Attention: Are There “Gorillas” in Your Plant? (click here to read this article now) Focusing too much of our attention in a particular area can cause us to miss the obvious. Simply being aware of the phenomenon of inattentional blindness is an important first step toward reducing its effects. REACTIONS AND SEPARATION: Troubleshoot Acid-Gas Removal Systems The removal of acid gases is a key step in natural gas treatment. Closed-loop amine systems are a popular option, but they can suffer from inefficiencies. This article describes troubleshooting tools and explains how to pinpoint the cause of operational issues. BACK TO BASICS: Incorporate Rigorous Heat Exchanger Models in Simulation Embedding a rigorous heat exchanger model within an established simulation environment can help engineers increase process yields while minimizing heat exchanger energy consumption and capital expenditures. INSTRUMENTATION: A Guide to Characterizing Particle Size and Shape Knowledge of particle properties is essential for understanding how the particles will impact your process. Learn how to identify the relevant properties for a particular application, select the best measurement technique, and analyze the data to extract meaningful information. News: Nanoparticles Detect Sulfur Content in Crude Oil … Putting Waste Heat to Work … New Process Prints Personalized Drugs … EPA to Cut CO2 from Power Plants … Microbes Convert Biodiesel Waste into Valuable Chemicals Plus: AIChE Journal Highlight: Zeolites Lose a Dimension but Gain in Performance … Catalyzing Commercialization: Living Plants: One-Stop Shop for Protein Manufacturing … Material Matters: Understanding Polymer Weld Morphologies … Young Professionals Point of View: Electricity and the Environment … What’s New Process Safety Beacon: Persistence — Good or Bad? … Software and Information TechnologyProduct Digest: Valves … Institute News: 2014 AIChE Election Candidate Platforms … Calendars. The July 2014 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at

Leadership Opportunities

Chair a Process Safety Conference Session or Work on a CCPS Sub-Committee

Chairing a session can be rewarding in that you are working directly with subject matter experts in topics that are at the cutting edge of process safety. Session chairs are part of the conference planning committee. They work with the other chairs to brainstorm session topics that are timely and of importance to the field of process safety. After the abstract submission date arrives, the chairs and co-chairs then review all of the abstracts and choose which to accept to their session. Then they must review the draft papers of the accepted abstracts a few weeks later and give guidance/ask for revisions of the papers a few weeks late. They must then do the same for the PowerPoint presentations of the accepted authors in their session. Download PDFs for more detailed responsibilities on Representation on Projects, Roles and Responsiblities, and Participant Qualifications.  If you are interested, contact Jing Chen.

AIChE Speakers Corner

AIChE’s student chapters and local sections are always looking for compelling speakers to provide new perspectives on chemical engineering. If you are an accomplished and innovative member of your field and are interested in sharing your experiences with AIChE students and professional members, you should consider joining Speakers Corner.
Ambassadors will:
  • attend a student chapter or local section meeting
  • present a topic of interest to the students
  • engage future generations of engineering leaders
We invite all interested speakers to become a part of this essential program. You can find more information on the Speakers Corner here and you can sign up by emailing us at