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July 7th, 2014

Meet Jose Urquijo — Featured YP for July

By Douglas Clark | Comments (0)
Jose Urquilo

Meet Jose Urquijo, a graduate from New Mexico State University who now works with P&G.

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June 2nd, 2014

YPC Newsletter – May 2014

By Jon Haughton | Comments (0)

Read the May 2014 Young Professionals Newsletter

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May 7th, 2014

Meet Hope Quintana — Featured YP for May

By Douglas Clark | Comments (1)
Hope Quintana

Meet Hope Quintana and learn about her professional development as a ChE, including her post-graduate work at New Mexico State University.

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April 25th, 2014

YPs Tour Abita Brewery’s “Green” Facility

By Elizabeth J. H. Guenther | Comments (0)

A group of 25 Young Professionals took a break from the AIChE Spring Meeting to take a tour of the Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, LA, and learned more about the green engineering behind the brewery’s operations.

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March 21st, 2014

Process Safety Management Mentoring (PSM2)

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Process Safety
This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series 2014 Spring Meeting/GCPS Preview

If you’re joining us in New Orleans for the Spring Meeting and GCPS, take the opportunity to improve your process safety knowledge.

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March 18th, 2014

YPC Newsletter – March 2014

By Jon Haughton | Comments (0)
YP Logo

Read the AIChE YPC Newsletter for March 2014!

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March 13th, 2014

Preparing for Chairing? Build Some Relationships!

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Chairing for an AIChE meeting is a big job, but it also helps build a strong professional network that can serves for years to come.

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March 11th, 2014

Meet Owen Jappen — Featured YP for March

By Douglas Clark | Comments (2)
Owen Jappen

Meet chemical engineering Owen Jappen, a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, and learn about his work, interests, and achievements.

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February 17th, 2014


By ChenectedGuest | Comments (0)

BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, By Janet Chu, Sensient Technologies


When talking with college students at local section meetings, I’m often asked about my responsibilities within AIChE with a simple question: “So, what do you do?” The answer, however, is not so simple. As a leader in the Chicago Local Section, MEVACOR overnight, Chicago Young Professionals Committee (YPC), national YPC, and President’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Local Sections, where to buy MEVACOR, I could answer this question in several ways. MEVACOR from mexico,


Building a professional network

I supplement my professional development through networking. One of my first jobs out of college involved solving calculations and preparing reports. Although I was interested in learning about other areas of chemical engineering, MEVACOR wiki, I had limited opportunities to do so in my position and company.
I used AIChE to build a professional network by joining the Chicago YPC within the Chicago Local Section. Communicating with other chemical engineers, especially other young professionals, helped me learn more about varied aspects of chemical engineering and other possible career paths, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Order MEVACOR no prescription, It also helped me keep my technical skills up to speed.

After starting a position at a new company, Sensient Technologies, MEVACOR use, I reached out to my AIChE contacts to inquire about resources I could use to learn the intricacies of the technologies I would be using at my new job, After MEVACOR, such as spray drying equipment.

There are many advantages to using AIChE as a professional development resource. Julie Gruhn, where can i cheapest MEVACOR online, CDP Group Lead at UOP, MEVACOR dose, credits finding and landing her job to her involvement and contacts in AIChE. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, “My connections through AIChE informed me about the job opening, and my leadership and experience in AIChE helped differentiate me from other candidates,” said Julie. Additionally, AIChE helped open a new career avenue for Julie, MEVACOR treatment, which she may not have discovered otherwise. Online MEVACOR without a prescription, “This job is not the traditional chemical engineering role, and I love it,” she said, where can i find MEVACOR online.

Jon Haughton, Buy cheap MEVACOR no rx, an associate product specialist at Ingredion, enjoys the networking opportunities AIChE provides. “Being involved in AIChE committees, cheap MEVACOR no rx, I get to network with people I would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. It astounds me that I have met with executives of large companies and other high caliber professionals,” said Jon, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Taking MEVACOR,

Gaining leadership experience

I build my leadership skills — and my resume. AIChE helped me develop leadership skills at a time when leadership positions were not available to me in the workplace. When I started my career, what is MEVACOR, there were very few opportunities for me to develop leadership skills at work, Where can i order MEVACOR without prescription, as leadership positions were typically given to those with the most seniority. However, I learned that AIChE offers a variety of leadership positions — within its divisions, MEVACOR blogs, committees, Buy MEVACOR from canada, and local sections, as well as within YPC at both the national and local levels. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I became a member of the Programming Committee of the Chicago YPC and helped brainstorm and plan monthly events. In this role, MEVACOR from canadian pharmacy, three years ago, MEVACOR images, I arranged a brewery tour and social to celebrate the graduation of chemical engineering students and welcome them into the ranks of young professionals. Although it was a small event, the committee liked it so much that it has become an annual tradition, online buy MEVACOR without a prescription. I have also organized K-12 outreach events and technical tours. Herbal MEVACOR,

Local and national exposure

At the local level, I volunteered as the public relations director of the Chicago Local Section. I began in this role by creating an AIChE Chicago Facebook page and LinkedIn group, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. As public relations director, MEVACOR mg, I am a member of the Chicago Local Section’s Board of Directors, Low dose MEVACOR, where the more experienced members (the self-proclaimed “gray hairs”) periodically ask for my contribution as a young professional.

YPC gives its members unique leadership opportunities that help bridge the gap between younger and experienced professionals; the perspective this offers is a great confidence booster and resume builder.

I volunteer to help others and contribute to my field. My local section involvement encouraged me to pursue a larger leadership opportunity within the national YPC. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, In 2012, I applied for and accepted the New Young Professional Group Representative position on the Local Section and Executive Student Subcommittee. This level of leadership gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from other local section young professionals. As part of my responsibilities in this role, I provided support to several local sections that were interested in starting their own local section YPC. Not only did my contributions directly help others to become involved in AIChE, they also furthered my own professional network.

On the national level, I also volunteered for the President’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Local Sections, a special committee formed in Sept. 2013 to help determine and meet local section needs, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Suggestions for strengthening the local sections will be presented to the AIChE Board of Directors at the 2014 Spring Meeting. As a YP representative on this committee, I am able to provide perspectives and information on current YP programming and initiatives.
I have a unique perspective on the merits of volunteering because I chose to pursue a variety of leadership roles
at different levels within AIChE. I encourage others to take advantage of the diverse leadership opportunities that AIChE offers at both the local and national levels, and at the young-professional and non-young-professional levels.

This article appeared in the February issue of CEP magazine, which members can view in its entirety here. .

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February 5th, 2014


By Chris Hensler | Comments (0)

LOZOL FOR SALE, I'd like to introduce you to rotational programs—and I promise this has nothing to do with torque. LOZOL schedule, I was recently in your shoes as a ChE undergrad, and currently braving the adult world via air mattress, order LOZOL online overnight delivery no prescription. LOZOL mg, That leads me to my first topic in a series on rotational programs.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="It's a lot like this"]Spin me right round[/caption]

Building experience, buy cheap LOZOL no rx, Buy LOZOL online cod, finding a path

I am all about professional development, including networking, no prescription LOZOL online, LOZOL interactions, interviewing, and résumé building, LOZOL maximum dosage, Buy generic LOZOL, and rotational programs are a great—and accelerated—way to gain experience. They are designed to take a fresh BS/BE and taking him/her out of their comfort zone through a handful of 4 to 6 month rotations, LOZOL images, LOZOL forum, providing a taste of how different business lines and strategies work. You learn way more than expected in 4 to 6 months (just look at any semester in fluid mechanics to justify me).  Hopefully, in 1 to 3 years, you will have found a home business group that you believe will give you the most potential to grow and learn, LOZOL FOR SALE.

Rotational programs work well for gaining insights into any industry because they offer a lot of exposure to many areas, LOZOL dangers. Order LOZOL no prescription, You might jump from HSE to operations and then onto accounting. You could be working on refining, cheap LOZOL, Doses LOZOL work, catalyst production, and then sulfur removal, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. LOZOL photos, You might also move anywhere from three floors in the same office to across the country for your next assignment – in some instances, even outside of the country.  Rotational programs are, online buying LOZOL hcl, LOZOL from canada, for most people, the last chance to keep your options open before industry tells you to choose a path and stick to it.  Now, LOZOL class, LOZOL street price, that is not to say later you cannot jump ship for another field, but the entry barrier is more difficult the further you advance in your career, buy LOZOL from mexico. LOZOL FOR SALE, In addition, you may want to progress up the ladder from engineering to management and onto becoming a business leader. Order LOZOL from United States pharmacy, Sometimes this requires leaving a company or even your line of work. At the same time, LOZOL dose, LOZOL recreational, rotational programs can be useful in giving you an idea of what leadership roles you prefer – perhaps a technology leader, business development specialist, or a project manager. As such, your rotations in accounting, marketing, engineering, design, HR, project controls, etc. should help give you that sense of what path you wish to take in the next 5–10 years.  Your path isn't set in stone, and you may decide after your first 6 months in marketing that you never want to be near PowerPoint again.

If you have the option to do a rotational program, definitely take these pros and cons into consideration:


  • Several roles and positions to experience

  • Typically paid, and usually  adjustments are made to account for cost of living in different cities when traveling

  • Not forced into a set industry/role

  • Most likely able to choose instead of being assigned a rotation

  • Potential travel/relocation experience

  • Network/meet a lot of people

  • Learn to work in different groups

  • Develop balanced résumé rapidly

  • Learn all  corners of the company

  • You’re a chemical engineer, so you’re able to solve any problem


  • May be too far out of comfort zone/ bad fit for a rotation

  • Program does not place you in one of your preferred roles

  • Relocation can be difficult

  • Not getting along with new group/manager

  • Failed to meet your expectations

  • Sometimes sleeping on air mattresses while away from home!

Your end goal: find a good starting point, develop your intended direction, take aim, and SUCCEED, LOZOL FOR SALE.

More to come

I'll be returning in a few weeks with my next topic on my first rotation in design work.

I'd love to hear more ideas and personal experiences with rotational programs.  Please share your comments below!  For more on rotations, see this excellent post by another ChEnected blogger.

What rotation questions and experiences do you have to share?


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